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The whole plot curve of Wulf made absolutely no sense to me, both that the deception wasn't obvious to them and why it was even necessary. I had to push myself to finish for the sake of finishing. There are so many better things to read Oct 27, EAL rated it it was ok Shelves: action-adventure , fantasy , historical. While this book was less of a slog than the first two books in this trilogy, it was still not exactly good. The prose has gotten less dry, but aside from one or two instances of striking figurative language it was completely uninspiring.

Also, the truth about [spoiler character:] was obvious from the first moment he showed up.

Edmund's character development felt forced. The ending was anticlimatic; the dragons should have played a larger part rather than feeling tacked on. Overall, I do not sugg While this book was less of a slog than the first two books in this trilogy, it was still not exactly good.

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Overall, I do not suggest this series. If you want dragon fantasy, look at Patricia C. Wrede's Enchanted Forest series. If you want medieval England, Sea of Trolls is much, much better. Dec 07, Janni "Gulde" rated it really liked it Shelves: Og den holder sig godt inden for sin verdens rammer, det kan jeg godt lide. At the beginning it was well written for fantasy book but especially in the last one i didn't enjoy the story at all. It was very predictable and the dragons didn't have big part in the storyline.

I also wasn't satisfied with the descriptions of characters at the end of the story i didn't know how to react and also the ending was too quick. Maybe the story would be better if it had more pages so the characters could be presented better and deeper. No emotions involved whatsoever. Sep 10, Jessica Tucker rated it liked it. This book was still good, although my favorite from this series was the second one. I was satisfied with the way it ended and loved how it played with so many emotions.

The Darkest Age 3

If I could describe this series in one word, it would be: awesome! Mar 26, Kevin rated it really liked it. The challenge for Lake in this concluding book was to wrap up the story while at the same time keeping the reader guessing and provide an entertaining conclusion. In this she succeeds.


The Stone Circle has plenty of twists and turns and ends with a powerful conclusion. Jun 09, Brian rated it really liked it.

The Circle of Stone

An excellent conclusion to a fine fantasy series. Strong characters, potent magic, and action that keeps you turning pages. The conclusion is also well-wrought something I find lacking in many fantasy novels. Jan 15, Chantal rated it liked it Shelves: adventure , fantasy. A surprising cleverly written ending. Jan 16, Valerie Kam rated it really liked it Shelves: darkest-age. May 13, Shelley rated it really liked it. This trilogy is well written, clean and full of adventure- young readers who like fantasy would like it. Nov 28, Charlotte rated it it was amazing. I loved the ending.

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Bittersweet and full of possibility. I just wish there was more! I want to know what kind of adults Edmund and Elspeth would become! Jun 15, Tatra rated it really liked it Shelves: , june , library. By the end of this book I really cared about the characters. It was really fun to watch them grow. I also really liked the plot of these books, basic, but it really draws you in. Mar 13, Cara rated it really liked it Shelves: fantasy. I love it. It is one of those books that you ask yourself, 'why hasn't anyone thought of that before? Aug 04, Louise rated it it was amazing. Another great book, was sorry it came to an end, well worth the read tho.

Chelsea rated it it was ok Jan 21, Stephanie A Kobetitsch rated it liked it Aug 04, Charlotte Edwards rated it it was amazing Oct 29, Hilary rated it really liked it Apr 09, Sarah rated it liked it Aug 19, Tanya M Henderson rated it it was amazing Mar 17, Douglas Dunning rated it liked it Dec 04, Alexandre Borges rated it it was amazing Jan 22, Abigayle Jones rated it it was amazing Aug 26, Danii Eifert rated it liked it Dec 19, There are no discussion topics on this book yet. Readers also enjoyed.

Young Adult. About A. Other books in the series. The Darkest Age 3 books. Books by A. There's nothing we can see in prehistoric people in other walks of life that suggests they had this highly mathematical view of the world. Although there is no way to know exactly why these stone circles were created, Higginbottom believes it was so people could acknowledge the very places that showed the "permanent representation of their understanding of their universe. That is, they understood the specific cycles of the Sun and Moon, which in turn connected them to nature.

An element of astronomical activity may have influenced some stone circles, concedes Kenneth Brophy of the University of Glasgow in Scotland. But he says we cannot use current applications of science and maths to understand these individuals' motives. For Brophy, the circles represented ritual and power.

Specific landscapes would have been chosen because they had a special history that people were drawn to. For instance, research has suggested that Callanish was built so that people could view one stone circle from another "in a very stage-managed way," he says. The stones themselves are also revealing.

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Callanish was built out of stones with beautiful ripples and patterns, showing Earth's striking properties. It is also clear that stone circles were places where social rituals could have taken place, especially to honour the dead. There is evidence of burials and cremations at some sites, most notably at Stonehenge. Gordon Noble of the University of Aberdeen specialises in Neolithic archaeology.

Circle of Stone 3 (darkest Age Trilogy) by a J Lake

He says that the ground plans of many of Scotland's stone circles are similar to the structures people built for their everyday housing. But instead of being for the living, the stone circles seem to have served the dead. View image of Callanish is one of the UK's oldest stone circles. He says the people may even have spent more time on structures for the dead than for their own settlements.

While some of the sites do appear to have astronomical alignments, such as the recumbent stone circles of north-east Scotland, Noble agrees with Brophy: astronomy alone does not explain how they were made. Instead, Noble argues that the circles were as much about ritual as showing off status. Communities could "out-do" each other by building bigger and bigger monuments, which expressed their power. They believed that if they set up these monuments, they [were] connecting death and [nature]. It might even be that the stones became symbolic of the dead themselves.

Their physical bodies were gone, but the stones represented the "watchers of this great spectacular sky show and of the seasons," Higginbottom says. This story is a part of BBC Britain — a series focused on exploring this extraordinary island, one story at a time. Readers outside of the UK can see every BBC Britain story by heading to the Britain homepage ; you also can see our latest stories by following us on Facebook and Twitter. Earth Menu. Discoveries Britain The strange origin of Scotland's stone circles.

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