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Sometimes, behind-the-scenes audio can be heard within the album, such as Jay-Z saying "You're wasting your talent, Randy!

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Collision Course was the first album of Linkin Park that contained a Parental Advisory sticker, since most of Jay-Z's verses contain profanity although Shinoda and Chester Bennington are also heard using vulgar language on the album. Linkin Park wouldn't use profanities themselves until Minutes to Midnight in Also, the song "High Road" from the same record talks about how some critics negatively received Collision Course.

Critics gave mixed reviews to Collision Course. David Jeffries of AllMusic praised the album, calling it "awesomely fun".

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Tindal of HipHopDX also equally praised the album, saying that the project "will open a passageway for artists who want to dare to be different as well as those who want to work hard to maintain that difference. Meanwhile, Raymond Fiore of Entertainment Weekly , gave a negative review of the album, saying that the pairing of Linkin Park and Jay-Z "comes off like a sanitized nonevent. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Nu metal alternative rock hardcore hip hop rap rock East Coast hip hop rap metal alternative hip hop.

Def Jam. Mike Shinoda Linkin Park exec. Shawn Carter exec.

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Capeless Mosley K. Joshua Linkin Park Carter. Linkin Park Carter Kanye West. Carter West Berry Gordy A. Mizell F.

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Life and Times of S. The Best of Both Worlds with R. Kelly Unfinished Business with R.

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Chapter One: Greatest Hits Blueprint 2. Book Category. Linkin Park.

Collision Course (1989)

Reanimation Recharged. A Decade Underground Studio Collection — Collision Course Songs from the Underground. Frat Party at the Pankake Festival. Book Portal. Records remix albums Warner Bros.

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And yet no one asks Sarge why that truck is so important, until its too late. On the truck things go completely off the rails. May and Daisy try to interrogate Sarge, but have apparently forgotten all of the fancy tactics S. Both women opt for brute force questioning, with heavy doses of sarcasm and hatred thrown in.

Yes, Sarge wears the face of their former mentor and friend, but he has valuable information they need. Two professional S. On a related point, the sidelining of Agent May this season is disappointing. But, in practice, it looks a little bit like no one knows how to write a scene between May and anyone other than Clark Gregg.

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As the team speeds towards possible destruction, it would be nice to see her do something other than glare, shout orders, or fight. The couple realize that Izel Karolina Wydra had something to do with the destruction of the Chronicom homeworld. In fact, other than the knowledge that Izel is evil and FitzSimmons have no way to contact Earth, not a lot of plot development happens in space.

Fitz does have an adorably Fitz freakout, where he gets incredibly jealous of his dead self. It is time for S. Erin is a lifelong geek who is a part-time contributor for Bleeding Cool.