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Sweet potato mash OMG - Saucy's Walk-up

Steven's had sex in a black cab on more than one occasion. He explains, "black cabs are inherently sexy — it's something to do with the sense of indulgence and luxury when you take one. And then there's the spaciousness.

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It's not like sex in your average car, with your limbs folded into awkward positions! Looking back, Steven says, "in the early days of our relationship, my partner's penchant for exhibitionism was outrageous. We'd treat ourselves to a cab now and then, and within a few minutes, she'd be undoing my jeans and stroking me. Despite the sense of privacy, I was aware the driver could see us, so I took to hiding behind a copy of the Evening Standard.

"The guy usually apologises afterwards. He's all, 'oh, I'm sorry!'"

It worked fine for a hand job, but it's less effective when your partner whips her knickers off, pulls her dress up, and lowers herself on to your cock, for a fast and furious back-of-the-cab fuck! I told her the driver shouldn't have to put up with that She laughed and said he probably enjoyed it. But the next time Steven and his partner had a fast and furious cab fuck, it was more awkward.

Best Built Rear-end for a Duramax ever!

Since then we've been a bit more furtive. Occasionally I take out her tits and lick her nipples. It's not the full-on naughtiness we used to get up to, but it does mean that when we get home we can't wait to rip each other's clothes off! Tom has been driving a cab for 38 years, and he's pretty much seen it all. It was businessmen in suits, with girls you'd recognise, because after a while of driving a cab, you keep going in them areas and picking up work, you recognise the girls.

Sometimes you even knew their names. They'd tell me to drive round while they did one or two little things, naughty things, in the back. I'd drive round 'til they finished their business. As long as they didn't dirty my cab, I didn't mind! As for couples? It's one thing if the girl pops her head down — that happens — but as far as sexual intercourse is concerned, you can't have a woman bouncing up and down — it makes the cab shake! Mike lives in Croydon, and relies on some backseat sauce to keep the juices flowing on the journey home.

He explains, "when you live so far out, and the taxi takes 40 minutes to get home, you have to keep doing something or the passion dissipates and then you've got to rev the engines up again when you get in.

See a Problem?

Keeping things ticking over in the cab is just something you have to do! Mike has had sex in various public places, but he draws the line at doing it in a cab. You might as well just do it in front of someone — it's that step over from "might get caught" to blatantly being watched — and that's a different mindset.

Plus, they have cameras now! On Mike's third date with his now girlfriend Emma, they found themselves getting frisky in a cab with another couple. Mike says, "we'd missed the last train and we were at the taxi rank at London Bridge. This other couple agreed and as the taxi approached, I told them this was an early relationship, so don't mind us if we're a bit too into each other to make conversation. The bloke said that suited them fine — this was their first date and she was coming back to his! Interaction expectations established, Mike gave the driver his address, then, "we basically all got down to smooching!

Saucy thieves smash into restaurant to swipe safe... full of ketchup and vinegar!

It was the first time Emma had come back to mine, and we hadn't had sex yet, so I was exploring her boundaries — which stopped pretty fast when I tried to get under her dress! We came up for air and looked at the other couple. He'd got his hand right up her skirt. He was definitely fingering her and she was either orgasming, or almost there.

Saucy Title - Album on Imgur

That must have got Emma horny, because she started fumbling at my crotch. She put her hand in my pants, and this time I got inside her knickers, but then we were at mine.

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When I asked her why, she said it reminded her of the taxi home on that date! Samantha Rea can be found tweeting here. The best things to do in London.