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The advertisements featured her partially nude body, putting her slight figure on display. Some found her young, childlike image beautiful while others thought she was too skinny and might be suffering from an eating disorder.

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Despite any negative comments, Moss continued to thrive professionally. Moss also starred in advertising campaigns for many of the top fashion houses, including Chanel and Christian Dior. Besides being one of the world's leading models, Moss has also become famous for her tumultuous personal life.

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She has admitted that she began drinking and smoking marijuana at the age of twelve. She continued with her partying lifestyle as her career took off.


Moss did a stint in a London clinic to fight her addiction to alcohol in Moss became headline news around the world when photographs of what looked like her doing drugs were published in a British newspaper in September She was reportedly caught snorting cocaine with her boyfriend Pete Doherty.

The lead singer of the band Babyshambles, Doherty has been arrested several times on drug-related charges. Moss bounced back quickly. The British police decided not to charge Moss with any crimes, and she later went to the Meadows Clinic in Phoenix, Arizona, for treatment. By the next year, she had a slew of new modeling contracts with companies, such as Calvin Klein and Burberry, which had dropped her at the time of the drug scandal.

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Also in , Moss reached a deal with clothing retailer Topshop to design her own collection of clothing. In addition to her clothing line, Moss began selling her own brand of perfume called Kate in Her vocals can be heard on some recordings by acts such as Oasis and The Lemonheads.

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After several splits and reconciliations, Moss and Doherty broke up for good in She began dating Jamie Hince of the British rock band the Kills, whom she married in Before her relationship with Doherty and Hince, Moss had been engaged to actor Johnny Depp in the s.

She also has a daughter, Lila Grace b. However, it soon transpires that — spoiler alert — all is not as it seems, as Moss staggers onto the riverbank clutching a glass of champagne in one hand and a cigarette in the other. The old pals gathered on a very swanky velvet sofa to snack on Monster Munch with Moss remonstrating with Gallagher for his refusal to share his crisps , share their thoughts on Strictly and generally set British TV to rights. Take a look at some of her best style moments so far.

In a black floor-length gown, with a fur coat and golden clutch, at The Fashion Awards in London on Dec.

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  • In a David Bowie-printed T-shirt, a shaggy coat, shimmer pants, a top hat and metallic purple boots in London on Jan. In a vintage-style blouse, J. Brand flared jeans and Marc Jacobs boots in London on March 26, In a golden Chanel top with black leggings and a pair of Louboutins at the launch of her jewelry collection at Paris Fashion Week in Paris on Oct.

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    In a John Galliano-designed vintage-style dress at her wedding in Southrop, England, on July 1, In an overcoat with fur highlights and a white-and-gray outfit, with longtime friend Naomi Campbell, at the Designer of the Year Awards during London Fashion Week on Jan. Holden reveals how a Hollywood star saved her husband's life.

    Full Screen. English model Kate Moss launched her career in the late s and, over the years, has been part of successful campaigns from brands such as Calvin Klein, Bvlgari, Burberry, Dior and Roberto Cavalli. Did you find the story interesting?