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In , he played a major role in the series While the fern is blooming. In the crime drama serial The Method produced by Alexander Tsekalo's Sreda , Petrov played the supporting role of police officer Zhenya. In the same year he also acted in the TV series Fartsa , by the same production company, this time in the lead role. The series is about Fartsovka — the illegal acquisition of consumer goods and currency from foreigners during the Soviet Union. He played Andrei Trofimov, an aspiring writer. In , he acted in Sreda's feature film — Gogol.

The Beginning. He played one of the main roles in the disaster-film Attraction by Fyodor Bondarchuk. According to the plot of the film, over the city there is an unidentified object, which later, for the safety of citizens, is shot down. Only when it falls to the ground, experts find that this object is of unearthly origin. In he acted in the musical romantic drama about figure skating, Ice. Let him think it. We're in New York now. That the woman is herself beautiful adds yet another dimension; that it is unclear whether she truly knows her own beauty is yet another layer.

This slender book is an achievement, a mere 74 pages that takes you on a far longer, far deeper, journey. With every sentence Tepper subtly illuminates the man and woman, both unnamed, both lost and alone — though only the woman seems to realize it. I kept wanting to tell the guy to stop trying to impress her — and himself — with his wealth and power and, more than anything, his sexual prowess. Rarely has the sadness often behind such a need been more vividly drawn: a man and a woman whose nonstop physical intimacy underscores the spiritual and emotional gulf between them, set off amid a gilt-edged world of casinos, bikini-clad beauties, and pricey restaurants.

In the end, when you put the book down you are still in Monte Carlo, frolicking with the 1 percent and having endless amounts of great sex, exquisite meals and stunning vistas, but never the love you yearn for. Highly recommended. A throwback to that bygone era of fashionable flight attendants, wealthy elite sunbathing nude on the French Riviera, and all the glitz and glamour of Grace Kelly marrying Prince Ranier III, Tepper's stories are deftly spun from just the right mixture of gossamer and gauze.

Watching the power shift subtly through each chapter, like the ever-changing tides, readers will be fascinated by her characters and vignettes. A sleek page-turner that's dressed to impress. Reader, get ready to be seduced. As if I am responsible for growing it …..

You had me, at Peach. There is a plot, of sorts, but it takes a decidedly back seat to the thoughts, observations and desires of our female narrator. In quiet, understated yet strangely evocative prose, Tepper makes us care deeply for this smitten pair of characters, right up to the delicious denouement in a famous Manhattan landmark that Tepper renders, as is the rest of the novel, all her own.

This highly original narrative could be devoured in one afternoon, or savored, page by page, over a fortnight, as was the case for this reviewer. At the end, I simply did not want to let these characters go. Susan Tepper is a super fine fiction writer. All of her talents are on display in this novel. If you remember the years when women, with good cause, felt powerless in relationships you will feel a deep sadness. If you are a woman too young to have these memories, this may be a cautionary tale. Either way, this book will make you reassess some portion of your life. Within these finely crafted chapters, Susan Tepper manages to combine complexity with concision, while bringing vividly alive a world of before and after dinner sex, of Hermes silk scarves, Gucci soft leather gloves and Cartier jewellery watches.

A highly compelling read. It is not a love story, and there is very little romance involved. What is involved is a lot of lust, or sex, beautiful clothes along with beautiful food, expensive hotels and of course the glittering backdrop of Monte Carlo. It is not a whirlwind tour of the place or even a whirlwind affair. Instead, Tepper manages to feed the reader with slow, simmering details in each of her twenty-two very short and concise chapters that weave a tale of how money equals power, and how often it is the woman who is the one with the least power.

There are lavish shopping trips too, and all the while the readers are treated to a first-rate view of Monte Carlo with its cobblestone streets, and the ever-present deep turquoise sea. But even though her lover is wealthy, he puts her in her place and shows her she is not completely worthy of his attentions with subtle reminders.

Like the time he admonishes her for always ordering the very expensive foie gras before dinner. Underlying all this lust and sumptuous lifestyle, is the main theme that is woven throughout the story, one of separateness and the unbalance of power. Tepper also tells a tale of sadness.

In each chapter we lurch forward hoping our unnamed protagonist, who we know only by her profession as a flight attendant based in New York City, is trying to claim the love of her unnamed lover, a rock star manager based in L. This is a story of haves and have nots, and the flight attendant, despite her beautiful wardrobe which we come to understand she has bought at deep discounts around the world on her layovers cannot compete with her very wealthy one-week lover.

The message is clear: money equals power, and without that power, most of us would be reduced emotionally and intellectually as the flight attendant is throughout the story. However, the chapters flow in smooth transition, linking each moment to the next. The book is full of lush imagery of Monte Carlo and its surrounding tiny villages, the setting for the week-long love affair.

This is the backdrop of the sumptuous meals taken by the seaside in the late summer evenings while the sun sets its orangeness on the crystal-clear waters of the ever-present sea. He takes the lower corniche. He is frozen, not knowing what to do. She stands up to them in a scrappy way and defuses the scene.

Regardless of that , an operation carried out by professionals would use a real perfume sample bottle , not an easily spotted mediocre fake. It is sold by the website mentioned above in bulk. Anyone in could have bought it, delivery in 2 days means that the delivery can have been made to a hotel. But the perpetrators had to remove the the upper spray part and replace it with a special dispenser which has to fit the size of the removed sprayer.

The new detachable nozzle was either found in the internet too, or it was a special fabrication. It looks like a rigid construct. But this special dispenser had to find place in the box wich is the original box! After the bottle was filled with the poison, it has to be sealed. But the seal had to be punctured by the part of the new nozzle that goes into the bottle. Once the seal was pierced, the utmost caution was required. After use, the bottle had to be immediately returned to a special container, so that the perpetrators would not be contaminated themselves.

This special container with the emptied bottle has not yet been found. If the Skripals were not attacked directly but poisoned by a contaminated item, then the container could be anywhere, even not in Salisbury. How do we know that the bottle in the Met images actually works? It could easily be just a prop! The image of the bottle from the Met does NOT have a tube! I think it was meant to be planted on Yulia. But they got interrupted because Skripals were shadowed by the police.

Totally Agree , the bottle is the same. Denise, although your alternative version of events appears plausible, it is very likely the real couple were being followed and any replacement couple would be easily recognised as different. They dressed differently and we could all see the man was not Skripal, even though the CCTV frame was of poor quality.

The most likely explanation is that it was a hit on Skripals. Why use a replacement couple if you have the perfect victim?

Yulia herself seems to be sure that she is not in the cross hairs of Russian agents and she grew up with them. British secret services have used the Russian, ex-USSR mafia to spy on and destabilize Russia, just as they accuse the Russian mafia of being linked to Russian business and secret service.

The British outrage serves to hide that the City of London and other tax havens do not wish to cooperate with Russia on money laundering or business crime on the fiction that Russia is a mafia state. Russia does have problems in its justice and prison system, as with corruption, same as Ukraine or other Eastern European states Europe wishes to integrate. A mafia state with a police you cannot cooperate with it is not.

Sergei goes to the police because his life has been threatened and sincerely believes that he is about to be killed. Sergei and Yulia have an appointment at the park bench at 4. MI56 had people around the bench ready, a doctor, nurse, police and their operatives bit still they failed to prevent it or apprehend the perpetrators. Major egg on their face. Salisbury Hospital goes along with the identity swap because of national security and or funding. MI56 sells the bungle to May as a further opportunity to discredit Russia, help with her failing Syria gambit and take her Brexit woes out of the limelight.

Two doctors at Salisbury District Hospital fresh from a course on chemical weapons and on hand to quickly recommend treatment and samples tested for chemical weapons. You state they still failed to apprehend the perps. The simplest answer for that, with all the evident preparation and situating of operatives around the area, is that they did not wish to catch the perps, who may or may not have been evacuated in an Air Ambulance from an organisation run by ex-military characters.

Just do the deed, then sell it to the politicians, to then sell to the public. Look at 5, both suspects on Wilton Road on 4 March. Their steps are small and postures are somewhat wary, as if they are not sure that they are in the right place or on the right route. Compare with their wide steps and confident postures on the 6 image. After the reconnaisance, why were they walking slowly and looking uncertain? They were looking out for a very narrow concealed footpath that leads to Montgomery Gardens and then into Christie Miller Road.

That footpath is exactly opposite the T-junction they are approaching. They had to remain on the same side as the Shell station until they reached that junction to ensure they were in camera shot. The other side of the road is out of sight. I meant that activities of Petrov and Boshirov in Salisbury were different from what the Met told the public. The Met used the images to concoct the story in line with the Novichok narrative. May I ask where two bottles each logic came from? Same manual Boris talked about? But we have them holding hands for two days… please. A good bit of work done since then, I especially like the street light that is now strategically placed outside his front door.

No coincidence! Very interesting. Lamp-posts and telegraph poles are nowadays typically used by MI5 to conceal covert cameras. Signals are sent back via Tetra using mobile-phone technology, the same system as used by MI5 comms, police, fire, immigration, and other govt departments.

Watchers are mainly involved in mobile surveillance work in vehicles and on foot. If this is true and I have no idea about the status of this lamp post, then it is impossible to smear the door handle unrecorded. Do we have any lamp post experts? Sadly enough, it is real.

When will it snap? Will it ever snap? Report: Trump expected to declassify Page, Ohr documents Sep. Not just for Steel. Rod Rosenstein will be revealed and will have to go… and Rosenstein was the one who appointed Mueller…. Which is a stupid response. Russians should at the minimum say that these people were on the flights mentioned, or not.

Otherwise how could he kot know? And that is because of the urgency for NATO to find a legal, political cover for its military aggression against Syria. How do we know they stayed at the City Stay Hotel March?

112 Russian writers ranging from great, to absolutely freaking great

Those two are 1 and 2 — airport corridors. Thus, with the announcement of the suspects by name and with photos. They are gaining in many areas and the West is losing. Two people depart on a plane from Moscow. Flight number and manifest known. Mug shots shown. Rissia claiming they are still unknown identities….

If they were not on the flights mentioned it would be a gift to Russians they for reason unknown are refusing to accept…. All I am saying it should not take Russians long to run airport CCTV records, border computers and plane manifests their side for the two flights involved.

If there is something not agreeing with the UK narrative past behaviour shows they would be screaming about it from the rooftops. Maybe they do extra checks. I give them another week or so. If nothing, it is troubling…. HMG could solve it tomorrow if they wanted to. The UK is also not involving Interpol as they will have to hand over records including fingerprints if they want to go that way. Some actual evidence from HMG would go a long way…. That would put those corridors in the north terminal, but would all such corridors be nearly identical and not distinguishable from each other?

Regardless, Met CT claims these two men disembarked and got through at least passport control within twenty-four minutes. Fly from X to Sheremetyevo and get a connecting flight to Y and there would be no record of the passenger on Russian government records. What records Sheremetyevo collects and retains may be different. However, HMG has the passport identification of these two men; so, they need to put up or shut up.

Quote: However, HMG has the passport identification of these two men; so, they need to put up or shut up. You can add Lockerbie, Stay Behind networks Gladio, etc. All paid for by the British taxpayers. Duncan, This has just landed. The people we are dealing with on both sides of the Atlantic are fundamentally dishonest. Their live by lies and cover ups. They concoct evidence to suit their case:. I remember wondering what was the point. Was Yulia followed at Moscow airport already and was Moscow police comparing notes with the British?

I am casting a broad net. Putin would not risk his World Cup project to kill an ex spy. If he did, then the Skripals would be dead. However, Ros and Alex were working for, even when the next 4 members of the Cleaner Gang are fed to us, seems to have a half baked plan.

I also do not believe it was an elaborate plan to make the Skripals vanish. Ross,Mo and Viktoria are the only people interested. An ex spy and his daughter flying off and not returning would not even get a paragraph of media coverage. However, somebody did something. And maybe two lots of somebodies did two different things. If you want to find the real people supporting the oligarchs first face North and then look to your left. Over your left shoulder, down a bit from Nova Scotia. Actually, quite a bit, gets bloody hot there in the summer speaking from experience , big four lane it was back in 80s ring road.

I also do not believe in the pre-planned disappearing act as unnecessarily too complex but it does not follow that the bench couple were Skripals. IMHO whoever took out the bench couple believed them to be Skripals. I saw the NYT article yesterday and checked Spanish media to see if any official person in Spain made a statement about this issue.

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Their article is partly based on a book by Rueda who is a writer specialised in intelligence services. Spain would not touch Skripal after he was caught being a double agent. On the other hand , Russians in Spain are the smallest community of foreigners. I can tell you that the Ukrainian community in Portugal and Spain is far larger than the Russian. Not Russian money laundry. I keep thinking about the sweet Russian couple as they remind me of something but def not GRU or any type of military, not even any branch of special forces. And I think I matched their possible profile.

Please consider. Here is another theory or variation thereof that also addresses mysterious Saturday trip…. The two Russian dudes are drug runners. The job is to make a drop in a pre-agreed location. Collect the money the following day from the same drop. The overnight cycle is needed for the receiving party to do testing on the quality of merchandise.

Also explains why police was digging up playgrounds all over the town. This line of thinking IMHO goes back to one of the earlier theories expressed in this blog that Skripal was dealing… When things went out of control Novihoax was invented possibly by Skripal himself and exploited by TPTB. Have the police shown them? Or any British paper, prior to Sept 9?

Yulia is onway.. Follow and make drop. Father is under threat so take. A woman wearing a black surgical mask was spotted in Salisbury metres from where poisoned Russian spy Sergei Skripal and his daughter collapsed. Witness Mark Francis says he reported the strange sighting to Wiltshire Police as the hunt for clues continues.

Theresa May confirmed on Monday that the deadly chemical weapon Novichok — developed by the Soviet Union in the s and 80s — was used in the attempted assassination. It was revealed earlier in the day that high quality CCTV footage of Sergei Skripal and his daughter Yulia in the moments before they collapsed has been passed to investigators probing the attack of a Russian former double agent.

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Crucially, the coverage includes The Maltings area, where Mr Skripal, 66, and Yulia, 33, were found collapsed on a bench eight days ago. But yesterday, Matthew Dean, leader of Salisbury City Council, said the issues had been resolved around a month ago. However there was a masked, sinister, aggressive looking man between the mill and bench, by The Works,only seconds walk from the bench. A witness told detectives he saw a man with a black mask covering his nose and mouth acting suspiciously around 3pm last Sunday.

None of the persons of interest were recorded in near enough proximity — spatially or temporally — to the Skripals to have attacked them out of camera view. Persons of interest were identified or came forward and cleared. There is a camera mounted above the Maltings end of Market Walk pointing at the bench. There is another on the shop 20 ft from the bench.

The first responders police and paramedics had Body Cams. There is lots of CCTV of the attack that took place at the bench but we will not be shown it. Seems safe enough to me to conclude that the bench and two people in distress were captured on a CCTV camera. We have seen that one Duncan but they said the clock was wrong and should be Rob may object, but Salisbury does seem to have an issue with time and setting those pesky digital gizmos.

Where I live, if something stops when there is a power cut, or even worse when batteries run out or similar, then: The device time is always behind the real time, as there is no reason why the device clock can go forward. On the other inconvenient time stamps they have simply been able to crop out the time but on this one the stamp is directly over the car. No but it was only released quite recently but with a pre-dated publication date because there was a problem with the time.

Had Ticket machines changed also to compensate? A far more useful photo would have been from the camera on Summerlock House or from the car park with timings and direction of travel. Look at the Facts that we know and the Conflicts of Evidence — That tells the true picture or at least what is currently available to the public. The unhelpful, damning Facts. Paul — they tried to travel Friday evening. They went on Sunday when Sergei was there then went home. How is that inconsistent with delivering something to him? They would phone and arrange it first.

Use burner phones if you need to. Also a courier would not have relied on public transport. If it was something important to deliver or collect they would have used a hire car or a taxi. There is a hire car place right across the road from where they supposedly stayed the Citystay Hotel. But if they had visited Geneva six times in the last year, surely one of them must have had a credit card and DL or does Basu know they travelled to Geneva under different names? Paul, I said they were couriers, not good couriers. Why did they need to go into London at all?

If they were couriers, why not go straight to Salisbury after they arrived and stay there until they left? If they had used a taxi, there was no need for ID in any case they had passports that had got them through the airport. Or book a car and driver before they left Russia. And as I said earlier, we have zero evidence linking them to the Skripals. Only the narrative does that. But Paul, the circumstantial evidence points to them having something to do with the Skripals. They came on the 2nd from Moscow. They went to Salisbury twice. They went back to Moscow on the 4th.

If they had no connection at all to the Skripals they must be the unluckiest guys on Earth. Russia has not said they were not on those flights, so we have to think they were. Their actions say to me it was low tech no smartphones and low budget staying in the cheapest hotel they could find. Now if they were trying to stay off grid by paying cash, not hiring cars,not using taxis it sort of makes sense. But if they are highly trained GRU men why not steal a car? Hijack a car and kill the driver.

Cold blooded killers. No, they blunder their way around the South of England, Mr. Beanlike, getting captured by every CCTV camera in Salisbury and going on the park swings like a couple of weirdos. Patrick, Planes arrive at Heathrow from Moscow every 2 hours. I am sure that other people arriving on planes on the same day as the unfortunate pair also visited Salisbury. There is no evidence that connects them with the Skripals apart from the narrative — it is possible that some of the images have been faked.

Professional GU operatives do not behave like Mr Bean. Off grid to leave no electronic trail. However, they are made multiple times by CCTV camera. But as we know it soon went belly up and from the moment Bailey got dosed they have been in disarray. Was it Bailey heading for hospital and n the chopper then rerouted to Porton Down then turned again for the hospital?

Visa states Tourist,came over to see sites and by collectors items [I presume?

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These two Chaps fit the agenda-Wrong place-Wrong time. Fit em up…. Six[6]months later we get this Hogwash………? Is this best Met Police can come up with….. No Pure Evidence! Im not saying they innocent but lets work on innocent til proven otherwise. Very easy to appoint blame without other side of coin….

The men are for me a red-herring. It is only a diversion. There is no evidence to connect these men to the Skripals. To be honest, we can all come up with theories that lead nowhere. Wasting time and effort is what they want us to do. Friends would tell them that they are all over the media as assassins. They would go to a lawyer and clear their name.

Actually one of them did and said he never traveled out of Russia. Fix here? I sincerely hope that his words increase the pressure on the MET to make their timeline more transparent. I find it very difficult to dispute their findings. I have always thought it was placed on the Saturday afternoon when we were collecting Yulia from Heathrow, or even Saturday night.

Bared to you (Crossfire #1) Silvia Day Audiobook

We remember that Ross earlier said his wife Mo entered the house. Why and why now? Besides, Sergei would not have noticed that. Why and which oligarch, Russian or Ukrainian? Did Sergei contributed to the Dossier? MI6 or FBI or another? So he suspected people who are able to monitor phones. It was brave enough to doubt the timeline. They have not changed it! Is it actually true? Has Sergei really told detectives they were followed from Heathrow???

Where did they speak to him and how? Why is it a surprise that Sergei is speaking? I thought we all thought he was under guard somewhere? Wiltshire Council needed to update his Direct Debit to make sure his Council Tax was paid up to date. I think Sergei is being held safely somewhere but not anywhere that the council or police would be able to speak with him.

Police and others have been in and out for 6 months already — why the sudden need to speak with the owner? Did the council believe it needed permission to enter? If he and Ross really thought they had been followed would they just carry on as normal? I am pretty sure that reporting these 2 points was not for my benefit. For 6 months nothing and then suddenly, two confirmations in 48 hours… why? Paul, and why should they ask Sergei as they have already bought all his property? Confirmation for that? Uh — no property rights in the UK? The Skripals never went back inside the house after allegedly getting Novichock all over their hands solely from the door handle.

Therefore how did it spread enough internally to need de-contaminating?

See a Problem?

Bailey took it in on his gloves and contaminated everything he touched. As usual, you are doing a fantastic job of pointing out the inconsistencies. I have always thought it was placed on the Saturday afternoon when we were collecting Yulia from Heathrow, or even Saturday night.. Did he react to his own reasoning by:. Getting Mo checked out as quickly as possible? Decide not to wait for 6 months before letting us know his concerns? But Sergei might have been apprehensive about something else. Also, I guess that the change of the mobie phone does not help in the case of monitoring by special services.

Sorry, the link was not meant to be included in my comment. It got there because of my lack of attention. Is there anything about this person — presumably a very important person to Sergei — that is publicly known? One tidbit. She has said that there is no truth in that. Who the hell would postulate that a front doorknob would be smeared with poison during the day, particularly when the residents are most likely home?

Cassidy has also said that Sergei observes vehicles and presumably people as they approach his house. He also claimed that it was only a few minutes approximately 30 between when he dropped off the Skripals and returned with Mo to fix the showerhead. On his return, he had no reason to conclude the either Skripal had been near the car and Mo never went near it. So, why weeks later as Mo remained healthy would he suddenly be concerned about her health?

Mystery Couple a plant by MI56 as they knew something was on? Mr Skripal was under threat but from who? Our two coin collectors had come to give Mr Skripal a way out and totally unaware of situation that was building? Guys in black masks…. S Agents.. Trump Dossier]. Right of dog walking female to rear. Female White handbag on her right overtakes at rapid rate of knots.

Gentlemen keeps to left of female dog walker-white trainers. Gentleman looking into Jenny,s [Setting Visual Evidence? There are no scheduled trains at They are dressed differently but not dissimilar to the next day, one has a different jacket, he appears a different build to the next day, one has gloves, they both have different hats and shoes, and neither has a rucksack.

There is no published photographic evidence that says they went to Salisbury that day on a train or returned to London on one, no platform cctv shots at either station London or Salisbury and no cctv from the train that route has cctv onboard. The impression left is that they did not arrive in Salisbury by Train that day, they stayed in Salisbury that evening and were photographed on the bridge at c am the following Morning Sunday Their appearance at the station not track side suggests they are waiting for someone or seeing someone off.

The photographs issued by the Met are designed to confuse, distract and plant disinformation. I must say I am suspicious of the Saturday trip, it makes less sense than the rest of it. However why invent a trip on Saturday in the first place? I think they had a photo of them on the Saturday at the Station and thought how can we use this?

Instead of following their paranoid instinct that when they make stuff up it always goes wrong. Hit team planned to do the hit first on Saturday when Yulia came from the airport. Could not do it because of Ross Cassidy. The two with the Russian passports had to be in Salisbury to provide a trail back to Russia. The others had European passports.

They needed Yulia because her phone was the only one that could be traced. The door knob theory makes no sense whatsoever. The two returned on Sunday when the second attempt was made. When it was successful they took the plane home. They had a second plane ticket back to Moscow in case the hit failed, this time, too.

I have an idea that might explain a bit more about the possible origins of the door handle theory. Here it is, make of it what you will. But it had all gone wrong; something had happened and it was not the Skripals on the bench. Worse still, on 6 March, images of the couple who had been on the bench were widely circulated and witness testimony regarding the people on the bench, was everywhere.

How are we going to get this one back on track? Well to start with, the whole point of Sunday had been to make the Skripals disappear and that is still important. So whatever we do, they must vanish. But how are we going to divert attention away from what people now know about the actual events of Sunday? It was all over the papers the day before! The original plan had been an attack at the bench but now if that idea stands, how do we make people believe it was the Skripals; what if someone even has a picture from the scene on their mobile phone. Somehow, we need to put the poison next to the Skripals: that way everyone will think that it was the Skripals that were poisoned.

There is no chance the general public will notice anyway! We will just keep repeating it. We still need Bailey to get poisoned somewhere. How are we going to do that? So it has to be somewhere only the Skripals and Bailey had been. No, none of those ideas really work…. The Skrips touched it on their way out and Bailey touched it on his way in. You will go very far!! It will do whatever we want! Why not have the official version claiming that the Skripals were poisoned after they leave the pub on their way to the park bench?

Bailey going down sick could have been fitted in any number of ways. This would have the bad guys spraying the Skripals as they left the pub, and to make sure that they were finished off, the bad guys went to where the car was parked and did the car door handles as well. How dastardly was that by the callous Novichok gang? The bad guys then went on to dump the spray, where Charlie found it a while later. Catherine Street was on their escape route. It did not need to be anywhere else. The whole point was to move the attack AWAY from the bench and then blur the lines.

If it happened at the bench, who were these two strangers sittting there? If we just say it was the Skripals and move the poisoning well away from the bench then we just speak about it Skripals and forget all about the couple on the bench. Let me just add to that Duncan — the important thing became persuading you that the Skripals were attcked. It had to be something personal to them and ONLY to them so that you would know it was the Skripals and not somebody else.

Hence all the personal items we were told about. I also believe at around the 2 week mark we were being prepared for their death but that abruptly changed. But I look forward to fight of evidence being rejected from that inquest that says she was not poisoned by a Nerve Agent and the demand for the precise formula of the Toxin that Porton Down say they found. The problem with the car door theory is that you then need to explain how Bailey knew where the car was and also put him there… and then fit that in with him being at the house by 5pm. The police could have claimed that they quickly looked at ANPR cameras and identified the Skripal car in the Sainsbury car park.

Complete rubbish of course, but cannot be challenged. Bailey could leave the park bench and be anywhere in 30 minutes. The Met decided that as he was at the Skripal home, then the door handle had to be the location for the deadly nerve agent. From the beginning the most obvious place was an attack at the bench. Quick, clean and simple. In that case, the police would have looked to where the Skripals had been shortly before they neared the bench and came into camera view.

Did WPD hit the ground running on Monday morning in search of an attacker? People prefer narratives that are sequential and start at the beginning.