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From the pool of proposals which meet the program requirements and the quality criteria the jury selects the most convincing applications approx.

Facility for Antiproton and Ion Research: Overview on FAIR

Additionally, the same number of projects is drawn in a lottery grants. In this way, ideas which are easily overlooked will get a chance, too. The lottery as a new selection element and the entire selection process will be evaluated. Applications must be filed electronically via the electronic application system. The funding initiative 'Experiment! The initiative is exceptionally well received with nearly applications per call.

By way of a partially randomized scheme 66 grants have been selected: 29 out of in and 37 out of applications in Ping Pongs Float in Mid Air. Crystals made of Chilled Salt. A needle, a balloon…no pop?


Construct an Eclipse Box. What Transforms an Apple into a Moldy One? Volcanoes…Frozen Edition. Concoct the Most Disgusting Pops Ever. Cause the Water Cycle in a Jar. Mix Up a Spooky Concoction. Alter Green Leaves into Colorful Leaves. Pipe Cleaner Snowflakes.

Will Your Egg Pass the Challenge? Compare Chemical Reactions using Film Canisters. The Cheapest Speakers in Town. Shortening, a Household Insulator. Win Gold for Science. Make like a Florist and Dye the Petals of a Flower.


Assemble a Rain Gauge using a Soda Bottle. Germinate a Pinto Bean.

Selecting this option can help save you time, for example, if you're planning to run lots of experiments. Notes : If you've opted to let Google choose the winner of your experiment, the best performing settings will be automatically applied for you. If your experiment hasn't collected sufficient data by the time limit 90 days unless you set a shorter time we'll automatically stop it.

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Otherwise, you'll have another 30 days to choose the winner of the experiment. If an automatic experiment hasn't collected sufficient data, the variant settings will be applied.

Experiment Shredding Giant Octopus And Toys

This is because automatic experiments test certain settings in your account. On average, the results of these tests have proved positive for other publishers with similar traffic, content, etc.

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  3. People of the Silence: A Novel of North Americas Forgotten Past;
  4. Dream of Danger (A Brown and de Luca Novel, Book 2).

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