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My War is the second full length album by the American hardcore punk band Black Flag. It was released in on SST Records. Black Flag's founder and primary songwriter Greg Ginn played bass guitar in addition to his usual guitar; " Dale Nixon " credited for playing bass on the album is a pseudonym. My War was released after a long period where the band could not release any albums due to a legal dispute with Unicorn Records.

The first six songs on the a-side of My War are similar to the material on 's Damaged , but the three songs on the b-side proved that Black Flag was moving away from the band's early, fast-paced material. All songs on side B are played at about half the pace of the band's earlier material, each clocking in at over six minutes, and display a doomy , ominous sound indebted to Black Sabbath. My War is generally cited as being a major influence on many bands in the sludge metal and grunge genres. Two of the songs featured on the album are solely written by Chuck Dukowski "My War" and "I Love You" though he was no longer a member of the band by this point and does not perform on the album.


Kurt Cobain listed it in his top fifty albums of all time. The album's artwork was illustrated by Raymond Pettibon as with all Black Flag's artwork. Contrary to the belief of depicting Adolf Hitler being punched in the face with a boxing glove, it actually depicts a hand puppet clutching a kitchen knife. The small tie is meant to imply this.

I was an Army grunt at the pointy end of the American spear. But no longer - Los Angeles Times

Those girls were so grateful, and we were rewarded with a large packet of cigarettes and a box of chocolates which my wife was very happy with. Working in ships was incredibly noisy. I was tired of travelling around. So I switched to a job making and testing mine detecting equipment.

Tim O'Brien, from his novel "The Things They Carried"

I had to take off any clothing with metal on. The machine was a bit like a road roller and was so strong that it pushed a tram over. It was never used in battle, as they invented a better one, with flailing chains to set off mines before rolling over them. So all our work on the first prototype was in vain. One of our original models never got to Borneo, being sunk in transit.

It was a bad time. Bea had the baby at home, and was very ill.

Structure of Personal Narrative

She was one of the first people to be treated with penicillin. It was difficult to find enough fuel to burn the afterbirth. I had a desperate search for anything that would serve as fuel. I borrowed a wheelbarrow and went searching at the training sidings and I found enough coke to make a fire.

“A true war story is never moral.”

While we waited for the midwife, I saw a doodlebug flying past. With the flames coming out of the back, I thought at first in was a plane that had been shot down. Luckily it went past.

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Drying the nappies was difficult with so little fuel. I made a clothes horse and we kept one room warm with difficulty. Bea made soap using fat and bones. We used to bath in a zinc bath which I emptied by siphoning off the water through the window to the sink below, as we lived on the top floor.

I was an Army grunt at the pointy end of the American spear. But no longer

We had electricity but the voltage was very low, so I managed to adapt the sockets to take standard light bulbs. We also had radio which ran on the mains. At first we had a special box to take the volts, but I sorted that out too. This was good training in being adaptable, which stood me in good stead for later life.

I made boats, buildings, cranes — all sorts of things — to scale. Now I can still at least make bread, despite losing the agility in my fingers. At the end of Maze Pond there were railway arches underneath London Bridge station. The arches had had sandbags placed across either end with only access for pedestrians and were used as shelters during raids. A bomb completly destroyed this area and four of my friends from the Boys' Club football team were killed, along with everyone else in the shelter.

Near the Boys' Club itself on a different occasion I saw an army bomb disposal team defuse an unexploded bomb. They removed the detonator, flushed water through the casing to remove the explosive a white powder and then took the bomb away. One morning when I went to Bea's house to check that she and her family were alright I discovered that a bomb had fallen near the railway behind their house.

The house was completely destroyed but they were safely pulled from the wreckage.