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But it is only when this evolutionary narrative is paired with powerful and pervasive, contemporary, cutting-edge research on desire discrepancies and feminine triggerability from the realms of experimental psychology, health, and neuroscience that it becomes ultra-intelligible, yet paradoxically and insidiously even more invisible or at least easier to ignore, assume, or take for granted.

In popular renditions of sexually differentiated desire, we see an affinity between the technologies of neuroscience and evolutionary psychology, and we see these used in concert to measure desire and tell us what we should want, how, and why.

A strong libido and bored by monogamy: the truth about women and sex

But to what end are these technologies used alongside each other, and what is this battery of testing meant to tell us about desire, interest, and arousal, and the disconnects and overlaps among them? Has it always been her desire? Will it remain that way forever? And if these pasts and futures are within us, is this because of primitive-hardwiring-as-sexual-destiny or is there something about the world that interacts with the plasticity of the body, of the brain—a spasmodic and iterative reverberation that has always brought the normative to life?

A Woman's Desire for You Must Be Stronger Than Her Fear

The body cannot be reduced to its matter, its consciousness, its memories, or its discursive constitutions; I want to argue the same for desire, which is always embodied, but necessarily relationally. To this end, drawing from work from the realms of phenomenology, neurophenomenology, and psychoanalysis may be fruitful for re-envisioning desire in the current moment. Now, with advances in neuroscience, tropes of evolutionary psychology abounding, and the pervasive and encompassing nature of post-Fordist global capitalism which increasingly seeks to harvest bodies and their capacities, what desires will be elicited as new actors in this unfolding network?

When so many organic and non-organic actors are in the mix, the reductive nature of a hardwired, dimorphically gendered, evolutionary theory of desire cannot be supported. Or, more broadly, how will feminine patient-subjects work on a variety of aspects of themselves and be worked upon as they increasingly come into contact with techno-imagery and other objects, devices, and measures?

What's the "Right Amount" of Sexual Desire? That Depends on You - Our Bodies Ourselves

Sexuality, sociality, science, desire, genitals, and brains may be reintroduced via these technologies which see and which touch. This seeing and touching is powerfully invested and invested with power, and it is full of the promise of desire and its excavation; thus, there is much at stake in our neurocultures. Alyson K. Your level of desire is a problem only if it causes you distress.

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Accessible, well-researched, and effective treatments are critical. For a while, they tested some drugs originally created for men, but the results were disappointing.

Alyson Spurgas

Examples of drugs now sold to men to address erectile dysfunction problems include Viagra sildenafil , Levitra vardenafil , and Cialis tadalafil. Several potential new drugs have also had disappointing results. Products for women that have been tested in double-blind, placebo-controlled studies include nonprescription remedies such as Zestra which contains herbal oils and ArginMax a dietary supplement , and vibrating apparatuses such as Eros.

These are all designed to increase blood flow to the genital areas.

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