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The social turbulence of the war years reached the Presidential mansion; in , several of the Davises' domestic slaves escaped. James Dennison and his wife, Betsey, who had served as Varina's maid, used saved back pay of 80 gold dollars to finance their escape. Henry, a butler, left one night after allegedly building a fire in the mansion's basement to divert attention.

Varina Davis

In spring , 5-year-old Joseph Davis died in a fall from the porch at the Presidential mansion in Richmond. A few weeks later, Varina gave birth to their last child, a girl named Varina Anne Davis , who was called "Winnie". The girl became known to the public as "the Daughter of the Confederacy;" stories about her and likenesses of her were distributed throughout the Confederacy during the last year of the war to raise morale. She retained the nickname for the rest of her life. When the war ended, the Davises fled South seeking to escape to Europe.

They were captured by federal troops and Jefferson Davis was imprisoned at Fort Monroe in Phoebus, Virginia , for two years. Left indigent, Varina Davis was restricted to residing in the state of Georgia, where her husband had been arrested. Fearing for the safety of their older children, she sent them to friends in Canada under the care of relatives and a family servant. Initially forbidden to have any contact with her husband, Davis worked tirelessly to secure his release.

She tried to raise awareness of and sympathy for what she perceived as his unjust incarceration. After a few months Varina Davis was allowed to correspond with him. Articles and a book on his confinement helped turn public opinion in his favor. Davis and young Winnie were allowed to join Jefferson in his prison cell.

The family was eventually given a more comfortable apartment in the officers' quarters of the fort. Although released on bail and never tried for treason, Jefferson Davis had temporarily lost his home in Mississippi, most of his wealth, and his U. In the late 20th century, his citizenship was posthumously restored. The small Davis family traveled constantly in Europe and Canada as he sought work to rebuild his fortunes.

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The family began to regain some financial comfort until the Panic of , when his company was one of many that went bankrupt. In their son William Davis died of typhoid fever , adding to their emotional burdens. While visiting their daughters enrolled in boarding schools in Europe, Jefferson Davis received a commission as an agent for an English consortium seeking to purchase cotton from the southern United States.

He returned to the US for this work. Varina Davis remained in England to visit her sister who had recently moved there, and stayed for several months. The surviving correspondence suggests her stay may have been prompted by renewed marital difficulties.

Devotion: A novel based on the life of Winnie Davis, Daughter of the Confederacy

Both the Davises suffered from depression due to the loss of their sons and their fortunes. She resented his attentions to other women, particularly Virginia Clay. Clay was the wife of their friend, former senator Clement Clay , a fellow political prisoner at Fort Monroe. During this period, Davis exchanged passionate letters with Virginia Clay for three years and is believed to have loved her. In Davis was reported as having been seen on a train "with a woman not his wife", and it made national newspapers.

For several years, the Davises lived apart far more than they lived together. Davis was unemployed for most of the years after the war. In he was ill and nearly bankrupt. Advised to take a home near the sea for his health, he accepted an invitation from Sarah Anne Ellis Dorsey , a widowed heiress, to visit her plantation of Beauvoir on the Mississippi Sound in Biloxi. A classmate of Varina's in Philadelphia, Dorsey had become a respected novelist and historian, and had traveled extensively.

She arranged for Davis to use a cottage on the grounds of her plantation. There she helped him organize and write his memoir of the Confederacy, in part by her active encouragement. She also invited Varina Davis to stay with her. Davis and her eldest daughter, Margaret Howell Hayes , disapproved of her husband's friendship with Dorsey. She was with him at Beauvoir in when they learned that their last surviving son, Jefferson Davis, Jr. That year 20, people died throughout the South in the epidemic of "Yellow Jack".

During her grieving, Varina became friends again with Dorsey. Sarah Dorsey was determined to help support the former president; she offered to sell him her house for a reasonable price. Learning she had breast cancer, before her death in Dorsey made over her will to leave Jefferson Davis free title to the home, as well as to much of the remainder of her financial estate. Her Percy relatives were unsuccessful in challenging the will.

Her bequest provided Davis with enough financial security to provide for Varina and Winnie, and to enjoy some comfort with them in his final years. She had fallen in love when at college, but her parents disapproved of her beau. Her father objected to his being from "a prominent Yankee and abolitionist family" and her mother to his lack of money and being burdened by many debts.

Forced to reject this man, Winnie never married. Dorsey's bequest made Winnie Davis the heir after Jefferson Davis died in After Winnie died in , she was buried next to her father in Richmond, Virginia. Varina Davis inherited the Beauvoir plantation. She solicited short articles from her for her husband's newspaper, the New York World. In Varina Davis accepted the Pulitzers' offer to become a full-time columnist and moved to New York City with her daughter Winnie. They enjoyed the busy life of the city. White Southerners attacked Davis for this move to the North, as she was considered a public figure of the Confederacy whom they claimed for their own.

As Davis and her daughter each worked at literary careers, they lived in a series of residential hotels in New York City. Their longest residency was at the Hotel Gerard at W. Varina Davis wrote many articles for the newspaper, and Winnie Davis published several novels. After Winnie died in , Varina Davis inherited Beauvoir. She stipulated the facility was to be used as a Confederate veterans' home and later as a memorial to her husband. The SCV built barracks on the site, and housed thousands of veterans and their families. The plantation was used for years as a veterans' home.

Since the house has been operated as a museum to Davis. Beauvoir has been designated a National Historic Landmark. The main house has been restored and a museum built there, housing the Jefferson Davis Presidential Library. Varina Howell Davis was one of numerous influential southerners who moved to the North for work after the war; they were nicknamed "Confederate carpetbaggers ".

After working as an attorney, Roger Pryor was appointed as a judge. Sara Pryor became a writer, known for her histories, memoirs and novels published in the early s.

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In the postwar years of reconciliation, Davis became friends with Julia Dent Grant , the widow of former general and president Ulysses S. Grant , who had been among the most hated men in the South. She attended a reception where she met Booker T. Washington , head of the Tuskegee Institute , a historically black college. There, boot camp style, she experienced deprivation, acute embarrassment, and keen educational guidance, View Product.

Those ties in turn relied on British traders adapting to Indian ideas of Published in , this biography of Atticus Green Haygood — reveals a man whose personal Published in , this biography of Atticus Green Haygood — reveals a man whose personal faith led him to become one of the foremost southern advocates of liberal racial policies. Born in rural northeast Georgia, Haygood attended Emory College at The Boswellian Hero. Boswell's Life of Johnson, Tour of the Hebrides, and Tour to Corsica are controlled, argues William Dowling, by a single conception of the heroic character, one that reaches beyond the particular narrative situation to a final vision of man's dilemma Campus Sexpot: A Memoir.

She tipped her head sideways, her lips offering themselves to his. He remembered the fire He remembered the fire those lips contained, the promise her kiss held.

In David Carkeet's drowsy hometown of Sonora, California, snapped awake at the news Charleston and the Emergence of Middle-Class Culture in. Too often, says Jennifer L. Copy Cats.