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Not only do these phrases create a lack of clarity for team members, they also make team leaders who use them sound less confident and transparent than they should. Many qualifiers like these have a similar effect. Who knows! None of these phrases instill much confidence that the speaker has a handle on the situation.

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Avoid these four patterns and expressions. Paul Rand. Good Simplicity Expectations Goal. The phoebe-bird is a wise architect and perhaps enjoys as great an immunity from danger, both in its person and its nest, as any other bird. Its modest ashen-gray suit is the color of the rocks where it builds, and the moss of which it makes such free use gives to its nest the look of a natural growth or accretion. John Burroughs.

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Bird Growth Wise Great. Look at anyone's bookcase at home, no matter how modest, and you're going to find a book that contains wisdom or ideas or a language that's at least a thousand years old. And the idea that humans have created a mechanism to time travel, to hurl ideas into the future, it sort of bookends. Books are a time machine. Jonathan Nolan. Wisdom Future Home Time. Mother set impossibly high standards for us, creating tremendous pressures and undermining our ability to accomplish whatever modest aims we may have set for ourselves. Katharine Graham. Mother High Whatever Us.

Gain a modest reputation for being unreliable and you will never be asked to do a thing. Paul Theroux. You Never Reputation Will.

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Every writer dreams of having a backyard cottage, similar to Dahl's 'writing hut. Kate Klise. Good Dreams Reach Writing. Individual psychotherapy - that is, engaging a distressed fellow human in a disciplined conversation and human relationship - requires that the therapist have the proper temperament and philosophy of life for such work. By that I mean that the therapist must be patient, modest, and a perceptive listener, rather than a talker and advice-giver.

Thomas Szasz. Life Work Relationship Conversation. I've never wanted to get adjusted to my income, because I knew I wanted to go back to public service. And in comparison to what my mother earns and how I was raised, it's not modest at all. I have no right to complain. Sonia Sotomayor. Mother Service Public Service Never. The career of politics grants a feeling of power. The knowledge of influencing men, of participating in power over them, and above all, the feeling of holding in one's hands a nerve fiber of historically important events can elevate the professional politician above everyday routine even when he is placed in formally modest positions.

Max Weber.

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Knowledge Politics Men Power. We live in a modest system, a galaxy called the Milky Way. If we named every star in the Milky Way and put them in the Hollywood telephone directory and stacked those telephone directories up, we'd have a pile of telephone directories 70 miles high. John Rhys-Davies. Live Way High Up. There are no better cosmetics than a severe temperance and purity, modesty and humility, a gracious temper and calmness of spirit; and there is no true beauty without the signatures of these graces in the very countenance.

Arthur Helps. Beauty Better Humility True.

“I sort of just wanted to point out . . . ” isn’t doing you or your listeners any favors.

First and foremost, the monk should own nothing in this world, but he should have as his possessions solitude of the body, modesty of bearing, a modulated tone of voice, and a well-ordered manner of speech. He should be without anxiety as to his food and drink, and should eat in silence. Saint Basil. Silence Food World Body. I come from a background where you don't show off the good things you do.

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It's modesty. Mesut Ozil. Good You Good Things Things.

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Marquis de Sade. Eating Sex Important Satisfied. Kindness, tolerance, integrity, modesty, generosity - these are attributes that events permit us. They are our holiday moods, and we are as proud of them as of the fine clothes we have hung away to wear on occasions.

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Ben Hecht. Kindness Holiday Integrity Clothes. Bragging about yourself violates norms of modesty and politeness - and if you were really competent, your work would speak for itself. Adam Grant. Work Yourself You Your. Top 10 Modesty Quotes. View the list. False modesty can be worse than arrogance.

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David Mitchell. Arrogance Than False Worse. Let us be absolutely clear about one thing: we must not confuse humility with false modesty or servility. Paulo Coelho. Humility Us False About. There is a lot of talk in conservative circles about judicial modesty and deferring to the political branches. That view of judging often overlooks the important role that courts have in protecting people's rights. But if there was ever a time to defer, it is when Congress is protecting voting rights in the exact way the Constitution directs it to. Adam Cohen.

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I wish I had invented blue jeans. They have expression, modesty, sex appeal, simplicity - all I hope for in my clothes. Yves Saint Laurent. Hope Blue Simplicity Clothes.