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They will respond to the cheery illustrations as well. Children will love this rhyming board book about the things found above and under two trees. Toddlers and preschoolers will respond to the musicality of this fun board book. The endearing illustrations and repetitive text will make it a favorite. This delightful, rhyming board book teaches colors in a fun way.

Children will love the culmulative illustrations. Pajarita de papel. De paseo. When children become brave enough to start walking, they feel a sense of fear that makes them cry. But, the danger disappears when Grandpa is close. Cada oveja con su pareja. You have to be careful when pairing adult animals with their children to avoid any mistakes. The chick with the chicken, the lamb with the sheep, and the foal? El monstruo de colores. Latinoamerica Edition. The color monster does not know what's going on.

All of the emotions and their representative colors. Si yo fuera una Jirafa. El Punto. By Peter H. It's all about making your mark! An art teacher's favorite, this book celebrates everyone's inner creativity. By Ashley Spires. By Herve Tullet. An interactive book for young hands that's great for engagement, color recognition, counting, and following directions. By Antonio Sandoval. A simple story about children caring for a tree that conveys a subtle lesson in what happens if we all care for the environment.

By: Mike Curato. This lovable story about close friends Elliot and Ratonsito explores friendship and family. By Anabel Fernandez Rey. A beautifully illustrated book about the meaning of true friendship. When a bus driver takes a break from his route, a very unlikely volunteer springs up to take his place? But you've never met one like this before. La Ardilla Miedosa. By Melanie Watt. At some point, he must face his fears.

La Ardilla Miedosa encuentra un amigo. Age 4- 8. A wonderful series about a scared squirrel. In this title, "Scaredy Squirrel" faces the challenges making a new friend. La Ardilla Miedosa por la noche. Scaredy Squirrel is afraid of going to sleep because of the possible terrors that may come at night. He soon discovers the importance of good sleep. By Oliver Jeffers. Age 4 Cute illustrations tell the story of experimentation and using your imagination and colors to create new ideas.

By Leo Lionni. All the mice are gathering food for the winter — except Frederick. This heartwarming story shows we all have gifts to share with the world. El Cuento de Ferdinando. By Munro Leaf. Ferdinand is not like the other bulls — he's happy just sitting under the tree, smelling the flowers.

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La Princesa vestida con una bolsa de papel. By Robert Munsch. A princess saves a snooty and ungrateful prince from a dragon in a story that introduces readers to an empowered female character. Sin Ti. By Cheon Yooju. A cat and a dog aren't excited to share a park bench until they learn to accept each other and enjoy the spring. Richard Scarry. All the vocabulary words you need to be prepared with all types of interactions with your child from trucks to the farm. Los 10 zapatos de Cenicienta. By Miguel Perez. Age years. My daughter loves princesses, but this is not the typical girl-falls-in-love-with-boy fairytale.

It's highly interactive, with lots of counting and searching. It's also about Cenicienta's many adventures. La Llama Llama Rojo Pijama. By Anna Dewdney. A great book right before bed. Both my kids enjoyed this book especially because La Llama acts just like them when its time for bed. El Perro con Sombrero. By Derek Taylor Kent. The story is about a lonely street dog looking for a family who becomes famous for his sombrero — and the cat that tries to take it! Gerald is careful. Piggie is not.

Piggie cannot help smiling. Gerald can. Gerald worries so that Piggie does not have to. Gerald and Piggie are best friends.

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You have a bird in the head! Debo compartir mi helado. Should I share my ice cream? We are in a book! In this well-loved classic, Dr. Seuss's intention is clear: teach children to read in a way that is both entertaining and educational. In this classic children's story, Yo Soy Juan Sam-I-Am is determined to make a friend eat a plate of green eggs and ham. The rhyming translation.

El Gato Ensombrerado. Yo puedo leer con los ojos cerrados. El Lorax. The Lorax becomes enraged when an entrepreneur builds a factory to make thneeds from Truffula trees, and creates so much pollution that the fish and the birds. Advice in rhyme for proceeding in life; weathering fear, loneliness, and confusion; and being in charge of your actions.

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Horton, the lovable elephant, tries to protect tiny creatures on a speck of dust in this delightful tale. The rhyming verse and touching message. Yoruga la tortuga y otros cuentos. In this inspirational, masterfully translated book, children get lots of encouragement from Dr. Seuss to accomplish whatever they want in life. Las Jirafas No Pueden Bailar. Giles is also the creator and voice behind Purple Ronnie. He lives in London. His face makes him different and he just wants to be one more. Walk always looking at the floor, head down and bangs trying in vain to hide his face. La casa durmiente.

Diario de una Lechuza: Eva y la nueva lechuza. By Rebecca Elliot. This series is excellent for girls that are ready for chapter books. It is a great series about friendships and relationships. This book is about a new friend at school. Diario de una Lechuza: Una Boda en el bosque. This book is about a wedding and the preparations. Diario de una Lechuza: Eva ve una fantasm.

La Casa del Arbol 1: Dinosaurios al atardecer. By Mary Pope Osborne. Adventure stories of a brother and a sister traveling through time and exploring history. It's a great starter chapter book for both boys and girls. Los Tipos Malos. By Aaron Blabey. This graphic novel is really funny! Both my children enjoyed the comical storyline of typical bad guys that are friends trying to be good.

Los Dinosaurios. By Kathleen Weidner Zoehfeld. All about dinosaurs in Spanish. Great for early Spanish readers and intermediate Spanish speakers. By Shira Evans. Parents show their young what they need to learn about life. A great early reader book to help young readers in Spanish and expand their vocabulary. Las Ranas. By Elizabeth Carney. Great for early readers in Spanish and to expand your vocabulary alongside your kids. De la Oruga a la Mariposa.

Bill Mesusan takes us inside the mind of a Mexican woman as she walks around Ajijic, remembering the people and events in her life. But then, who cares! The author has long been admired for his superb novels set mainly in Mexico. All contents are fully protected by copyright and may not be reproduced without the written consent of El Ojo del Lago.

We welcome letters, which should include name, address and telephone number. Simpson and the two murders he was charged with committing in — which has prompted our revisiting the case.

El oceano de la memoria

In October of , a verdict was rendered in a Los Angeles courtroom which almost immediately was heard around the world. Simpson had just been acquitted of the murder of his wife of some 16 years, Nicole Simpson, and of Ron Goldman, a young waiter who had just happened to have brought back to her a pair of eyeglasses which she had earlier left in the restaurant in which Goldman worked. Nicole was living at the time with her two young children in an apartment a mile or so away from the estate that she and OJ had shared for many years. In the opinion of almost every knowledgeable person who had followed the trial, the evidence against Simpson had been overwhelming.

Later, many legal journals and distinguished jurists would concur with this judgment. The evidence included: 1. A glove with the blood of both Nicole Simpson and Ron Goldman had been found at the rear of the Simpson estate. Simpson had a proven history of having repeatedly battered his wife. Some of the frantic calls she had formerly made to Emergency had been played during the trial. The time-line eventually established that Simpson left plenty of time in which to commit the murders before he caught a flight that same night, bound for a business meeting in Chicago.

On the day Simpson was scheduled to be taken into custody, he attempted to flee, taking with him several thousand dollars, a disguise and a passport. Further, almost all the arguments against the aforementioned prosecution exhibits were shot down, one by one. Why then such an inexplicable verdict? Because a jury heavily freighted with African-Americans was loathe to condemn to death a man who was an icon who had proven that people of his race could reach monumental heights, though Simpson had never seemed to go out of his way to do anything much for his own people.

Another reason was that the presiding judge was in way over his head and faced with a celebrity-studded defense team seemed to totally lose his objectivity. But the crowning blow came when one of investigating detectives, Mark Fuhrman, who earlier had claimed to be totally non-racist, was proven to be otherwise.

The defense had claimed that Detective Fuhrman had planted most of the evidence cited above, a claim the prosecution had repeatedly annihilated, but which with the later revelations regarding racism gained an undeniable stature, albeit one utterly unconnected with the facts in the case. In , however, the case was again tried, this time in a civil court that could not send Simpson to jail but if finding him guilty of the murders of his wife and Ron Goldman, could award the plaintiffs monetary damages.

The turning point came when Simpson, forced to personally testify as he had not in the criminal trial , was subjected to a blistering crossexamination that virtually sealed his. The award came to more than 25 million dollars in punitive damages, with another 8. Of this combined sum, Simpson would pay, by most estimates, far less than one percent of the award. Some years later, however, in an ironic twist for the ages, he was sentenced to a maximum of 33 years in prison for armed robbery, though eligible for parole in as soon as The sentence came on October 3, , exactly on the day of the month that he was acquitted of murder in the criminal case.

Her most treasured possession, it served as a wrap by day and a bed cover at night. During funerals, it became a shroud. The brown-faced woman felt grateful she owned such a marvelous piece of clothing. Where is the sun, she wondered? The sky, overcast and dark, seemed unusual. Perhaps this is an omen, she thought. A strong wind blew into Aji-. Surrendering her bucket, she waited patiently while the wet kernels were ground into a moist corn meal.

The woman would pass two churches on her way home. What shall I do, she lamented. Something to do with those churches. The woman soon became lost in her own thoughts. On the mountain side of the plaza, the Chapel of the Virgin of the Rosary stood like a stone fortress. Completed after what seemed an eternity in construction, villagers enjoyed a festive ceremony during which the timepiece was properly blessed. The new clock worked for one whole day. Then it stopped. A specialist from Guadalajara came to fix it. While working, his hammer slipped and broke the fragile glass facade.

Villagers waited patiently for another faceplate. After two years, Ajijic was rewarded with a clock that worked. The woman laughed quietly to herself. She hoped that the Virgin followed suit. Like her widowed father, both men were fishermen. The original church, San Francisco, was built in Destroyed by an earthquake exactly two hundred years later, Parroquia de San Andres was constructed on the same site.

It took ten years to rebuild. The woman walked down Calle Parroquia towards a church that faced. Progresso, the general store, was proud of its walls displaying a huge red, white, and blue Pepsi bottle-cap logo. Cultural imperialism was making in-roads into Central Mexico. An old pick-up truck sat out front, equipped with wooden side racks along its bed to protect fruits and vegetables from spilling out.

It also sported an extra-heavy metal grill, a burrera used to move obstinate burros out of the way. Carta Blanca advertised its cerveza in fading, flaking letters.

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Beyond this sign, in freshly-painted script: Restaurante Transito. The proprietress compensated for her quirky first name, an obscure reference to traffic, by preparing the most delectable breakfasts in Ajijic. Guadalupe, giving thanks for what he claimed was the protection of Our Lady of Guadalupe. Victoria was a testament to victory for the cause of freedom. Mass would begin in half an hour. The woman felt another deep pang of guilt. Attend mass or acknowledge her personal desires.

Obey her religion or listen to her inner nature. The woman never missed mass, only once when she was horribly sick. She had thirty minutes in which to make her decision. She walked along a line of one-story houses long since replaced by Hotel Italo. The woman strode stoically down the middle of a wide dirt street because people seldom used tile and. Walls along this street, and most others, were painted brown, two feet above the sidewalk, disguising mud splashed during the rainy season. She saw three figures, each with a dog: two men in the street beside a full-figured woman.

Three hours of sporadic electricity were available, but only at night. The daily round of village life, her life, was marked by the pit-pat, pit-pat rhythm of tortilla making; and, the hours she spent in her little vegetable garden with its nearby fruit trees. Simple pleasures bestowed a quiet, selfcontained joy. Her father returned early that day from the lake where he and the other men cast their nets, bringing to shore the famous Chapala pescado blanco, or whitefish, renowned for its delicate flavor.

The old pescador had no way of knowing that the production of whitefish in Lake Chapala would peak, in that postwar year of , at an amazing metric tons before a steady decline set in, the result of increased pollution of the lake, aggravated by unsteady rain patterns, over-fishing, and the introduction of predator carp which will thrive on the eggs and young of the whitefish. The woman had much work to do. Antonio was coming from Guadalajara. The childless woman looked forward to spending time with her two young nieces. The woman wanted to honor their visit and make it a special occasion.

Two bells clanged, a pause, a rapid clang of bells, another brief pause, and then two bells rang out. Fifteen minutes until mass. The woman qui-. She prayed to the Virgin for understanding before embracing her natural self. Then, she decorated her house with fresh-cut flowers from the garden.

The family, reunited for one very special day, hugged and kissed, celebrating the joy of being a family. The woman drank a glass of wine and enjoyed it and she reveled in the laughter of her two young nieces. The family noticed a subtle change in her behavior. She seemed more gregarious, more at ease and yet more lively. That night, Antonio, who always avoided his sister, invited the woman to stay with family in Guadalajara. This was the first of many invitations. On the bus ride to a museum, in the center of Guadalajara, the woman encountered a handsome bus driver and she fell in love.

The woman was married one year later. Her first child was born the following spring. If you explore by city bus, you have time to look out the windows and observe some of these marvels as the bus rumbles through the neighborhoods. My husband and I recently started using public transportation and boarded a city bus. This bus took us toward where we were headed, but then veered off into a long tour completely around, but not near our destination. We ended up riding the bus to the end of its route and back again which led to a very interesting tour of the city and surrounding area.

We started noticing the murals. Some adorned storefronts, doorways, and curbs. Some stretched for yards along cinderblock walls. Some peeked.

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Many of the murals that we saw were technically as well as artistically amazing! We have all seen the famous Orozco, Rivera and Siqueiros murals, and, of course, those are fabulous. However, these we were observing as we rode past, seemed to have been done by a variety of unknown or littleknown street artists. We got off the bus well past El Centro in an area we had never seen before and decided just to walk around and look. There were so many different styles and techniques of painting.

Some of the. The larger murals looked to be painted by several different artists. A couple of murals had been partially destroyed by erosion and collapsing walls. Some were in places where you would not expect to find a mural. In alleyways between buildings or up so high, you would have to be in the building across from it to get a proper perspective.

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When we got home, I researched and found that while traveling here from California, and then living here in Zapopan, we had only seen a miniscule part of this. One that stands out in my mind is the Quetzalcoatl snake mural that slithers down the entire side of an apartment building. It is located at Calle Libertad , in the Americana section of Guadalajara. Drive by and take a look. Anywhere there is a blank wall, sidewalk, or ceiling; there is a potential for an artistic urban expression from a talented muralist. Teri Saya. Including the ashes of those cremated and the remains in the ossuary, the number of those who have been interred here is estimated to run as high as 3 million.

The cemetery is still accepting new burials from among those who either died in Paris or who have previously lived there, but so few vacant plots remain go that today there is a waiting list. Plots are now typically leased for 10 to 30 years, and abandoned remains from un-. Graveside monuments run from the mundane to the extravagant, and styles range from classic to contemporary.

An eerie sculpture on the grave of Belgian poet Georges Rodenbach is positively Grave of Belgian poet Georges unnerving. In addition to the gravesites of notable Rodenbach individuals, there are some stirring monuments to victims of genocide and mass murder. Among the Holocaust memorials here are those dedicated to victims of Auschwitz, BergenBelsen, and Dachau. Many people would tend to shy away from revealing that they hate someone. Yet politics, notably in the United States, has become dominated by an emotional animosity, almost tribal in nature.

We can easily sit back and scratch our heads at Middle Eastern and African tribal conflicts characterized by blood-thirsty hatred. In fairness, this is nothing new. Liberals disdain conservatives while conservatives disdain liberals. There are fewer people in the middle who will listen objectively to both sides. Many people, myself included, have tended to blame the media, particularly cable news programming, for inciting this political tribalism. That certainly is true. It is a vicious cycle. I think another problem is the nature of the Internet, which provides a forum for angry readers to vent their hatred, often anonymously.

I am familiar with people, in Ajijic and beyond, who regularly spend a great deal of time alone with their computers reading and pontificating to their respective tribes. I have no problem with honest disagreement about public policy, but ranting in cyberspace does not adequately replace thoughtful discussion and debate. When criticism devolves into ad hominem name-calling and insulting tirades about other political tribes, little is accomplished. It surely makes the writer feel better, but his or her words are not likely read by those who might disagree. They are accomplishing nothing.

In many ways, I think we have lost our perspective about politics. Political conflict is a natural and useful component of democracy. But we move on and continue the struggle. The longer we allow hateful, spiteful discourse to dominate political discussion, the more difficult it will be to address our increasingly serious problems. He is also well-known as an important literary figure. He is one of the classic writers in the English language, and his works are both original and elegant. Newman contributed to the world of literary beauty with novels, hymns, and poems.

Newman was 64 years old at the time and, beginning to feel a growing weakness in his limbs, thoughts of his own mortality were continuously in his mind. The Dream of Gerontius is precisely that, a dream. Its title refers to advancing age and impending death. We are all mortal, but Gerontius. The topic of death is seen from a religious perspective. It is not annihilation, but rather a passage to another state. Gerontius the protagonist, once he has undergone death, is replaced by his soul, who converses with his Angel and debates against temptation.

The Dream of Gerontius is a timeless masterpiece of English literature and a literary monument to hope. There is a bilingual EnglishSpanish version published by Ediciones Encuentro in His family, manor home, servants and life style prompted something of a cult in England with autos he would drive, clothes he would wear and spirits he would drink. Dorothy might have been the J. Rowling of that era. However, her fiction writing stopped in when England entered the war.

Living in London, she experienced the poverty and misery resulting from the bombings. Dorothy Sayers was born at Oxford in , the only child of Rev. Henry Sayers, headmaster of Christ Church Cathedral School, and in she became one of the first women to graduate from Oxford. Miss Sayers, a passionate Anglican, novelist, poet, playwright, essayist, translator and Christian humanist would never compromise where her art was concerned and enjoyed many a fight that she conducted with wit and humor.

Her formidable presence, magnificent brain, and logical presentations kept her in great demand as a lecturer. Disliking the seclusion of academic life, Dorothy worked many years for the London publicist S. Pimm is a man of rigid morality—except, of course as regards his profession, whose essence is to tell plausible lies for money. Truth in advertising…is like leavenIt provides a suitable quantity of gas with which to blow out a mass of crude misrepresentation into a.

After recently reading C. Eliot, C. In this crisp, elegant exercise in theology, Sayers illuminates the doctrine of the Trinity by relating it to the process of writing fiction, a process about which she could speak with complete authority…This is one of the greatest theological works I have had the privilege of reading… The central point of the book is to identify the creative artist as someone exercising their identity in the image of God This is a beautiful vision of how and why we write and why that is important.

He compares it to our human acts of writing a book, producing a painting, composing music and poetry, or any other original creations. Equally at home with playful or serious subjects, to the end Dorothy L. Lois Schroff. He was accompanied by a faithful Indian companion. He later moved to Texas as the property of George Reeves, a member of the Texas state legislature. Bass was such a crack shot that his owner would take him to turkey shoots. During a dispute over a card game, Bass struck his owner, a capital offense for a slave.

Reeves escaped into the Indi-. Back in Arkansas after the Civil War, Reeves purchased a farm, married, and fathered eleven children. Reeves was the first American of African descent to serve as a U. Marshal west of the Mississippi. The Indian Territory was set aside for five cruelly displaced tribes, survivors of the several Trails of Tears. The region was a haven for gangsters, bootleggers, horse thieves, rustlers, con artists, gunslingers.

Until Parker was appointed, the territory teetered on the edge of anarchy. Parker, who ironically did not believe in capital punishment, brought law and order to the area. He handed down the death sentence with great frequency. During his thirty years as a marshal, Reeves arrested over 3, suspects and killed 14 in shootouts. He confronted the desperado James Webb after pursuing him for two years.

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  5. Reeves returned fire with his Winchester, hitting Webb twice. He always got his man. Reeves sometimes brought in a wagonload of up to seventeen prisoners at a time. When the notorious Belle Starr learned that Reeves had a warrant for her arrest, she turned herself in. He once even arrested his son Benjamin, who had been charged with the murder of his unfaithful wife. Reeves was both admired and hated. Citizens knew that he was impeccably honest, strong and firm, devoted to the law.

    Racists objected to a black man wearing a badge and arresting white men. Reeves simply did his job. He once single handedly pulled a steer from a mud hole. Being ambidextrous was an asset to his gun fighting skill. Like most former slaves, he could not read or write, but his memory verged upon the photographic. When Parker described a suspect, Reeves would not rest until he caught him. Like an earlier version of Frank Serpico, Reeves often resorted to disguises, masquerading as a hobo, a farmer, an out of work cow hand, even an outlaw. He once handcuffed a pair of brothers in their sleep.

    Showing his age, wandering the streets with a cane, he continued to enforce the law. Lorin Fort Smith, Arkansas. Dear Sir: The various articles by Marita Noon and letters to the editors of the subject of the Keystone XL pipeline finally got me to look up more information about this controversial project. The Republicans favor the pipeline because it profits the fat cats of the oil industry and of TransCanada Corporation, the union because the project will provide jobs for the few years of construction of the pipeline 9, directly related to construction such as welders, pipefitters etc; another 6, jobs for supplies of valves, pumps, etc; and more undirectly related for a total of 42, jobs as estimated by the US State Department.

    The ecologists are against the project because of possible adverse environmental impact, from oil spills to. Let Canada suffer the brunt of environmental damage in the exploitation of their tar sands! To be fair, many skeptics have been guilty of this, too. Rich Birkett rbirkett freedomactivist. The second half of the book has a lot to say about Putin. I hope they make it into a movie. Yours truly, George Cochrane. Entering inside the tree I covered myself under its branches and fused in a brotherly hug with my dear Sacred Lake.

    When I climbed back the stone stairs of the outer terrace of our house, Paloma was waiting to embrace me in loving silence. At five a. He wished us success and hurried to help us with our suitcases and other articles that we would take with us. Don Pablo has been a resident for many years of the town of Chapala. He was an authentic elder that was. A strong man in spite of having more than seventy years of age, he transported himself in a feisty donkey that never stopped giving him headaches and throwing him off from time to time, and always traveled accompanied by two brave and very well trained dogs.

    It was a nice spectacle to see him arrive to our neighborhood mounted very straight in his young donkey with a bearing and a dignity that only those that have advanced well enough in the spiritual path have. The sun was silently rising up behind the beautiful Island of Mezcala at the east side of Lake Chapala illuminating tenuously the crest of the imposing mountains that had guarded our dreams during the last six years, and our hearts already felt the sorrow of the uncertainty and of the enormous challenges that we would have to face in an inhospitable weather and as immigrants within a culture with different values and spiritual views.

    Nevertheless, this is always the way of a spiritual warrior because it must fight its battles where the spirit sends him and by the time that it is required of him. More than forty years after his death, he has become comparatively obscure despite his towering artistic achievements. Between and , Dos Passos wrote forty-two novels, as well as numerous poems and essays. He is perhaps most widely known for a chapter from his masterwork U. An annual literary award which bears his name recognizes American writers whose work displays the characteristics of his writing which make it so distinctive.

    They are, namely, an intense and original exploration of specifically American themes, an experimental approach to form, and interest in a wide range of human experiences. Truly a Renaissance man, Dos Passos studied art and architecture, and created more than four hundred pieces of art which include jackets and illustrations for many of his books.

    Between and , he not only wrote plays, but created posters and set designs for the New Playwrights Theatre in New York City. If writers draw from their own lives for subject matter, then Dos Passos had already gathered a lifetime of experience by the time he wrote his first novel at age twenty-seven. Born in Chicago, he was the illegitimate son of an attorney who represented industrial trusts and conglomerates. His father married his mother after the death of his first wife when John was fourteen, but did not recognize the boy as his son until two years later.

    As a fortunate consequence, Dos Passos was able to attend prep school, and to travel through Europe and the Middle East with a private tutor for six months. He graduated from Harvard in During World War I, he served as. Cummings and Robert Hillyer. When the U. Army Medical Corps. A social revolutionary, he came to see the United States as two nations, one rich and one poor. Vincent Millay and other notables in a campaign to overturn the murder convictions of anarchists Sacco and Vanzetti. He went to Russia in to study socialism firsthand. His novel Manhattan.

    Transfer was his first big commercial success. It introduced experimental stream-of-consciousness techniques which would appear widely in his later works. These include most notably his U.

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    Set in both urban and rural settings throughout the U. Dos Passos is truly an American original whose work inimitably documents his times in intimate portraits that infuse history with an unparalleled sense of personal experience. Karla will be studying Architecture and Acacia Law. We are so proud as we should be. La Ola supports 21 girls: 17 of which are in private school, two in special education and now two in university. In honor of Karla and Acacia, we are hosting a graduation party to fundraise for. For questions please call: Please visit laolacasahogar.

    She also created and ran an import business that took her to Russia several times during the Cold War. Known Lakeside for her poetry. Always eager to hear new stories and experience new wonders, Rosemary, nonetheless, spoke often about having lived a happy life and her willingness to embark on her next adventure. Submitted by Kelly Hayes-Raitt. My girlfriend seems to be in need. Any ideas about this, wise one? Curious in Cosola Hi Curious! No prescriptions needed, minimal side effects and as much joy as you can handle. The drugs are cheaper, so they may be more suitable for your budget, but do not be surprised if she takes off after the first gorgeous youngster she sees.

    If she happens to overdose, you may not live to tell the tale. Dear Portia, A woman I know just had her boyfriend of 4 days move in with her. The New Portia! As soon as you are able to come up for air, run a list by him of the names of outstanding Mexican families, starting with Slim. Depending on when he moved in, you may want to check Guzman too. If he does not seem to have some lineage, and you are rich, used to be lonely and love to share your wealth, then enjoy the ride, so to speak.

    You may have a whole new lifestyle of shame, remorse and poverty to look forward to. Happily though, there is a whole tribe of survivors here who will take you in and share war stories. Dear Portia, What is it with the ladies and their dogs here? Ideas, please? Down on Dogs Dear Down, You just barked up the wrong tree. My Rottweiler does amazing life-altering surgery on your kind. They are at p. This brilliant young bass player will play works by Hoffmeister, Marcello, Bottesini and Gabriel Faure. He is a Northern Lights and Viva scholarship winner who is currently playing with the Zapopan Symphony.

    This event is held in a different Mexican city every year and this year the honor goes to Chapala. Train fanciers come from all over the country with their layouts and models have meetings and workshops at the convention. Missing: Jutta August 18 at pm. The actors hope folks can join them for their summer series presentation. Reservations may be made by email to roswilshere gmail. Leon and Bill concoct a list of the top ten best qualities in an ideal woman.

    When she actually arrives on the scene the men quickly learn that their list could use a few revisions. The play is directed by Diana Rowland. The play shows on August 28, 29, and The e-mail address for reservations: nakedstagereservations gmail.

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    Reservations guarantee a seat until , after which seats will be sold to those waiting without reservations. Dates are September and at p. Theatre is at Rio Bravo The peso prices includes an annual membership and a reserved seat at each of the six shows. He and Victoria Schmidt, a columnist for the Ojo, keep the bi-weekly event moving along smoothly. Former members include award-winning British screenwriters and novelists whose work made the NY Times best-seller list. Writers of all genres and abilities sign up to read their work and receive feedback from the group.

    She wanted to help them to meet others and also to support local restaurants during the low season. Thus, Mujeres del Lago was born. They started out with about eight people at the luncheons and attendance grew by word of mouth initially. Discussion of losing weight is primary, as well as tips for healthy emotional and physical living. The morning starts with introductions, checking in, announcements, where to buy local good food products, group sharing and awards for achievements.

    Weight losses of over 50 pounds are not uncommon. Members get applause and Life Coach Barbara little stickers that remind us of how we felt when the teacher Philleo gave us gold stars. The weigh-in starts at 10 and the meeting is at Cost per class is 75 pesos. Email: www. Highranking executives of the Jalisco State Secretariat of Education addressed the students and guests and presented Certificates of Recognition both to the graduating students and to their parents, in recognition of their perseverance and sacrifices.

    Now there are over people on the mailing list and the Community has its own space at Guadalupe Victoria in Ajijic. Weekly attendance varies from 20 to 40, depending on the season. Leader of the Community is Karin Miles. Her journey began in when she and her husband David lived in Kathmandu for three years, studying and practicing at the Tibetan Buddhist monasteries.

    The sangha meets on Wednesday afternoons. A formal meditation period is followed by teachings and discussion. A lending library has several hundred titles as well as DVDs. Other sponsored activities of the sangha are live stream retreats from the Omega Institute in New York, featuring Pema Chodron, the voice of Tibetan Buddhism in the West. There will be another retreat in October. For more information on the sangha or other sponsored activities, visit the website: www.

    A team came to Lake Chapala for. The video shows Lakeside at its best. You almost want to move here!