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In October she stabbed her male lover John Price 37 times, puncturing several vital organs and leaving his house looking like the slaughterhouses where she toiled. She was arrested before the children ever got to see—much less eat—this gruesome meal, however. Knight became the first woman in Australian history to be sentenced to life without parole. Blanco allegedly shot someone for the first time when she was only 11 years old. According to Colombian media, she personally ordered the deaths of anywhere between 40 and people.

The lady was hardcore. The law finally caught up with her in and she spent 20 years in prison, only to return to her Colombian homeland.

In at age 69, she was gunned down by a pair of drive-by motorcyclists, which is ironic since she helped pioneer that mode of assassination. Starting in —a full 36 years before Jack the Ripper rained holy terror on London— Mary Ann Cotton started poisoning people with arsenic in order to collect their belongings and cash out their insurance policies. Her alleged death toll included three husbands, her mom, a boyfriend, up to eight of her own children, and seven stepchildren. Sing, sing, what can I sing? Mary Ann Cotton, tied up with string.

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The daughter of poor tobacco farmers, Betty Lou Beets led a hard, brutal life. She lost her hearing at age three after getting the measles. She was also allegedly raped by relatives and attempted suicide at age An alcoholic who drank to chase away her loneliness, she married multiple times, running over one husband with a car but failing to kill him. She shot and killed her fifth husband, Doyle Wayne Barker, in She murdered her sixth husband, Jimmy Don Beets, in She killed Beets for his insurance money and pension benefits.


She buried both men in her own backyard. Her response was to blame them for the murders. Blonde and curvy, Linda Calvey was quite the hot pocket when she was younger. She fell in with British gangsters and raked in an estimated one million British pounds helping them pull off armed robberies. Sadistically playing on her reputation, Calvey had the audacity to wear a fake spider in her bridal headdress for this marriage to a man fifteen years her senior.

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For months, Maryland surgical technician Kimberly Hricko had complained to coworkers that she wanted her husband dead. She was found guilty of arson and murder and is serving life plus 30 years. Allen was convicted of murder and sentenced to life in prison. Stacey Castor of upstate New York intentionally force-fed her husband David a lethal dose of antifreeze via a turkey baster one day in She told the police she thought David had committed suicide.

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Police saw through the ruse, though, and Castor was convicted of murdering David and attempting to murder Ashley. Her seventh marriage only lasted a month before her unfortunate suitor croaked. Along with three teenage accomplices, Flynn got the job done on May 1, Smart is serving a life sentence, while Flynn was paroled last year. They both ambushed Yakov, with Rita bludgeoning him about the head with a pair of axes and Vladimir finally dismembering his corpse. For 25 years she gradually demolished him emotionally and in the 26th year she dismembered him physically.

Bewitched by Weeks' apparent spontaneity and zest for life she drove from Canada to Florida to have dinner with him , he was ecstatic when she moved in with him shortly after they met. Even after he began suffering dizzy spells and strange ailments, the seventy-something never suspected he was being poisoned or that his love was anything other than a devoted companion. It was only after he wound up in a nursing home after Weeks had convinced him to sign over power of attorney that the scheme unravelled.

Serial murderers kill for different reasons—power, sexual gratification, thrills. Black widow serial killers have money on their minds and murder to get it. How important it is to become conscious and self-aware. Only through deeply knowing ourselves can be see others clearly and trust our intuition. Joni E. Johnston , Psy.

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D , is the author of Complete Idiot's Guide to Psychology. Recent research traces the path from aspiring serial killer to the real deal. Back Psychology Today. Back Find a Therapist. Back Get Help. Back Magazine. Subscribe Issue Archive.

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Back Today. Changing Paradigms in International Adoption. Joni E Johnston Psy. Follow me on Twitter. Friend me on Faceook. Connect with me on LinkedIn. The Victim's Perspective Think these serial killers are easy to spot? The Bottom Line Serial murderers kill for different reasons—power, sexual gratification, thrills.

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