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His father tried to visit the apartment to see the damage his son had supposedly done, but when he arrived, Larry appeared in the lobby and blocked him from going up. There he put them to work installing a new drainage system in the yard. They were forced to sell their house to cover the costs. In , the police conducted a wellness check on Claudia and determined that she was acting of her own free will. Yalitza had attempted suicide by swallowing a bottle of Tylenol and was in a coma.

When she woke, she was transferred to a hospital in White Plains, where her parents visited her every day. Claudia would talk to Larry but not to them. According to family and friends, only Santos tried to take his own life before meeting Larry. Since then, Isabella, Yalitza, and Claudia have all attempted suicide. Larry later estimated their cumulative number of attempts at more than Daniel, Talia, and Isabella graduated in the spring of Santos never graduated.

Claudia graduated a semester late, in the winter of Larry attended her commencement ceremony. After graduation, Claudia began a certificate program at Columbia and later worked part-time at a data-analytics firm. It was like she was literally hypnotized. Her mother eventually moved out of the city, and Claudia started living in hotels. Isabella, Felicia, and Larry continued to live in the apartment on 93rd Street.

Santos and Yalitza came and went regularly. In , Chen evicted Larry. Larry responded by countersuing Chen, listing Felicia, Isabella, and Talia as co-plaintiffs. The case went to trial in early , and Claudia, Isabella, and Yalitza testified as witnesses. Claudia went on to testify that after she enrolled at Sarah Lawrence, her family began receiving money from Kerik and those working with him. Kerik ordered Claudia to poison Larry using arsenic, cyanide, mercury, silver, and lead.

Kerik denies any involvement in a conspiracy against his former friend. Throughout the trial, the girls painted a picture of Larry as a guardian of vulnerable youth. She believed her testimony was penance. Yalitza similarly described feeling guilty about the supposed poisonings. Chen won the eviction case, though it would take almost another year to get Larry out of the apartment. Surveillance footage shows DiTommaso approach Larry and begin to violently beat him while Claudia and Santos try to stop him.

He sent a letter to then—U. Attorney Preet Bharara outlining the conspiracy against him and met with a special agent at the EPA to try to persuade him to investigate the poisonings. Put mercury on her toothbrush. Began sleeping over in her room more and more frequently to accomplish this goal. Also put arsenic and mercury in her undergarments. One tab on the website linked to a video in which Claudia sits on a duvet-covered bed in dark-green Sarah Lawrence Gryphons sweatpants, looking dazed.

He is talking about Kerik and DiTommaso. In more than ten hours of interviews this April, Larry could be playful, funny, and engaging, sometimes even thrilling. Once, in the backseat of a car chauffeured by his personal driver, he saw a man asking for money and holding a cardboard sign: MARINE.

Larry told Isabella to give the veteran some money. Another time, unprompted, Larry pulled out his laptop and opened a spreadsheet he said listed the total estimated valuation of his 8, domain names on GoDaddy. His primary conversational tactic is to overwhelm. He can go on minute unbroken monologues, especially if the subject turns to his victimhood.

Why would his former friends have it in for him? What conspiracy? Ray has the control. At the Moonstruck Diner on Third Avenue, Isabella orders sliders with Cheddar cheese; when Larry orders the same thing, she corrects him tenderly. His relationship with Isabella is as opaque as everything else in his life. Now 59, he is, he explains, in tremendous pain. He seems to have divided the former students into camps. On one side are Talia, Felicia, and Isabella, who were poisoned. On the other, Claudia, Yalitza, and Santos, who he believes are behind the poisoning.

Talia no longer lives with Larry; she moved in with his stepfather in North Carolina. He says they still talk almost every day. I genuinely believed that Yali felt very guilty. And I genuinely believe that Santos felt genuinely guilty. The only one who tried to do something was Claudia. And yet Larry has caused untold devastation in the lives of the people around him. For years, he has silenced his victims by intimidating them physically, psychologically, legally, and, when all else fails, by public shaming and harassment.

Larry claims to have lost touch with Santos and Yalitza, as have their parents, who have not spoken to their children since As the years pass, their parents are haunted by a loss that they cannot begin to understand. We love them. At dinner, Larry spoke for Isabella, who looked, to the aunt, unfocused. Larry said that she was sick and that he was medicating her.

They planned to meet up again the next day, but Larry called and canceled. As for Daniel, he moved to New York after graduation. One night, he stumbled on a website that bullet-pointed the characteristics of a cult. Larry had brought them into a moneymaking venture, he had alienated them from their family and friends, and he had put them in the hot seat. Even the act of making friends felt unsafe. Daniel finally found a group for cult escapees and slowly opened up to roommates and girlfriends he now identifies as straight about his experience.

Their horrified reactions have helped him gain perspective. Eventually, he shared the full extent of what happened with his parents. When they met up, Claudia told him that Larry had strapped her to a chair and put a plastic bag over her head until she almost passed out. She feared Larry might kill her. Her former employer bought her a ticket out of the city that night. She turned off her phone and left without packing her stuff. Soon after, she sought and received care. Two weeks after Claudia left New York, Larry was still trying to find her. Subscribe Now! Already a subscriber? Log in or link your magazine subscription.

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Publication is set for summer ; John Cusick at Folio Jr. Nicole Ellul at Simon Pulse has acquired Shea Ernshaw 's new YA novel, Winterwood , about an eerie forest deep in the snowy mountains, haunted by mystery and magic, where a boy thought dead suddenly returns. In the book, a year-old girl wanting to find her place in a secret society of warriors embarks on a journey to fight her way through gods and demons in various Chinatowns, in order to find a secret island where her missing father might be.

Publication is planned for fall and ; Penny Moore Empire Literary negotiated the two-book deal for world rights. Publication is scheduled for early ; the author was unagented. Jessica Garrison at Dial and Laura Harris at Penguin Random House Australia have jointly bought Gus Gordon 's picture book, I Am Alice , a story about friendship, loss, and found family, featuring a city piglet, a seaside piglet, and a dash of magical realism.

Penguin Australia will publish the book in fall , and Dial will publish in spring Deirdre Jones at Little, Brown has bought world rights to My United States , a page collection of maps of the 50 states, containing facts, stats, trivia, and more, hand-painted by folk artist and My New York creator Kathy Jakobsen. The book, which was unagented, will be published in Hohn 's nonfiction picture book about Louise Bennett-Coverley, a Jamaican poet, performer, and champion of Jamaican Patois popularly known as Miss Lou.

Publication is slated for fall ; the author represented herself. Eliza Swift at Albert Whitman has bought world rights to author-illustrator Cassandra Federman 's debut picture book, This Is a Sea Cow , in which a child writes a school report about sea cows, and the subject is not happy with her portrayal. Set in , the story follows two Detroit boys who are inspired by their hero, legendary boxer Joe Louis, as they face the hardships of the Great Depression, the rise of Nazi Germany, and a schoolyard bully.

Lincoln , a nonfiction poetry collection by Eileen Meyer. Ebony Glenn will illustrate; the book is planned for spring Taylor Norman has bought world rights to Brooke Smith 's l. Inspired by a list of words that were removed from the Oxford Junior Dictionary, the story tells of a grandmother's quest to save those words by passing them along to her granddaughter. Publication is scheduled for spring ; the author represented herself, and Emily van Beek at Folio Jr. In the picture book, a friend's warm perspective turns a winter's day from bleak to beautiful. Publication is planned for fall ; Karen Grencik at Red Fox Literary represented the author, and the illustrator represented herself in the deal for world rights.

Julie Bliven at Charlesbridge has acquired world rights to Diane C. Mullen 's One Little Lot: The s of Urban Gardening , a debut counting picture book about a community that transforms an abandoned lot into a bountiful garden. Oriol Vidal will illustrate; publication is slated for summer