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Hard life fell to Taras Shevchenko, the th anniversary of which is celebrated this year. The fate of many monuments erected in his honor was also very difficult. They were forbidden and destroyed by Russian White Guard officers and gendarmes, Austrian officials and Polish policemen, Hungarian chauvinists and the German fascists. Not always loyal to him the Soviet government was. Beklemisheva, which was established in in Kharkov, on the initiative of Christine Alchevskaya. Participants learned that at one time this bust was called "illegal monument of Taras Shevchenko.

Rila and Tychyna, because the evidence on which to Taras Shevchenko was clothed with such a cut does not exist. However, "inspired by" the image of the poet has been approved by the Moscow authorities, including personally Nikita Khrushchev. Conference left a good feeling among its participants.

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Tilnyak, teachers of Ukrainian language, literature and culture. Peremohy , Kyiv , Ukraine , , mail[at]kpi. Skip to main content. Search form Search. In Ukraine under the Soviet regime, the Communists falsify Shevchenko's works. Many editions of the Kobzar, especially pocket editions, lack such poems as "Subotiv", "The Opened Grave", "The Great Grave", "Chyhyryn", and others, in which the tragedy of Ukraine and the condemnation of Russia are clearly revealed. This falsification may be traced even in the Soviet publications of Shevchenko's works.

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Under Stalin, all the editions of the Kobzar, including the so-called "academic editions," had the passage in the poem "Chyhyryn" which reads as follows:. The edition, with Maksym Rylsky's introduction, shows the same lines differently:. Thus, the Ukrainians utilized the difficulties of the Kremlin, caused by Khrushchev's struggles for power, and published in , perhaps for the first time under the Soviet regime, the true original texts of Shevchenko's poems.

The interpretation of the poet's works, however, has been constantly falsified; Shevchenko is shown as a friend of Moscow, although it is evident from his works that he hated Russia, the prison of nations, with all his heart. The Ukrainians, either in Ukraine or abroad, solemnly commemorate Shevchenko on the centennial of his death. Every Ukrainian family has Shevchenko's Kobzar - at least in a pocket edition. Every Ukrainian family has his portrait, often next to the icon.

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Shevchenko's poems are read again and again, as a source of inspiration, by both the adults and youngsters. The poet's tomb on the hill near the Dnieper River is visited and revisited like Mecca by Moslems. Many streets and towns, schools and institutions have been named after Shevchenko, including the Shevchenko Scientific Society in New York. Shevchenko monuments have been erected in many Ukrainian cities, towns and villages. Among the recent ones, the Shevchenko monument in Winnipeg, Manitoba, unveiled in July, , is considered as one of the best.

Major works of the Ukrainian poet have been, and are being, translated into many languages. For example, his "The Testament" has been rendered into forty-five tongues. Manning , and Vera Rich Probably the first English-language account on Shevchenko was presented by Charles Dickens who published in a biography of the Ukrainian poet and found inspiration in his poems.

He pointed out that "some of Taras's saddest poems Taras Shevchenko. Selected Poems, translated by Clarence A. All unmarked translations have been done by this author. Ibid, p. Manning, p. Ukrayinsky hotos, a Ukrainian weekly, Winnipeg, July 19, , p. Jurij Boiko. See also our review of J. XII, No. George Y. II, p.

Hordynsky, Taras Shevchenko — malyar, Lviv, , p. XIV, No. Shabliovsky, Shevchenko i rosiyska revolutsiyna demokratiya, Kyiv, , p. Kyryluk, Shevchenko i slovyonski norody, Kyiv, , p. Istoriya ukrayinskoyi literatury, Kyiv, Clarence A. Manning, p, Shevchenko, Povna zbirka tvoriv, Kyiv, , Vol. Shevchenko, Kobzar, Kyiv , p. Zapovit movamy narodiv svitu, Kyiv, , Title page of the book. Original publication:. News related to Taras Shevchenko. News archive.

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Articles, essays and publications. Artworks, illustrations. Alexander Jardine Hunter. Alexander John Motyl. Boris Dralyuk and Roman Koropeckyj. Andrusyshen and Watson Kirkconnell. Clarence Augustus Manning. Ethel Lilian Voynich. Florence Randal Livesay. Irina Zheleznova. John Weir. Mary Skrypnyk. Michael M.

Vera Rich. In this tragic time for the declining Ukraine, Shevchenko appeared and proclaimed as early as Have your love, you black haired maidens, But avoid the Moskals Russians - Y. For the Moskals - they are strangers, And they always mock you. Cruel Russians rob and pillage What their eyes can notice; There are even opened graveyards In the search for money.

Move up to work; they're dumb and mute; Their children follow them afoot. At one time in Ukraina Cannons roared like thunder; At one time the Zaporozhtsi Knew the path to power. So they ruled and they acquired Glory, yes, and freedom Rise and break your chain! Water liberty with blood-drops Of the foeman slain! Keep fighting — you are bound to win!

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God helps you in your fight! For fame and freedom march with you. And right Is on your side. Ukraina will arise, Drive away the dark of prison, Make verity gayer, And the captive rebels risen Will rejoice in prayer. In your home, you'll find your justice And your strength and freedom.

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I spoke to Shevchenko on various topics for a long time. He did not like the Poles Polish landlords who took over Ukrainian lands - Y. An independent Ukraine was the goal of his dreams, a revolution was his aspiration. Do not pay attention to Russians. Let them write in their own language, and we shall use ours. They are a nation with their literature, and we, too, are a nation with our own literature Do not despair, but pray to God and work purposefully for the glory of Ukraine, our hapless enslaved by Russians - Y.

My beautiful country, rich and opulent! Who has not ravaged thee? If one were to recount The true history of any One of our gentry, one could horrify Hell itself. And old Dante Would be amazed at a petty landowner of ours. Close by the house the cherries flower.

Above the orchard the beetles hum, Still singing, the girls homeward come, The tired plowmen's steps grow slower, And dames with supper wait at home. Close by the house they eat their supper; Just then the evening-star appears; As daughter serves, and mother fears That she may serve in ways improper, The nightingale's song stuns their ears. Close to the wall on the clay-benches The mother lulls her Nell and Bill, And falls asleep against her will.

All fall asleep But the sweet wenches And nightingales are singing still. One has to admit that the mastery of Shevchenko's eloquence is amazing. The Ukrainian poet posesses the power of aphoristic expression, the depth of feeling and thoughts. Particular attention to the musical side of verse is one of Shevchenko's unique poetic characteristics.

For example, he frequently makes use of alliteration, especially that with the letter "L":. Each line of this fragment has one or two letters "L" that give the verses a mellifluous fluency of expression. Shevchenko's eloquence proves that he precedes the French symbolists, great masters of music in verses, by many years. One might assume that the latter could have proclaimed Shevchenko their teacher, ii they had known of the existence of his melodious verse. Shevchenko's influence on the Bulgarian literature was A part of the enthusiasm, which flamed in Shevchenko's poetry, passed into the blood and body of the Bulgarian nation at the time of its national liberation struggles.

Ukraina is plunged in sadness There is no one who can save her And the Kozaks perish; Lost is the glory and the country; Nowhere it is sheltered. For what we harrowed with our lances The Tatar's ribs. For what we harrowed with our lances The Russians' ribs. Dwight David Eisenhower, the 34nd U. International Museum Day - Museums as tools for creating peaceful communities. Most recent articles:.

Interview with a Translator: Michael Naydan. View all articles. World's largest "Kobzar" poetry book by Taras Shevchenko. View all news. Popular tags:. View all tags. About the website. All information has been reproduced here for educational and informational purposes. Naydan Vera Rich. In another of his poems, Shevchenko pictured the Russians' behaviour in the occupied Ukraine: Cruel Russians rob and pillage What their eyes can notice; There are even opened graveyards In the search for money.

As a result of the Russian tsarist takeover of Ukraine, the robbed and enslaved Ukrainians, descendants of the freedom-loving Zaporozhian Kozaks, Move up to work; they're dumb and mute; Their children follow them afoot. To destroy it, the poet turns his creative power toward the glorious past of Ukraine as to a bright milestone: At one time in Ukraina Cannons roared like thunder; At one time the Zaporozhtsi Knew the path to power.