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Bobby began wearing the armor of Rampage and helped him to escape.

Spider-Man arrived to cover the story of the Champions disbanding, and Bobby battled both him and Angel. Spider-Man was able to bring Bobby to his senses. After Bobby was captured, Master Mold awoke the Hulk. Bobby felt compelled to display his skill by battling Moon Knight. When it was revealed that Moondragon was manipulating them to strengthen the Avengers, Bobby returned to college. On another summer break, Bobby visited his former teammate and best friend, Hank, and briefly became associated with the Defenders. After the founding Defenders Dr. Strange , Prince Namor , the Hulk, and the Silver Surfer were convinced to leave the team, Iceman played a pivotal role alongside Hank and Angel in the organization and cohesion of the team.

While visiting his parents, Bobby was attracted to Marge Smith and, while attempting to talk to her, was attacked by Idiot and White Light. After finding a small box in Marge's destroyed home, Bobby returned to his parent's home where they berated him for bringing shame to the family. While holding the box, Bobby was sent into the past where his parents, William Drake and Madeline Bass, were his age. When they were attacked by Kali Marge saved Bobby but his father died, causing Bobby to fade away. Bobby was sent to Oblivion , who explained that Marge was his daughter, created out of a fragment of himself, and if Bobby returned her he would recreate Bobby's father.

Bobby was sent to a dreamworld, created by Marge, and convinced Marge to return to Oblivion. This adventure helped him to understand his parents more upon his return. Later, Moondragon, who was possessed by Dragon of the Moon , seemingly killed most of the members of the Defenders in a climactic battle, and the team disbanded. After his completion of college and a short life of an accountant for Harras, Anderson and Brown, it was discovered that Jean Grey was still alive after having believed dead for years.

Believing that the X-Men were no longer following the Xavier's dream, Bobby joined his former teammates and founding members of the X-Men in the formation of X-Factor , an organization that intended to seek out and aid mutants under the pretense of hunting down mutants as menaces to society. The public assumed they were humans hunting mutants when in fact they were training young mutants in the use of their powers at the X-Factor Complex.

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The team went on to battle Apocalypse and his Alliance of Evil. Bobby was also the object of a crush from the young mutant, Boom-Boom. Loki hoped to enhance Iceman's powers to the point that he could be used to restore the Frost Giants of Loki's realm. After defeating of Apocalypse, his sentient Ship crash landed on their Complex and X-Factor began living on it.

X-Factor was approached by the media and finally revealed the truth of X-Factor's mutant origins. Iceman began dating a young mutant named Infectia. Infectia kidnapped Bobby and tried to use her powers kiss him and make him her slave. Beast jumped in the way and took the kiss instead, plunging him into a coma for several days.

After taking Opal to meet his parents, Bobby was again attacked by her cousin, Hiro. In a confrontation with Mikhail , [52] Iceman's body was forced to turn into living ice instead of just the external casing he had always used before. Iceman began to realize that there were more aspects to his powers than he had formerly thought. Bobby began experimenting, adding ice to his body to bulk himself up and using ice columns to lift things into the air rather than his typical ice slide.

After months in a coma, Emma Frost awoke and possessed Iceman's body. Bobby demanded she tell him how she accessed his powers. Emma responded that she owed him nothing and went as far as to call him a pathetic loser for not pushing himself. During the trip, Bobby began seeing visions of Emma Frost.

Later, Bobby, Scott, Ororo, and Logan were mysteriously awakened in an area unfamiliar to them. They all seemed to have suffered in a battle they had no memory of. Bobby awoke in his ice form with a gaping hole in his chest. Amazed he was still alive, Bobby and the other X-Men found that they were being tested by Onslaught. After finally defeating Onslaught's herald, Post , they were teleported back to the mansion.

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The X-Men sent Iceman and Cannonball to infiltrate presidential candidate Graydon Creed 's [3] mutant hating political campaign. Bobby found evidence that Creed was associated with the Friends of Humanity. After his father spoke out against Creed, Graydon's thugs nearly killed Mr.

Drake, and Bobby left the team to be at his father's side. During this mission, Bobby brought Marrow into the X-Men. Bobby learned that he didn't need to fear the evolution of his abilities and returned to the X-Men to explore his untapped potential to the fullest. It was during this time that Bobby suffered a chest injury from Black Tom that triggered his Secondary Mutation , [63] slowly encasing his body in ice and preventing him from reverting into his human form.

During a mission to rescue Nightcrawler , Iceman's entire body was shattered in his ice-form, leaving only his head. Bobby later reformed himself using the moisture from the body of an enemy. After Havok left Lorna at the altar for a human woman [65] Bobby had previously kissed, Lorna was left open for Iceman to admit that he still had feelings for her and a relationship between them developed.

Things were further complicated when Bobby expressed disapproval over Cyclops reassigning him to a team under his brother Havok. As he was one of the original X-Men, Bobby felt he held a higher rank. Rate This. Director: Felix Randau. Writer: Felix Randau. From metacritic. Belski's Watched Movies Films I watched in CDC wanna see neu.

Use the HTML below. You must be a registered user to use the IMDb rating plugin. Krant Susanne Wuest Kisis Sabin Tambrea Tasar Martin Augustin Schneider Gosar Violetta Schurawlow Mitar Anna F. Kulan as Anna Wappel Axel Stein Gris Paula Renzler Rasop Franco Nero Trapper Konrad Hochgruber Genres: Drama. Country: Germany Italy Austria. Language: German. Runtime: 96 min. Color: Color. Edit Did You Know? They also learned that the Apocalypse's Horsemen had been kidnapping these mutants from around the globe.

Iceman was captured in the woods near his home by Deathbird, who had become the Horseman War. Apocalypse and his forces captured all of the Twelve during the battle, using them in a ritual to give the Chaos-Bringer a new body and incredible power. Magneto and Polaris created opposite magnetic polarities, Iceman, Storm, and Sunfire provided elemental extremes, Cyclops, Phoenix, and Cable gave the sheer power of family, Xavier represented the power of mind and Bishop and Mikhail stood for time and space, while the Monolith linked all their energies together.

Nate Grey was to be Apocalypse's new host, a powerhouse to store his massive lifeforce. The Twelve managed to free themselves and Cyclops sacrificed his own body and life force to keep Apocalypse from getting Nate. Though the new Apocalypse was defeated, Cyclops seemed lost forever. After that incident, Iceman helped the Beast to secretly enter Genosha, as he wanted to study the legacy-infected mutates. When the High Evolutionary released his anti-mutation wave, they were trapped in the war-ravaged country. With the aid of Magneto, they escaped and joined forces with the rest of the scattered X-Men.

They raided the Evolutionary's satellite, disabled the mutation field and defeated Sinister, who had been manipulating the Evolutionary. Iceman was recruited by the living ship Prosh , along with other mutants, like Jean Grey, Mystique, Toad and Juggernaut, to preserve evolution and save it. In this journey Iceman developed his powers even further, which led him to no longer be afraid of the natural course of his powers and he returned to the X-Men. He was using his abilities in a whole new way now, just channeling the power and not turning his body into ice.

During a heated battle with a recently evolved Black Tom Cassidy , he received a chest wound. After returning to normal his chest did not fully recover and some parts of it remained icy, and he was unable to return them to normal.

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At first he became afraid of it but in time it made him gain a new attitude in life, even rude at some times. Nobody seemed to realize it at the time, but evidently this was an early sign of Iceman undergoing a secondary mutation of his own. When he repeatedly tried to evade his regular medical check-ups, school nurse Annie Ghazikhanian recognized that something odd was going on with him and pressured him to show her the wound.

Bobby made her promise not to tell anyone and showed her that parts of his chest are now made of ice and he is unable to change them back to flesh and blood. Iceman wonders if he will entirely turn into ice on a permanent basis. He developed an attitude that, to some of the newer addition to the X-Men, like Stacy X , Juggernaut and Northstar , he comes across as rather arrogant, denouncing their status as team members, as they have not been around as long as he.

Iceman even went as far as offending Nightcrawler by claiming that only the original five, and no one else, has the right to call themselves an X-Man. Bobby was further frustrated when Havok and Polaris announced their imminent wedding, him having carried a torch for Lorna for quite some time. In his frustration he turned to Annie, who had problems with the wedding too, as she was secretly in love with Havok. The nurse surprised him with the accusation of him being a racist - feeling comfortable as a mutant who could pass like a human when needed, opposed to being a fully obvious mutant or a "mere" human.

With his secondary mutation manifesting, though, Iceman was in danger of losing this status. Shocked by the truth of her words, Bobby fully opened up about his fears, that as a man fully made of ice he could never feel the warmth of a physical relationship again. Touched, Annie allowed him to kiss her, but when Havok called off the wedding, wanting to be with Annie instead, she quickly dumped Bobby. Upon encountering Azazel and his followers, Iceman's body is shattered from the neck down. Afterward, he regains his entire ice form, but cannot change back to his human appearance.

As a result, Bobby becomes both bitter and despondent because of this drastic change. Iceman joins Rogue 's team after she tells him that she wants him as a member.

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It was shown several times during the arc. The next mission for the team was to locate a man called Pandemic and defeat him. The team was again successful, but Rogue was infected with a virus called Strain Cable took the team, including Bobby, to his island so Rogue could get treatment. While on Cable's island, the team and Iceman began working to defeat the Shi'ar weapon known as the Hecatomb. During the chaos, he shared a passionate kiss with Mystique.

As the team recovers from Hecatomb attack in Rogue's childhood home, it appears that Mystique and Iceman begin a romantic relationship. Sinister who has been gathering information about the future from anybody and anything that could foretell the future. They are pursued by Sunfire ; they manage to get the better of him and take him prisoner, but not before he manages to cripple the jet. While Sunfire is unconscious, Iceman and Sam discuss the Mauraders' plan to eliminate all precognitive mutants and anyone with knowledge of the future as well as retrieving Destiny's Diaries before the Marauders can.

During this time, Bobby displayed sub-atomic control of energy transfers when he prevented Sunfire from using his fire-based powers. Cannonball and Bobby, telepathically prompted by Emma Frost, attempt to recover the diaries which are hidden in a dilapidated brewery. Sinister uses the reverse-engineered version of Xavier's Cerebro to track the pair of X-Men to the brewery.

The Marauders attack Cannonball and Iceman and overtake them. Bobby, while in his ice form, suffers a gunshot wound from Mystique, which severs one of his arms above the elbow. Mister Sinister, who takes Cannonball prisoner, attempts to telepathically erase his mind so that the X-Men will find him as an empty shell.

Iceman attacks Sinister, distracting him, which allows both of the X-Men to escape. Pixie teleported them back to the mansion in a rush, but the entire team was scattered between D. Iceman, after recovering from his injuries, volunteered to go look for them and was given telepathic directions by Emma Frost.

Iceman was successful in finding the New X-Men, most of them injured. With the help of Dust and X, the X-Men were able to survive this battle but the nano-Sentinel infected human escaped. However, he also witnesses his mentor, Professor Xavier, "killed" by Bishop's bullet, which was not meant for him.

All four are caught in the effects of a citywide illusion created by Martinique Jason , who used her powers to transform the city into a hippie paradise. They eventually set up their base of operations in San Francisco as X-Men. He attempted to use humor to keep everyone's spirits up even though he believed that the situation was helpless and that the X-Men were living in the last days of mutantkind. Bobby then helped defeat Predator X and also helped stop Selene's resurrected army's invasion of Utopia.

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During the battle with Bastion's Nimrod Sentinels, Iceman is severely injured following an attack from one of them that reversed his ice form and left him with burns on his body. When the Terrigen became toxic for mutants, Iceman was one of the recruits in Storm's new team dedicated to protecting mutants from the Terrigen by leading them to X-haven.

Iceman is one of the few heroes summoned by Mr. Fantastic to help the Future Foundation against the villainous being known as the Griever. However, Iceman is not one of the few heroes who were part of Fantastic Four 's expanded members, when one of the original four, Human Torch noticed his presence during the battle. Iceman claims that he was with the Fantastic Four in an "untold story" during the Atlantean's past invasion led by Namor, but Human Torch replies that story Iceman made-up was "not-canon".

Following the war with the Phoenix Five , as Cyclops begins to lash out against government oppression of mutants, a chance comment by Bobby about how the old Cyclops wouldn't tolerate what he is currently doing inspires Beast to travel back in time and recruit the original five X-Men to stop Cyclops. The younger Bobby is especially shocked by the older Bobby's Omega level powers, like creating ice golems, and especially his future "Ice Wizard" self in the Battle of the Atom.

Returning to their universe, the team are reunited with Cyclops when they are called upon to aid the Guardians of the Galaxy again in retrieving the fabled Black Vortex. Later, the younger, time-displaced Bobby is forced to confront being gay by his teammate, Jean, who privately asks him why he calls women "hot", when she knows via her psychic abilities that he is gay.

This causes the younger Bobby to speculate as to the complicated identity issues faced by his older self and the decisions his older self may have made in the time between them. Bobby joins the time-displaced Cylcops, Angel and Beast, as well as Kid Apocalypse , All-New Wolverine and Oya as they road-trip around America trying to make their own mark on the world.

Bobby is initially reluctant to talk about his sexuality with his teammates until Oya and Kid Apocalypse take him to a gay club in an attempt to make him more comfortable. He embarrasses himself and runs into Romeo, an Inhuman with the ability to manipulate and feel others' emotions. Romeo makes Bobby more comfortable and the two begin a relationship.

After the X-Men's war against the Inhumans for the Terrigen ends, Iceman joins the rest of the young X-Men on an attempted return to their original timeline but they quickly realize that theirs isn't part of the Earth timeline, leaving them stuck in that present time with no knowledge where they were originally from. Instead of training with his teammates, Iceman spends most of his time trying to reach out to his new Inhuman boyfriend Romeo unsuccessfully, placing him into a stupor.

Iceman possesses the power to instantly decrease the temperature of ambient water vapor in his immediate environment to below zero degrees Celsius, thereby freezing it into ice. He is able to make ice that will not break unless he wills it to. In this manner he is able to quickly form a great variety of ice structures, including projectiles, shields, ladders, baseball bats, etc. Iceman often makes ice slides which form rapidly beneath and behind his feet, moving him along the slick surface at high speeds. He is also able to form exceedingly complicated structures within relative short time, such as miniature cities.

Iceman is immune to sub-zero temperatures; he is also able to perceive the thermal energy level of objects around him.

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Because cold is the absence of heat, Iceman does not actually 'emanate' cold; rather, he decreases thermal energy. As mentioned by writer Mike Carey , Iceman is "an Omega-level mutant In his early appearances, Iceman generally covered his body in a thick layer of what appeared to be snow; hence he looked more like a traditional snowman than an ice-man.

Upon further training in the use of his powers, he was able to fashion an armor of solid ice around his body when using his powers, which afforded him some degree of protection against concussive force and projectiles. Later on, he manifested the ability to convert the tissue of his body into organic ice. He sometimes augments his organic ice form with razor sharp adornments to his shoulders, elbows, knees, and fists.

Iceman has also been able to move rapidly to another distant location while in his organic ice form, being able to deposit his bodily mass into a river and reconstitute his entire mass a great distance away in a matter of minutes by temporarily merging his molecules with those of the river. On one occasion, Iceman suffered a severe chest injury while in his ice form and was able to heal himself by converting back into his normal human form. Iceman is also able to reconstitute his organic ice form if any part of it is damaged, or even if it is completely shattered, without permanently harming himself.

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He can temporarily add the mass of a body of water to his own, increasing his mass, size, and strength. He can survive not only as ice, but as liquid water and water vapor. He can also transform his body from a gaseous state back to a solid, although it is physically and mentally taxing. Iceman's powers were pushed to their limit while possessed by Emma Frost, who used Iceman to discover the fate of her Hellions. During this time Iceman was able to control all forms of moisture, freeze fluids inside people's bodies, travel as a liquid, solid or gas.

While together they made some initial progress, she refused to train him further.