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Hickman's hook and story arc are interesting, with a number of plot twists and surprises. However, it takes a few chapters to understand who is who and what takes place when since the dual narratives progress simultaneously--John's sometime in the s, Alexandria's in the present day--and aren't quite clear at the start.

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Also, despite Hickman's attempts to explain some of the characters' choices, readers may find many of them inconsistent or unrealistic. John's visiting girlfriend, Madeline, is ludicrously villainous, and his would-be girlfriend, Elizabeth, is too virtuous, while his womanizing is somehow supposed to reflect his virility until he finds The One. At times, Alexandria seems either dishonest or wishy-washy.

And we are never quite sure why Allene worries about the present when the future she sees indicates everything has already worked out. A bold and intriguing effort that ultimately misses the mark, though some readers may enjoy the originality of the storyline. Quick view. The Vulture.

'The unexpected love objects of Dunya Noor': A Syrian love story

Add to Cart. The relationship works because he is considerate and helpful. He had been divorced for five years. It was a wonderful surprise to meet each other. He is so different from my former husband, who was also very intelligent and a good man, but grouchy most of the time. I met Erica in a bar in Plymouth in I was 41 and had just returned to normal life after having spent 18 months as an inpatient on a surgical ward.

I had had about six major operations on my abdomen and, at last, I was back in the real world.

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We hit it off straight away and spent hours just chatting. She was very beautiful, with long blonde hair and big blue eyes — her warm nature just shone through. We exchanged numbers and promised to keep in touch. The problem was I lived miles away in London and was due to return the next day. I was working as a locum solicitor at the time doing short-term contracts.

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When I got back to London, about two weeks after meeting Erica, I had a call from my agency. They had a new vacancy, somewhere they had never placed a candidate before: Plymouth. She was the only factor in me moving. She had been on holiday with her sister, so when we caught up in Plymouth I was a bit worried that I might not recognise her.

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So before she picked me up at the station, I asked her what type of car she was driving. On our first date we went to Totnes, a market town in Devon.

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We lived separately for about two years. We spent time getting to know each other.

Unexpected Interruptions An Unexpected Love Novel

We married in and now live in a little village on the outskirts of Plymouth with chickens, dogs and cats. In late I applied to be a volunteer at the Olympics in Athens. I had been living in the UK, so went over for the job. I was placed in the shooting centre, even though I had applied for the media village.

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However, this turned out to be a stroke of luck because it led to me meeting my future husband, Dimitris. He was the overall supervisor of the venue. Our first meeting was a bit of a disaster. I had taken the train rather than the bus, which got me to my first training day about an hour late. I was introduced to Dimitris, who was sitting at a table with the other volunteers having lunch.

Later that day, he invited all his volunteers on a tour of downtown Athens. We all assembled at the fountain in Syntagma square. When I saw him again, I realised there was something between us. I was quite shy around men, which meant I sometimes appeared aloof or rude.