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Players have to work in sync to perform tasks or die at the hands of the opponent vying for the same goal. A unique take on heisting in games. First team to extract 3 packages first wins the match. What happens when you enter a match and drop dead.

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When your teammates call, you answer. A team deathmatch, where you and your team rise up against the opponents in a killing spree to win it all.

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The captain of the team; leading the ambush, keeping an eye on the opponent team; on ground and sniper both are your key tasks. Heisting is impossible without you!!! You bring in the tech that lets the team hack and transport safely. Latest Netflix News.

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Browse entire Netflix Library. Jul 8, Could it be a flashback? Thanks to the official trailer above, we know that season 3 will be all about rescuing Rio from police capture. The remaining thieves: Tokyo, Nairobi, Denver, Monica, Helsinki, The Professor, Raquel will be joined by a few new faces to put together an escape plan which involves them once again taking hostages. Based on the new trailer and where seasons one and two left off, we have a pretty good idea of where the new plot could take us.

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Here's a refresher: the thieves put the 67 hostages to use again, over the course of 11 days to print money, bag it, and help move it to their secret escape route—a tunnel inside one of the vaults. In season two, they narrowly avoided capture by the police and successfully printed about 1 billion euros. Monica memorably fell for Denver and together they ran away to raise a child.

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Tokyo and Rio, meanwhile, sparked a romance that will continue in season three. And Moscow, who was also Denver's dad, died after being shot by the police. Helsinki ended Oslo's life since he was unwell after getting injured by some of the hostages. And if that weren't enough, Berlin was presumed dead after being shot by the police who entered the mint trying to capture the thieves.

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Unforgettably, The Professor got close with Raquel who's trying to solve the robbery case , in an effort to figure out how much she really knows about his secret heist. He inserted himself into her life by talking to her at a cafe and introducing himself by his real name, Salvador "Salva" Martin.

How The Biggest Diamond Vault Heist Of The Century Happened

Eventually, they become romantically involved—that is, until she realized he's the mastermind behind the heist or so we think.