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A P fltt. This meal you can expect compatibility problems both your motherboard and adapter. Mmt anaputcr builders feei nervous about intel's monofasty on the chip. In the nbasesed design. This means if a board ou i f u n cttons,. S3 also tried with its ACI. Intel's PCI bus has the baucs needed for auto configuring, so hopefully it may prevnl. Why docs the computer mike us feeble humans rack our bmins daung this? Instaking is becoming more complex by the day. Please interrupt what you are doing, save this charactr away in RAM, then carry on with what you were daung.

Plcasc hurty Il a n othar comes in be ore. Some on use one of a half4auen choices. Feah can service tour devices at once. When you install an adapter cartf, you must specify which connoUer you vnll use and which of its our 'channeh you will be working with. Channels 0, 2 and t am rcscrved. Unlortuiiately, dupluation is 4 iornmon ptoblrm because thc tnstallers usually haven t the taggkst tdm winch nnnes ate heady m use.

They mndomly try dutsrfu namri nil they find 4 srt that apprsii ta. When It Ooesn't aaetlee lbi ir sanw ianh in i nur maihine that fun su dowh that Ihc speed al Ihr bus b nin an Issue. It ian denver. Ihen special link. Where Coprocessors Fell Down t: processors don't alwavs help. Then, it really helps to have a fast bus to. V l adaptrr cards re new. Industry kadcrs and.

It ou want a. Ccet tts As usual. T hn e problems are still much with us; however. S MB A n ew bus should have. In the vear , the global power urw. Revolutionary Video-Sm lechnology captures all theair artistry ol Michael Jordon wth unprecedentedrealism. A Canadian company has sent a shot Tcross the bow of Microsoft t:orporation just as the Anlerican software giant was in the pnxess of launching one of the most sophisticated soundboard packages in the.

Hef synthesis, which creates efectront. It's an M-synthesis board withlo-btt recording capability and proba-. To say that it's better than IM synthesis doesn'I do wave-table lumce. It's so much ol an improvement there is iiteraliy no comparison. The higher. Unfortunately, iugh rake also create the biggest files files that can quickly take.

If you' re in the second youp, what you want is a wavetabk board. ED W Tower. I eu NEW7. Tower, Keyboard iii 14' 2gdpi. JnJd J. Milei and Norpsk Wr u c tu. Marine Drive Vancouver, B. Vancouver B. The software also includes "Patch Manager" under Windows that allows users to play every instrument with an on-screen keyboard. In addition. Advanced Gravis is promising soon to have a Midi cable adapter that will allow users to hook up any standard Midi keyboard to their computer.

At Fomous Fumdo Computers inc. I three 4 to i. Ccmm Dot F '. I Lot N-I. V5V 3M6 5eietr. Fhcrs subject to chance without notice. All Items are subject to availability. All Items listed ars L. Two year warraatty not ava il on all Itarws please aac strow.

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Grand Opening Suppliers of memory upgrade products for PC's laptops and workstations, math. As a Pirgestfc'aftr usc'r for sonfc time, rnaki ng Posters, ness" lc ttc rs, etc. A dhk ion vning seven more tunis.

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CompansonSpeeds torISA vs. Sssdee Io IMS. An Adobe iliusiraiui import module is aiur included Ioi Pxirstream use Ior use in that program. RMF's num use with An Fxpresuun is. A erpwster gadget fm aw Tmce op atm has sadrn that oanesol Sample Rase. Curve RR,and None F her. The Sam le Rase Bee rttx nes tbe nsmsber of pomts mecL the. The other h the nsasn nsanual. The po. WES-Mfcro Elecfronfcs fnc. Our expenenced sahs sfaff and krsowfedgsbh ecch ical supporthsam offer nafftsrsgbuf the 8EST praducfs and servscee ussd Snot ay.

Chonung b eginner' would do everything but I you have harddrive partitions you need to go to 'interme diate' to locate it m the psnition needed. The advanced opuon allows complete custolsuaatson of the ilsstaaanon psocesL Pnsnillg n 1uppcussd ni any Pteftsencxv or P ostScript-compatible p r i n t er A s t. I am having trouble with the Preferencts pr nt ns, but the readily accessible and live techmcal support group klh me that a seve on. LI n coming out n ext week so correct this knowll prob elrl.

Ellortbnn Hotseecgeenmg frenctuees, The shoes, with elhktttc shoe insohs. SVGA moneor. Worss'erfect in n erar nhsrmec tohs level WordPerfed nee d level In this tshaustiscly rcscarcbcd book. Tllis Is iloi an authorized biography however, and ciurri offer a critical look at the way Mktosoft was buik. Iht story of Mscmsoft. This is the stuff that business bi ographies are built ofr, and Gutes. Iht Altar. By this tittle. T o gt t thc soft. The Acct wm bmcd on a stmda peocesaru and when Gases and ams. T h u s microsoft was born, thanks to some smart programming on a borrowed computer.

I t aho looks n the increasingly strained rel IIonshic between Miaosoft and IBM that stttthet to brtaking point over the dtvelopmcm. Tht down side o'I this b th ma n y cases or. Dirty Operating Synt m , m ade some minor changes to its code. The oear. Stnb-sn: Locus 1-'-3 Rekrase 2. Andy Rathbone is a Windows expert who. DOS programs run faster than the. As a result, Now Up-to-dat 2. T h us, hum whin any fxogram I any time. O IS Smatter, tini. The Ccntris 6 0 ts reuU pr ccd at C52, while the Centns.

Apple says thn is Ihe tint time it has uunchcd new pmducts rwtskk thr United Slates and over , visitors are on hand in Toykv attrmiing the Mal world shaw. Thn Is also the 10th annwersary of. Another great ncw fratures is the addluon of I a D o items and a list vkw vl ab calendar and To Do items. In the lint ver-. The Centrls Une oVen two sys. The has a mini tower design and offers a 30 percenl Increase in performance over the current entry. Apple says it has the all-in-one design of thc Powerbook 45, and , and h retail pnced at 54, You' ve heard about the new LaserWnter Pro and Using this.

When yvu place the pointer aver eah o the available vpbans, a feature the crunpany calh Hot Help indicates Ihr kry-. Nvw Up. NIC Is the tnost usable cakndal. Lasclwr ter Sekct The ncw printers ae aimed at affordability and offer Apple, Photograde and Finepr nt, and Adobe Postscript imaging technologies. The company's laser printer luse a dad t hc I w scrwrttc r S e lect 3 0 0 a n d t h e. Most of the Inacuracws are minor. Thc Duo Dock cvnfiguuiion wifi also ' ' include the file reconciliation software.

I'ost5cnpt print. I h e puch begins. Parton awe u on y 'ba. Ovwi ixi Iu b Jnd Maaa. Theta J e und wbtcisy other reason but these. Igii'Jrs to bc Icniafli. Issafunufhxa I les cd colt ' I ' i olrss unai and S il V with Windowi I t w manuals forbcxh Ixcv grams siitfcr iom 'tlight vagueness of. Ituaanason psoccdutes, but ouiy Ibe liner coo a ns cnmpktrly wrong Stf xmatsou fhe manual In In its the uset to copy. Dunng Inst Jl. Ltx n. Aklus says lrapWise can trap hks pro. J MU hJnl drier. Minosoft'1 next generation graphical user i nterface, nr Windows 4.

The Intel ver-. Oer ven. Ri fca iai lx8-f :i suade to xlcax a mapfr upgf Jdc lo the I'ofnlcf ptogfaiti frt boih the Mas fnsosh and the Windows versions. Vcrston 2. MNtmum orcef 50 boxes ncNdifTglabels. An example of this is I ractal's Liquid M e d m lhcse tools simulatr t h e viwal e ffects of vuwing pfctufn through mme sort ol ltquuf. Frarsal Design has nnaled a bnuh Jthd fix wh i ch adds yelhsw vsd orange hfghi cliff tn a pi tuic and aho scatn a wavy. J n receive t h e. Another cnhanccrrscnt n the additson ol a sct ol image mantpu4 rcn lectures oior fcpafatinns, phiuo f o m positing and magi wand allow the uxr to Jdd Iiftfuo imagn into the artvirk and gct the final wink read for printing.

Fra taf Design has also added the fapanty for a user to tcJr oil a bfush of J tcs-. A cr cise offers facsimile- vid buiictinboanl support servi n Jod a hour sys. Accr Canvla upgraded its ielr pbcoe sysacm, saymg u an resolve 95 per orate ol ufaofncr inqinnes inthin 10 mu. Jf kmI, tar N. Corporate Amrrlca ls expected to impkment fastet, more powerful penonal computers, rap ac ng based PCs. Ridunond Branch No 3 Road.

Richmond, B. C Tel 60I Fax 60I Vancouver Branch Camb e St, Vancouver. Tal Fax 60ll However, the migration to Windows i s e x p ected t o c o n t i n ue Surprisingly. IG port. Apple Ma cintosh use is expected to decrease, however. Mirrimdt W i ndows is the prcdnminmit.

O thc various graphical. However, he said, it probably will not happen because each vendor would want a second one of its own produos in the bun. On the chip side. Lemmons said it would take a ma or PC vendor such as Compa9 Computer placing a bulk order. The other maior power that could be a cause Ior concern ls chipmaker Intel Corp.

Noting that Microsoft's profits exceed the revenues of many of its competitors, Lemmons said the software nuker ts the moat powerful entity in the industry, espe. Lemmons also said he would like to see Microsoft's three closest rivals in the. He also calkd for cooperatkm between systems professimals. Ef ective use of tedt. I emmons suggested some moves otikrs in the i n dustry could m ake to reduce Mie'rusoft's and Intel's power. I think it would clunge the psychology of the industry, Ir m mims sa d.

Another possibility is t hat Ap p l e Cumpuki could port its Macintosh operat. AppleCarewarranty expired? Take advantage of new low renewal rates. Not Just the Power Suppiyt. Audio ports. Ampelled Speakers. Cump ton I Encyc. Lotus Windows. Other l itles ovolloble. I do not agree with the artklc puhlnlwd in thr Icbniary lsuse. Ihc cmissions ol the monographic monUors werc tnsrgnifkant no reading S inches from the snccn. The avr rage dtstanic from thc screen to thc operator's. Many of these older monitors are probably 'handed' down to school children and should be tested.

As I lmt the records and am no expert in Ihis Beld, I do not know if the radianon is significant or not. My emission. I again had to do aU thc lvcuk of putting the Individual. EcStor'a l Uagaunuei ir h uriaursgtu Ui rkuf? Io gcl JUrrl per SctUp data incredible. VDTs,but ul nxr did, und dseartrsf su X-nrys. As rkv dfsrkaknrr ut tka kmd af asu urltrfr uutrd, we wvkiwu sudrrs' vinn m d m rusrrra venial sabfaf.

It took me some time Io recon. Uom start. Apparently the video tube has to br hot at least two hours in Usei and the. Tbr Ruvcrra mast study isuy kuvc tnrcd rsusorfrrursr. I am orwe agam nistiatcd and arrgry I son. My Ust ol Uutdcnis is too long to dna' bui I will provide an outUne. Six ycun ago I. I even had a printer identt0cd that wm, lor its tink, cxsvpttonaL Over the. I will be doing a system Ibis aU to Iruplemcnt thb. II appears. I get no, I mean absolutely no. At luaat 90 prr cent of the compames I call for information am m incapable of even dealmg anth brochure mquests that I would not buy their product To date I have called at.

I may be unaU pomton to thnc companies, but wdl I always be? Can they afford to actively of end potential cuslomcrs so casuaUy? Tfrfs by aaraaauy, feuds Ifarm m puss ovrr the sacuifrd fin tfrr usd 'm a nd tier aesdun isrcisuriusuf ur sut usaf rorspusws csauwwnrd far tiarfi srrvkc usd wpport is furor of third-Ucr rcgiusuf. Musy laarsrdrusts ura VA b; kuk rfrruught tbc smuffci uris ur the bruk uf Tlar. It is a great pity that the linc work of.

Why is it so hard or someruw io actually r8scuta syuem rcquunnents I. Sam ITAC iaaam taua. Happy Uafvea Iaivasuua. Ia taiaam aawn St m 'Iuu cvtwuuiuu i Sla tra? Ulauvwas l itudrvra suuuw Uvula uv tsv V Imwrwua Call. Shortly aftr rward, I h e n u mbers of. Aho over this period, tele-. Among distbution channels, retail is. Hthuni 0-l HAIttoecnall hive Sol. Memory Upgrade from 4MB gh B 5 1 7 0. N 16MB. S 2 Tr. Along with low prices, effective merchandising programs and broad product and vendor selection. Oae patch. AutoCAD company officials arr also wirn.

Iucuntnx mrn are an thctr own In. IRM and Apple src reportedly ahead ol schedule on t hr lilxrvlt opctallng sys. Thc arw raodels. Apple unveiled its largest new product introduction last month. This timeframe was chosen to mark the Tnonth the 10 m i l-. Intel and kbcaasaft. Oft h wem used in busi-. Bombing you with incomprehensible eryor messages? Eating files? We'll wake things right. The ncw Ccnuu hnc al add. Ask about our loaners, 3 month warranty and extended service plan.

We' re BC's top data products repair centre. For information. A new wminar heing offered by USC hopes Io address thts challenge. Novell, aware o how much work ft will be of. ROM disc. Pop-up windowswith complete on-line help.

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Look-up any code in seconds, even on an XT, Copies the code back to the application. Monthly updates available. MsL' Niwcll is iisirig thi5 vcfiion o NclWare. I I and NeIWare 4. A version or Net Ware 4. Prices range from 5I, for five uscn to 5 I2, lor users. Motion Works will focus on developing ncw productx particularly further CD-ROM trtkn, he sard building a marketing channel lur small. Tlsanks to the Caret drat, the company hopes io meet or exceed revenue pro. Icctfons of C S million to C Motion Works had carber licensed animaaan saftwve and other multimedia technology about which the corn.

Carel more and more,' McCabum sard. Wnh a view ro lust such a deal. Minion Works has been careful to hire marketing. Ior instance, he said, the f n t erprise and I. Six expansion slots and ux dnve bays are standard. Prtces range from C The Enterprise Max models ve sold with either Dos 5. While cc:Mail X. S00 services ,. MS 8 '1. I he followmg provideS detaih fru. It is priced at C53,9SS and is due to. The single. Microsoft Ollice or Windows on CD-. New features this year include mouse support and online help. The new release also adds a functionkey template for t h e computer keyboard, onIcmen clock ard calen.

A new Oo I'o" feature lets usen mime to a form by selecting R rnm a list. Canada pricing and availability in orrna. I he purchaseprice for ihe single-user from C, to C,6SS. The PowerStation M20 is meant to be used as an integrated graphics workstation. I GAME. The intro ductory pre in. Prices for the top-of-the-line Power. NS A preliminary. Although thc decision is urdikely to put.

Sun Csnsdn 4 1 N percent in ,. Many people confuse patents. NeseViews Ccrfi f icd Cm syrlln rf. Tbe network and m ail code was. Isthe most commonly thought of expression whenever you ask someone to look up a Postal Code. If you don' t mind looking up Postal Codes you must have someone else doing it.

Would it then you need not be nice to have your comZipCade. These' bo windows 'arpkrt that aaows fine oaad d all cfmamd vohsmes, bma, ttebar balance and ocher lemma. System lerfutremcnts Indude an 14M. W i ndoln 3. Lofptcch also markets poinung devices and handheid scanners or the personal computer aurkeL fhc company owtu 43 percent of the outstanding shares og Advanced Gravls. Oa tbc bond. The boanl pnvndes suppon for both. The actual standard will be the taPe's w dt h o f o n l y sis to eight m i l limeteis. Duth-hated Philips and France-based.

That simtsld slake tbe suect pnce. Dave Pefton. Soundmao 16 product manager, says tbe auaouused mstallanoa psoccu n a kcy advantage. We leveraged our vast esperience from scanner and asome bsn bond insullation and design io. I he company lays a Srplate OPtion. Sample sound files are Included with thc board. Tree Plan Canada. So here' Is tlunb about racychng and make sure your old phono beets asd pastel cade ibrscaanaa and ap m a blue bsn. American or fauopmn Thc digital copying wig be Ponedly Iunitcd io only a dogie time i n order to proteit t he.

Cmn ate Stmaaima Bmau. AT,T I. With it youcan communicate quicldy, clearly and concisely to any group or audience. AGT Said itS. Easy to use as A-B-c. Nothing else can begin lo compare! A N95,00 value. Oradusus of 0 A ppved lnfortuattoa Technototty program oorparate uaaung rnadutesand global communicsuan networt d lain us for an Inftmtauon meeungMonday, Mech Il peti 29, at 7 pm. Call l for ra Re lnfarmsur rk.

Keep trackofyourkeys with kcctcnt traCL nr keys ts ncn chsy thtlh ci milt n kcy Monks heing tntctucclt Coors Jt. Sy lnnrc than onc key Are Cauli hendtna. MicroMat Computer Systems this month will go beyond its Mac- testing software with the first product in a new line of hardware testing devices. Santa Cruz, Calif. The first page can have a differ- ent graphic and different printing intensity from subsequent pages.

Working Software Inc. Box , Santa Cruz, Calif. A test with the handheld, cylindri- cal device takes 10 seconds.

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The company said most Mac ADB failures can be traced to a cent blown fuse on the logic board. MicroProbe ADB requires no external or internal power and no software. According to Fujitsu, the DynaMO is the only 1 -inch-high optical drive currently available. The drive has an average seek time of 30 milliseconds and a sustained data transfer rate of Kbytes per second. The DynaMO ships with a one-year warranty and one cartridge.

In the past, Fujitsu's storage products have been available as OEM devices or through mail-order companies. The growing popularity of optical drives and the company's desire to be a major player in that market led it to develop a product for the retail channel, Fujitsu said. Fujitsu Computer Products of America Inc. The utility includes more than translation combinations to convert word processing, graphics, spreadsheet and database files.

RasterOps drops price of color display adapter Santa Clara, Calif. It provides Quick- Draw acceleration up to percent and supports a maximum resolu- tion of by pixels on 1 6-inch monitors and by pixels on 1 3-inch monitors. RasterOps also dropped the price of its Sweet 1 6 System, which bundles the card with the RasterOps Sweet 1 6 display.

RasterOps Corp. If you thought you couldn't afford true bit color, you need a Reality Check. Here's how you get one. The MacFG 24Xp is a great deal. The 24Xp maximizes the MultiSync monitor's performance for all your advanced graphics needs. Moreover, its switch-on-the-fly capability allows easy switching of display modes without restarting your system.

For promotion details. If you're thinking of buying a bit color card from someone else, you really do need a Reality Check! Glad you asked. Both monitors pro- duce sharp, bright images, crisp graphics and vibrant colors. An Invar shadow mask provides increased brightness without loss of focus. Another big idea— the display area. The large 15" screen So you can use just one monitor for both types of platforms.

There are lots of reasons for considering an NEC MultiSync monitor for your Mac— the sharp, bright images, the vibrant colors, the large display area, the flexibility, the compatibility— to name five. And the UtU to name five more. All quotes reprinted from MacUser magazine, August MacUser and 5-mice logo are registered trademarks of Ziff Communi- cations Company. All other trademarks are the property of their respective owners.

Parkinson Hudson, Wis. Users can create an unlimited number of partitions and configure them as RAID redun- dant array of inexpensive disks levels 0, 1, 4 and 5. A sinde partition can include as manv as 15 drives, and partitions within a single drive can be assigned different RAID levels.

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Level 0 stripes data across several disks, reducing access times and increasing through- put, while Level 1 produces a duplicate copy of data through disk mirroring. RAID levels 4 and 5 write parity informa- tion so data on a failed drive can be recon- structed. One whole drive stores parity infor- mation in Level 4, and Level 5 distributes parity information across all the drives. Remus incorporates a user-notification fea- ture that employs dialogs, blinking Apple icons and sounds to alert users when a drive fails. The program also includes built-in support for NetWorks 3. However, unlike some RAID systems, Remus does not support hot swapping, which allows users to replace a failed drive without turning off the system.

Remus from Trillium Research lets users create partitions on their hard drives and configure them as RAID levels 0, 1, 4 or 5. Drag and drop PowerPath and LocalPath software. The easiest way to connect PowerBooks and printers to Ethernet. Sounds strange, but the best way to connect your LocalTalk devices to an Ethernet or Token Ring network is through your system folder.

MacUser agrees: urn Why? Software is cheaper, easier and more portable. All products are trademarks of their holders. Farallon The program requires a Mac with a or higher processor, System 7, 4 Mbytes of RAM, and two or more disk drives in addition to the system drive. Trillium Research Inc. The company said it has begun shipping a new digital audio tape drive with built-in compres- sion and its first quarter-inch tape system.

The new products will be marketed through Tail- grass Technologies Corp. In typical use, it can store about 4 Gbytes of data on a meter tape. It supports transfer rates of up to Kbytes per second and can locate any file on the tape in 20 seconds, on average, accord- ing to the company.

Tallgrass said it will ship the product in July; pricing has not been set. Both are based on technology from R-Byte Inc. Exabyte also shipped the EXB, which it called the fastest, highest-capacity quarter-inch tape system in the industry. Using DC minicartridges, the 3. Exabyte acquired the quarter-inch tape technology earlier this year when it purchased the assets of the Mass Storage Division of Everex Systems Inc. Exabyte last month also added two new models to its line of auto-loaders for 8- millimeter tapes. The EXB-lOe, an enhanced version of its cartridge library system, offers random access to 50 Gbytes of data when con- figured with the EXB tape drive; with the EXBc, which has compression built in, typical capacity is Gbytes.

The company said the new unit provides more-reliable robot- ics and a new security key lock. The EXB, a new model that can be con- figured with two tape drives, handles as many as 60 cartridges, with Gbytes of uncom- pressed data or Gbytes with compression. Parkinson Santa Barbara, Calif. The DataDock T holds up to five 3. The DataDock T can be configured with as many as 20 3. Drives are available direcdy from Transoft.

Both the T and T provide hot-swapping options, allowing users to replace a damaged drive without turn- ing off the system. The T also offers hot- swapping options on the power supplies. Transoft Corp. Parkinson Beverly Hills, Calif. Mega Drive also cut prices by up to 28 per- cent on its current Mercury offerings, which include drives with capacities from 85 Mbytes to 1. Mega Drive Systems Inc. Robertson Blvd. On the other hand, the manual process of printing and loading and dialing and waiting and re- dialing and then waiting some more — is a big waste of time.

So much for productivity! Clearly, the inventors of the fax machine could have used a little foresight. Simply create a document, preview it, and fax it. That's it! Your computer will automatically stand in line for you, dial and re-dial, queue up the next fax, and even give you a transmission receipt. And, incoming faxes can be viewed, stored on disk, or automatically printed. Which means that for PC's and Macs, sending and receiving faxes through QuickMail is just as easy as sending and receiving your QuickMail messages.

So, integrate 4-Sight Fax and QuickMail today. And experience all the speed and productivity that faxing was originally intended to give you. Now you can purchase a special bundle of QuickMail with 4-Sight Fax. For information, call us at , Dept. Improving your environment is our business. CE Software, Inc. All other registered and unregistered trademarks are the sole property of their respective companies. It even comes with a clip art library. We guarantee your first impression will be a good one. Offer valid in U. Re-engineer-iT helps IS managers build road maps of their business SR Research's Re-engineer-iT lets users visualize a company's work-flow data in a number of graphic forms.

By April Streeter Brookline, Mass. Research Inc. The flowcharts are connected to a rule-based expert system and database running on the server. According to SR Research, having a business model in this format allows shorter redevelopment and engineering cycles for in-house applications. The new versions combine a Mbyte Maxtor or Quantum hard drive or a Mbyte Quantum mechanism with a floptical drive, which can hold as much as 2 1 Mbytes of data on a disk that looks like a 3.

The powerboxes, which match the foot- print and plastics of all-in-one PowerBooks, are designed to be placed under the Apple notebooks. They weigh less than 5 pounds each and come with an AC adapter and a PowerBook-compatible battery. The Power- Book can be attached to the powerbox and powered from it; when the box is connected to an AC source, both batteries are charged. NovaMac, a backup utility from NovaStor Inc. SR Research Inc. The array comes with software that supports mirror- ing and spanning. In addition, FWB reduced prices on several high-capacity drives and arrays, as well as its 3.

The cuts ranged from 15 percent to 24 percent. For instance, the HammerFMF, a 2. FWB Inc. The strategists. The vision- aries. The business leaders. As the most popular networking event in the world, INTEROP is the place for you to meet the people who can solve your networking problems. Each one provides invaluable analyses and advice on everything from the desktop to the data center. The 8-ounce transmitter measures 2. By Nathalie Welch Burlington, Vt. Hawkeye consists of a tiny infrared transceiver that attaches to the Apple Desktop Bus and a trans- mitter that acts as the remote con- trol device.

The device has a resolution of up to 12 bits 4, pixels , which elimi- nates jitters even on large monitors, according to the company. Hawkeye can perform linear 2-D Users control cursor direction by depressing the edges of a large circu- lar MouseDisk button. Eight buttons located near the top of the remote control provide access to image controls such as brightness, contrast and image position. For keyboard control, the remote device offers four pre- defined buttons and 10 that users can program.

The remote control is compati- ble with a variety of presentation systems, including ones from 3M, Proxima Corp. Codes to control the selected presentation device are stored in the receiver and downloaded into cursor control or angular 3-D cur- sor control, with three degrees of freedom: roll, pitch and yaw. Hawkeye comes with control- panel software that lets users set cursor attributes such as speed and set up ways to simulate clicking and double-clicking by pointing at user- defined regions of the screen.

Hawkeye could also be used for hands-free industrial control of a Mac, according to the company. Pointer Systems is also pitching the remote-control technology to manufacturers of home entertain- ment equipment to perform various on-screen programming functions, such as controlling a VCR. Pointer Systems Inc. It also lets users continuously scroll a custom message across the screen and instantly clear the screen on command. Mind Path Technologies Inc. Jacobs Atlanta — Soft Solutions Inc. With Version 1. System administrators can limit the access of particular users to data files, preventing them from modify- ing specified documents.

The program now includes command-key equivalents for most operations. Other interface enhancements include automatic capitalization of input fields, U. Users of the new version can choose to exchange only modi- fied records with the server, to reduce network traffic or dial-up phone bills. The program is based on Version 2. PowerTrax 2. PowerTrax 1. Soft Solutions Inc. FileMaker Pro 2. Longer This volume combines an introduction to data- base management with step-by-step instructions new features of Version 2.

It covers planning a database structure, importing and exporting, and searching and sorting. The disk includes sample databases and templates. It covers both versions 1 and 2. College Ave. A special section covers the use of scripting and buttons to auto- mate data management. That means really big screens — up to two full pages. And as many colors as you want — 16,, to be exact. Now you can add bit color to your LC. Bring out the colorful best in your Mac II or Performa With the highest reliability and best prices in the industry.

That means really big screens-up to two full pages. And as many colors as you want - 16,, to be exact. Your Mac deserves it. The Apple-funded program gives Internet users access to current product and sales information previously available only through AppleLink or from campus-based Apple dealers. The department chairs will publish articles electronically, covering the integration of Macintoshes in curriculum and research. A workhT fool. All yours. Works through the night, backing up all that valuable data. Keeps it safe. Keeps the company's future safe.

Keeps your job safe. No health care payments. No social security to pay. No sick leave or paid vacation. Just a one time payment that works forever. You'll love having Retrospect Remote working for you. It's "the cream of the network backup crop" according to Macworld. It backs up automatically. While you're out at the movies. Home eating dinner. Watching TV. Having fun. Whether it's only one computer Retrospect or a whole network Retrospect Remote , it efficiently turns itself on, backs up your data, then turns itself off.

Retrospect Remote. What an employee. To upgrade, call 1 They will also direct on-line user dialogue in their particular disciplines. The five educational areas covered are business, computer science and engineer- ing, library and information systems, mechanical engineering, and medical and health sciences. The program was co-developed by the Computer and Information Services Depart- ment of the University of Minnesota in Minneapolis, which will administer it. He said he plans to use the resources offered by the project to help his search for information on computer-based charting applications.

The information is available via Gopher server at the Internet address info. By Ian G. Jacobs Lincoln, Mass. Users can start at a deposit record and click through to the invoices contained in the deposit, then go deeper into the records. The package can generate and batch-print any combination of 2 3 reports.

In addition, Straight Shot offers traditional accounting functions such as general ledger, payroll and bank statement reconciliation. Lincoln also plans a client-server version that will support as many as 30 users. The server version is due June 1, but pricing has not been set. Lincoln Software Inc. Box , Lincoln, Mass. Phone 6 1 7 1 5 ; fax VARs can port from host systems verti- cal business applications written in Cobol, such as customized accounting and insurance systems, then add support for platform- specific functions such as AppleTalk networks.

The complete development environment comprises a number of individually priced components. Micro Focus is at E. Bayshore Road, Palo Alto, Calif. A benchmark pro- gram run simul- taneously on the shuttle and on the ground last October showed higher performance in the weightless environment. The Mac Portable is a key part of one of the 90 experiments aboard the Spacelab D-2 mission, launched with the space shuttle Columbia last week. The optical drive has a data- base with schematics, digitized photos and blueprints for the Spacelab module and its experiments. CTE is designed to help astronauts, in coop- eration with ground personnel, analyze unex- pected problems with the complex experi- ments and sophisticated hardware aboard the Spacelab.

Since this is a demo, the current database contains only limited information. Eccentric Software is trying to end that problem with a rhyming dictionary for the Mac dubbed A Zillion Kajillion Rhymes. The program, available now, includes a proprietary dictionary of common, technical, literary and slang words as well as thousands of proper and place names. Eccentric Software is at P. Box , Seattle, Wash. Unexpectedly, the Mac in space operated better than the one on the ground. Clients for the Solution Series are available on a variety of graphical user inter- face platforms including the Macintosh and Windows.

Sybase, Informix and Ingres versions are due out this summer. Cyborg Systems Inc. Riverside Plaza, 12th Floor, Chicago, Phone 3 12 ; fax 3 12 They are turning airport lounges and coach-class seats into virtual offices. Unfortunately, with a battery life of hours, quitting time often comes way too early. A simple slider switch lets you run at full speed, maximum conser- vation or anywhere in between.

No technical lingo required. Available now, this compre- hensive set of utilities also includes sophisticated password security and a number of other goodies, like an animated cursor locator, screen saver and airport security display. See your local reseller or call Claris direct at ext. This offer is only for a limited time and comes with our day, money back guarantee.

Offer expires June 30, All Rights Reserved. Programmer Marc Handler had developed stabbing pains that shot from his wrist into his upper arm, caused by years of pounding a key- board 12 hours a day. He had a wrist operation, and doctors told him he could not use a keyboard for more than a half-hour a day. Would the company have to trans- fer Handler or install expensive new equipment to do the job? Would Handler be significandy less productive? Kucklinca also faced a new set of questions because relevant portions of the Americans with Disabilities Act took effect in January The law requires that qualified, dis- abled employees be treated no dif- ferently than other workers.

Now that could be illegal.

Special offers and product promotions

In many cases, prob- lems can be resolved through mutual discussion. Managers are also learning that the ADA gives them leverage with corporate financial folk to spend money for necessary equipment. High tech on the job. Handler had been working at a dumb terminal con- nected to an IBM Corp. MVS mainframe. Co:Writer recognizes certain words from just the first few letters and types the possibilities on the screen. Instead of pounding the keyboard with the resultant pain, Handler directs the cursor at a letter, using a mouse or mouse substitute, and the letter appears on the screen.

It substi- tutes for the traditional mouse. Handler uses these devices in What is the ADA? The Americans with Disabilities Act pro- vides basic civil-rights protection for the esti- mated 43 million Americans with disabili- ties. The ADA mandates that public accommodations are accessible and that phone companies provide needed services for disabled people, among other items. Title I of the law requires that employers do not discriminate in the hiring or promo- tion of qualified disabled people. Employers cannot discriminate in hiring and must make "reasonable accommodations" for disabled workers to perform their job.

A company need not make that accommodation if it cre- ates "an undue hardship," however. She discussed some of the most commonly asked questions. A blind person obviously cannot drive a delivery van. But, given mod- ern technology, disabled people can work most office jobs, particularly with all the add-ons available for Macs.

It doesn't have to be the most expensive accommodation, she said. Steyaert said managers and workers resolve most complaints amicably. For a Mac manager "it makes sense to keep peo- ple happy" by spending some money on needed accommodations, Steyaert said. The employees "will do a better job. For accommodation advice.

Disability and Business Technical Assistance Centers can be reached at Mitch Zaretsky said many Mac managers are not so enlightened. He is president of Farmingdale, N. He also acts as a disability consultant to Fortune companies. Tom Wlodkowski has firsthand experience with that mentality. Blind since birth, he worked for many years as a radio reporter in the New England area.

He never told prospective employers of his disability until he arrived for the in- person interview. Citibank vice president, helped Marc Han- dler set up his desk to accommo- date a serious wrist injury. Han- dler is holding the foot pedal he uses. Cost-per-copy up to six times lower than the XL So you can see for yourself the difference thermal transfer printing can make. And see just how good this printer looks on paper. PostScript is a trademark of Adobe Systems, Inc.

You get The annual list of the top Mac installations in the U. And the top 50 educational sites. He said a number of employers turned him down stricdy because of his disability. Innovative Boston television. Unlike previous employers, he said, WGBH is already set up to accommo- date disabled employees.

This service allows blind listeners to hear descriptions of scenes in movies or videos between pauses in the dialogue. That dialogue was created through the use of a proprietary Macintosh editing program developed by WGBH that allows someone to insert voice into existing films. WGBH also bought him a Braille printer. Wlodkowski said that his supervisors at WGBH are firmly committed to disability rights, but managers at other companies may be more hesitant.

The employee must know what he needs. And the employer has to be open enough to judge a candidate on the merits of the job. Mor- gan Watkins, manager of microcomputer tech- nologies at the University of Texas in Austin, which ranked as the No. Watkins, who is sight-impaired, is on a campus committee dealing with disabled issues. He cited two examples. First, UT makes course catalogs, library records, administrative memos and other written material available through electronic databases.

This helps disabled people get material immediately printed in large type or Braille or converted into audio formats. But such databases clearly help all students and faculty do faster research and keep up to date. Second, even things as simple as curb cuts and grab bars in bathrooms, originally mandat- ed to help the disabled, have proved useful for bike riders, skateboarders and senior citizens. If managers abide by the spirit of the ADA, Watkins said, they will provide needed jobs for the disabled and improve office morale.

Statis- tical-analysis conference with special problem- solving booths to cover specific software snags. Presentations on Mac and other Apple technologies and marketing tech- niques. Contact CMI at ; fax Conference for users develop- ing with Blyth's Omnis 7 database. Contact User Group Services at or ; fax Euro- pean expo and conference featuring all cate- gories of software and hardware. Contact IDG at or ; fax Annual forum of the Independent Computer Consultants Association. Contact ICCA at ; fax 3 1 4 1 Conference and expo on voice, data and telecommunications.

Includes demonstrations of wireless technolo- gy. Contact World Expo Corp. Conference covers military applications, invest- ment opportunities, and uses of virtual reality in the fields of advertising and medicine. Con- tact Meckler Conference Management at 7 or 7; fax or Developer and user conference for the NeXTStep operating system with a product showcase. Con- tact User Group Services at or ; fax No training or educational seminars please.

These days, most people think you need one computer that fits your desktop and another that fits your briefcase. And, for your desk- top, a Duo Dock, which instantly turns your notebook into a powerful and fully expandable office computer. Then it automatically sets up your printer, server and network connections and configures itself for your Configures itself. All you have to do is insert the PowerBook Duo - the Duo Dock makes the connection and sets itself up for your office resources.

No compromises. In the office, your sleek notebook turns into a complete desktop setup with a full-size keyboard and up to a inch color display Thousands of programs. You can run over 5, Macintosh " applications. Apple, the Apple logo, AppleTalk. Apple QuickTime u software included lets you make on-the-spot presentations with video, sound and animation. The Duo Dock has two NuBus m expansion slots for such additions as 24 -bit graphics and Ethernet and ports for up to six peripherals.

No risk. Easy connections. The office is always near. Two models. Use the Duo Dock as a single shared setup for the entire sales force, a home office or a way to expand in the future. It fits almost any plan. Award-winning design. The built-in palm rest and centered trackball make working outside of the office noticeably more comfortable.

Plenty of storage. You have one set of files, wherever you go. In fact, you can use your PowerBook Duo with different Duo Docks in different offices, and no matter where you decide to work, the system will automatically set itself up for your connected resources. Unless you have unsaved files on the screen — in which case it has the good sense to point that out before you disconnect. To witness a truly intelligent display of technology, see the PowerBook Duo System at an authorized Apple reseller today.

Call ext. In Canada, call , ext. The power to be your best! Motorola is a registered trademark of Motorola. NuBus is a trademark of Texas Instruments. This ad was created using Macintosh personal computers. AppleShare 4. While Macs of every stripe have served over the years as file and print servers, the AWS 95 is the first Apple hardware designed specifical- ly for server use. Logitech Extreme 3D Pro USB is a type of joystick, which is specifically designed to give a good amount of performance and flexibility using its twelve buttons which. Then all drivers are not workinh.

I already asked here for the same problem. But, it s not working. May be I have to make some settings I think. Any body can explain me. Select driver to. Wireless lan driver. A BIOS password is a protection measure that can be used to stop someone powering up a computer system or making changes in some of the computers most sensitive. It is also the first to include online play. To celebrate the 20th anniversary of PlayStation, we ve looked at the very best PS1 games of all time, and ranked them in a handy list.

Sure, you may not agree with. Dell provides technology solutions, services and support. Visit Dell. This page contains the list of Dell Printer drivers available for free download. This list is updated weekly, so you can always download a new driver or update driver. If you have multiple computers in your home, setting up a wireless network is the best way to share your resources. Ralink By clicking the Yes, I Agree button, you agree to allow Dell to add and or remove a registry entry making dell. Adding dell. Dell will automatically detect and display your system configuration details and service tag, enabling us to: Determine whether or not your system is still covered under warrantyKnow what software is currently installed on your system Find compatible drivers and utilities for your productProvide you with relevant articles and self-help topicsCollect software usage data.

Dell offers a variety of Software applications designed to provide you with the most optimized user and support experience possible.

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You may have selected some of these applications as part of the purchase of your computer. Aside from your unique service tag number, none of the system configuration or use data can be used to identify you. Dell will treat the data we collect in accordance with Dell s privacy statement. To learn more about Dell s privacy practices or for more details about how Dell handles personal information, please take a look at Dell s Privacy Statement at www. Support resources are available at. Allowing Dell to collect this information on an on-going basis for use and storage in servers that may be outside of your country can enable you to receive software updates and alerts that are specific to your system, as well as customized product information and offers available from Dell, its affiliates and its business associates namely, providers of products and services on Dell applications.

The use of the program is also subject to the terms of your Service Agreement and Terms and Conditions of Sale if in the US or the applicable service agreement and terms of sale on your local Dell. Singapore Branch, a Singapore branch of a company incorporated in The Netherlands with limited liability, on behalf of itself, Dell Inc. This Agreement covers all software Software and any upgrades, updates, patches, hotfixes, modules, routines, feature enhancements and additional versions of the Software that replace or supplement the original Software collectively Updates distributed by Dell unless there is a separate license agreement between you and the manufacturer or owner of the Software or Update.

Please go to the Dell Software License Agreement to view the applicable version of this agreement for your region. If there is no separate license agreement then this Agreement governs your use of Updates, and such Updates will be considered Software for all purposes of this EULA. This Agreement is not for the sale of Software or any other intellectual property. All title and intellectual property rights in and to Software are owned and retained by the manufacturer or owner of the Software.

All rights not expressly granted under this Agreement are reserved by the manufacturer or owner of the Software. By opening or breaking the seal on the Software packet s, installing, downloading, activating the Software, click-accepting these terms or using the Software, you agree to be bound by the terms of this Agreement. The right to a full refund does not apply to any updates or upgrades subject to the terms of this Agreement.

If you are an entity, you acknowledge that the individual accepting these terms has appropriate authority to do so and to bind you. Subject to the terms, conditions and limitations of this Agreement, Dell grants you a limited, nonexclusive, nontransferable except as set forth herein, nonassignable license to use the Software in object code only on as many computers, devices, or in such configurations as you are expressly entitled, or on one computer or device if no other entitlement is specified, and for such period as you are entitled, in the case of a term license, and perpetually, if no term is specified.

You may use the Software only on Dell computers or devices, with the exception of mobile device application software specifically designed by Dell to be run on non-Dell hardware. Use means to install, store, load, execute and display the Software. If you are a commercial customer of Dell, you hereby grant Dell or an agent selected by Dell the right to perform an audit of your use of the Software during normal business hours; you agree to cooperate with Dell in such audit; and you agree to provide Dell with all records reasonably related to your use of the Software.

The audit will be limited to verification of your compliance with the terms of this Agreement. The Software is protected by United States and other applicable copyright laws and international treaties and may be protected under the patent laws of the applicable jurisdiction. You may make one copy of the Software solely for backup or archival purposes, or transfer it to a single hard disk or storage device provided you keep the copy solely for backup or archival purposes.

You shall reproduce and include copyright and other proprietary notices on and in any copies of the Software. You may not sublicense, rent, or lease the Software or copy the written materials accompanying the Software. You may transfer the Software and all accompanying materials on a permanent basis as part of a sale or transfer of the Dell product on which it was preloaded by Dell, where applicable, if you retain no copies and the recipient agrees to the terms hereof.

Any such transfer must include the most recent update and all prior versions. You may not reverse engineer, decompile or disassemble, modify or create derivative works of the Software. If the package accompanying your Dell computer or device contains optical discs or other storage media, you may use only the media appropriate for your computer or device.

You may not use the optical discs or storage media on another computer, device or network, or loan, rent, lease or transfer them to another user except as permitted by this Agreement. Dell warrants that the Software media if applicable will be free from defects in materials and workmanship under normal use for 90 days from the date you receive them. This warranty is limited to you and is not transferable. Any implied warranties are limited to 90 days from the date you receive the Software.

Some jurisdictions do not allow limits on the duration of an implied warranty, so this limitation may not apply to you. The entire liability of Dell and its suppliers, and your exclusive remedy, shall be, at Dell s option, either a termination of this Agreement and return of the price paid for the Software or b replacement of any media not meeting this warranty that is sent with a return authorization number to Dell, within the day warranty period, at your cost and risk. This limited warranty is void if any media damage has resulted from accident, abuse, misapplication, or service or modification by someone other than Dell.

Any replacement media is warranted for the remaining original warranty period or 30 days, whichever is longer. Dell and its suppliers do NOT warrant that the functions of the Software will meet your requirements or that operation of the Software will be uninterrupted or error free. You assume responsibility for selecting the Software to achieve your intended results, and for the use and results obtained from the Software. The terms of this Agreement do not entitle you to any maintenance or support for the Software.

Some or all of the Software may be remotely hosted or accessible to you through the internet. In such case, Dell may suspend, terminate, withdraw, or discontinue all or part of the Software or your access to the Software upon receipt of a subpoena or law-enforcement request, or when Dell believes, in its sole discretion, that you have breached any term of this Agreement or are involved in any fraudulent, misleading or illegal activities. Dell may modify the Software at any time with or without prior notice to you.

Dell may perform scheduled or unscheduled repairs or maintenance, or remotely patch or upgrade the Software installed on its and your computer system s, which may temporarily degrade the quality of the Software or result in a partial or complete outage of the Software. Updates, patches or alerts may be delivered from Dell servers, which may be located outside of your country.

Dell provides no assurance that you will receive advance notification of such activities or that your use of the Software will be uninterrupted or error free. The Software may come bundled or otherwise distributed with open source or other third party software which is subject to terms and conditions of the specific license under which it is distributed. Under certain open source software licenses you are entitled to obtain the corresponding source files. You may find corresponding source files for the Software at or at such other locations indicated by Dell.

You are advised that the Software is subject to U. You agree to abide by these laws. Under these laws, the Software may not be sold, leased or transferred to restricted countries currently Cuba, Iran, North Korea, Sudan and Syria, restricted end users or for restricted end-uses. You specifically agree that the Software will not be used for activities related to weapons of mass destruction, including but not limited to activities related to the design, development, production, or use of nuclear materials, nuclear facilities, or nuclear weapons, missiles, or support of missile projects, or chemical or biological weapons.

The software and documentation are commercial items as that term is defined at 48 C. Consistent with 48 C. Government end users acquire the software and documentation with only those rights set forth herein. This license is effective until terminated. It will terminate upon the conditions set forth above or if you fail to comply with any of its terms. Upon termination, you agree that the Software and accompanying materials, and all copies thereof, will be destroyed.

Except as prohibited by local law, this Agreement is governed by the laws of the State of Texas, without regard to principles of conflicts of laws. Each provision of this Agreement is severable. If a provision is found to be unenforceable, this finding does not affect the enforceability of the remaining provisions of this Agreement. This Agreement is binding on successors and assigns. Dell agrees and you agree to waive, to the maximum extent permitted by law, any right to a jury trial with respect to the Software or this Agreement.

Because this waiver may not be effective in some jurisdictions, this waiver may not apply to you. You acknowledge that you have read this Agreement, that you understand it, that you agree to be bound by its terms, and that this is the complete and exclusive statement of the Agreement between you and Dell regarding the Software. Download by Guidelines on this. Windows device driver information for Canon MP Since Operating Systems change.

Windows device driver information for Canon MP printer. The Canon MP printer has features of a mini photo lab that are advanced to give quality photo prints. Windows 8. Canon Pixma iP Driver Specifications. It is the successor to the Mach series of 2D. The site includes tutorials, installation guides, Security and virus alerts. See AMD s history of innovation through the years. AMD announced that its FirePro professional graphics power one of the world s largest and. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia In computing, a device driver or software driver is a computer program allowing higher-level computer programs to interact with.

Our goal is to help students find the right college degrees for their future. We break down what consumers need to know about online education, cost, and more. If you like what we do, if you like Subsim and access to thousands of sub game down- loads, please consider pitching in and helping us keep it free and online. Click here. Are you a mod maker or mission designer. To get access to upload your mods, click here to become one of the Modmen.

Is there a mod stuck on Filefront or some storage site that you know of. Let us know so we can add it here and be sure it is preserved. Stuff that helps you run a game, enhance the game-playing experience, or manage your mods. Mods that work for v1. Any mod that only works for one version will be labeled as such. Mods for the naval based WWI strategy simulation that transports the player to the world of dreadnoughts supremacy in the high seas.

You have to buy the add-on to get V1. Ok if i have 1. Directly below the other link for 1. Sorry to bump this old thread, but now that Direct2Drive is no longer offering the 1. I ve had SHIV for quite awhile but never got around to buying the patch. I d still like to but I don t want to repurchase the original game to do it.

Ubisoft is where I got my 1. It was easy and only cost like 9 and change. I downloaded it saved it to three CD s safety s and it has a serial number so it is absolutely legit. No more buying and downloading for me, did that with SH3 and if I need to reinstall the game I need another serial number from them.

I really loved it when I got a ubisoft email telling me I only had one more time to get a new serial number. After that you have to try to get a new number from whoever sold it to you. Sometimes that works okay, sometimes it doesn t. Had the Ubisoft marketed disks but lost them. Running a downloaded version I actually downloaded it twice, due to my ignorance of the gold versus original versions - erg, but yaknow, the 3 different flash drives it redundantly resides on seems no less physical copies than the disks were and kinda reflects my liking for the game.

One flash drive holds nothing but the gold I protect it like it s gold, as well and the other two have as much of the mods as I could store on each drive, as well different total combined collections, though.

1993-04 the Computer Paper - BC Edition

I used to think that hardcopies were safer, till i scratched one. Today I prefer games bought online via services as gamersgate, gog or steam. Only problem is what if they go out of business. Alright fellas, I got the 1. I notice that whenever I ve been playing for long hours or when I sink a ship the game glitches out. It s hard to explain, but the text and skins get all funky, I can t read the words, and the sub turns funny colors.

Is this an issue with the mod or just SH4 itself. I noticed that version 1. Anyone have any ideas. January 21st, in PGA, Florida at the Borland theater this is from the director of the movie ralph villani so everyone clear the bridge and get ready to launch torpedoes on jan 21st. The Internet Movie Data Base is a great resource for films old and new. Here s what it has on Seaviper. Thing is, they could make an epic out of the books by Fluckey, O Kane, etc.

Exactly but therefore it would need a Major Studio, good actors, a good script and the best cast possible, not to mention the MUlti Million Dollar Budget. Just look at the Seaviper cast, that guys are C Movie actors to say at least. Looks awful, based on the trailer. Perhaps some technical realism buried in there someplace but the story line seems vomit inducing. Particularly when the real Silent Service produced so many memorable incidents and characters worthy of movie treatment.

Or why refit a German sub on a Pacific desert island when the naval base at Panang or Singapore were much closer and better equipped. Just saying. There sure is a lot going on in that cover art follow Kongo Otto s link. Let s see, they re on the surface in broad daylight no lookouts topside with what looks like a DD a couple of hundred yards aft, they also managed to get jumped by 3 planes at the same time, it looks they ve taken a shell or bomb hit to the base of the sail, they re heeled over to port about degrees, and they just fired a torpedo.

Yeah, this movie s going to be a dog. I ll still watch it though, but it will probably tick me off. Thanks for your input on USS Seaviper. I am co-producer on the film It is historical fiction loosely based on the U account. We opted to put the Germans and Japs on an island in the Pacific because it worked for the plot. With regard to actual goings on with re-gard to the submarine we had Tom Bowser and Lesley Waters from the USS Drum in Mobile, Alabama looking over our shoulder at every turn to make sure we kept true to procedure as best we could. Our director s dad served aboard the the Drum and the Torsk during WW2 and his name is still on the roster when you walk on to the Drum.

With regard to things like the Captain going a shore and a few others, I ll see if we can get actual sources on those items. All of that was taken from actual logs and historical documents and is verifiable. We are also producing a documentary with never before seen interviews from a number of Vets from the USS Drum Wanted to find a way to plant my nephew at the kybd with unlimited torpedo reloads as he s a tad young to get the entire game. Maybe in a full harbor, heh.

Dunno how to script or mod myself sorry to say. Thanks, JL. Unlimited torpedoes and instant reloading. Then spray torpedoes everywhere in the general direction of a huge jap task force. Didn t get the answer i was looking for at the other forum so i tried here. I knew no matter how careful i was i d get some flak but this country is big on free speech and so am i JL. I don t think that it can be done, but I m hoping someone will come along and prove me wrong.

People have made the reloads go faster, but I don t recall seeing unlimited reloads. As you say, it would be nice for learning and for kids. Ok cool, thanks for the mine info. Yeah I can t even imagine how rancid the smell got below decks having not bathed for 2 months. Never seeing the sky probably did a number to a man s mental stability too.

You know just on a side note, I just hit my personal best the other day in the east china sea playing with RFB 2. I did a ton of plotting, observing, and double checking. I m never using those stupid dials to guesstimate speed ever again. Convert Coreldraw X3 Activation Code trail version to full software. Explore design, layout, photo-editing and web design tools. The official website for Corel Software. Then create serial number and input it into.

Astrology: Elliott Smith, born August 6, in Omaha NB, Horoscope, astrological portrait, dominant planets, birth data, heights, and interactive chart. Now Playing Movies. Horoscope Explorer 3. Convert Horoscope Explorer 3. Horoscope Explorer Pro 3. Convert Horoscope Explorer Pro 3.

WOW Horoscope Interpreter 3. Serial horoscope explorer Pro. Found results for Horoscope Explorer 3. We have the largest serial numbers data base. Found results for Horoscope Explorer crack, Your search for Horoscope Explorer may return better results if you avoid searching for words such as:. Did you lose the driver disc that came with your Brother HL hardware.

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Enter this website only if you accept each and every provision of the following agreement:. By accepting this Agreement and thereby entering this adult website, I hereby swear and affirm under oath, represent and warrant that the following statements are true:. I am not visiting this website from the jurisdiction of any municipality, city, state, country, or other governmental entity where viewing adult content is prohibited by law. I understand the standards and laws of the community from whence I am visiting this adult website, and I have made every reasonable effort to determine whether viewing adult content is legal - I have determined that it is not illegal for me to visit this adult website.

I will not allow any person under 18 21 in some areas years old to view any adult content from this website. I will not allow any person who is under the jurisdiction of any municipality, city, state, country, or other governmental entity where viewing adult content is prohibited by law, view any adult content on or from this website.

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Tamil tv serial actress ammu hot tv serial actress bhavana hot tv serial actress bikini tv serial actress bhavana telugu tv serial actress bhavana hot telugu tv. The first section presented analysis tools whereby the acceptability of manual handling MH requirements can be calculated. When physical demands associated with a MH task are determined to be unacceptable, the use of a mechanical assist can be evaluated. In this section, over seventy MH product types, including manipulators, lift tables, drum handling equipment, etc. Matrices for lift tables and manipulators are presented on the following pages.

Following the matrices, a table is presented describing ergonomic design guidelines associated with fork trucks. Advance Lifts manufactures powered lift tables and dock lifts. The lift tables range in height from 6. Portable as well as fixed location units are available. Air Technical Industries manufactures a wide variety of material handling equipment. The X-Light Duty scissor lift carts have capacities ranging from lb, lowered heights of 10, and raised heights ranging from 24 to 44 depending on model.

These lifts have hydraulic lifting action, either manually, electric, or battery activated. Roller decks are optional. Alum-A-Lift Division, B. Lift-Smart is a device for lifting, lowering, moving, positioning, and holding loads. Low positions range from floor level to 9 and a travel distance of 38 is standard. Capacities range from lb.

American Manufacturing Company, Inc.

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  6. The collapsed heights of the tables range from 5 to 12 and the vertical travel distances range between 25 and 72, depending upon the model. Optional equipment such as turntable decks, roller decks, safety skirts, and horizontal travel are available. Bishamon Industries Corporation manufactures scissor lifts, adjustable height carts, turntables, and upenders.

    The hydraulic adjustable height carts range in capacity from to lb and range in vertical height from 8. C H Distributors, Inc. Adjustable height carts, stackers, and portable scissor lift tables are available from manufacturers such as Presto, Southworth, Wesco, Bishamon, Genie, Eurokraft, and Lift-Rite. Carico Systems manufactures carts and containers. Wire mesh carts offer visual inventory, are completely collapsible, and have optional shelves and front drop gates. Containers with optional casters are available which have spring-loaded bottoms.

    The base floats up and down so that top level of products are level with the gate opening as products are placed into or removed from the container to minimize bending. Castle Industrial Ergonomics, Inc. They distribute adj-ht carts from Lee Engineering. Cherokee Products Corporation is a distributor of material handling equipment, tool balancers, and anti-fatigue mats.

    The Southworth Dandy Lift transports and lifts weights up to lb to maximum heights of Ergo Source distributes a variety of ergonomic products ranging from office equipment to mechanical assists and hand tools. An adjustable-height push cart is available with a lb capacity and an adjustment range of A foot-operated hydraulic jack is used to make height adjustments 24 strokes required across adjustment range.

    Global Equipment Company is a distributor of industrial seating and workstation equipment as well as material handling equipment A wide range of carts are available, including service, stock, utility, and instrument carts, carts with sliding shelves, wire shelf trucks, and a 24 adjustable height cart. Grainger is a distributor of industrial and commercial equipment and supplies.

    Handling Specialty, Inc. The Zero-Creep lift system provides indefinite load holding capabilities. The collapsed heights of the lifts range between 6 and Vertical travel distances of 32, 50, or 60 and capacities ranging between and 12, lb are available. Accessories and options include turntable, conveyor, and tilting tops as well as rollers. JRG Industries, Inc. Cranes, drum handlers, hand trucks, lift tables, work positioners, vacu-lifts, robotics, tilt tables and many other material handling equipment are available.

    Lee Engineering Company manufactures lift and turntables, adjustable height carts, and pallet trucks. Mechanical, electro-mechanical, and hydraulic scissor lift tables are available, ranging in capacity from lb. Vertical heights of the lift tables range from 7 to Options include wheels, conveyor tops, turntables, ball transfer tops, and tilt-top tables.

    Models of adjustable height carts suitable for light to heavy duties are available and range in capacity from lb to 30 tons. Lifting heights range from 12 exact range depends upon model. Casters, hydraulic lift units, and floor locks are standard. Hatfield Company, Inc. Adjustable height, hydraulic scissor lift carts with or without fixed or retractable ball transfers are available.

    Raised heights to 61 and capacities to lb are available. Rand Materials Handling Equipment Co. Carts adjustable in height via a foot operated hydraulic pump have capacities to lb, low heights as low as 8. Note that high push forces may be an issue on higher capacity units. Southworth manufactures powered lift tables, turntables, tilters, adjustable height carts, inverters, and vertical conveyors.

    These carts have capacities ranging from lb and have vertical height ranges from 3. T S Equipment Company manufactures a variety of manual handling assist devices. Adjustable height carts come in amnual, hydraulic, and electric models. The log deck cart is available in up to a length. A self-propelled model is available. Double-scissor carts have raised heights to Ted Thorsen distributes a complete line of containers, industrial workstations, and manual handling assists.

    A variety of adjustable-height carts are offered e. Southworth product line. The Ted Thorsen floating bottom can be installed in any cart, truck or container to reduce bending requirements. Unidex manufactures the PH Series foot pedal hydraulic cart with the capacity to lift and rotate loads up to lb. The PE series rechargeable electric cart has an onboard battery and charger and a capacity of LB. Both series have a variety of height adjustment ranges and can be outfitted with a variety of load handling options.

    Vestil Manufacturing Company manufactures material handling equipment, including work positioners, adjustable height carts, die carts, and lift and tilt tables. Tayloe Company is a distributor of industrial workstation and material handling equipment. Hydraulic scissor foot pump carts lift loads of up to lb from heights of 14 Wesco Manufacturing, Inc.

    The hydraulic adjustable height carts have capacities of lb, lift heights of 47 , and are equipped with phenolic wheels. Airsled, Inc. The Airsled comes in a variety of dimensions and are powered by a 12 lb. They distribute the Air Caster Product Line. Michael Kirby AeroGo, Inc. Force requirements to move load are reported as 1 lb per 1, lb of load. Casters are available in module or pallet jack designs. Airfloat Systems manufactures pneumatic tilters and turntables, air skids, and container shuttles. The air skids can be positioned to support virtually any load configuration and size and may be used for moving load fixtures, machines, assembly lines, and for rigging applications.

    The skids may be removed from or permanently attached to the load. Single or two bearing skids are available and capacities range from , lb. Boston Technical Furniture manufactures industrial workstations, including adjustable height workstations and roller tables. Air oper-ated retractable ball transfers can be mounted on top of or integrated into a worksurface.

    Buschman Conveyors manufactures a complete line of conveyor components. Ball caster tables can be integrated into a conveyor system. A ball transfer conveyor with a 50 lb capacity is available in a variety of sizes. Ball transfers minimize required forces to transfer or rotate a product or package at a workstation or may be used as an intersection for multi-directional conveyor lines.

    Cisco Material Handling, Inc. Hudson ball 1 dia. Multi-directional ball transfer tables and drop-in plates are available. Igar System manufactures industrial workstation systems. Workstations are adjustable via hand crank or electric motor, may be linked by roller or ball transfer conveyor tops, have individual lighting and swinging arms with bin tracks, and optional tilt tops. Omtec Corporation manufactures pneumatic retractable ball transfer systems. Balls are raised to move, orient, and position products, then are lowered to firmly position the product while the task is performed.

    Strips for conveyor transfers, tops for workstations, carts, scissor lifts, and portable units are available. Retractable via toggle switch or foot pedal and fixed ball transfer tables are available in a variety of styles including full or half coverage and mobile tables. Rand Material Handling Equipment Co. Ball transfer tables provide multi-directional movement of goods between conveyors or workstations. Table sizes vary and capacities of up to are available.

    Roll-A-Way Conveyors manufactures material handling equipment, including ball transfers, conveyors, and drum handling equipment. Steel friction balls rotate or transfer products in any direction and may be floor or frame mounted on conveyors, pans, or plates. Single-frame ball transfer rails are available to allow fast change of load direction. Speedways Conveyors, Inc. Retractable balls are air activated using a foot pedal. The tables provide for easy mobility of heavy or awkward objects.

    Omtec ball transfer tables, conveyors, and carts are available. Cargotainer - Adrian Fabricators, Inc. The containers range in sizes from 20X32X16 to 48X48X24 with cargo capacities up to lb. The caontainers have a drop-down side for easy access to material. Cargotainer also manufactures wire mesh rack decks which fit into or over existing racks to convert them into storage bins or pick-slot locations for items too small for pallets.

    The rack decks are available in sizes from 2 x2 to 2. Century Engineering develops process equipment for liquid, solids, and air handling. Pneumatic and mechanical conveyor systems are used for transport of bulk dry goods. Bulk storage, bagging, and weighing systems are available.