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Millie dropped to one knee and hugged him tightly. You are not alone anymore. I came here with my family a few days ago.

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I knew that something was wrong before we arrived, as they were sad, and looked at me like they were going to cry. I could sense they were anxious about this trip, yet sad at the same time. He began to shake uncontrollably with the sadness that filled him. Millie held him tightly and stroked his back. Eventually they decided to come here and leave me. I was stunned by what they were planning. I gave them all my love. They were everything to me, my world, and my reason to live. I would have gladly given my life to save any of them.

Would you like to come live with me and Honey?

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Would you like that? Archie began to relax as she talked and leaned into her as she held him. You will have me as your sister, and you will have a mommy and a daddy. We will take care of you and feed you. You will be part of our pack. She concentrated hard on sending her love to him. Always and forever. She heard Honey sending her love to him also. Millie brought her head up quickly and looked at Honey, then to Joseph and Noah in surprise. Millie and Honey laughed at Archie as Joseph and Noah smiled brightly.

Millie grabbed Archie and hugged him tightly. She rubbed his face as she held his head between her hands gazing intently into his beautiful deep brown eyes. We first learned of it on Appleopolis. Since then, we have been working with Rags, to improve our sensitivity. But not only did we hear you miles away, but your thoughts carried all the way to Earth, millions of light-years away. You seem anxious. Everyone stood frozen!

They were so intent on finding Archie that they did not sense the other subtle impressions until now. Opening themselves and expanding their attention, they realized that there was another heavy feeling of despair and helplessness. Millie and Honey detected the fear intensely, but the Blue Angels only felt a discomfort. They had previously ignored the emotions as an echo of the strong vibrations that Archie emitted before they arrived. Now the vibrations hummed inside their heads and they looked about, trying to orient themselves to the direction of the fear that enveloped them.

They tried to discern which way to go, but Archie stood and walked toward the direction that he had shown them. He stopped to sniff the air a few times along the way, to make sure that he was headed in the right direction, and to let everyone catch up. When he heard them getting close and had a good scent, he took off again. A thundering noise began rising in pitch with every footstep they took.

It was a foreign sound, like a thousand jackhammers pounding the ground. It was a drumming sound that shook the ground under their feet. They did not recognize the sound, but it was vaguely familiar. They ran as fast as they could toward the feeling of distress that seemed to be closing in on them. They could almost see a picture of what the threat was, but they were unprepared for what they saw, when they broke out of the forest. The manga of the series is a prequel that takes place a century ago when humans were forced to live undersea when the cities were Greek named.

Elpida means "hope. Ai Mayuzumi, Millie's great grandmother is the protagonist of the story. Shonengahosha published the first volume in Kodansha published both volumes together in Tokyopop licensed the manga series for distribution in North America and published an English language page graphic novel "Daphne in the Brilliant Blue" in Two additional OVA episodes were also produced but not included with the original Japanese broadcast.

Millie & Honey – The Blue Angel Planet

Several of the individual DVD releases as well as the collections have received generally positive reviews. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

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Daphne in the Brilliant Blue. Action , science fiction [1]. Anime television series. NA Anime Network.

Anime and Manga portal. Maia is having the worst day of her life. She gets rejected by the Ocean Agency, gets kicked out of her house, can't find a job that offers room and board, gets her wallet stolen and gets taken hostage and then shot. Maia is involved in a detainee exchange that goes bad. The housing agency confiscates all her belongs.

She joins Nereids, the all-around service provider. Maia and Shizuka solve the mystery of Martin's missing wedding money. Trouble is lying in wait for Rena in the form of a blonde woman. Gloria returns to Nereids. She decides to teach Maia how the work should be done. Maia is introduced to a martial arts expert named Yu Park. Rena and detective Yagi are taken hostage while on a cruise ship. Yu is reinstated as a Nereids agent after serving 90 days in jail and saving detective Yagi. Maia gets partnered with Gloria and Yu and discovers the tense relationship they have.

Car thieves kidnap Maia as Yu and Gloria are chasing a suspicious truck.

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The branch manager's daughter discovers he has been lying to her about his role at work. The gang catches a group of poachers. Maia takes the wheel of a test vehicle when Shizuka's childhood friend, Millie, is injured. Maia gets caught in some industrial espionage. Gloria is told she has a week to live. Tsukasa gets elected to help Gloria meet her ideal man. The girls go to Siberia City where slave traders kidnap Shizuka.

Maia has no recollection of being in Siberia before but knows the fastest way to intercept the fleeing kidnappers. When Maia passes a laurel tree it sparks old memories from her past. Everyone decides to spend an extra day in Siberia looking for clues about Maia's past. The year anniversary of the underwater cities raising to the surface is celebrated. The year memorial service for the city of Elpida is also held. Maia, Tsukasa and Millie have a race to show off the Ocean Agency's new hovercraft.

Wong, Chang and Lee along with their rescuer, Mai, seek revenge on Nereids for putting the three brothers in prison.