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For any additional questions about this offer or individual recordings, please contact customer. He took the HK Phil to the next level. The scene is set for a successful conclusion of the Hong Kong Ring next year. Conductor Jaap van Zweden and the numerous vocalists during the applause of the Das Rheingold. Ring partner Chow Sang Sang specially created the Ring necklace for this project. Siegfried and Brunnhilde proclaims their love in the phenomenal duet in the last act of Siegfried. Tenor David Cangelosi played Mime in Siegfried. Ring Discovery Day. Siegfried Drawing Competition.

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Naxos directly. Only HK Phil Club Bravo members and the Ring concert ticket stub holders are eligible for the special discount offer mentioned. Alberich boasts of his plans to regain the ring and rule the world. Wotan states that he does not intend to interfere, only to observe.

He even offers to awaken the dragon so that Alberich can bargain with him. Alberich warns the dragon that a hero is coming to kill him, and offers to prevent the fight in exchange for the ring. Fafner dismisses the threat, declines Alberich's offer, and returns to sleep. Wotan leaves and Alberich withdraws, muttering threats. At daybreak, Siegfried and Mime arrive. After assuring Siegfried that the dragon will teach him what fear is, Mime withdraws.

As Siegfried waits for the dragon to appear, he hears a woodbird singing. He attempts to mimic the bird's song using a reed pipe, but is unsuccessful. He then plays a tune on his horn, which brings Fafner out of his cave. After a short exchange, they fight; Siegfried stabs Fafner in the heart with Nothung. In his last moments, Fafner learns Siegfried's name, and tells him to beware of treachery. When Siegfried withdraws his sword from Fafner's body, his hands are burned by the dragon's blood and he puts his finger in his mouth. On tasting the blood, he finds that he can understand the woodbird's song.

Der Ring des Nibelungen

Following its instructions, he takes the ring and the magic helmet Tarnhelm from Fafner's hoard. Outside the cave, Alberich and Mime quarrel over the treasure. Alberich hides as Siegfried comes out of the cave. Siegfried complains to Mime that he has still not learned the meaning of fear. Mime offers him the poisoned drink; however, the magic power of the dragon's blood allows Siegfried to read Mime's treacherous thoughts, and he stabs him to death.

He throws Mime's body into the treasure cave and places Fafner's body in the cave entrance to block it. The woodbird now sings of a woman sleeping on a rock surrounded by magic fire. Siegfried, wondering if he can learn fear from this woman, follows the bird towards the rock. The Wanderer summons Erda, the earth goddess. Erda, appearing confused, is unable to offer any advice. Wotan informs her that he no longer fears the end of the gods ; indeed, it is his desire. Siegfried arrives, and the Wanderer questions the youth.

The Wanderer blocks his path, but Siegfried mocks him, laughing at his floppy hat and his missing eye, and breaks his spear the symbol of Wotan's authority with a blow from Nothung.

Siegfried, WWV 86C, Act III Scene 3: Brunnhildes Erwachen (Brunnhilde's Awakening)

Wotan calmly gathers up the pieces and vanishes. At first, he thinks the sleeping armored figure is a man. However, when he removes the armor, he finds a woman beneath. At the sight of the first woman he has ever seen, Siegfried at last experiences fear. Together, they hail "light-bringing love, and laughing death.

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Richard Wagner - Siegfried

Der gerettete Alberich Expecting Someone Taller. Jahrhundertring What's Opera, Doc? Categories : operas Operas Der Ring des Nibelungen.

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