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Por causa del pecado, la humanidad ha sido entregada a la esclavitud de los poderes del mal y de la muerte. En Cristo somos reconciliados con Dios e integrados en la comunidad reconciliadora. Cultivar la disciplina brinda integridad al testimonio de la iglesia en el mundo. Todos los que ministran han de dar cuentas a Dios y a la comunidad de fe. It would be extremely foolish to bear long lasting sorrow just for the sake of transitory pleasures.

Debemos escuchar cuidadosamente a lo que ellas nos dicen ya que nuestro bienestar depende verdaderamente en esto. What Scripture has to say about who we really are is not a great compliment. Even before we were sinners, we were still small, finite beings, and we always will be. Yes, Scripture says we all sinned in Adam, but we are all sinners in our own lives.

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Humility is recognizing our own unworthiness and the fact that I literally deserve to go to Hell for all eternity. Now, at the same time, we could go overboard with that and spend our whole lives thinking about what rotten people we are and not celebrate what Christ has done for us.

In Christ, we are cleansed of our sin. In this same context, Romans 12 goes on to talk about each of us having spiritual gifts given to us from God to serve for the good of the body.

Christ is our model of humility. Philippians 2 talks about how He lowered Himself.

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This is our privilege: to be humble servants of God. Jesus was called to be a servant and has given us an example that we should follow in His footsteps. Pride pushes us away from God; humility draws us toward God. Even as Christians, we need Christ today just as much as we did the day we came to faith in Christ. Somos pecadores. Es nuestra naturaleza propia. La humildad es el reconocer que no somos dignos, y que en realidad merecemos literalmente irnos al Infierno por toda la eternidad. Si llegamos a afianzarnos de esta verdad, entonces no tendremos grandes ilusiones de que todo el mundo celebre nuestra grandeza, porque en verdad no la tenemos.

Jesús vs Diablo.

En Cristo somos limpiados de nuestro pecado. El vino no para ser servido, sino para servir y para dar su vida en rescate por muchos.

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Cristo es nuestro modelo de la humildad. Este es nuestro privilegio: el ser siervos humildes de Dios.

Cuando un gran atleta realiza una proeza admirable, y sin tregua, se felicita a si mismo de su grandeza, eso no nos agrada ni a nosotros ni a Dios. Eso no es el ser humilde; de lo contrario es ser orgulloso. El orgullo nos aleja de Dios, la humildad nos acerca a Dios. Esto es algo que nunca debemos de olvidar.

There are both genuine covenants and covenants that have been perverted into corruptible acts. For example, every time a new tribe is discovered in the world, it is learned that they practice a form of a blood covenant.

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Primitive tribes in Africa, South America, and India that have been discovered, not having had any contact with civilization, had been practicing forms of blood covenant rituals, including drinking blood or cutting each other till blood flowed, etc. Worldwide today there are also satanic blood sacrifices and rituals that involve dismemberment of animals and worse.

These are perversions of the biblical blood covenant. Missionaries should receive deserved recognition for bringing the New Testament Word of God to nations where human—men, women, and children—sacrifices were, and sometimes still are, commonplace. A Scottish missionary, Dr. Livingstone, survived in the deepest places of Africa through cutting blood covenants with different strong tribes.

I will give you more details on this later. It all comes from the same source, whether it is taken seriously by a tribe or a group of adults or kids playing. Are there any other examples of blood covenants today? Yes, let me give you one example.

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One of the places we find blood covenants today is within the Italian and Chinese Mafia groups in the United States. This has caused the police a lot of problems when it comes to bringing people to justice. It depends on what they agreed to when they took the blood oath.

The blood covenant is such a powerful covenant, that it still produces what is agreed upon between the parties. It is working spiritually and practically! By signing up for the position you will gain experience with working in a team, and much more.

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