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What is it? Advantages of CleverLand An adaptable user interface to match the customer needs. Suitable for both small and large parcel machine networks Cleveron does not handle any personal information — customer drives the end-user communication. We choose the suitable integration and software modules with the customer before setting up the parcel machine. Pilot software for a fast launch With the pilot software, no developments needed from the customer.

Full integration With full integration, the owner of the parcel machine network integrates his system with CleverLand via integration API, which will enable the exchange of parcel data. Remote monitoring and troubleshooting.

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Continuous development CleverLand is continuously enhanced — we develop new business functionalities and schedule regular software updates to make the platform even more effective, faster and easier to use. View the case study. Start by contacting us Contact us for additional information about ROI, software, technical support, piloting process or any other topic Your name.

Tuktu- 3- The Clever Hands (Inuit ingenuity and creativity)

The chapter also includes an interesting section on Maths teaching principles and practice which is likely to be of interest to the Maths teachers amongst us. One slightly surprising omission was the Chinese fascination with Western education. The final stop was Canada.

Clever Clever Land by Jonathan Kump | NOOK Book (eBook) | Barnes & Noble®

There were however, two key takeaways beyond the discovery that all kindergarten displays were at child height! Firstly, the significance of specialist Learning Support for those children who require it much like Finland.

And secondly, the fact that the introduction of a commitment to discovery learning has coincided with a slide down the PISA rankings. The book finishes with 5 key recommendations that the author believes could be applied in the UK -or elsewhere. Instead, I have outlined three key points which I feel the book highlights or reinforces. Firstly, as noted earlier, the concept of culture cannot be underestimated.

Listen to Clever Clever and the Land of Whatever (feat. Calvin Holt Sr) now.

Inseparable from this is the pressure exerted by parents and teachers on children to make this sacrifice. These are cultural phenomena and cannot easily be transplanted to the UK. Interview some academics about how people learn best. And the implications of schooling. This could be interesting. Reply Alert moderator.

Formula for education success as follows 1. Close down selective schools. Speech pathologist assign to every primary school full time. Better qualified teachers. Needs based funding. Qualified educators for pre schools. The topic of improving our national education performance keeps being trotted out, without reference to its corollary, the use of that education, and its relevance to the job market. I would ask the following questions: Is tertiary education functionally necessary for work? What are the barriers to people learning jobs of any skill level, on the job?

Why are high school graduates not good as they are, for work?