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Bear is an old-school biker who wants nothing to do with the wide-eyed, young woman who seems to have her eyes set on him and only him. So he thought. Shiz did not take that too well, and after their initial confrontation, he realized there was more to her story. The Guardians needed to step in and Shiz did what the great men before him had done. Fell for her. However, their worlds were so different neither of them was sure if the other would fit.

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Read Online Continuous version. Download now. Buy a paper book. Guardians of the Fae by Elizabeth Hartwell. Echoes of a MC by Bella Knight. Her Guardians by Piper Phoenix. They battled, with Medivh emerging the victor and banishing her from his sight. But the battle had drained him, so he attempted to draw power from the very land itself.

Aegwynn had survived the battle with Medivh, who promptly set up magical wards to ensure that his mother lived in peace. Aegwynn wasn't the only one to confront the maverick guardian. Arcanagos , a blue dragon and one of the guardians of magic, paid visit to Karazhan to attempt to sway Medivh from the path he was being led down.

Finally the blue resorted to using force, but was overpowered by Medivh and burned from within. Once again Medivh was left drained and left to recover his strength. It was shortly after this time that the mages of Dalaran sent Medivh an apprentice. This young apprentice was known as Khadgar , a name which among the dwarves meant Trust.

Time passed as "Young Trust" studied under Medivh. He lived within Karazhan with a few others: Medivh studying, Moroes serving as his aide, and Cook the Chef making meals. Around this time, the war began picking up between the orcs and the humans, as the orcs increasingly struck out of the Black Morass.

Medivh was sober about this, even remarking that it was happening as planned. Unbeknownst to anyone Medivh and Garona had a brief affair which later resulted in a child, the mixed race Med'an. Khadgar would be the first to discover that it was Medivh who has brought the orcs upon the lands of Azeroth.

Lothar, one of Medivh's best friends, led a troop of human forces, which included Khadgar and Garona, to deal with the crazed Guardian. During the battle with Medivh, Khadgar—magically aged by Medivh's spellwork—held Lothar's blade to the Guardian's chest, and finally ran it through Medivh's heart.

The demon within him awakened at that point, right up until Lothar delivered the mercy stroke, decapitating the Guardian and banishing Sargeras into the Nether. At the height of his powers, Medivh worked his magics and struggled with Sargeras in his tower of Karazhan. His powers were such that the trauma of his death laid a curse on his once wondrous tower and the surrounding area that became Deadwind Pass. The tower has become such a dangerous and accursed place, that those that venture in never return Violet Eye chain.

When Khadgar killed Medivh and destroyed the spirit of Sargeras, Medivh's spirit escaped. Medivh briefly returned to Karazhan, where he interacted with a past version of Khadgar though it was a future version of Medivh from Khadgar's perspective. He explained to his erstwhile apprentice that with his burial in the past by Khadgar and his current return to life, the good the Guardian and the evil Sargeras battling within him had been destroyed, and that he was, perhaps for the first time, only Medivh.

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Long after the Second War, a strange prophet appeared to various denizens of Azeroth. He appeared to deliver a warning of a looming apocalyptic threat. The young warchief of the Horde — Thrall , son of Durotan —had a dream where the orcs and humans were fighting against each other while infernals rained from the sky. He awakened and The Prophet told him it was a vision, that he must go to the ancient lands of Kalimdor if he wished to save his people, Thrall sensed the truth of his words and set sail to Kalimdor in the far west beyond the sea.

Medivh, The Prophet, chose to remain uninvolved directly in the upcoming war leading some to suspect he had remained a ghost. He has the ability to turn into a large black bird. The Horde went to Kalimdor; however, convincing the humans was found to be more difficult.

The king's son, Prince Arthas , refused to leave his beleaguered people. Only the young daughter of Daelin Proudmoore , and apprentice of Antonidas, Jaina , sensed that he was perhaps right. When he appeared to her after the destruction of Stratholme , she heeded his warning and prepared to leave for the west. She set sail with a group of her people just as the invasion began. Thrall arrived to Kalimdor looking for his destiny, and his new acquaintance Cairne Bloodhoof — chieftain of the Bloodhoof tribe —suggested him to go to the Oracle. Thrall fought his way through the Human Expedition until he arrived at the Oracle, but he found Jaina and some humans.

As they prepared to battle each other, the prophet appeared. He told them that they must cease hostilities if they ever hoped to defeat the Burning Legion and escape its corruption. They reluctantly agreed. Finally, The Prophet revealed his identity when the time came to rally the forces. Appearing in a dream to Thrall, the night elf Malfurion Stormrage and Jaina, The Prophet told them that they must form an alliance to battle the common enemy.

He told them that he was, in fact, Medivh, the Last Guardian of Tirisfal , and that it was his doing that brought the orcs, and, in turn, the Burning Legion, to Azeroth. Jaina, Thrall, and Malfurion became convinced that victory could only be achieved through an alliance, and they rallied together to defend the World Tree , Nordrassil.

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In the final hour, nature's spirits, called into action by the Horn of Cenarius ' clarion call, swarmed around Archimonde , and destroyed the demon once and for all. Confident that the world was safe for now, and that he had repaid a fraction of debt for his terrible sins, Medivh vanished, to take his place "amongst the legends of the past.

After the events of the Battle of Mount Hyjal he went to places unknown; [26] he may have met the end of his wandering on Azeroth and somehow departing the material plane, or he may have simply retired somewhere distant. More recently, a black raven can be seen endlessly circling Karazhan, leading some to suggest that the Last Guardian may linger on in some form.

A Black Raven also appears on the loading screen when entering Karazhan. Nonetheless, his fate remains unknown, though it is quite clear from his final comments that he intends to never be heard from or seen again. In spite of his unknown fate, he left an avatar of himself in Karazhan to give a message of knowledge and power to his son, Med'an, so that Med'an could decide his own fate. His lair was filled with summoned and cave beings: Skeletons , scorpions , fire elementals and daemons. W1 Human 8 Lothar , Khadgar , and Garona are all absent. Medivh's death was clearly described in The Last Guardian , where it is established that he was slain by the three listed above — with Khadgar wielding the blade that was run through Medivh's heart and Lothar then decapitating him ; this version is supported by various sources.

Though the captain figure in the scene could be Lothar, Khadgar and Garona are nowhere to be seen.

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In The Last Guardian it is, however, described that Khadgar and Garona were wearing Stormwind garbs, which would explain why they could be displayed as normal footmen. Finally in Flashback we see Medivh being stabbed through the heart by Khadgar with Lothar standing just behind. Although long gone by the time of World of Warcraft , Medivh still makes several appearances in one form or another in two significant instances. Strangely, Medivh's character model, from where his animations are derived, is that of a male night elf as opposed to a human, which accounts for his increased height.

His first appearance is within the Caverns of Time : Opening the Dark Portal , the second instance within the caverns opened after Thrall's Escape from Durnholde. It is set in the Black Morass just as Medivh prepares to open the Dark Portal, and the player group must protect him from members of the infinite dragonflight attempting to kill him and stop the opening of the Portal, which would prevent the Horde from crossing into Azeroth.

Medivh is also involved in the attunement process for Karazhan.

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After obtaining the fragments of Khadgar's key from instances in Outland, Khadgar sends you to the Black Morass to speak to Medivh to enchant it so that it will open the locked gates of Karazhan; Medivh will instead give you the Master's Key. However, you must have completed the instance Medivh must survive to open the Dark Portal before you can speak to him and gain his key. He shows up twice more in his old tower of Karazhan in Deadwind Pass which has been abandoned since Medivh's death at the hands of Khadgar and Lothar, shortly before the end of the First War.

An "Echo of Medivh" is seen where players play a game of chess against him in the Gamesman's Hall , and an "Image of Medivh" is seen in a flashback on the Master's Terrace fightng off the blue dragon Arcanagos. The fight between them was constant, and resulted in Medivh shifting periodically between stretches of calmness and lucidity and bouts of strangely incomprehensible behavior.

To outsiders, he often seemed to make abrupt decisions or reverse his position on issues.

When the struggle between the two souls became too great for Medivh's body to handle, he sank into a catatonic state and became completely unresponsive. These periods varied greatly in duration and could range from a matter of minutes to months. When Medivh was in control of his body and mind, he was a friendly and wise individual.

He cared deeply for a number of the high-ranking human leaders and put the needs of the kingdom above almost everything else. He had defended Lordaeron from attack many times throughout the years and has built a great reputation as a staunch defender of the land. He was not naturally biased against any of the races, and displayed a fair amount of interest in people who brought to him stories of distant lands or cultures.

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He became sullen and distant, barely acknowledged the presence of close friends, and practically ignored strangers. He was secretive and often traveled to faraway places abruptly. In private, Medivh would not hesitate to do away with annoying visitors by using his spells to kill or incapacitate them. However, he was moderately concerned about his cover being blown with the Lordaeron leadership and would not act out of character in public.

Medivh's tactics were often erratic, depending upon which personality was in control at the time. Nonetheless, the common theme with both personalities was to stay at range and harass enemies with potent spells. He often cast only a few spells and then retreated for a few rounds to strike again later from another direction.

Medivh has made many statements, worthy of quotation. The roots will heal in time The sacrifices have been made.

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