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Fast and pray.

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Combining fasting with prayer is a powerful weapon in your spiritual arsenal. Worship and praise Him. Worshipping the Lord with love and adorations in our hearts inevitably increases our faith! Spoken words have a lot of power, both for good and for evil. Decide today that you no longer will speak discouraging or faith-destroying words, but only those words which are encouraging and faith-building.

Faith is a spiritual force.

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  8. Just like a force of electricity, there are certain things that can block faith from flowing from God into our hearts and through our lives. If you need help praying for courage, strength, or power, please use our prayer request link below and one of our anointed prayer ministers will lift their voice in prayer with you. There is only one answer to this condition, and that is the spiritual discipline of service.

    Some of us have been splashing around in the shallows of faith for too long, and more than anything else you need a man or woman-sized challenge that is going to stretch you beyond your limits, push you outside your comfort zone, and give you something in which you need to trust God like you never did before! I have a letter that I will treasure all my life. It was written by a college tutor, who was giving me counsel when at the age of twenty-two I had been invited to become pastor of the church my wife and I served for sixteen years in London.

    I had asked him for his advice, and this is what he wrote:. Christ calls us out of our depth. He invites us to launch out into the deep. The storm may be raging, but if you are where Christ has called you to be, and you are doing what he called you to do, he will bring you through it by faith.

    How to Build Your Faith Muscle

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    Every Fourth of July here in the United States, we celebrate the freedom we have and take time to recognize the cost that was paid to obtain it. Can you imagine, after the revolutionary war, I live in a small rural community where people often burn brush, trash, and other debris that they do not want to take the time to dispose of. It is common in the summer and fall to drive past houses where dark clouds of smoke are billowing from the back But we all know that there are times when Call Follow Unlocking the Bible.

    Unlocking the Bible P. Box Barrington, IL Call Archive Authors. Faith is like a muscle — if it is not used, it will atrophy. So, faith is like a muscle and needs to be exercised. Faith Factors in the Ability of God The disciples had already seen remarkable demonstrations of the power of Jesus Christ. Faith Submits to the Sovereignty of God As soon as we talk about the ability of God, we face some serious questions. The Prescription for Faith What is the prescription for the person whose doubts arise from not exercising faith?

    Topics: Spiritual Growth. Explore this topic further. Sin Spiritual Growth. Be careful of those aspects of your character, for they determine what occupies your being. That content occupying your being determines who you are. So, it is true that: 'We become what we think about. Edify yourself through faith which is also developed through praying in the language of the spirit Jude Spend time each day, praying and meditating in the Word in your native language and also in other tongues, and you can keep your spirit active instead of being passive.

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    Let God inhabit your meditations and praises and grow in your being. Meditating on the Word and agreeing together can cause you to be able to believe God's Word enough to act upon it in faith. Refuse to accept doubt.

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    5. Begin to praise God when negative thinking comes to your mind then replace that with praising God. If you do believe Him, then you will have plenty of praise for Him. Investigate why God inhabits the praises of His people: It was an honor to God, that the tabernacle tent made way for the temple of stone, but now He is within you. Heaven is his throne, the earth is his footstool; also, none of man's service can profit Him, yet he seeks the faithful to serve him. Follow Jesus by faith into the active nature of Christ in the chosen and anointed life, way and the truth: so the redeemed, contrite, faithful human spirit may represent his favored temple that He wants to inhabit.

      Include your email address to get a message when this question is answered. Already answered Not a question Bad question Other. By using this service, some information may be shared with YouTube. Tips Promote success in your lives and events by the development of your faith through meditation in the Word and confession of speaking the Word holy scriptures.

      In extremely difficult times when God seems to be unfaithful, when your faith is breaking, then God is actually making your faith stronger. You will be stronger if you win over the temptation to doubt Him.

      3 Practical Ways to Increase Your Faith

      Faith includes loving one another as He gives you His love Share his incredible love and spirit with others. Very good steps of faith can lead to confidence in your religion. Warnings Be aware of something that Solomon said, "in all your getting get wisdom" -- but faith in God is not usually by hearing just any wisdom or philosophy which may be in contravention of The Bible, but by agreeing together upon the Word of God in The Bible it shall be done, according to His will and Word Do not think that you can increase faith by being angry at unbelievers or hating people.

      You can be angry at wrongs while allowing the Holy Spirit and the Gospel to guide you, by studying the Bible and applying the Word of God in love. Be kind. By this shall all men know that ye are my disciples, if ye have love one to another.

      Increase Our Faith

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