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But The Good Book Company were excellent in replacing the copy very quickly. Well-chosen parables, well presented; the challenge of Jesus' words comes across powerfully. The questions in the booklets work well just as they are and each week builds helpfully on what's gone before. We also had difficulty flicking pages to get to the Bible passages but just photocopied these to use with the studies.

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Would be helpful to have some invitations available for over-printing. This course is great to use with people who are genuinely interested in finding out about Jesus. It is simple, yet thought provoking. I have been using it with people who are relatively academic, and they have been enjoying it. I think it is good for people who cannot commit to a 10 week course like Christianity Explored. The only thing that I would change would be perhaps to put the Bible passages in a pull out section, such as in the centre of the book.

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This would make it easier when answering the Bible study questions. Fresh, friendly presentations on the DVD, straightforward helpful studies. This hit the spot as a good introduction to Christianty for some friends who were interested but have short attention spans and are not accademic. Christiany Explored would've been far too heavy for them Good mix of testimonies at the end of each DVD talk are helpful - adds to the life-example story approach.

As this series is based on parables the cross is not prominent in the way you would normally choose for a gospel outline series. Small point, but tudy booklet is arranged such that you end up flicking back and forward from passage to questions passage is included within booklet.

This is the most focussed and challenging of all the courses available on what true Christianity is including Christianity Explored, Christianity Explained et al. It is tale of intrigue and betrayal, but gives an evocative insight into the historical life-blood industry of the city. The Stones of Florence and Venice Observed - Mary McCarthy Wonderfully vivid and perceptive descriptions of two great Italian cities, told through their history and art, making Mary McCarthy one of literature's greatest travelling companions.

The Abruzzo Trilogy - Ignazio Silone The author narrates the struggles of local people in his native Abruzzo in the face of poverty, natural disasters and totalitarianism.

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Finding Valentino - Angela Di Sciascio A daughter the Australian author travels through southern Italy to capture the history of her father and his culture through their relatives still living in Abruzzo. Friends and Romans: on the run in wartime Italy - John Miller In , with a single daring leap from an Italian train carrying prisoners of war, John Miller jumped into the war as lived by civilians.

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For months Italian anti-fascists harboured and fed him as he dodged German patrols and the secret police. Finally the Allied liberation of Rome brought him freedom. Christ Stopped at Eboli - Carlo Levi The author was famously exiled in Basilicata in the s having been arrested for political activism and his book gives a real insight into the bleak conditions and poverty stricken lives of the local population.

Old Calabria - Norman Douglas Witty, erudite and elegant, "Old Calabria" is a literary classic, acclaimed as much for its sparkling prose as for its exquisite portrait of Italy's most unpredictable and colourful province. Naples 44 - Norman Lewis As a young British intelligence officer stationed in Naples following its liberation from Nazi forces, Norman Lewis recorded the lives of a proud and vibrant people close to destitution. The most popular of Lewis's twenty-seven books, Naples '44 is a study of the agony of war and its ability to bring out the worst, and often the best, in human nature.

The Neapolitan Novels - Elena Ferrante Four different books which follow the friendship of two bright and passionate girls from a raucous neighbourhood in working class Naples. The four books are engrossing and powerful. The Lavender Keeper - Fiona McIntosh Set in the second world war, the plot follows the two main protagonists from Paris to the rugged beauty of the south of France in the fight against the Nazi occupation.

Escape to Provence - Maureen Emerson This is the true story of two remarkable women, one American and one English, who carved out new lives for themselves in the South of France in the first part of the last century. This story follows the lives of those who sought refuge in Italy during the final phase of the second world war and the people who risked everything to help them.

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Eva Sleeps - Francesca Melandri The conflicts in the border regions of Northern Italy and Austria provide the backdrop for this family saga, reflecting the rich history and culture of both nations. The author writes vividly about the chaos of nationalities at the time of the dying Hapsburg empire. The Italians - Luigi Barzini First published in , this remains a classic account of the Italian people.

A fascinating and entertaining portrait, celebrating both the virtues and the vices of the Italians. Italian Ways - Tim Parks In his latest book the same author as above describes train travel in Italy from north to south but along the way warmly describes all aspects of Italian life.

Instead, he discovered some darker undercurrents, political intrigues and paranoias. This book is his account of a three-year voyage across the Italian peninsula. La Bella Lingua - Dianne Hales La Bella Lingua tells the adventurous tale of how the Italian language became Italian and follows its path through the realms of history, art, literature, manners, music, cooking, cinema and, of course, amore. In this book he takes a tour around his country and amusingly observes what really goes on inside the Italian mind.

Saving Italy - Robert Edsel The story of heroic efforts to track down and rescue the stolen masterpieces and priceless artefacts plundered by the Nazi regime during World War II. The Mussolini Canal - Antonio Pennacchi This prize-winning Italian best-seller has now been translated into English and follows the fortunes of a family relocated as part of Mussolini's plan to increase Italy's productivity.

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This skillfully woven story makes the experience of a personal relationship with Jesus understandable for the young people to whom it is addressed. Told from the point of view of an eleven-year-old Australian, "My Best Mate" addresses perennial issues of doubt and faith along with contemporary social issues such as peer pressure and racism.

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