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Talking about Frank Sinatra, your father and him were best buddies. It is very rare to see something similar in the show business. Maybe this has to do a bit with the fact that both were Italians? I think because they were both Italian and they were both the best at what they did. Everybody idolized them, my father sang many more Italian songs than Frank, but there was something very very similar about them: women all wanted to be with them, men wanted to be like them, because they were classic and cool.

They both had a very good sense of humor, my dad happened to have a lot of fun with Frank, Frank loved my father. It's amazing how long they lasted, through the 50s, the 60s, the 70s, the 80s. There was just something so cool and fabulous about them.

It is also a declaration of love to Italy, right? Yes, he loved Italy, and "That's Amore" actually is a declaration of love for Italy. It is a terrific song, everybody knows it all over the world. No matter where I go, even if people don't speak English they know all the words. In fact, I sing it in every one of my shows and I go out into the audience, and everyone is singing, it doesn't matter if they are 80 years old or 10 years old, they know all the words to "That's Amore". Every restaurant plays Dean Martin's "That's Amore": and every time I hear it, it brings joy to me, I see my dad singing it with a big smile on his face.

He loved everything Italian! He had a great relationship with the Italian American community, they loved him, he was generous with his time and performed at numerous charity events. He was and still is loved by all Italians. And he really believed that! He was a proud Italian American! Il 7 giugno del si celebra il centesimo compleanno di una vera fantastica icona della musica italiana: Dean Martin.

O forse per nessuno di questi motivi? Penso che sia stato per entrambi.


Sono orgogliosa di chiamarmi Deana Martin: "Dean", con una "A". Mio padre mi ha dato un gran buon esempio, quando ero giovane: lo ho visto registrare a Capitol Studios, lo ho visto in scena a Las Vegas, ho sperimentato di persona quanto fosse magico. Per coloro che non l'hanno ancora letto, potrebbe raccontarci un curioso aneddoto su di voi, che non tutti conoscono?

Il libro riguarda la affascinante vita di mio padre. Siamo una famiglia come tutte le altre famiglie del mondo, ci sono stati matrimoni, divorzi, ci sono figli e nipoti, i loro successi e fallimenti. Per me, che vivevo con mio padre a Beverly Hills con i miei fratelli e sorelle, era una vita impressionante. Mi ricordo di un momento in cui uscii con mio padre, avevo 16 anni e lui mi chiese cosa volessi per il mio compleanno. Lui disse: "Grande, vallo a comprare! E io dissi "No, voglio che tu venga a comprarlo insieme a me!

Amavo quei momenti quando avevo mio padre solo per me! Ogni domenica sera mia nonna veniva a casa nostra e cucinava una cena italiana, gnocchi, pasta e fagioli e pollo. C'erano solo cose che erano molto italiane e tradizionali, e lui era molto orgoglioso di essere italiano! Era fantastico sia nel cantare che nel recitare. Cosa preferiva tra musica, cinema e televisione? Mi ricordo che gli chiesi "Posso prendere lezioni di canto? Lastly, Bologna has the world's oldest university founded in and St. He also owns one of the first Italian American websites ever, with probably the most requested domain in the community: www.

A culture dies when its language dies. Any linguist or anthropologist can testify to this fact. He was part of an Italian club in St. I completely agree with this sentiment. A culture and its language are inseparable. There is no Italian culture without the Italian language just like there is no French culture without the French language. Any language is crucial to the identity of a culture because a culture flows from a language. As a result, Giannotti gathered like-minded people and founded his own club with the purpose of preserving and promoting the Italian language and culture in the St.

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Louis region. Not surprisingly, his club has flourished ever since and it is the only exclusively Italian speaking association in the entire Midwest. I joined IPP four years ago and about two years later Franco extended me an invitation to become a board member. I have learned a lot from Franco over these last few years. The Italian community that we subsequently founded was born from Italiano Per Piacere.

We are proud of this club and our membership is increasing. Quite a few Americans, who are fluent in the Italian language or who wanted to practice their Italian, have joined in recent years. It is a great thing to see. In fact, I am one of those Americans who joined. Louis native, although my mother comes from Trieste, I grew up in an Italian speaking household, and subsequently went to live in Europe for several years, so I suppose I am an American with an asterisk. In any case, I fell in love with the Italian language and culture and, as you can see, this is something I am deeply passionate about.

Franco has always been forward thinking and, at a time where websites were a very new thing, he made the wise decision to purchase it. You will have to ask him if he ever wants to sell but I highly doubt it! There are several books on Italian emigration to St. Louis but I will try to paint a general picture. The story of Italian emigration in our region is very similar to that of northern and north-eastern US cities but also unique in its own way. Louis was founded by the French in and ruled by the Spanish for many years until when the US government purchased the city from Napoleon in the Louisiana Purchase.

Like New Orleans, St. Louis was a Catholic city on the Mississippi River. It is, therefore, unsurprising that the very first Italians who came to St. They both arrived in among other missionaries and Rosati, in fact, went on to become the first bishop of what was then the Diocese of St. The first permanent group of Italian settlers came from the North. They were mostly refugees from the wars that accompanied the Risorgimento. Between and , St. Louis saw the height of its Italian migrant population.

During that time, St. Louis was actually the fourth largest city in North America and a large industrial powerhouse. Others passed through New York and came here via train. You may have heard of baseball greats Yogi Berra and Joe Garagiola. They were both born and raised on The Hill in St Louis. The northern Italians which created The Hill were mostly from Lombardia and specifically the towns surrounding Milan such as Cuggiono. They built a Catholic Church, St. Ambrose, in a Lombard style. It still serves as a focal point of the neighborhood. Southern Italians, mostly Sicilians, settled north of downtown St.

When their neighborhood was blighted, some settled on The Hill to the dismay and even disgust of its residents. Unfortunately, tensions rose between the two groups and many conflicts ensued. Over the years, Italian emigration to St. Louis has changed dramatically like in many of its peer cities. An interesting phenomenon began to develop. As a result of little or no contact with the mother country and its ongoing transformation, these Americans of Italian heritage began to represent a different culture with their own creole language. Decades passed and by the s and 80s these families became proud of their creole culture and language.

Today, as I have discussed earlier, St. Louis is seeing a new immigration, one of professional Italians to St. Louis and to the United States as a whole. But Italians like to stick together even abroad and we are seeing the formation of many new Italian communities throughout the United States like ours. It is important to see the neighborhood in its historical context. It tells a story of historic Italian immigration to the Americas and specifically to the US. Today there are not many actual Italians living on The Hill but there are still quite a few people whose ancestors came from Cuggiono and the towns surrounding Milan.

Today, The Hill is a solid St. Louis working class neighborhood. Mass is said in Italian once a month and the school offers Italian classes to all its students. The Hill is still a vibrant neighborhood although it has changed a lot over the years. The streets are lined with bakeries, grocery stores, a gelateria, and Italian American restaurants playing the music of Dean Martin and Frank Sinatra.

You will also see copies of the Italian American newspaper Il Pensiero which is still in print and published bi-monthly by Carina Marino. One of my favorite places on The Hill is Volpi Salumeria, which is also one of our sponsors. In , Giovanni Volpi arrived in St. Louis from Milan, and in , he opened his own salumeria at the same location it is today. He used the same methods he had learned in Milan to cure meats. He even created cacciatore -a dried salami small enough to fit into the pockets of the local clay miners. Today Volpi is a very successful worldwide brand and their products are even imported to Italy.

Armando Pasetti, a native of Mantova, and his daughter Lorenza Pasetti, are the owners of Volpi and have been avid supporters of our Italian community. Louis was vandalized. Now the City of St. Louis is considering removing the statue.

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This has become a very controversial topic and our community has decided not to take an official position with regards to the Christopher Columbus statue. I know quite a few members of our community who are in favor of keeping the statue where it is and I know several people who are adamantly against its presence in any public space. Many are indifferent about the whole issue. In my role as president of the Italian Community of St Louis, I refrain from issuing a position because it is not my place to do so.

All I can say is that we condemn all vandalism. From a personal point of view, however, I will share with your audience some important points to think about. We all know that Christopher Columbus was no saint. This is very clear from first-hand accounts and a minimal amount of research. History is history. It just happened to be Columbus. A Columbian exchange of some sort was bound to happen and it was clearly not genocide nor was it intended to be. When two worlds are in contact with each other for the first time, there are bound to be positive and negative effects. In the past century, Columbus has been an important figure for Italians living abroad, especially here in the United States.

I realize that there is an attachment to him and that some consider him a hero. On the other hand, I have spoken to many of our Italian students at local universities who think it is very strange that a discussion on Columbus in would ever arise. Some, however, think very strongly that an attack on Columbus is an attack on Italians.

Here is some food for thought. You can take it or leave it. If every statue which represented a controversial figure in the city of Rome would be taken down, there would be no statues in Rome. You would have to take down the entire city. If every controversial figure in the St. I would say to those who wish to take it down to be careful about what they wish for.

A lot more statues might follow. Also, the money you would use to take down the statue could be put to better use which would concretely make a bigger difference in our society. Moreover, would you replace the statue with another one? Of whom?

Full text of "Il principe"

Chances are that person will also become unpopular some day. To those who praise Christopher Columbus as a hero to be honored and praised, I would advise to read first-hand accounts and understand his story from a critical perspective. To both sides I would urge respect and understanding but also a critical dialogue. Si tratta di due diversi tipi di leadership, entrambi vincenti. Oggi incontriamo Michael J. Louis , o come siamo chiamati in inglese, Italian Community of St. Louis, ma anche a chiunque voglia imparare o praticare la lingua italiana e a coloro che sono semplicemente interessati alla cultura italiana.

Siamo simili ad altre associazioni italiane negli Stati Uniti come Italians in DC , per esempio, in quanto forniamo una "casa lontano da casa" per gli italiani che vivono nella nostra zona. Siamo orgogliosi di essere l'unica organizzazione del nostro genere in tutto il Midwest. Non ci crederesti mai guardando la nostra pagina Facebook , ma siamo un'organizzazione molto nuova.

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Louis che comprende parti dell'Illinois meridionale e del Missouri orientale. Da molti anni professionisti italiani sono arrivati a St. Louis per lavorare e studiare, ma non avevano un'organizzazione in grado di soddisfare le loro esigenze. Non hanno mai avuto una voce. Louis e in tutti gli Stati Uniti.

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Abbiamo anche persone in ogni fase della vita. Siamo professori, medici, ricercatori, ricercatori, imprenditori, musicisti, cuochi, madri, padri, bambini, nonni, scienziati, studenti e coloro che desiderano semplicemente imparare la lingua italiana. Ogni mese organizziamo almeno un evento. Molti degli eventi sono organizzati attraverso il nostro club Italiano Per Piacere che tiene conferenze, tavole rotonde e cene esclusivamente in lingua italiana. Oltre agli eventi IPP, durante tutto l'anno si organizzano pizza party, concerti, cene, pasta party, degustazioni di vini, aperitivi e incontri festivi.

Well, in this case there's only one book in this category, I decided to not put Learning to Love the Heath here because I gave the book 4 stars and it seemed me not fair to do so. Well, take a seat! As usual I'm here to list my favourite and must read-books of Let's take a seat, the show is about to begin! Will he take the leap with me? Cole Danforth was a troubled kid with a bad reputation. When I was nine years old, he rescued me from bullies trying to steal my Halloween candy.

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I've worked a decade for this. I've sold my soul and my reputation. I've lived a lie, smiled for the cameras, and hated myself, all for this inheritance. And then … she pops up. I can continue the charade a little longer, keep my hands to myself and her body out of my mind. I can keep my secret until the ink dries and everything is mine.