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Language must be application-specific if it is to prepare sustainably for life outside. This means that, as a teacher, as much of normal life as possible should be brought into the classroom or that we have to leave the classroom to enter life.


Because that which you have experienced yourself, communicated yourself, is what is best remembered. At extracurricular learning locations, students are encouraged to gain experiences then to talk about and reflect on them and finally to make these places their own through connections to their lives and experiences. This is often much easier and more long lasting than you might think.

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If you have a few simple guidelines in place, a museum comes to life, a church becomes a place of encounters, or a theatre a fantastical game each paired with many possibilities for expression in German as a foreign language. The training, led by experienced teachers and educators from the fields of museum, theatre, and religious education, introduces a technique of developing out-of-school learning venues using specific, student-centred methods.

These can also be easily transferred to other extracurricular learning locations such as memorials, monuments, mosques and much more.

Freinet, First Edition

Pedagogy and didactics of extra-curricular learning places in German as a foreign language. Introduction, testing and reflection of site-specific methods. A single day is dedicated to each of the following three points. Work is done at the various locations. Transfer to your own school situation, target group and conditions on-site.

Syrien: Zwei Millionen Kinder gehen nicht zur Schule

Target group : Secondary level I and upper secondary level teachers with German as a foreign language. Abdulsattar Sharaf Grundschulklasse in Irbin. Die meisten Kinder wollen aber unbedingt zur Schule gehen. Aber nach der Grundschule sieht es schlecht aus.

Wir haben deshalb jetzt eine Mauer um die Schule gebaut.

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Die Kinder wollen lernen. Sie gehen zur Schule, auch wenn sie auf dem Weg dorthin ihr Leben riskieren.

English-German Glossary: School

Mittwoch, Abu Bassam. Abdulsattar Sharaf. Zur Startseite.

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