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Creon, of course, blames the sentry for burying Polynices, and the sentry complains about the dangers of rulers who judge poorly. The sentry is free to say such things at this point, because he has nothing to lose. Although he continues to be a comical character, with his second entrance the sentry becomes less sympathetic.

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He boasts incessantly about being involved in a situation he formerly wanted to avoid. The sentry seems to have become something like a police officer, fully aligned with Creon. What is the effect of his announcement on the audience? The audience does not see Jocasta commit suicide or Oedipus blind himself, because in Ancient Greek theater such violent catastrophes traditionally happen offstage. The audience hears them described by witnesses rather than seeing them firsthand.

Greek tragedy left more to the imagination than modern theater does.

It placed a great deal of importance on the language in which the catastrophe is described. In the case of Oedipus, the convention of keeping violence offstage is thematically appropriate. The audience is faced with the realization that it is blind, that it relies for its knowledge of events on report and hearsay, and is thus prone to error and uncertainty.

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Over the course of the play, the once-confident Oedipus discovers that he is in the grip of uncertainty and error himself. His self-blinding symbolizes, among other things, the blindness and doubtfulness of human life in general. Stasimon 3.


Episode 4. Stasimon 4. Episode 5.

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Stasimon 5. Overview Author Sophocles.

First Performed c. Type Play. Genre Tragedy.

About the Title Antigone takes its title from the central character, who is trapped between loyalty to her family and the gods and to the state. Character Map. Plot Diagram. Summary This study guide and infographic for Sophocles's Antigone The Oedipus Plays offer summary and analysis on themes, symbols, and other literary devices found in the text.

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