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Tag Archives: driving myself sane. Aug 17 Monday Madness! What happens now? I was having a convo with my dad tonight. Question: I recently had to answer the question, "How do your projects start? How do your projects start? Aug 14 Leave a comment. TGIF What a week!

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A few of the things that happened: -I went to the beach. Did everyone have a good week?

The Scientific Way To Stay Sane Under Stress

Aug 04 Jul 31 Rapid City, SD! Yesterday was a long, long winding road of a day. I was tired and wanted to focus on driving b. This thoroughly revised Third Edition of Drive Yourself Sane, first published in , remains the most reliable short introduction to 'general semantics' GS now available. A remarkable system of thought founded by Alfred Korzybski , GS is based on a careful study of human behavior and scientific problem-solving, bridging applied psychology and practical philosophy.

Drive Yourself Sane provides time-tested methods for critical and creative thinking and constructive communicating with a variety of problem-solving applications for mental hygiene, personal development, education, business, etc. The text and accompanying exercises help readers sharpen the primary tools they were born with: their individual brain-nervous systems with their marvelous capacities to adapt to change and to learn from and build upon their own and other people's experiences.

Includes Notes, Bibliography and Index. A seminar student dashed in one morning hollering, " General Semantics, General Semantics, is driving me sane! Use it to find your own road on the journey towards achieving your goals.

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They jointly received the J. Talbot Winchell Award from the Institute of General Semantics for their contributions to the field of general semantics. Bruce's and Susan's goal is to help create a saner, safer world, one person at a time.

Driving Yourself Sane with Meditation

Convert currency. Add to Basket. We work longer days, take less vacations and cram our schedules with all sorts of planned activities. From the moment we wake up in the morning, most of our day has been mapped out. There is very little room for idleness, contemplative pauses or serendipity.

Who among us hasn't experienced elation when an event is cancelled and we find ourselves suddenly with an unexpected free stretch of time? If you lead a hectic lifestyle, think about what you can safely eliminate in order to salvage some idle time. Idleness gets a bad rap. It's a sanity booster. Perhaps this is what Danish philosopher Soren Kierkegaard meant long ago when he said: "Far from idleness being the root of all evil, it is rather the only true good. The daily commute to and from work is a source of stress for many people.

A driving music survey discovered that those who tune into rock music while commuting are more inclined to experience road rage, while those who tune into classical music stay relaxed and focused. Research shows that listening to Mozart lowers blood pressure. Music profoundly affects our body and our mind. It's one of the most easily available salves for stress. How do you combat stress in your daily life?

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