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Ever since I got one, my only sleep-related problem has been oversleeping. Website URL. January 1, at am Reply. Wind-up Monkey. January 1, at pm Reply. Background Bailey. By the way, I forgot to mention yesterday; I came over from your link on Bob and George. Just wanted you to know that at least ONE new reader came out of that. I too came from BnG, loving the comic so far, alot of them made me giggle and snort XD. January 2, at am Reply.

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July 24, at pm Reply. October 3, at pm Reply. November 13, at pm Reply. Marty was also indirectly responsible for causing Biff to crash his car into a manure truck, and this led to Biff finding Marty and Lorraine on the night of the school dance November 12 , Biff's gang trapped Marty in the trunk of another car and Biff tried to get his way with Lorraine.

George came along, as part of the plan he and Marty had made where George would find Marty "parking" with Lorraine, but soon realized that the pretend rescue was now a real one. For the first time, George stood up to Biff to stop him from a sexual assault on Lorraine. Biff responded by attempting to break George's arm. Lorraine, trying to pull Biff away from George, was knocked to the ground. This enraged George, who suddenly broke free of Biff's grip and knocked him out with one punch. As a result, George became much more confident, and was no longer one of Biff's victims.

Lorraine and George fell in love, and went on to marry. It is unclear whether Biff found someone else to bully or whether being knocked out by the supposed weakest kid in school had ended Biff's days of bullying people and also installed at least a rudimentary notion of humility in him. Since Biff no longer had George to do his work for him, he now had to do things for himself. He started up his auto-detailing business, which he owned and ran himself, and by , the McFlys were among his most loyal customers, and Biff's subservient attitude was demonstrated by his addressing George as "Mr.

George seemed amused at Biff's efforts to get away with as little work as possible although Biff's comment about already doing two coats of wax on the car may have been a personal good-natured joke between him and George though he and Lorraine privately credited him with unwittingly helping them get together.

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George and Biff appeared to have become friends, or were at least on amicable terms. Marty, Doc and Marty's girlfriend Jennifer Parker traveled forward in time from to — unaware that their departure had been witnessed by Biff. Over the next 30 years, he remembered seeing the flying DeLorean taking off. At the age of 78, Biff was still mean, and was still waxing cars in although he had a better grasp of mixed metaphors than he did 60 years before.

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The fact that he still owned and managed Biff's Auto Detailing may suggest that he has fallen upon hard times and still needs to keep working in order to earn a living. However, it may have also been the case that he was working more as a way to keep active which some retirees make a practice of. It is clear that Biff is quite bitter and resentful as a senior citizen.

Formerly the bully, Biff was himself being bullied by his grandson Griff. This family relationship was at best a strained one, as grandson and grandfather seemingly did not get along. When Griff and his gang were arrested by the police for vandalizing the Courthouse Mall, Biff said to himself "Buttheads" — likely feeling that Griff got what he deserved.

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Old Biff thinks he's talking to Marty Jr. Despite Biff's anger at himself for letting life pass him by, he had become a calmer and more astute individual than he had been in his youth; this would lead to problems for Marty and Doc. When he sees the DeLorean, he says to himself he saw a flying DeLorean 30 years ago. Sneaking into an alleyway, Biff eavesdrops on Doc reprimanding Marty for abusing time travel to get rich, causing Biff to remark to himself that Doc Brown built a time machine, then thinks of how he can use Marty's abandoned scheme to his own benefit.

He then hired a taxi to go to the Hilldale neighborhood, then stole the DeLorean and took it back to November 12, , so that he could alter his life by handing the almanac to give to his younger self. Just before Marty and Doc returned with Jennifer, Biff returned to and got out of the DeLorean with difficulty, then suddenly clutched his chest in pain, causing the top of his cane to break off and fall inside the car. He staggered away and slumped behind a parked car; he then fell sideways to the ground behind the car and faded away because of his having changed history. In Biff's alternate reality, it appears he was shot by Lorraine sometime in the mid s — presumably with the same gun that killed George twenty-three years before.

Doc discovered the top of Biff's cane and the receipt for the sports almanac in the DeLorean, from which he deduced Biff's theft of the time machine. Although initially unwilling to believe the old man, overtime Biff came to believe the almanac's validity, eventually young Biff used the sports almanac to bet on the results of sporting events, since he knew the outcomes in advance, giving him the ability to cheat.

In , starting on his 21st birthday, Biff soon became very rich and powerful, eventually starting up his toxic waste company BiffCo and a casino hotel in Hill Valley at least twenty-seven stories high , named " Biff's Pleasure Paradise ", changing the laws of California to legalize casino gambling in Biff had apparently used his money to influence American politics as well as California politics. In addition to his lobbying of legalization of gambling before the California Legislature Biff also spearheaded a constitutional amendment to repeal the 22nd Amendment to the U.

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Biff was apparently an admirer of Richard Nixon , whom by repealing presidential term limits he had helped get elected to at least four terms as President of the United States. Biff had presumably altered the timeline by either bribing to cover up the Watergate investigations or resorting to outright murder. President Nixon had plans at least as of while seeking a fifth consecutive term , and leaving the Vietnam War unresolved as of , which meant Biff's ways has affected the entire world as well.

Though he was promoted at least by himself as "America's greatest living folk hero", Hill Valley in A had become a center of crime, corruption, prostitution and gang warfare — which was not surprising really, since Biff also had control over the Hill Valley Police Department with the crime against humanity. Despite Biff's great wealth and many female admirers, Biff did not have the woman he always wanted, and would still have to wait decades before his time had come.

In this version of history, he had been married three times. Not much is known about Biff's earlier marriages. That marriage had been dissolved by divorce. The divorce from Mansfield renewed Biff's feelings for Lorraine. On March 15 , , Biff shot and murdered George , though Lorraine had not yet learned the truth by A.

Biff married her later that year, giving her financial support and offering to help the widowed Lorraine through her tragedy, but he apparently did not adopt her three young children as his own. Biff's power and wealth had gone up to his head, and he was very abusive towards Lorraine. He also paid doctors to drastically increase Lorraine's bustline , and gave only marginal support to his three stepchildren. He may have used his power to keep Dave McFly Lorraine's 'idiot son' out of jail, but had no qualms about using his power to revoke Dave's probation, presumably by bribing the probation officer.

Biff may have also been allowing Linda McFly to live the carefree life of a playgirl, but threatened that he would stop paying off her credit card bills. Biff paid for Marty's tuition at a boarding school in Switzerland , but this may be more likely he wanted at least one of his stepchildren away from him as far as possible since Marty was still a high school student, more so than trying to get Marty the best education he could provide.

In , Biff's long reign of terror finally came to an end when, in an attempt to visit in order to obtain future information to help him become President of the United States in , he was instead temporarily sent back by Doc Brown to , where he was murdered by his great-grandfather Buford Tannen upon calling him "Mad Dog.

Biff, provoked beyond his endurance, prepares to run over Marty, before hitting the manure truck for the second time. This version of reality was erased when Marty and Doc went back to and got the almanac from Biff before he could use it, while causing Biff to crash into the very same manure truck a second time. The timeline went back to how it was at the end of the first film, where Biff was running his auto detailing business. After Marty had gone to , there was some question about whether the arrest and possible hanging of Buford Tannen would negate the existence of some of Buford's descendants, including Biff.

Once Marty had returned to for the second time, however, Biff was spending a second day working as an auto-detailer - but now, he has a red jacket, not a green. His existence might lead one to believe that Buford had sired his son prior to being arrested.

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While normally maintaining an appearance of being obsequious, Biff's original bad attitude still lurked beneath the surface and emerges occasionally, like his reaction to seeing the DeLorean take off and when he snapped at Marty when Marty approached his truck after his adventure in To be fair, he did think Marty, still in his "Clint Eastwood" disguise, was some punk trying to steal the truck and once he realized who the "punk" was, Biff immediately apologized, dipping again into his submissive demeanor. During the estate sale of Doc's garage , Biff was present and was quite apt to picking up or taking things that were originally Doc's.

Here Biff's aggressiveness took on a more passive element as Marty argued with him over Doc's notebook that was hidden inside a demonstration model of the Hill Valley Courthouse. Biff, however, would refuse to comply with Marty's requests. To efficiently rid Biff of the notebook, Marty grabbed his guitar and turned on the CRM amplifier. Biff bearishly bumped Marty aside after Marty cranked the settings up to max. Marty stood back as the inevitable concussive force blasted out of the speaker, sending Biff to the back wall, and allowing him to grab the notebook from Biff's possession.

Biff, just as mean as he was in , now a ruthless enforcer for the Tannen Crime Family in alternate Biff was encountered again upon Marty's return to , albeit this time as an enforcer and member of the Tannen crime family , the fifth largest in California. Thanks to changes in the past, his father Kid Tannen never went to prison, and as such remained leader of the local mob, turning it into the powerful Tannen family crime syndicate. He is shown for the first time to have two brothers, Cliff and Riff Tannen.

In this reality, Biff is even meaner and more violent than ever. After he was slugged by George in , he and his brothers viciously retaliated and broke his legs, making him a crippled paraplegic. He and Lorraine suffered intimidation and paid protection money, while Marty was run out of town for causing an "incident with a manure truck" to befall Biff. Biff, even more docile than normal, asks Marty not to swear, as it makes him "uncomfortable". In an alternate timeline where Doc becomes a tyrannical despot by the name of "Citizen Brown", Biff was a broken man who lived in fear of Citizen Brown and his merciless regime of order and control.

When Marty swore in front of him, Biff reacted with fear and nervousness, as apparently any infractions in Citizen Brown's state of order were dealt with harshly. Even in this police state, Biff was still an unruly man and a churlish individual, as he claimed to engage in alcohol consumption, illicit sexual relations and allowing dogs to run around wherever they pleased dog ownership being outlawed in this timeline.

His actions would result in him being brought to task before First Citizen Brown and "brainwashed" into becoming the first of Citizen Brown's newest campaign of enforcing order known as "Citizen Plus".

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