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Petersburg State University have warned that the meter-wide near-Earth orbit space rock could smash into the planet at a speed of 7. However, to be on track for such a strike, it would somehow have to thread the cosmic needle of passing through a two-meter wide area of space during its close-Earth flyby. The asteroid will make several close flybys, increasing the risk of cosmic debris to orbiting satellites. Contingency plans to destroy the potential threat using nuclear weapons have already been devised by researchers from Tomsk State University in Siberia using a supercomputer.

However, the latest Russian research runs contrary to multiple NASA calculations and revisions from back in This website uses cookies. Read RT Privacy policy to find out more. Applications RSS. RT Shop. Sixteen D-Class and twelve Foundation personnel corpses were recovered, and five living D-Class and fourteen Foundation personnel survivors were discovered to be infected with SCP The apparent vector for the physiological changes in those exposed to SCP, SCP is a protein-sheathed organic molecule that acts much like a virus, with three noteworthy differences. First, SCP can target any organic substance to either make copies of itself, consume for fuel or to build a wide variety of chemical structures.

ERCC2 ERCC excision repair 2, TFIIH core complex helicase subunit [ (human)]

Second, SCP is capable of self-propulsion in most fluids as well as air. Third, SCP is capable of a high level of coordination and networking with other instances, so that clusters of SCP may act in concert to either make broad physiological changes, to subsume the consciousness of its living host and replace it with its own, or even to use dead tissue as a vehicle to move and protect itself.

SCP is nearly impossible to detect due to its size as well as the fact that it appears to exhibit polymorphism, changing its own structure as needed. Currently, the only means to detect whether an individual has been infected is through MRI, and only when structures can be detected by either the naked eye or through electromagnetic emissions.

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The Overseer Council recommended the autopsy and vivisection information to be sealed. The fate of those personnel who dealt with the containment breach was voted on, with a decision against euthanasia. All survivors of the containment breach and those who came into contact with them have been reclassified as SCP, the designation for potentially infected, and are in permanent quarantine.

Post mortem showed significant portions of their bodies had been converted to various explosive and incendiary compounds. Post mortem showed extensive modification to the endocrine system as well as to the limbic system, which led to excessive bursts of strength and speed without concern for self-harm.

Reanimation determined to be by SCP with the corpses serving as ablative armor, fuel, and factory for reproduction. Incendiary weapons proven most effective over standard firearms and other means. Conventional explosives served only as a means to spread SCP Addendum Upgrade to Keter approved.

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A moratorium on testing SCP has been declared, pending O5 approval. Neutralization denied, due to possible similarities to activities in Ecuador. Unfortunately, due to the on-going legal battles and pervasive interference by foreign nationals, the Foundation is unable to more closely investigate this matter.

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