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They liked Krakatoa Chorus and then settled on Largest Living Things, which the record company hated. Finally, the band took its name from its living quarters, released the record and hit the road for aseries of informal acoustic shows in restaurants and small clubs. But with those shows we learned how to sing together, and we learned that we had a certain presence when we were together, and we learned to use that naturally.

The short promotional tour turned into a longer tour, the chemistry grew stronger, and the record finally started to sell. This is so tacky. We were pretty nervous about it, but we got in the air.

Crowded House: The Story of the Second Album – Rolling Stone

We were eating our dinner, and my wife was sitting next to the window, and suddenly we heard this big bang. We looked over, and her window had cracked from one side to another.

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So we called the stewardess over, and she quickly evacuated all the people out of that area into seats in the back, and the plane dived to 10, feet…. Show us your ID!

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So I fished around and found my ID, and then they all loosened up. They were looking for an escaped convict who looked just like me or something. And inside a mixing room at the Hit Factory, Neil Finn was trying to let go—while everybody else did their best to make absolutely, completely sure that Finn was happy with the results. Finally, Finn made his decision: the record was finished. Still, he admitted, he was expecting it to do well.

Though if that happened, I probably would be quite shattered.

For his part, though, Neil Finn found himself disillusioned. Paul Hester has an earthier way of putting it. You just hang on. There, the band that took its name from cramped living quarters in the middle of a metropolitan sprawl looked out at the wide open spaces, drank traditional Australian bush tea and talked until about 4 a.

reDiscover Crowded House’s ‘Temple Of Low Men’

Two weeks later Crowded House was back on the road, wrapping up its Australian tour with five shows in Sydney. And Neil Finn was back on the promotional beat, albeit reluctantly. So what would he like to do?

Other Albums by Crowded House

But Finn also decided that maybe he really should opt out of an American tour—or at least scale it down considerably. In the meantime, Neil Finn wonders what to do.

Classic Album Revisited: Crowded House – Temple of Low Men

His band made a fine first album, and it became a hit, albeit slowly. They made a better, richer but marginally moodier second album, and it turned out to be problematic. Inevitably, a lot of different outside things keep me away from what I love to do.

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