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Pursuant to the current FAA system, requests for drone operation certificates are evaluated on a case-by-case basis. Government users, including law enforcement and public universities, may operate drones after completing an online application and obtaining a Certificate of Waiver or Authorization COA. Civil operators seeking to operate a public-use drone must apply for a Special Airworthiness Certificate SAC , which requires operators to show the drone can operate safely within an assigned flight test area and cause no harm to the public. Four years ago, the agency predicted that 30, drones could be flying in US skies by Drones have been unfairly coupled with a singular use: spying.

In reality, there are numerous purposes for domestic drones. For law enforcement, drones are ideal for search-and-rescue missions, stabilizing crowd control, monitoring traffic conditions, aiding natural-disaster rescues, assisting in hostage situations While it is short-sighted to single-handedly focus on the potential privacy concerns that may be implicated by drone, that is the current focus of advocacy groups, legislators, and the media.

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United States , the seminal search and seizure case. Katz v. United States , U. In Katz , the police eavesdropped on the defendant while he was talking on a telephone in a public phone booth with the door closed. This determination, expressed by Justice Harlan in his concurrence, is still the standard today: an actual, subjective expectation of privacy, with the expectation being recognized by society as reasonable. But what he seeks to preserve as private, even in an area accessible to the public, may be constitutionally protected.

The problem with new police technologies, such as drones, is determining the bounds of reasonable expectations of privacy. A series of aerial surveillance cases albeit, all involving manned aircraft decided decades ago may, at first glance, seem to indicate that law enforcement will have wide latitude in using drones to assist in criminal investigations.

Upon further review, however, it is clear that the Court will soon need to revisit the aerial surveillance issue in wake of rapidly evolving technology. In , the Supreme Court ruled in California v. The defendant had attempted to shield his illegal activities from observation thus passing the first prong of the Katz test , but the Court held that the defendant did not maintain a privacy interest that would protect him from all types of visual observation.

United States, U. Dow, a civil case, arose after the Environmental Protection Agency took aerial pictures of a Dow Chemical facility as part of an inspection. The Court determined that the curtilage surrounding the facility was more like an open field than that of a private residence for purposes of aerial surveillance, and because the flights were in public airspace, no search warranting Fourth Amendment protection had occurred. Three years later, in , the Supreme Court heard Florida v. Riley , U.

Eye in the Sky review – a morality tale of modern warfare

Taken at face value, these cases do suggest that police officers will sometimes be able to use drones without a warrant. It is crucial, however, to understand the limitations of these decisions. Ciraolo and Riley both involved naked eye observations. Drone surveillance is inherently different. It is not conducted by the naked eye, but rather through photographic tools and equipment that can provide much more detail and accuracy than which is humanly possible. Richard Stephenson as Staff Sergeant.

Warren Masemola as Agent Atieno. Gabriella Pinto as Female Corporal. Ahmed Mohamed Ali as Omar. Tylan Wray as Male Corporal. Lemogang Tsipa as Matt Levery. Hossain Dahir as Driver One. Gavin Hood as Lt. Colonel Ed Walsh.

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Kenneth Fok as First Crewman. Zak Rowlands as Second Crewman-K. Ebby Weyime as Damisi. Vusi Kunene as Major Moses Owiti. Paul Spaulding as Command Support Staff. Francis Chouler as Jack Cleary. Richard McCabe as George Matherson. Monica Dolan as Angela Northman. Henry Pilime as Parklands Gate Guard. Roberto Meyer as Rasheed Hamud. James Alexander as Image Analyst. Sammy Maina as Parklands Gate Guard. Hassan Abdullah as Shahid Ahmed.

Bronson Mwangi as Kenyan Captain. Abdi Mohamed Osman as Amadu Mukhtar. Mohammad Ali Sahra as Militia Leader. John Heffernan as Major Harold Webb. Chaltu Ahmed as Poor Woman.

Eye In The Sky

Daniel Fox as Tom Bellamy. Virgil Graham Hopkins as Nigel Adler. Sonia Esgueria as Esther Alvarez. Mohamed Abdirahmaan as Abdi. Omar Abu Kadir as Driver Two.


Laila Robins as Ms. Jillian Goldman. Abdilatief Takow as Ali. Dileef Rahim as Amadu Gate Guard. Robert Omache as Amadu Gate Guard. Istar Takow as Woman Buying Bread. Andrew Ahula as Street Vendor Buckets. Hilowli Hassan as Militia Man. Ali Mohamed as Khalid. Ma Mohamed as Osman Abade. Jessica Jones as Kate Barnes.

Michael O'Keefe as Ken Stanitzke. Sonia Esgueira as Esther Alvarez.

Mohamed Fidow as Abdi Militia Soldier. Timayare Shamso Hassan as Passerby. Fowzia Dahir as Woman Buying Bread. Fatumo Sheknoor Ali as Pedestrian. Hamdi Adam Shire as Pedestrian. Thelma Mabina as Nurse. Sandile Ntobla as Doctor. Apr 27, Full Review…. Mar 27, Rating: 3.

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May 7, Rating: 4. Apr 12, Rating: B- Full Review…. Mar 7, Full Review…. Jan 15, Rating: A- Full Review…. View All Critic Reviews Jan 12, Eye in the sky reveals how sinister and moral uncertainties can occur in war. Andrew H Super Reviewer. Aug 09, I love the way this is filmed, and the acting is fantastic Helen Mirren delivers an Oscar-caliber performance here. Stephen S Super Reviewer. Jun 25, In what is Alan Rickman's last ever performance RIP him, and the other well-known cast members tell a disturbing tale of the bureaucracy of terrorism and the desensitization to violence for drone strikes and their operators.

Ian W Super Reviewer. Jun 18, One of the best films of with everyone giving the performances of their careers in a tense, edge of your seat drama questioning the morality of war with no easy answers. Put this on your must see list. Anthony V Super Reviewer. See all Audience reviews. James Willett: And you would save her and risk killing 80 others? Angela Northman: Yes, I would save her and take that risk. Frank Benson: Don't ever tell a soldier that he doesn't know the cost of war. Frank Benson: Never tell a soldier that he does not know the cost of war. View All Quotes.

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