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Loco in Yokohama is a front row ticket to peer through a secret window These stories are an enchanting warm-hearted romp through his experience of being a gaijin teacher at a Japanese school.

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If this book doesn't charm you, you may no longer be among the living! Barry Lancet, Author of "Japantown". The Japan Times. In this powerful and controversial debut book, author Baye McNeil a. A book that is both a memoir and an impassioned call to arms, "Hi!

He writes about racism in Japan with a fresh brazenness that I think many Debito. Links and quick summaries of those four parts below, and you should read the posts in order. Also interesting is our respective positions in the blogosphere. Arudou Debito. I for one am happy that more places than just Debito. These blog entries are fine, although I do wish that he had dealt with the point that Japan is hostile to those with a wide array of inborn traits that are not accepted by Japanese society, and that race is but one large group of such traits.

Marginalisation is a key problem in Japan, and if there is to be any change, there will have to be common purpose amongst a wide array of marginalised groups in Japan. More important is to identify the dynamics within and external to the marginalized group NJ that Loco is discussing, and see if it is a common pattern that can be found in regards to for example the homosexual community of Japan, or the zainichi.

What do you think? J gays do fear — they tell me — the go along sentiments, and they suffer from microaggression in ways that an NJ non-gays rarely face. My friends tell me that they are interested in what NJs do on the matter, because NJs, unlike J gays, do have the option of leaving Japan. There is some debate in J gay blogs, etc. I am told my Japanese is too weak to verify that , but most J gays I know are rather bleak in their views about change.

Non-Japanese have the option of living anywhere in the world, but Japanese mentally-imprison themselves in Japan. Emancipate yourselves from mental slavery, none but yourselves can free your mind. Japanese have the option of leaving Japan. The blogger is not an academic professional and he does not have a reason to signify social problems affecting non-Japanese on a daily basis. I think he just wants to keep it within his realm. Realistically, due to the total failure of the J educational system, Js are essentially monoglots and cannot realistically emigrate.

This is in stark contrast to other countries that speak an isolated language, like the Netherlands.

Loco in Yokohama – Baye McNeil's new book – A Geek in Japan

Most Dutch I say proudly speak English rather well, in addition to Dutch which is spoken only in 2 countries. As such, were J gays to emigrate, they would be unable to economically function as middle class individuals.

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They would exchange gay social marginalisation and exclusion in Japan for linguistic and economic marginalisation and poverty outside Japan. Japanese people DO have the option of leaving Japan.

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They are all slipping off to Hawaii and Singapore. Have also with Korea and Sweden in the past. I have many many many Japanese engineers and scientists who are among the most intellectually deep and also intuitive I have met. Great points Debito and a fantastic preamble to the upcoming column on the same topic. Looking forward to it! Realistically, before any progress can be made on the rights of NJ in Japan, the issue of the apologists must be dealt with first.

Any such obstacle must be overcome before tackling the issue at the source. We really need to present a united front as NJ before we can effect real change.

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Case in point is the entire chapter devoted to how sad he felt after hearing that Michael Jackson passed away. Many of these anecdotes feel like they would be better suited as blog posts. Or perhaps a better title for the book would have been "Hi!

Loco in Yokohama – Baye McNeil's new book

My Name is Loco and I am a Writer", as a frequent motif of this book is writing. Usually this manifests in the form of people complimenting the author on his writing or expressing amazement that he writes. It just seemed a bit Anyway, those are just some points of what I hope will be taken as constructive criticism. While writing this review, I reflected upon some of the more banal travelogues I've read, things of the "I ate [unusual local cuisine], look at how daring, worldly, and interesting I am!

It is a quick read, and at the time of writing, the e-book version was quite attractively priced as well. I would definitely recommend reading Baye's first book and blog before checking out this book, and while it wasn't exactly my cup of tea, I'm sure many people will enjoy this as much as his first book. Dec 26, Peter rated it it was amazing.

Highly recommend if you have any interest at all about Japan and possibly living or working there. The writing is fantastic and the stories are interesting and engaging. He brings all the characters to life expertly, and I couldn't help but laugh out loud at some of the stories that are told. One of the better foreigner in Japan books I've come across. Now to read his Highly recommend if you have any interest at all about Japan and possibly living or working there. Now to read his blog and other novel. Good book.

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The writer has a rich way of story telling. His experiences at school. Especially, since his first book was about similar issues. Jan 05, Amanda rated it really liked it Shelves: nonfiction. Loco is here to shatter all your stereotypes about Japanese schools and school kids! One of my main takeaways is that everyone should have a Mrs. Betty in their life.

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