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Artists and bands need to make their fan base aware of any upcoming gigs.


What good is making a video if no one sees it? Here are 10 steps to optimize your video on YouTube so it has the best chance of being seen by […]. Social Media Promotion for Musicians. Luckily, as a musician, you probably have plenty to write about.

Ignite Social Media Agency | 20 Top Social Media Marketing Tools for Musicians

Instagram is becoming the go-to social platform for music these days and the service keeps on getting hotter. One of its main features is Stories, and its sometimes both misunderstood and underutilized when it comes to promoting your brand and music. Stories can be powerful in this regard, however, when used with a little thought. When all is said and done, increasing your engagement is the best way to increase your Facebook fan base.

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Many seem baffled as to why anyone would want to use […]. Social Media Promotion for Musicians Twitter. Recensioner i media. Your Social Media Strategy 3. Developing Your Brand 4. Creating Your Killer Website 5.

Creating Your Mailing List 6. Using Facebook For Marketing 7.

Video Marketing Tools for Musicians

Marketing With Twitter 8. Marketing With Instagram 9. Marketing With YouTube Using LinkedIn For Marketing Imagine what it would be like to have more time working on what you love your music instead of slaving over social media! Imagine what could happen to your income if you had more friends, followers, fans, or clients. Imagine what if would feel like to have more gigs, merch and music sales than you ever thought possible.

Book Review: Social Media Promotion For Musicians

Does the thought of marketing yourself or your music make your brain lock up? Luckily I have friends who are some of the gurus of online PR and social marketing that taught me the tricks of the pros that eventually got me well over 8 million views of my posts and articles, over a million video views without even trying - you can do a lot better , gigs around the world, and even several appearances on national television. This is one of those "must have" books for musicians. Bobby Owsinski's online marketing strategy is uniquely responsible for much of the current success I'm enjoying with my music.

Sure the music itself is pretty great, but great music alone isn't enough; people have to be able to find it and hear it online. The ideas in this book have enabled me to attract more fans and listeners around the world than I ever could have imagined. It provides a thorough overview of how to use a range of platforms efficiently and creatively to boost your social media presence, and Owsinski clearly knows his stuff. This book is a great choice for music entrepreneurs.

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