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Thus, she thought her friends were on their island. Ooga doesn't believe it but Klik does because he says they all connected somehow. Ooga asks for a private conversation with Klik. Nooby asks Ooga if he wants him to keep his seat warm. Ooga says "Knock yourself out", so Nooby literary knocks himself out with a log.

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Ooga then says to Klik that he better not drag them into a wild goose chase impressing the gods like the last time. Klik says it isn't about the Gods, but it's about their people. Ooga thinks Klik is hiding something but he says all there are, are unanswered questions. Klik then tells everyone to pack their stuff as they're bringing their guest home. As they're out to sea, Sun tells them they should be looking for an island with an old statue and palm tree. Ooga argues with Sun how he thinks she's dangerous to his tribe. Nooby got a bite even without a bait on his line and his rod broke due to the excess bending.

When they found the island, they also found out what the statue is modeled after an octopus. Luckily, Nooby's undead T-rex pet called "Chicken" came to the rescue and saved them from being eaten. The seven pygmies swam toward the island. Ooga then argues with Klik how he should have never brought the Gem of Life with him and gives it to Nooby.

Nooby then found a hidden door after he may or may not accidentally jammed the gem into the gem slot on the statue. They all went down and found bubble-like plants. Nooby figured out that the bubbles can serve as their source of oxygen through their way underwater because he played around with it and soon adhered to his skin. After diving down the hole, Sun discovers an underwater pyramid, to which the comic cuts off with "to be continued It continues the "A Quest Called Tribe" story arc. The pygmies first peeped through the hole showing the temple.

They were trying to find a way to the ruins.

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Klak then finds several holes possibly leading to the way out. Sun then agrees to go through the said holes, adding that they would search each of the holes until the one way out is found. Ooga , however, disagrees and starts to argue with Sun. Klik then butts in and stop the two, as Sun teams up to him. But Klik tells her off that she would show some respect to his tribe otherwise she would have to do everything on her own, much to Sun's surprise.

As the pygmies head inside, Klik insults Ooga a little bit on losing a "verbal sparring match" with a girl.

Ooga shots back by telling that his next comment is mind-blowing to Sun. The pygmies swim around the den full of weird holes as Klak states that the whole place is seemingly been made by someone. Booga also adds "something" before he gets mysteriously pilfered from a nearby hole without anybody noticing it. Ooga retorts that it would take them forever to get out, but Sun keeps her hopes up and tells him to continue looking. Klik realises that the bubble plants only provide a short term underwater solution after seeing Nooby 's bubble plant slowly shrinking. Sun then realises that Booga went missing.

Nooby peeped in a hole, only to get pilfered by the same mysterious thing. Multiple tongue-like "things" come out and start to attack the evading pygmies. Klak then asks about what those things are and Klik says that it is seemingly the indigenous creature that made the place. But then, Klak is also pilfered as he was too distracted to swim away due to his questions.

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Since the pygmies are swimming randomly in scattered places, Dooby gets captured as well. Sun, Ooga and Klik swim into a hole and discovers Kinsee inside a cage. She is asked if she is okay, wherein the response is that she is a little water-logged but fine.

Klik then states that her oxygen supply can only last less than a minute up to this point. Kinsee then asks about where Sun found the bad news in other words, the boys. Sun tells her to trust them as they are her tribe's friends. Ooga then reminds of everyone about the monster that caught four of the boy tribe, where Kinsee becomes surprised by the fact that they led the monster to her. After Ooga's sarcastic remark, Klik spots a series of levers and states that they have to work together on these levers to free Kinsee. However, she exclaims that it's too late and she is right, as a cleaner fish appears first, then the host blob fish appears with Klak, Dooby, Nooby and Booga on its grips.

Klik, Ooga and Sun then start to work together on the levers and successfully frees Kinsee. However, Ooga lets go of a lever, opening a hole that creates a whirlpool. The eight pygmies are pulled into the whirlpool and spins downward. In Pocket God, Dooby acts the same as the other Pygmies do. His description says "The happy-go-lucky islander". Dooby in the comics is described as a 'Rastafarian hippie' pygmy; he is more optimistic and is always positive that the gods will turn their ways and gift them. Dooby is known to use the word 'dude' after he says a name of someone.

He is the only pygmy other than Nooby in the tribe that does not hate anyone, though he does agree that Ooga is a monster. He also seems to enjoy baking, as is evidenced when he sees a field of red mushrooms.

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His facial-expression often looks more relaxed, and less alert. Dooby in A Tale of Two Pygmies is also revealed to have a softer side than he usually is portrayed. He often likes to refer his tribe as if they were all brothers, and has an aversion to violence, as evidenced when he and Nooby gave each other a friendly hug instead of fighting.

Despite those normal kind traits he has, it became evident that he would fought vigorously to protect the tribe, such as when facing a seaweed monster in The Pygmies Strike Back! Dooby and Ooga don't make much of an interaction, though Dooby does think Ooga is a monster, but doesn't hate him. Dooby constantly reminds Booga to be patient, and at one time, Booga cracks under Dooby's constant reminders to him and the tribe, and yells " Bull Shark!

Dooby respects Klik as the leader, though he questions him about splitting the tribe in "A Tale of Two Pygmies". Though he remains on Klik's side. Dooby is often said to be an excellent cook for for his tribe, prominently when baking brownies with mushrooms as he said in Issue 3. Oh, what a beautiful game this used to be Sorry for the long review.

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This game used to be the best. I remember back in school we would wait every week for the new updates. Whenever a new update came out, my friends and I gathered together and played with all the new features. This game was great, so sad it's over. Re-downloaded it after years of not playing it, and it's cool to see a few new things. People are complaining that there aren't any updates, but they don't know that episode 47 was supposed to be the last one. They did episode 48 just because of popular demand. While I do wish there was a way to have alien pygmy's, werewolves, and female pygmy's, the game is packed with fun things to do.

Maybe if the developers come back they can make 2 more episodes to finish it off? Just because 50 episodes is a lot cooler than 48 haha. Personally love the app, just kinda sad the graphics are the same and not high resolution like other apps. But I hope one day Bolt decides to finish up this app for good! And just one recommendation: I think Tom and Charlie should have a more distinct look, like Charlie should be in his tiger form permanently instead of just when slicing a Pygmy. I know the two characters are already somewhat distinct with their facial expressions, but it would still be cool.

Just my thoughts! This review is meant for them. The community wants more Pocket God! You guys have been working on this game and have been making thousands and millions of dollars from the comics, merchandise, and in-app purchases.