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A sweet velvet roast, made exclusively with dark roasted bean from Peru. Old Fashioned Trio by Bittermilk. Organic Bombay Masala Chai Tea - 40 Cup Size This tea is made from new harvest assam tea and organic spices that are dry roasted and ground by hand. Organic Fair Trade Colombian Whole Bean Coffee One taste of this well-rounded cup, with a perfect balance of roast and acidity, will remind you why Colombian coffee came to be so esteemed around the globe.

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Made from an ancient recipe perfected by Venchi of the Piedmont in Ital. Vila Vella Certified Organic Juices This wonderful juice is one of the rewards reaped from one man and his family's dedication to producing healthy, nutritious and natural food. Luscious, ripe Cat. Wild Hibiscus Flowers in Syrup A beautiful and unique product, serve these exquisite Wild Hibiscus Flowers as a garnish in Champagne at your next special occasion.

Yuzu Juice - Marugoto Shibori. Zimbabwian Salimba Whole Bean Coffee A well-balanced coffee, mid-range acidity, firm body, richness of flavor and an intrinsic East African aftertaste with bright notes. Alehouse Cheddar Crackers by Castleton Crackers A buttery, more neutral cracker that is slightly salty rounds out cheese plates wonderfully. Alfredo's Urbani Truffle Potato Chips. Catskill Provisions uses their own wildflower honey to give this honey depth and flavor. Artisanal Savory Cheese Biscuits by Okina These little bite sized French sheep's milk cheese crackers might be the perfect cracker!

Available in 2 varieties. Asheville Mix by Poppy Handcrafted Popcorn. Australian Water Wheels These small, pressed crackers have a waffle-like imprint on their surface. Because they are so thin, they are perfect with pates, cheeses, dips, and antipasti. Awesome Bars - Blueberry Almond. Awesome Bars - Cherry Almond. Awesome Bars - Salty Peanut. Order Grissini con Olio d'Olivia today from igourmet. Bacon's Heir Pork Panko. Best served with coffee and chicory. BjornQorn Popcorn - 1 oz Bag.

BjornQorn Popcorn - 3 oz Bag. BjornQorn Spicy Popcorn - 3 oz Bag. Blanched Hazelnut Flour : 5 LB. Blanched Unsalted Peanuts: 5 LB. Bola Granola Barely Sweet. They are simply the finest quality crackers available on the market. Butter Croissant - Box of 8 All ingredients from flour to milk, eggs to butter, candied fruit to yeast, are of natural origin strictly fresh and genuine, free of preservatives and colorant. California Raw Almonds 1 oz - 24 Pack Case. California Raw Almonds 3 oz. Caramelized Pecans from Spain by Mitica Long and plump, these caramelized pecans are the perfect sweet snack.

Caramelized Walnuts from Spain by Mitica Fresh and crunchy, these Spanish walnuts Nueces Acarameladas are prepared simply with fresh, halved walnuts, sugar, and sunflower oil. Pack a box for your next afternoon picnic; great for any occasion. Perfect for cheese, meat, and pate.

Cassava Crackers by Cult Crackers. Chestnut Puree Puree de Marrons This smooth and fragrant puree has a rich flavor and is perfect for pastries, sauces, or glazes. Chestnut Puree by Clement Faugier These delicious festive jams are cauldron-cooked with cane sugar. Whether you pick a traditional or a modern flavor, they will make your snacks, dessert or holiday meals extra special. Chestnut Spread by Clement Faugier These delicious festive jams are cauldron-cooked with cane sugar.

Chocolate Butter Croissant- Box of 8 All ingredients from flour to milk, eggs to butter, candied fruit to yeast, are of natural origin strictly fresh and genuine, free of preservatives and colorant. Spiked with tart cherries and cacao nibs, they have to be tasted to be believed! Order from igourmet. Classic Italian Crostini Crackers. Crackerthins Australian Watercrackers Crackerthins are a premium water cracker.

Thin and crispy, they are perfect served with fine cheese, spreads, and pates. Crostini Classici by Terre di Puglia. Crostini Tuscan Crackers These crispy baked crackers from Tuscany are baked with extra virgin olive oil and other natural Italian flavors. Perfect for dipping, they are a must when sett.

Currant Turmeric Crisps by Aida. These family recipes became a business as they saw a market for pe. All crisps are wheat, gluten and sugar-free. Farro Crackers by Hayden Flour Mills. English crackers. Flahavans Irish Pinhead Oatmeal Flahavan's porridge has a distinctive texture and taste because all of the oats used in the making of Flahavan's are grown locally, chosen from a select panel o. Flahavans Irish Porridge Oats Flahavans has been milling the finest quality Irish oats for over six generations at the family mill beside the river Mahon, at Kilmacthomas, Co.

Flapjax Mix by Beekman Made in small batches by Beekman in upstate NY, this absolutely delicious artisan mix is a must try. French Blinis Imported from France, these blinis are the perfect serving accompaniment to caviar. Authentic, butter French crepes are made with pure butter, cage-free eggs, and high-quality Non-GMO ingredients.

Fried and Salted Marcona Almonds - 4. Enjoyed for thousands of years in their homeland, these wonder. Fruited Rice Crackers by Paradise Green. Garlic Grissini Breadsticks by Casa Rinaldi. German Dark Rye Bread Our dense, dark rye bread hails from Germany where bread is an essential element to their cuisine. Dark Rye Bread is made with rye, water, yeast and salt - with. German Pumpernickel Bread by Landsberg Pumpernickel is a coarse, close-textured dark bread made with rye, without the added mixture of wheat flour.

Our Bavarian Pumpernickel Bread has no chemical add. In fact, in Germany there are more than varieties of bread. Gluten Free Crackerthins Australian Potato Crackers These gluten-free crackers are great with fine cheese, dips and antipasto. Try all three flavors today from igourmet. Granola by Banner Road. Green Boiled Peanuts by The Peanut Shop of Williamsburg Ready-to-eat straight from the can, these peanuts are perfect for snacking or packing with you on a country picnic.

Grissini by Taste of Italy These breadsticks are perfect for dipping in soups, tapenades, or serving with an antipasto platter. Order a tin today and taste a bit of classic Southern hospitality. Handmade Grissini Piemontesi with Olive Oil These skinny bread sticks are made with real extra virgin olive oil and imported from Italy. Perfect for your antipasto tray, or roll in olive tapenade and wra. Hickory Smoked Almonds : 5 LB.

Bicarbonate of soda was introduced to Ireland in the late 's, so, instead of using ye. Hogan's Irish Scone Mix Based on the recipe used by generations of Irish housewives, Hogan's ready-to-bake Scone Mix provides the opportunity for everyone to enjoy these unique scones. Holland Rusks by Roland. Honey Peanut Butter Puffs by Puffworks. Instant Polenta This amazing product simplifies the tradition of cooking polenta. Cooks in three minutes! Italian Black Truffle Almonds in Wooden Gift Box Aromatic black summer truffles are hand-harvested in Northern Italy and ground into flavorful sea salt and sprinkled over sweet California almonds.

Jacob's Cream Crackers Retro Gift Tin Made with all-natural ingredients; free of artificial coloring, flavors or preservatives, this crispy, creamy cracker is found in most British kitchens. Jalapeno Cheddar Poppy Handcrafted Popcorn. Jan's Farmhouse Crisps - Salted Almond. Jan's Farmhouse Crisps - Sesame Citrus. In , the company m. Kona Aina Pineapple Pancake Mix. LaxmiNarayan Best Chiwda Basket only. Lemon Candied Pepitas by Aida. Lunds Swedish Pancake Mix Deliciously thin pancakes are great any time of year! Mary's Gone Crackers These specialty baked items are crisp delicious crackers with a rich nutty flavor.

Wheat-free, gluten-free and organic, they are made of organic whole grain bro. Matcha Almonds by AgSTandard. Matin des Pyrenees Chestnut Spread Pyrenean cooking is based on the very best of simple, fresh ingredients. Matzo Chips by The Matzo Project. Mestemacher Organic German Bread Mestemacher, famed German bakers, created all natural, whole grain bread. In , Andrea Slitti started creating exceptional chocolates. Miller's Beer Crackers for Cheese These fabulous beer crackers are made with hops, roasted barley, malt and English Ale.

Miller's Elements Crackers - Earth Made with potatoes, beets, and spinach. Miller's Elements Crackers - Fire Oak-smoked flour and red hot chilli in a cracker that more than lives up to its name. Smoky and fiery, with a coarse and crumbly texture. Just flour and water, no salt. With their crusty texture and mild taste, they are ideal with. Mrs Olson's Lefse Lefse lef'-sa is a traditional Scandinavian potato-based, soft, flat bread. It is made by combining potato, flour, shortening, milk, salt and water.

The dough. Nairn's Organic Oat Crackers As you would expect, they do not contain any sugar, wheat, or genetically modified ingredients. Nashville Hot Cheddar Bites by Willa's Shortbread These organic savory cheese coins have the perfect balance of cheese and butter, along with enough flour to keep them crumbly. Nouka Black Sesame Paste. Old School Buttermilk Biscuit Mix Make old time biscuits with whole wheat flour and a touch of raw sugar.

Old School Buttermilk Pancake Mix Through the use of select, unbleached flours prepared by antique methods Old School have brought back the hearty goodness and flavor of a by-gone era. Old School Southern Style White Gravy Mix Old School's recipe uses unbleached and whole wheat flours to accurately reproduce a taste and texture as would have been found in mid-nineteenth century America. Old School Stone Ground Grits These stone ground grits are nothing like the bland "instant grits," but a rich and hearty meal that would be easily recognized a generation ago.

Organic Cajun Cashews Cashews with a kick! These organic, dry-roasted cashews are tossed in a fiery blend of cayenne, habanero, and sea salt. Now you can get your spicy fix in the. Organic Chocolate Covered Almonds Enjoy these delicious, organic chocolate-covered almonds whenever you need a little pick-me up.

Chocolate and almonds are a perfect, romantic pairing. Organic Curry Cashews The cashew nut, a native of Brazil, is actually the seed of an apple-like fruit. Although the fruit is not widely consumed outside of Brazil, the cashew nut is. MA Wheat from the town of Altamura in the Puglia region of Italy is famous for its quality and the local goods that are produced. Organic Hunza Goji Granola This preservative-free granola is made with vegetarian ingredients. Organic Hunza Triple Berry Granola This preservative-free granola is made with vegetarian ingredients. Organic Jumbo Raw Cashews.

Organic Pistachio Mulberry Granola Finally, a granola worth waking up for! Organic Raw Pecan Halves The delicious pecan has become a favorite nut among snacks, praline lovers, and pecan pie fans. Originating in central and eastern North America and low river. Organic Raw Pine Nuts - 4 oz. Bag Pine Nuts are the kernels of the stone pine Pinus pinea , a native of the Mediterranean area.

Organic Raw Pistachios in Shell We've taken the work out of eating pistachios with these raw, organic shelled pistachio meats! Now you can easily blend these pistachios into cookies, cereal,. Organic Raw Sicilian Almonds These organic, raw almonds will help you snack healthy everyday! Almonds are an great source of vitamin E, magnesium, manganese, and fiber.

A one-ounce serving. Organic Raw Walnut Halves Delicious and good for you! Walnuts are a great source of Omega-3 essential fatty acids. A staple of human diets, Walnuts appear in writings from Ancient Baby. Organic Shelled Pistachios We've taken the work out of eating pistachios with these raw, organic shelled pistachio meats!

Organic Sicilian Lemon Almonds These organic, raw almonds will help you snack healthy everyday! Organic Sicilian Tamari Almonds Tamari is a specific style of soy sauce, derived from fermented miso. These organic almonds have been dry-roasted, then tossed in a savory, wheat-free tamari s. MA This all-purpose flour is milled to "00" fineness. The flour can be used for pizza, breads, pastries, sauces, and more! Organic Whole Wheat Mini Toasts by Les Trois Petits Cochons Now available in a whole wheat variety, these full-flavored mini toasts add extra body to creamy pate mousses and rich, runny cheeses!

Original German Pumpernickel Bread Pumpernickel is a coarse, close-textured dark bread made with rye, without the added mixture of wheat flour. Pane Carasau Flatbread Pane Carasau, or "Music Bread," is a natural cracker for snacks, cheeses, appetizers, wraps, fritters, and soups. Parm to Table by BobbySues Nuts. Peanut Butter by Big Spoon Roasters Fresh-roasted peanuts with a touch of honey and sea salt, blended with a few drops of organic coconut oil for a smooth, truly addictive texture. Peanut Butter Puffs by Puffworks. Peanut Cocoa Butter by Big Spoon Roasters Big Spoon's coarsely ground, yet smoothly spreadable Peanut Cocoa butter combines stone-milled dark chocolate with fresh roasted peanuts, wildflower honey and a touch of sea salt.

Piedras de Chocolate Chocolate Largueta Almonds These gigantic cocoa-dusted chocolate-covered almonds are irresistible! Piedras de Luna - 6 oz These gigantic cocoa-dusted chocolate-covered cashews are irresistible! Polenta by Riseria Campanini This amazing product simplifies the tradition of cooking polenta. Poppy Mix by Poppy Handcrafted Popcorn.

Potter's Oyster Crackers. Premium Scone Mix Lightly sweet and crumbly, scones were enjoyed most notably at high tea. Perfect to served with lemon curd or jam with clotted cream. Premium Sweet Poppy Handcrafted Popcorn. Quinoa Flour by Roland Use Quinoa flour as a substitute for half of the all-purpose flour in many recipes or completely replace wheat flour in cakes and cookie recipes. Raincoast crisps. Choose between chocolate or strawberry. They've got a cornmeal crunch and taste great with cheese, spreads or dips.

Rice Crackers by Roland These are all natural rice snacks that are both healthy and delicious, with no artificial additives or preservatives. Roasted and Salted Redskin Peanuts by Peanut Shop of Williamsburg Enjoy a taste of these old-fashioned redskin peanuts, straight from the heart of Virginia. Rosemary and Lemon Bespoke Crackers These all-natural crackers are made in Boulder, Colorado with an obsession for perfection and focus intense attention to baking.

Rosemary Grissini Breadsticks by Casa Rinaldi. Ruhrtaler German Pumpernickel Bread Pumpernickel is a coarse, close-textured dark bread made with rye, without the added mixture of wheat flour.

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Rustic Bakery Flatbreads Flatbreads are traditionally hand-made in wood-fired oven kilns and served with an assortment of dips and vegetables. These flatbreads are from Rustic Bakery in California. Made in Vermont. Salted Caramel Poppy Handcrafted Popcorn.

Bent rolled out s. These tins are perfect for snacking or gifts. Sesame Grissini Breadsticks by Casa Rinaldi. Each pack contains four l. Simply Wheat by Castleton Crackers A buttery, more neutral cracker that is slightly salty rounds out cheese plates wonderfully.

Sourdough Crackers by Aida. This range of crackers was designed by cheese gurus. The Fine Cheese Co. Spicy Hunter Mix Not all trail mixes are created equal. Spielman Sea Salt Bagel Chips. Stacy's Pita Chips There's basic, and then there's the art of basic. The art of taking things that are simple, uncluttered, uncomplicated, and making them better - fresher, more. Sugar Plum's Liquor Nuts Gift Tin his 16 ounce assortment of mouth-watering, hand-crafted, and small-batch roasted nuts features three of Sugar Plum's most popular booze-infused flavors.

Wasa, a world famous Swedish bakehouse, is named after an historically significant Swedish king. Anna was locally famous for her baked rusks, which she enjoy. There are many types of Limp. It's ability to stay fresh for a long period of time is very desirable. Swedish Wholegrain Krisprolls Enjoy them topped with cream cheese and ham or smoked salmon or serve them alongside a bowl of piping hot tomato soup.

Sweet Hunter Mix Not all trail mixes are created equal. Taralli by Terre di Puglia. Tarallini by Terre di Puglia. Taza Dark Chocolate Covered Almonds Taza's take on the infamous Ibarra disc, this is the simplest, most delicious chocolate you'll ever taste. Taza Dark Chocolate Covered Cashews Taza's take on the infamous Ibarra disc, this is the simplest, most delicious chocolate you'll ever taste. Taza Dark Chocolate Covered Hazelnuts Taza's take on the infamous Ibarra disc, this is the simplest, most delicious chocolate you'll ever taste.

Thin Crispbread by Finn Crisp Finn Crisp brand thin crispbread are delicately thin crackers with a deliciously grainy and crispy taste. An essential part of a healthy and light diet with onl. Traditional Grissini Breadsticks by Casa Rinaldi. Made without hydrogenated oils. Spread them with Beecher's Flagship chee. Premium pecan halves are slowly layered with a delicate and crunchy vanilla to. VPC Black Pepper Crackerthins Hand-baked wheat-free spelt wafers from Miller's Damsels - these crackers are made from spelt which is an ancient strain of wheat that has been grown and milled.

Walnut Butter by Wellnut Farms Indulgent walnut butters that are good for you? What a nutty idea! White Cheddar Poppy Handcrafted Popcorn. White Chocolate Macadamia by Reginald's Homemade. Whole Blanched Almonds : 5 LB. Whole Blanched Hazelnuts: 5 LB. Whole Chestnuts in Water by Clement Faugier These delicious festive jams are cauldron-cooked with cane sugar. An excellent accompaniment to many winter dishes, particularly poultry and game.

A Little Bit of Ireland This Irish assortment contains a bit of everthing any homesick Irish expat is sure to be missing, from cheese and bread to tea and shortbread. A Rainbow of Colorful Cheeses We've put together a true spectrum of cheeses, that captivate the eye as well as the palate. A Taste of France Collection. Abondance AOP Abondance, a robust and aromatic cheese from the Savoy region of France, is made with fresh partially-skimmed milk and formed into pound wheels.

Ackawi Ackawi is a soft, white delight native to Lebanon and Syria. Aged Brick Cheese by Widmers- Whole Form Brick is mild and sweet, with a touch of nuttiness when young, and pungent and tangy when aged. This cheese is aged for months for a fuller flavor.

The residents of. Aged Mimolette 6 Month by Isigny Mimolette was originally made by the Flemish, but after becoming a French hit, the cheese is being made in Holland again. Aged Parmesan Gourmet Wafer Crisps Kitchen Table Baker's special blend of pure aged cheeses lends itself to a complex yet uniquely subtle flavor. Order this chili-spiked cheese today from igourmet.

Allgau Emmental Made from pure Bavarian milk, it is high in protein with a refined flavor. Our Bavarian Swiss has a rich, yellow color and large eyes. We recommend it sliced for sandwiches, cut in strips for Chef salads, or chunked for party platters. Allgau Emmental - Pound Cut Made from pure Bavarian milk, it is high in protein with a refined flavor. This has provided excellent.

Just 40 calories per serving! Alouette Montrachet Goat Cheese. Alta Badia After it's ripened for days, Alta Badia procures its light brown rind and closed-textured consistency. The inside is straw-colored, flavorful and aromatic. It's made with fresh, whole milk from selected dairy f. Amanti Guacamole Cheese. American Blues Assortment The American cheese renaissance is an exciting time for cheese lovers everywhere, with some exceptional blues being produced all across the country.

While Fran. Ammerlander Alpine - Pound Cut. Ammerlander Oldenburg Gouda. Ordee today from igourmet. In New Zealand, rich fertile valleys watered by pure mountain streams and soft, gentle rain create endless grazing pastu. Anejo Enchilado A firm, pressed cheese rolled in paprika. This cheese can be easily shredded or grated. Commonly used as a topping or stuffing for enchiladas and tacos. Appalachian by Meadow Creek Dairy Appalachian is a lush, vibrant cheese evocative of cream and butter with a mushroom earthiness that recalls the intensity of the cellars.

Appenzeller Appenzeller has a pleasantly smooth texture, but this cheese's true allure is its fruity tang. Appenzeller - Pound Cut Appenzeller has a pleasantly smooth texture, but this cheese's true allure is its fruity tang. This cheese pairs well with fresh fruit and melts nicely. Appenzeller - Whole Wheel Appenzeller has a pleasantly smooth texture, but this cheese's true allure is its fruity tang. Arethusa Farm Tapping Reeve A lovely crumbly texture yields a nice sharpness, balanced with delicate buttery notes.

Argentine Reggianito Argentina is home to endless miles of grazing pastures, where pasture fed cows produce 5, million liters of milk per year. Mafalda: I won't have it! And no blackmail can ever make me back off my principles! Mafalda gulping down the soup : Man do I squick myself so much at times! Ch'Vorthq: "Sergeant, you will be drinking a very heavy stimulant cocktail cut with shampoo and high-tensile inert carbon. In most colors of the rainbow. Dana : Do you have any food here?

Tom : I have some rice. You could add salt, if you're feeling adventurous. Dana : Oh, well as lovely as rice and salt sounds, I think I'm going to go out and eat Sign In Don't have an account? He discovers in th e huge, ugly man a gentle friend, someone he can trust and turn to when his parents quarrel or when the children at school are spiteful. He wants to keep their friendship a secret, but when the villagers bring a serious charge against the snailman, Timothy knows he must come to his friend's defense.

This is a moving story about two lonely people - a young boy and the village outcast - and how they help each other. Cinderella Fairy Book , , approximate. This may be a long shot, and unfortunately this book is so old there's practically no information available about it. I found it listed on Worldcat, but there isn't any author information.

The stories in the book include: The glass slipper -- The three dwarfs -- Dapplegrin -- The twelve brothers -- Two little wooden feet -- Little Thumbkin -- Farmer Weatherbeard -- Aladdin and the wonderful lamp. Old Fairy Tale Book. Jaap ter Haar, Boris , Seems like a possibility.

They were rescued by the American Red Cross from Vladivostok and returned to their families two years after their original departure. Could this be the same book as M It sounds very similar. Ian Serrillier, The Silver Sword. This is a long shot as the action is set in Poland. Orphan Jan helps three siblings survive in war torn Warsaw until their father returns.

There was a Russian soldier somewhere in the story. Patricia Polacco, Thundercake.

Chocolate Cheese? 6 Ways to Eat this Unusual Treat - Shislers Cheese House

Probably not, as it isn't an "easy reader". Robert A. Just a guess Karl, Jean, Turning Place , A long shot -- it's a collection of linked short stories that begin with an alien attack on earth and move forward through millenia, tracking changes in humans and galactic relations. Some stories involve interplanetary organizations one story deals with being able to project one's mind to different places girls are main characters in some of the tales.

And it's about the same period as Engdahl. Pamela Reynolds, Earth Times Two , The other planet, in a double sun system, is much like earth, but without television, which the evil scientist hopes to use to control people. Two girls one is the E. Earth Times Two , maybe? Isaac Asimov, Foundation Trilogy. Several things about this description remind me of the Foundation Trilogy by Isaac Asimov, though I haven't read it for years, and I don't remember whether there are any children who play significant roles. Near the end of the book Peewee a young girl and Kip teenage boy are standing on the planet Lanador in the Lesser Magellanic Cloud.

They look up and see, not two planets or two stars, but two galaxies - the Greater Magellanic Cloud and the Milky Way. Also, the book had a Federation-style interplanetary organization called "The Three Galaxies". If you go here you can read the original story and see if it's the one you remember.

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Alexi Panshi, Rite of Passage, 60s?? The heroine of this book must survive a rite of passage. Her society lives on a massive space ship. After training, all children are dropped on a planet, where they must survive until picked up. This could be the book that you remember. Hoover , Children of Morrow, I read a book when I was a kid about a pair of children Tia, Rabbit who escape from their "colony" for lack of a better word- and travel to the sea where they are met with other telepathics like themselves.

This book is set in the future.

Tia the girl can physically hurt people with her thoughts. It turns out that they belonged to a more civilized race of people, not just the ones who "worshipped the missile. Key, Alexander , The Forgotten Door. Sounds like it could be this. An injured telepathic boy with amnesia meets with a farm family who take care of him. Bigoted neighbors find out and go after him. He finally remembers that he's from another planet, and he and the family go to his home through the forgotten door. His home has two moons which are in the nighttime sky when they get there. Barbara Bartholomew , The Timekeeper.

Ride Away has exactly the picture you describe, with a boy and girl riding down a sidewalk in a red wagon with red and yellow leaves falling-but the picture is inside the book on the first page. The cover picture is similar-yellow, with a boy and girl riding a red bike and scooter and orange leaves falling around them. The first book is Nine Princes in Amber and the books do deal quite a bit with the conflict between order and chaos - and there is a very unusual mode of travel, too.

Just a thought. Modesitt Jr, Magic of Recluse Series, Sounds like this could be the series you are looking for. This series of fantasy books is about order and chaos with a male protagonist, Lerris. The Lion King. I know this is probably too obvious to be correct, but could it be the one that Walt Disney made famous? I'm not sure if Disney is the one who wrote it or someone else, but it's about a lion cub who is the son of the King of the jungle, and he has to learn to be King.

But he keeps getting into trouble and doesn't really want to do it because he wants to play with his friends all day instead. Then something happens, a fire I think, and he grows up fast and helps his friends to get away from the fire. Could it be one of Iona and Peter Opie 's books?

I remember a copy of the Opie's The Lore and Language of School Children had a group of children playing on the cover. I think that this book first came out in the 50's, so it might be too early, but perhaps they reissued it with a new cover later on. It is her journal of a year or so observing the games the children are playing at a particular school in England, and does feature a photo section in the middle showing the school and some of the children.

My paperback copy does have cover art with a few kids girls? It's a marvelous book and generally available used. Hi thanks for comments but its not one of the Opie books. Can anyone else help? Lampham, Evelyn , Tree Wagon. My sister discovered this book the day before I posted it. The original book was entitled Mrs. Beggs and the Wizard The reprint was called The Wizard comes to town.

Check out New Stumper B Does any of this sound familiar? Schwartz, Evgeny, A Tale of Stolen. Title: A tale of stolen time, Author s : Shvarts, Evgenii, Publication: Englewood Cliffs, N. Note s : Translation of Skazka o poteriannom vremeni. S Dewey: Responsibility : by Evgeny Schwartz. Illustrated and designed by Nonny Hogrogian. Note that the author listed above with the yellow highlighting is the standardized way libraries are supposed to use his name. The title page of the book apparently spells it as seen under "Responsibility.

One bookseller provided this summary: "Evil sorcerers change children who waste time into old people--but the children are given the opportunity to change back into children. He soon falls behind all the other students. Peter always thinks he will have time to catch up. Until one day, he becomes an old man. O83 Ookpik is the Inuit word for snowy owl. Kent Salisbury, Ookpik Visits the U. Comes with a small magnetic owl Ookpik figure that you move through out the story as you read.

In Eskimo stories, he is a friendly, furry creature who enjoys living among people. Raskin, Ellen, Nothing ever happens on my block , Could it be this one? Little boy who thinks nothing ever happens on his block, while in illustrations many fantastic things are occurring. Montgomery, Marcella's Reward , collected in Akin to Anne. This is a long shot, but I thought I would suggest it-- Marcella and her sister are orphans, younger sister is sick, they end up going to stay in the country with their new friend.

This could be Dicey's Song , by Cynthia Voight. Sorry to disagree, but this is definitely not Dicey's Song: the plot elements don't match at all. Dicey's Song features four siblings who are not orphans, and it is set in contemporary Maryland. There are no voice lessons, pickled clams, sick sisters, or romantic elements.

Madye L. Chastain , Emmy Keeps a Promise, Just spending a few idle minutes browsing through the archives and I saw O This sounds like it's probably Emmy Keeps a Promise. Everything matches right down to the pickled clams. I don't know how long ago someone was looking for this but perhaps she is still interested. Could this one be one of the Lois Lenski series? Caddie and her siblings walk a long distance to school and then spend part of their summer breaks tending to crops.

Could this be the series by Rebecca Caudill? They're about Bonnie, her siblings and her cousins "in the days of copper toed shoes". I believe they were originally published in the s. Laura Ingalls Wilder, Farmer Boy. In it Laura describes her husband Almanzo's childhood. Almanzo was the youngest of four siblings, and they only went to school when there was nothing more important to do on the farm. The school was definitely a one room and one teacher school. Beverley Cleary, Ramona the Pest , Is this the book you're looking for? It has some similarities to what you described, but I don't think the principal gets his hair cut.

However, he does get his hair spiked and his office is slimed. The plot as remembered is a bit different, but I'm just about sure this is your book. He went shopping, but he couldn't read, so he bought things based on the shapes of the boxes, so he wound up with onion soup that he hated, waxed paper instead of spaghetti, salt instead of oatmeal, etc.

Jack Kent , Socks for Supper, This title came to my mind when you mentioned the little bald man with the moustache. The book is about a poor older couple who have no food and no money. So the wife knits socks with thread from the husbands sweater for the husband to barter for cheese and milk from a younger, richer farmer and his wife.

This happens repeatedly, with the husband's sweater shrinking with each transaction. As it turns out, the rich farmer's wife had been using the thread from the socks to make a sweater for the farmer, which turns out too big, and which they then give to the little bald man. Very cute book. Crown, But these other bird's parts don't work too well for him and a fox almost catches him because he can't fly with the little wings. Some geese fly to save him and he realizes what he has to do - give back all the other bird's parts so he can be a goose like all the other geese, except now he's not envious anymore.

A silly goose trades body parts with many other animals, but in the end after a narrow escape from a wolf realizes that she prefers her original, wonderful self! Arnold, Katya , Duck, Duck, Goose? I didn't suggest this title before since it's a relatively recent copyright date, but since there's no confirmation on the other title, I figured I'd send this along.

The back of the book says that it's inspired by an animated film called Who Is This Bird? From the flyleaf: "Goose is miserable. Being a goose is so ordinary, but our vain heroine craves glamour and style. Tired of being just one of the gaggle, she wants to shine! This headstrong goose is convinced that she can be just as lovely as the other birds she envies, if only she could have Swan's graceful neck, or Stork's long, shapely legs, or When this silly goose gets her wish, she discovers that looks aren't everything.

This hilarious tale reminds us all that beauty has its price. Only she was smarter, kinder, and happier. And still prettier than a duck! I loved that book as a kid. I would have read it in the early '80s. Thanks for hosting such an amazing service! I'm sure I'll be using it soon. Nevil Shute , Pied Piper, As they travel, they keep picking up more children who are alone and also orphaned.

Eventually a man attempts to lead them to safety. The book was originally published in but was reissued in paperback in Although it may not be the book being sought, the plot is similar, and it is a wonderful novel! Not the Neville Shute book great author, though. It was definitely Czechoslovakia in the late 40's. A boy teams up with the Engineer on the train to escape with his foster family to the West.

The story was supposedly inspired by an actual event in the early years of the Cold War. A group of orphans escape via train from their country, and pick up a few other kids along the way. I don't believe they steal the train, but they aren't on it with permission. I read this a long time ago! This is definitely it. There's no boy but other than that every detail is identical. Yes, this is Nothing's Fair in Fifth Grade. The overweight girl's name is Elsie, though, not Elsa. Peter complains that his house is too noisy, until the wise man teaches him a lesson in perspective by advising him to obtain some rather unusual house guests.

Probably Anne Bennet's " Little Witch ". See Solved Mysteries. Edward Fenton, Fierce John , ? Possibly this one? See a picture on the Loganberry site under "Mother's Druthers. Friedman, Tracy, Orphan and the Doll , Amanda was the orphan and Henriette was the doll. I think I remember there being something about a will, though I'm not sure. Kris Neville, Bettyann , , approximate. This is a classic. There is a sequel, Bettyann's Children. I need the name of a book about a girl who lives in orphanage and who loves horses.

She runs away with one of the horses and stops at a creek. People are looking for her. She runs away to other towns and works on farms. The book is a grade school reading level. Children find an old castle in the woods. Later, the whole village has a festival in the shadow of the castle. Children's picture book with story, approx 5th grade level, poss. Animal characters? Possibly part of a series that had a map in the front of the book of the village they lived in.

Additional details: The book was thin, maybe 30 pages. The book was a picture book with words, very richly illustrated. O Otter canal boat UK England Picture book about an otter who obtains a houseboat, and sails it up and down the canals of England with a crew of friends. He plays the accordion at one point, wearing a jaunty sailor's outfit, and I remember their having to use a boat hook to maneuver through a brick-lined tunnel. The big Regatta is coming up, and the cheating rats are up to their old tricks.

Part of the series of Foxwood Tales. After wishing that she did not have to go to bed, Olivia embarks on a magical nighttime journey through the heavens. She spends the night frolicking with the stars, riding on Saturn's rings, and chatting with the Man in the Moon. In the morning, she awakes to find the perfect memento of her adventure - a beautiful bracelet with charms depicting a star, the moon, and the sun. The book comes with a real charm bracelet for the young reader.

This wouldn't be one of the Sweet Pickles series, would it? We had these in the very late 70's or early 80's. P1 I went back to the list of pig books. However, the publication date looks too late for the book wanted. Pig has the sniffles. What can Mr. Pig and the piglets do to make her feel better? Cook her favorite snack five alarm chili of course! But the Pigs Mess up the kitchen, and to top it off, they don't know how to follow the recipe and measure the ingredients.

Call in the fire department!

These Pigs are headed for Big Pig Trouble! No plot information, but maybe one of the Golden Book collectors might know? Pig is a Halloween story, and does not contain the desired refrain. Series- Freddy the Pig. There are a great many Freddy stories and I would not be surprised to learn that he has rose colored glasses in one of them!

They are available now as reprints. Don't recall the author, but they are very popular old chapter books. Freddy the Pig series is written by Walter R. Brooks , but again, I didn't find the desired refrain. P1 mr pig: not a Golden Book, but perhaps Mr. Don't know if these books are old enough, but it seems to me that Mr. Pig in Richard Scarry's books is always doing foolish things that he needs to be reprimanded for. Illustrations by the author include color frontispiece and twelve color plates; six plates have panels that open like doors to reveal the contents, most portraying cats, inside.

Girl buys pussywillows from a man in the park, who tells her they're "fairy kittens. The stories are really instructional tales on proper behavior for young children. All ages will be captivated by the pictures of the 4 kittens' antics. Not much information, but some similarities: Raftery, Gerald Slaver's Gold NY, Vanguard "A story for older children set against an authentic background of country life in Vermont and the Underground Railroad as a group of children try to find out if there is any truth in the stories Grandpa told about an old house.

The fact that it's reputedly haunted only adds to its appeal! As soon as his family moves in, Thomas senses something strange about the Civil War era house, which used to be a critical stop on the Underground Railroad. With the help of his father, he learns about the abolitionists and escaping slaves who kept the Underground Railroad running. While on his own, he explores the hidden passageways in and under the house, piecing clues together in an increasingly dangerous quest for the truth about the past.

Some of the things mentioned in your request are in this book. No solution but I remember reading a similar book in the 60's also. I believe there was only one portrait that was missing or stolen and it is found in a room that no one knew was in the house. It was set in more modern times and no one knew that the house had been a stop on the underground railroad until they found the room with the portrait.

The portraits in question have blank faces, which creeps the children out it turns out that they belonged to an itinerant painter, who would fill in the faces of the people whom he was hired to paint. Maybe an edition of Walter de la Mare's Peacock Pye? Was it poetry?

The Henry Holt edition had green boards with gilt lettering and "picture of a peacock and a boy with a quote from Isaac Watts". Nothing about blue text though. Susan Coolidge has a book called Cross Patch, written in Susan Coolidge's Cross Patch is a scarce book that contains 6 stories adapted from the myths of Mother Goose, with 44 illustrations by Ellen Oakford.

Margaret Baker wrote a story called Cross-Patch , but I don't know if it was published separately at all. And of course no plots for any of these, though the first one looks promising. I have this book in front of me. It might be an old school reader, since there are questions at the end of each chapter.

Crosspatch and Playmate appear in several of the stories. Here is the Introduction by the Queen Crosspatch herself, in case this helps any. Now this is the story about the doll family I liked and the doll family I didn't. When you read it you are to remember something I am going to tell you. When people are not looking at them they can do anything they choose. They can dance and sing and play on the piano and have all sorts of fun. But they can only move about and talk when people turn their backs and are not looking.

If any one looks, they just stop. Fairies know this and of course Fairies visit in all the dolls' houses where the dolls are agreeable. They will not associate, though, with dolls who are not nice. They never call or leave their cards at a dolls' house where the dolls are proud or bad-tempered. They are very particular. If you are conceited or ill-tempered yourself, you will never know a fairy as long as you live.

Pinstead of penguins, try puffins or some related bird. Looking up birds of South America might reveal a word to use as a keyword. P36 Penguin Pet -- sounds like the Bogwoppit descriptions in Solved Mysteries, incidentally the LC description is "Abandoned by her guardian, Samantha moves in with an unwelcoming aunt whose dilapidated house includes bogwoppits, ratsized creatures with wings, fur, and blue eyes.

I will maybe find some gentler beings who will listen to me and will learn what I have to teach"? He did. Without these things, as a bouin observes, "we'd never get finished; there'd be no time for songs and dancing and stories and picnics". When this story starts they are making contact with one of the five Sparrow children humans in whose overgrown garden - a bouin forest - they still reside; their bouin-baby is lost. A clever, happy, likeable family story, with or without the magic.

Popper's Penguins. It is a delightful book, with lots of pictures, about a family that receives an Antarctic penguin from Admiral Drake. They use their refrigerator for a nest and flood the cellar for aswimming pool in the summer and an ice rink in the winter. When the penguin named Captain Cook gets lonely they acquire another penguin named Greta. Eventually Mr. Popper has 12 penguins that he trains as a vaudeville troupe. At the end of the book he sends them to the North Pole to live. Illustrations for Mr. Nesbit's Five Children and It?

English children find a strange creature?!? In it, the English public votes out the monarchy, and the Queen and her family have to go live on a public housing estate. She is befriended by her working class neighbors, but Prince Phillip can't bring himself to accept life outside Buckingham Palace, and never gets out of bed. Prince Charles discovers a love of gardening, etc. Travers, of course. Hillary McKay, Happy and Glorious. This might conceivably be Hillary McKay's Happy and Glorious , a collection of stories about a rambunctious ten-year-old queen. She has a fuddy-duddy prime minister who wishes he had been cleverer in school so he could have had a better job.

J Meade Faulkner, Moonfleet, This sounds like Moonfleet first published , a ripping yarn of piracy and adventure! P46 pirate with no lips: this one is about 30 years too late to be the one wanted, but in The Island of Adventure, by Enid Blyton , published Macmillan , while exploring the old copper mines the children encounter the villain Jake. His mouth was so tight-lipped that it almost seemed as if he had no lips at all. Our library's copy of Moonfleet has gone missing, so I can't check it for lipless pirates.

It's about smugglers, actually, but that's a technicality. The loss of few pumpkins might not seem so important to an adult, but to Sary they represented her only chance to buy her brother Zeke a fiddle for Christmas, and she knew that Zeke wanted a fiddle more than anything in the world. If Uncle Ed had not had a bright idea, the story might have ended unhappily. P48 pumpkin princess: a slightly better bet is A Golden Coach for Callie Rose , by Martha Gwinn Kiser, illustrated by Gloria Gaulke, published Bobbs-Merrill "Callie is upset when a party is announced at school, for everyone is to bring refreshments, and Callie has no money.

Her discovery of a big yellow pumpkin and her mother's surprise idea turn an unpromising situation into a worthwhile lesson. Ages Little Wu wanted to show his mother that he thought her the most beautiful mother in the world and he decided that the way to do that would be to buy her a piece of jewelry. When he finally had enough money, most of it gained from the sale of watermelons he had painstakingly raised, he realized that jewelry was not what she wanted most, but for the family to be able to buy a small field of their own. Granted, that's a girl Caddie Woodlawn again not a boy, and melons growing accidentally in the cornfield not purposely on a terraced hillside, and Caddie buys a bonnet for her mother, not a piece of jewelry, but it is about melons It was given to him by his uncle and it was not only Chinese, but it had magic powers which carried Tommy back to the days of sail.

When he found his old sea captain had sailed with Tommy's grandfather, the boy was doubly happy. Besides having the fun of the story, ship-minded boys will value three pages of line drawings showing different rigs McPhail, David, Edward and the Pirates , This picture book sounds like it might be it.. P54 pirate captain: again, not pirates, but If I Were Captain , by Louise Lee Floethe, illustrated by Richard Floethe, published Scribner is about "the exciting dreams of a small boy sitting before the fire, who suddenly becomes captain of the old-time ship on the mantel.

Told in gay rhymes, this is a wonderful book of faraway places. Wonderful illustrations. P54 pirate captain - it would be nice to know if the book being looked for is a picture book or a 'chapter book'. It's a humorous pirate story! They sail on a ship called The Sinful Sausage! P55 - Is this Sam Pig?

Alison Uttley wrote several collections of stories about Six Pigs and Brock the Badger , Sam was the main character and some of the books, Sam Pig and Sally for instance, had his name in the title. They were ever-so-slightly magical - with the country magic of talking animals but in other respects quite down to earth, and rose-coloured spectacles sound quite likely - but I don't have them all to check.

I'll see what I can find and get back to you if I can shed any more light.

I feel obsessed with finding this story--a link to my earliest memories. Whatever light you can shed will be appreciated. P55 - I've checked the 2 'Sam Pig' titles I have here and it isn't any of the stories in them so I may have led you up the garden path there! The only "Paige" I've ever heard of is in the book Parrish which was published in the '60's, I think. This is an adult book and the book was made into a movie with Troy Donahue. Paige is the good girl who gets him in the end. It's apparently about young Parrish MacLean, tobacco farming, and steamy relationships. Couldn't find anything on the names of the three women in the story.

I would assume that the book wanted is an adult rather than children's book, since the poster's mother read it. I've seen a couple of teen books from the late 50s-early 60s with heroines called Page, but no Paige. She was known as Paige. That much I am fairly sure of, but what follows is tentative. She was one of several children in an American eastern seaboard?

All her siblings had very Scottish names, but someone Father? She was in her mid to late teens and trying to decide what to do with her life. An attractive character and what seemed then to be an unusual and even romantic name. Maybe her mother didn't remember the way it was spelled in the book, or liked it better with an "i"? This childhood memoir describes the various escapades of a family during the early 's. Maybe this is the Paige you're named after. The story follows a little boy's letter cross country until it is delivered to his grandmother.

The final postman, who receives the most attention in the story, is not named Pops but is a Pops type of character.