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The selection first underscores the simultaneity of morphological and prosodic structure, modeling the phonology-morphology interface, and deriving cyclicity. Discussions focus on affixation and cyclicity in prosodic lexical phonology, prosodic lexical phonology, theories of phonology-morphology interaction, phonology preceding morphology, and evidence for simultaneity.

The book then examines interaction between modules in lexical phonology and the structure of the slave Northern Athabaskan verb. The book ponders on word level, structure preservation and postlexical tonology in Dagbani, and post lexical rule application. Topics include context-sensitivity in underspecification, postlexical and lexical tonology, word cycle, and English allophonic rules. The manuscript also tackles rule domains and phonological change, rule reordering and rule generalization in lexical phonology, and blocking in nonderived environments.

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The Theory of Lexical Phonology

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  2. Wittgenstein-Arg Philosophers: Volume 37 (Arguments of the Philosophers).
  4. Phonology at two levels: A new model of lexical phonology.
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Cycles and Strata. Cyclic and Noncyclic Strata. The Loop. The Mental Representation of Lexical Entries. Actual and Potential Words.

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Productivity: Phonological Rules and Performance. The Productivity Continuum. The Lexical Alphabet. Lexical Contrasts. Voicing of Stops.


Lenition of Stops. Schwa Onglide after Voiced Stops. The Underlying Alphabet. Nasals: Place and Nasality Assimilations. Other Rules for Nasals. Underlying Stops.

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Syllable Structure in Malayalam. The Syllable Template. Glide Formation.

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Schwa Insertion. Lexical Strata in Malayalam. Productivity, Sanskrit and Dravidian. Two Types of Compounding. Schwa Insertion in Compounds. Degemination of Sonorants. Stem-Initial Gemination. Stem-Final Gemination. Postsonorant Gemination. Nasal Deletion. Vowel Lengthening.

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Vowel Sandhi. The Loop in Malayalam Morphology. Stress and Word Melody. Word Melody. The Domain of Stress and Word Melody. Schwa Insertion and Word Melody. An Ordering Paradox. Types of Nonphonological Information in Phonology. Boundaries, Concatenation, and Domains. Boundary Assignment in SPE. Domains as Node Labels on Trees.

Selkirk's Theory. Lexicalist Phonology: Concatenation, Stratum and Brackets. Hierarchical Structure in Morphology Notes. Syntactic and Postsyntactic Modules. Accessing Syntactic Information in Phonology. Phonological Rules Sensitive to Syntax. Phonological Phrases. Speech as Implementation of Phonetic Representation. Send Message. Aquila, a series planned for biennial publication, is presented to scholars with a broad interest in modern languages and literatures.

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