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She is just so real and so passionate. A bit Consulter l'avis complet. The only think I could think after reading this was this is what it would have been like if Cameron Crowe was a girl.

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When Joey Ramone dies, Lisa realizes that her boyfriend is a dick and she misses Caryn Rose is a Brooklyn-based writer and photographer who documents rock-and-roll, baseball and urban life. She covers the ups and downs of the New York Mets at metsgrrl.

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She lives in Greenpoint with her boyfriend and her cat, Jackie Wilson. B-Sides And Broken Hearts is her first novel. Account Options Connexion. Version papier du livre. B-Sides and Broken Hearts. But see, this is the type of book that feels like it's all yours and no one else can possibly feel or understand it like you because you can't help but wonder if it was written just for you.

Just like those great records you stared at that felt all yours. Anyway, not saying it's required, but it helps if: You went to club shows in the 80s or early 90s and always got there insanely early and made a b-line to the front of the state and waited through 4 crap opening bands just so you could get that glorious dose from life savers like Sonic Youth or Husker Du, this book is for you. If you spent years feeling alienated answering idiotic questions from stiffs who couldn't fathom why you'd drive miles after work to see Sleater-Kinney, this book is for you.

If you couldn't imagine taking a road trip without spending more time making mix tapes than packing your bags, this book is for you. If you were convinced your life was changing in that very first moment you first saw The Clash, this book is for you.

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And yet, this book is about so much more than a great soundtrack. At its core, its essence, is about living and loving and dreaming of a life of authenticity. There are watershed moments in one's life that force you to ask the hard questions, examine your motives, and spur you to make changes. And suddenly you realize there was everything up to now, and everything that shall be, and finally you start believe there is a chance for redemption and renewal. Great books are like that. Sleeping On Floors. Chasing A Dream. Jan 28, Shawn rated it really liked it.

This book felt like such a relief.

Caryn Rose's ziwopycaxa.tk | B-SIDES AND BROKEN HEARTS

Finally, a writer takes on serious music fandom from a female perspective, and she's clearly someone who's experienced it firsthand. While there's a conventional love story or several love stories at the core of B-Sides and Broken Hearts, the true love that shines through every page is music. I was so pleased that the protagonist, Lisa, was a serious music fan, that she collected bootlegs and watched concert films and saw tons of live shows, and that the guys This book felt like such a relief.

I was so pleased that the protagonist, Lisa, was a serious music fan, that she collected bootlegs and watched concert films and saw tons of live shows, and that the guys in the band respected and admired her musical knowledge. I loved that she was the one who was crushed by the death of Joey Ramone and that her boring ex didn't get it, rather than vice versa.

I loved the descriptions of the way she felt at concerts at various points in her life, and how the music moved her. I've had tons of similar experiences, and it was such a refreshing change to read a novel about music fandom that reflected my reality. All too often, women in books about music are either groupies or they're wet blankets, girls who used to love to go to shows, but who now just wish their boyfriends would put down the guitars, get real jobs, and marry them so they can start having a load of babies.

None of that here! This story is about falling in love with music and the power of creating or even just experiencing art, having your heart broken, and then letting the music help you find your way back. For once, it's NOT about giving up your passions in order to grow up, but to realize the importance of holding onto those passions in order to lead your best life.

I also really appreciated the fact that Lisa wasn't just one girl among the boys, but that there were plenty of other women who played strong, enthusiastic roles in the book's various music-related settings, and who had positive, friendly relationships with one another.

Caryn Rose: B-Sides and Broken Hearts

Overall, I just had fun reading this book, I related to it, and I felt happy to see some validation for the many female music fans out there who all too often are sidelined, who have their expertise overlooked or discounted, but who are every bit as passionate and invested in their scenes as the guys.

Oct 31, Al rated it it was amazing Shelves: kindle , read While the specifics may be different, the struggle is one most of us have faced. However, for me, the most significant message is the power of music. An idea epitomized midway through the book by this paragraph: "How can this happen?

How can a song that meant so much to me when I first heard it at fourteen, a song about dreams and hope, suddenly mean just as much right now, suddenly the words apply exactly to my life twenty-two years later? And how can it affect me in the same way, how can it lift me up, transport me, elevate me, inspire me, give me meaning and, well, hope? Rose knows a lot about music for anyone, regardless of gender, and this knowledge permeates the pages of "B-Sides and Broken Hearts. May have received a free review copy. Aug 16, Rachel Fisher rated it it was amazing.

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My Review Usually the review would be on my blog first, but I thought I'd go out on a limb and hit GR while the read is fresh in my mind. And this review will be spoiler-free. It's not out of the question for older YA readers because it's not heavy on sex and has no violence Of course, I'm an Irish girl from Jersey, so my sense of "clean" language is a little skewed. If I had to pick a genre, which I really don't want to do It defies traditional genre labels, IMHO. B-Sides is the story of Lisa, the ultimate fan, a fan whose love and passion goes so deep that it cannot be abandoned, even when everything else that she cares about falls away.

I saw someone else refer to Lisa's character as a "groupie" in his review, and I would politely like to set the record straight. Lisa is a FAN. She doesn't sleep with the band members, or stalk them for the purpose of rubbing against them hoping to steal the pixie-dust. That is a groupie She is a hard-core, her heart aches, her stomach aches, heck, her scalp probably aches, FAN I think that anyone that has ever resonated strongly with anything creative can identify, even if they are not as educated a music-wonk as Lisa.

The story shifts between different phases in Lisa's life, which is forever altered by three major events: the death of Joey Ramone, an up-close attendance at a WHO concert at fifteen, and a soulmate named James. Lisa's life moves in the directions that seem so obvious, as if they had been laid out before she was born, when she connects with James and her New York City fantasy life is fulfilled.

Until she's struck by tragedy and she picks up and moves her whole life to Seattle. B-Sides is the story of how Lisa finds her way back You could try to call this "chick-lit," but on some level I tend not to think of chick-lit as being this gritty. Probably my personal bias I found an authenticity to Lisa and her heartache, journey, and decision-making very compelling. With a less complex, less three-dimensional person, you'd never understand the relationship with Ian. With Lisa, Rose really shows the kind of "choices" that artists make as they get older and have to make concessions to things like eating and having a roof over their heads.

It's always a balancing act between the need and the want You may have noticed that I haven't talked much about the musical foundation of the story. Clearly, Rose knows her stuff WAY more than I do. The only reason I didn't give this 5 stars is because the music references were occasionally too much for my knowledge base to truly get the yes, that was an intentional attempt at cheese. I got fifty pages into this and emailed the author to curse and simultaneously thank her for making me cry. And that wasn't the first time. If you love music, then you will LOVE this book.

If you like stories of strong women finding their way, then you will LOVE this book. If you are a hard-core Dave Matthews fan That's just bein' honest folks. I highly recommend this read. Jul 30, Margaret rated it it was amazing Shelves: novels , love , friend , fiction , contemporary , awesome , music , entertaining , groupies. If you love music, then this book is for you.

If you grew up loving music, then this book is for you. Even if you love Dave Matthews and hate the main character, Lisa, for hating on him big time, you still need to read this book. There's something about love of music in which most people can relate, even if it's not the same kind of music. These stories are intertwined with a break-up story which leads into a midnight decision to leave Seattle and head to Los Angeles, shoving any thoughts out of her mind as to what a crazy idea it was to just pick up and leave and filling the empty space with music and memories.

This is as real as it gets, too. Ditto with her first Who show. Likewise with seeing Pearl Jam at the Mural. Author Caryn Rose has put so much passion into Lisa, you almost want to dance next to her while watching her friends' band, Blue Electric, perform "Anitque Mirror". You almost want to smack Ian upside the head for being such a dork; and you almost want to high-five every member of Blue Electric once Lisa gets to California to be surrounded with the most important people in her life.

Don't just take it from me, though. Read what the other reviewers have to say about this book. Then, throw on a pair of Chucks, grab your favorite jeans to wear and worn out concert shirt you vow never to throw away, don your headphones, crank the tunes, and cozy up to your own copy. You won't be disappointed. Mar 28, Rae Gee rated it it was amazing Shelves: reads.

That's what this book. While I'm not a huge romance fan, the music side of this book was what really called to me. I'd been looking for a book that explored music fandom for a long time and found it all wrapped up in this one. What made it an even sweeter find is that the story is told from the female perspective.

Don't let that put you off because this is one hell of a kick ass female character. Often, whenever a female turns up in any kind of music orientated story, they're very But that perception is completely blown out of the water in B-Sides and Broken Hearts. The passion for music rings from every page of the story, drawing you in. After every chapter, you find yourself running for your music collection and pulling every favourite song from the shelves.

The author's talents definitely lie in talking about bands and music and travelling dark and winding roads to see your favourite band. And I really hope that she'll bring out another in the same vein as this one. This is the perfect read for any music junkie. While the band at the heart of the book are fictional there are references to many bands that came from the Seattle area, some of which will have any 's music fan squealing with joy.

So find your favourite album, put on your headphones, and enjoy a few chapters of this while you listen. Jun 02, natalie rated it really liked it. The author excels at explaining the experience of being a fan and describing the impact music can have on a life. I could relate to the main character in almost every way, musically minus her thing for Seattle grunge bands — which never really made it onto my playlist Two criticisms — I found a lot of the dialogue of the guys in the band hard to buy.

It felt like it was written by a woman — too much explaining of feelings — but, of course, this book is not only an ode to fandom but a love story too. It should have read 15 minutes. View all 3 comments. Nov 22, Darcia Helle rated it it was amazing Shelves: fiction , ebooks , music , contemporary-fiction , indie , rock-fiction. This is a quirky, fun, sometimes sad look at a woman whose life is helplessly interwoven with music.

She feels the music in the core of her soul, relates her life to the lyrics she hears, and aches inside when a favorite musician dies. She spends her free time traveling to live shows and her best friends are musicians. I admit to having character-envy. I wanted to be Lisa, or at least be her best friend. I can absolutely relate to her intense love of music.

Lisa's story is told in a stream of mus This is a quirky, fun, sometimes sad look at a woman whose life is helplessly interwoven with music. Lisa's story is told in a stream of musical references that might lessen the pleasure for readers who are less musically-addicted. If you know what it's like to be lifted to another place by the sounds you hear, this is the book for you. Mar 20, Elizabeth rated it really liked it. The only think I could think after reading this was this is what it would have been like if Cameron Crowe was a girl. When Joey Ramone dies, Lisa realizes that her boyfriend is a dick and she misses her friends.

She jumps in her car, leaving Seattle and heads to L. The long drive brings up old memories of her days when she was young and she would pick up and go to see her favorite punk bands.

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If you ar The only think I could think after reading this was this is what it would have been like if Cameron Crowe was a girl. If you are a music fan this this book is for you. It reminded me of all the great music that has come and gone. Good Stuff and a great way to spend an afternoon in the sun. Nov 27, Amie Simon rated it liked it. This is basically chick lit for music fans - although it's a little smarter than most of the fluff I've read that fits into that category. A really enjoyable story about a girl and her love for music from the early 80s to the present, with a lot of neat Seattle mentions, and of course - heartbreak and the search for love.

Rose has a great narrative - I had to keep checking the cover to make sure it was fiction and not a memoir. I'd rather read this book over and over than pick up anything by Jen This is basically chick lit for music fans - although it's a little smarter than most of the fluff I've read that fits into that category.

I'd rather read this book over and over than pick up anything by Jennifer Weiner ever again. Aug 07, Caroline rated it liked it Shelves: prose , novel. This is a really fun book about what it means to love bands and music. There is a love story actually, several but I appreciate that it's as much about friendship and geeking out about common interests as it is about dating. Also passes the Bechdel test by including some nice scenes of female friendship. Oct 30, Ben rated it really liked it. There's just so much to love about this book, not the least of which is that the story itself is ultimately both a love story and a story about love.

Feb 14, Bonnie G. Pure music lovin escapism! Very addictive, but since I'm not such a huge Rolling Stones fan nor do I cry half as much as the main character does I had trouble connecting emotionally at some points, otherwise she captures late 30s hipster lady angst well :. It was brilliant! I loved the vibrant characters, the honest writing, and of course the music geekery. Anyone that loves music, especially rock music will get into this. It's a book written by someone that really loves music and instantly you feel a connection because of it.

May 05, Holly Cara Price rated it it was amazing.

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  • Aug 08, Audacia Ray rated it liked it Shelves: fiction , read-in A gleeful, fun, quick read. This book is being described as "high fidelity for girls" and that pretty much nails it. Dec 07, Yum rated it it was amazing Shelves: favest. B-Sides and Broken Hearts is the story of 37 year-old Lisa, who is finding it hard coming to terms with the death of Joey Ramone, one of her favourite musicians. His death forces her to think about her life and she finds that she is not happy.

    Her relationship with the predictable, Ian, is not the type of relationship she had envisaged for herself when she was young. Lisa had been there with Jake and the rest of the band right from the start when they were unknown and penniless. She watched them grow into a band that could fill arenas. However, for the past 5 years her relationship with the band has been overshadowed by the fact that her boyfriend shows little interest in getting to know them.

    None of her friends like Ian. She packs some belongings, mainly CDs for the journey, and drives all night to revisit her past. Lisa goes on a journey in this novel, to find the person she really is. After a tragic relationship when she was younger, she had lost her way. Will her old friends in LA help her reconnect with the real Lisa? This book is about dreams, friends, love, relationships, and above all it is about music and how music can have a profound influence on our lives.

    I would recommend this book to anyone who has ever felt that the world had ended because their favourite band split up, anyone who obsessively waited for new albums to be released by their favourite bands and spent their last pennies on gigs and records, anyone who has ever screamed the lyrics to their favourite songs while driving in their car This is a book for dreamers, and reaffirms the importance of believing in your dreams, and following your heart.

    It is well written and engaging. I found myself feeling sad when I knew that the story would soon end.