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We have various lists of schools at varying levels of academic achievement: Priority, Focus and Failing schools. They were touted as the next great thing, everyone had to use it, teachers will love it, student outcomes will be recorded setting… and this new great thing faded into the shadows and disappeared in a year or so. Bet you will find out someone in admin was wined and dined by this company, and someone either got a kick back or a promise of a job when they leave the county.

Why else make teachers stop using something that they like, students like, and is free? Hey DeKalb teachers, other counties and states actually treat their teachers like professionals… and they are hiring. I agree Stan, but how do we make it stop? Spend the money drastically improving teacher pay and you will have many great teacher candidates to choose from. Economics Were these exemplary teachers, experienced in differentiating for all levels of learners?

I have to think not, because I think a group of exemplary teachers, experienced in differentiating for all levels of learners, would not want to be involved in creating a system that would prevent them from using their skills and gifts as teachers. Just watch the Convocation performance by Dr. He spoke defiantly against anyone who questions his actions. Stan, I dont know the answers to your questions. I also am not aware of policy and whether teachers can pick and choose the system they want to use.

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From an IT perspective it generally does not make sense to support two systems that are supposed to accomplish the same task. I hope this gets worked out for the teachers. I think Google would support Google Classroom and it would be an as is service. Stan, In my conversations with Dr. Brantley he said the analytics, and ability to work with multiple testing softwares were the reason for purchasing Verge.


There were other techy things that went over my head. Slightly disturbing that we would get two different answers. The district has some failing schools and failing teachers, so the central office wants to monitor all their employees. If Mr. I am curious who is benefitting from the purchase. It is distressing that the administration distrusts teachers and building level administrators and needs so much software and testing to check up in them. They can tell you without all the testing data and tracking.

I need him to be challenged. Brantley needs to address this issue and Infinite Campus not working properly.

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There was some update recently and I get no alerts. It took three phone calls to the school before anyone could help. If your system has a CIO, with staff, then your school system is too big. It has become a bureaucracy that is of, by and for the bureaucracy. I agree that smaller school districts tend to perform better. There are pre and post tests for every unit that get reported to the administration. They have prescribed lesson plan structures complete with videos on what to do. Every data point possible is captured and reported back to the central office.

Stan, It is not disturbing that we got two different answers. I asked a different question. MAP testing is a different platform. Verge syncs with it to allow the administration to track student performance. The question I asked was why some teachers used Edmonds, some Google, and other platforms. Verge allows for all teachers to have one platform for posting homework and messaging. As to why the district would block access to Google Classroom… I have no idea other than to prevent teachers from using multiple platforms.

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As a teacher in a district DCSD that is always rolling out something and does not provide adequate training on anything, I can only tell you what Google classroom does do because there is help available, whereas the verge training I received 2 summers ago did not allow access to a live platform and no subsequent direct training has been made available for teachers. Be advised that many of our students use the Google suites because of easy access. Note Launch Pad and Microsoft is not always easily accesses. Students have issues signing in and accessing saved documents.

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Google suites can be accessed via their smart phones and face to face instructions can be achieved via google hang outs. Therefore I chose Google Classroom!!!!!! Is this the end of the Google Classroom discussion? Edmodo remains flexible and feedback friendly. If my student turns in a terrible assignment, I hit resubmit with comments. When I assign a new project, I attach the requirements, the links, and the rubric along with the due date.

I still belong to Google Classroom groups where teachers in Georgia and across the country are collaborating on curriculum and technology. Google Classroom save teachers so much time and copy paper, and would improve the entire Chromebook role out. Email Address. Newt Gingrich communications director Susan Meyers.

BOE Meeting Schedule. RSS - Posts. RSS - Comments. It never did and it never will. Find out just what any people will quietly submit to and you have found out the exact measure of injustice and wrong which will be imposed upon them. Moderation in pursuit of justice is no virtue.


StanJester — FactChecker. Record, transcribe, summarize and monitor the factual accuracy of what is said in public by the DeKalb Schools board and administration. Skip to content. Like this: Like Loading Bookmark the permalink. Stan Jester September 8, at AM. Dekalb Teacher 1 September 8, at AM. Anonymous September 8, at AM.

Lynn King September 8, at AM. Lynn, Any idea how many schools in your district use Google Classroom? Joy September 8, at PM. C D September 8, at PM. Chad Peterson September 8, at PM. Stan Jester September 8, at PM. Thompson September 8, at PM. Retired teacher September 8, at PM. Anonymous September 8, at PM. Laptop Boy September 8, at PM. Kirk Lunde September 9, at PM. Stan Jester September 9, at PM. Curious September 10, at PM.

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