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And X was great! There is one thing that I enjoyed as much as I disliked. But I found that, as much as I thought the steamy scenes were verra steamy and made me take a short break to fan myself once in a while, I thought maybe there were a few too many sex scenes. As fun as they were, I felt like a few of the scenes were not necessary. I understood that they were hot for each other and that their passion would ignite forest fires.

But otherwise the story was fun and very imaginative. All in all, a good read. Cal immediately grabbed the remote, sat in the chair, and began to press buttons. Tessa had to stifle a laugh. No matter what race, religion, creed…hell, no matter the species, some things were universal. I like that in a guy. What does the X stand for? Sourcebooks is giving away TWO copies of this fun book! Great review Julie. I understand what you mean by too many sex scenes. There is a fine line that is drawn that sometimes is very hard to see.

But if the whole book is full of the steamy scenes and is taking away from the plot that is a bad thing…no…people…really it is a bad thing.

I blame the things I listened to when I was little. Greek mythology, oh yes. This books sounds very smexy and I liked the originality of the Etruscan goddesses.

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Thanks for the review. There were some unanswered questions and I look forward to seeing where the series is headed… Ms. Julian hinted something about a hockey player in the next book. Just one of two scenes I feel could have been left out. But they were still steaming hot! Not only did she teach children to love and care for wild animals, but she also taught the people of the earth that they all came from the same beginnings. Get excited again, cat-ladies, the Norse goddess Freya rode a chariot driven by cats according to ancient myth. Goddess of nature and magic, Isis was the Ancient Egyptian goddess of children and the dead.

With her brother Osiris, Isis gave birth to the falcon god Horus. Saxon goddess of dawn and spring-time, Ostara is often depicted with a hare, or rabbit, alongside her. According to myth, when spring arrived late one year, Ostara felt guilty at the sight of a shivering bird and took that bird as her companion giving him legs to avoid hunters and naming him Lepus.

Durga takes many forms as the mother goddess of Shakti mythology but is most well-known as the goddess of victory of good over evil. Ancient Sumerian goddess of love, war, sex, power, and fertility, Ishtar also appears in Aramean mythology as the goddess Astarte. After all, she was the Aztec skeletal warrior goddess who ruled Tamoanchan, home of human creation and infant mortality victims.

Review: What a Goddess Wants by Stephanie Julian (Forgotten Goddesses #1)

Skip to content. Tiamat Pinterest. Hel HuffingtonPost. Atalanta Wikipedia. Weird, right? Mami Wata HuffingtonPost. I really enjoy reading books with strong female characters , but empowered women are not a recent phenomenon in stories. Female power was also venerated in ancient times, as portrayed by these kickass goddesses from around the world. Kali often appears as a dark or angry goddess with blue skin, a garland of skulls and a knife, her tongue red with the blood of those she devours. In each of her origin stories, she emerges through anger to destroy evil forces.

In one tale, two demons attack the goddess Durga. Kali emerges from Durga's wrath and defeats the demons. In another story, she fights an ancient demon, Raktabija. Each drop of his blood gives birth to a clone when it touches the ground. During the battle, Kali cuts Raktabija and drinks his blood. She even eats his clones. The aggressive effect of his blood turns the goddess into a destroyer.

Yet despite her terrifying reputation, Kali is the ultimate protector against evil. Some even believe she will continue to exist after the end of the universe. In my thriller, Destroyer of Worlds , there is a pivotal scene set in a temple devoted to Kali …. They don't get more powerful than the Egyptian deity, Sekhmet. Her main centre of worship lay in Memphis and the lioness-headed goddess represented The Destroyer.

But strangely, for such a destructive figure, her priests were skilled doctors and healers worshipped her as their patroness. It seems the sender of plagues could also cure them.

2) Sekhmet

But Sekhmet could also be fearsome. In one legend, Ra grew angry with mankind. They stopped following his laws and lost interest in justice, so he sent Sekhmet to punish them. Her rampage decimated mankind until Ra decided things had gone far enough. She wouldn't listen, so consumed by blood lust, so Ra mixed beer with pomegranate juice. Her blood lust disappeared when she woke up 3 days later. Ishtar ruled sex, power, fertility, love and war in ancient Mesopotamia.

Her sex appeal was so great that when she descended into the underworld, all sexual activity ended on earth. Some myths claim that Ishtar entered the land of the dead to rescue her lover, Tammuz. In the Epic of Gilgamesh, she proposes to the eponymous hero — but he refuses. She turns to her father, Anu, for help. Ishtar threatens to break open the doors of hell if he doesn't give her the Bull of Heaven. She made a similar threat to the gatekeeper of the underworld. Anu gives her the Bull and she sends it after Gilgamesh.

Top 10 Egyptian Gods and Goddesses

The hero kills it and Ishtar mourns the Bull with her courtesans. Ishtar is certainly a forceful goddess! It's now in the Pergamon Museum in central Berlin.

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A range of stories tries to explain her appearance in the Greek pantheon. In some tales, she was the only Titan to aid Zeus in his fight against the Titans. In others, she is an import from other cultures. Eventually, her followers associated Hecate with the supernatural.

The Gods and Goddesses of the Celtic Lands

Homeowners placed protective shrines to her at their doors to hold the wandering dead at bay. But her most interesting trait is her appearance as a three-formed goddess. Scholars connect this with the new, half and full moons. She also ruled the triple kingdoms of earth, sky, and sea. The Japanese goddess of both death and creation bore many children with her husband, Izanagi-no-Mikoto.

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  6. Her husband entered the shadowy lands of the dead but he couldn't persuade her to return with him.