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Plot Keywords. Parents Guide. External Sites. User Reviews. User Ratings. External Reviews. Metacritic Reviews. Photo Gallery. Trailers and Videos. Crazy Credits. Alternate Versions. Banshee — Rate This. Season 4 Episode 3. All Episodes Job is being tortured. Kurt and Maggie continue their relationship.

The Bowman request their daughter's body. Brock makes an arrest in the Bowman case. Director: Everardo Gout. Banshee: Season 4 Review. Use the HTML below. You must be a registered user to use the IMDb rating plugin. Photos Add Image. Edit Cast Episode cast overview, first billed only: Antony Starr Lucas Hood Ivana Milicevic Carrie Hopewell Ulrich Thomsen Kai Proctor Frankie Faison Sugar Bates Hoon Lee Job Matt Servitto Sheriff Brock Lotus Ryann Shane Deva Hopewell credit only Lili Simmons Rebecca Bowman Matthew Rauch Clay Burton Tom Pelphrey Kurt Bunker Chris Coy Calvin Bunker Chance Kelly Randall Watts Ana Ayora Nina Cruz Dennis Flanagan Leo Fitzpatrick Eddie Cooper Edit Storyline Job is alive and being viciously tortured.

Language: English. Runtime: 50 min. Hood and Burton face off, resulting in Burton nearly strangling him to death, but is ultimately beaten due to his injuries. Hood leaves a bloodied and crippled Burton for Proctor to finish off. At Brock's cabin, Calvin confronts Kurt, who attempts to subdue him in a fistfight, but is finally compelled to shoot him dead, having realised it was the only way that Calvin's wife and son would ever be safe. Brock later forgives him this transgression, assuring him that this is how policing must be done in Banshee.

A two-part feature film titled Banshee Origins Saga was released on March 15, From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Retrieved February 23, TV Line. Retrieved January 29, The Futon Critic. Retrieved May 2, Archived from the original on February 22, February 25, Retrieved July 7, Alex " ". TV by the Numbers. Archived from the original on January 22, Retrieved January 22, Archived from the original on January 24, Retrieved February 8, February 10, Retrieved January 2, Retrieved February 22, Retrieved March 8, Retrieved March 16, Showbuzz Daily.

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After serving a fifteen year prison sentence, an unnamed criminal Antony Starr flees New York City when he is attacked by a group of gangsters. When the town's newly-appointed sheriff Lucas Hood Griff Furst is killed in a bar robbery, the criminal assumes his identity and takes up the mantle of sheriff of Banshee, with only the bar owner Sugar Bates Frankie Faison knowing the truth.

Lucas learns from Banshee's young mayor Dan Kendall Daniel Ross Owens that the town is under the stranglehold of business owner and criminal entrepreneur Kai Proctor Ulrich Thomsen , a former Amish who abandoned his faith in favor of illegal enterprises. Job manages to escape, displeasing Rabbit, who instructs his employee to "find them both quickly.

SJ Clarkson. Lucas is haunted by the memories of the night he was arrested, when he led the police away from Ana now Carrie so that she could escape with a consignment of diamonds they had stolen from Rabbit. He confronts her about his lingering feelings for her, but finds her reluctant to reciprocate. Meanwhile, Kai Proctor begins trying to earn Lucas's loyalty by warning him about the Moody Brothers, a local gang, but Lucas is determined to stay clean as he continues to build his new identity.

Deva skips school with her boyfriend Reed Hunter Garner , who takes her to a drug den operated by a local dealer, Hanson Toby Leonard Moore. He invites them to a barn rave, where he sells ecstasy. After a run-in with the Moody Brothers, Lucas has a one night stand with Rebecca Bowman Lili Simmons , a devout Amish girl by day but a rebellious party-girl by night.

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Things at the rave get out of control when several people including Reed O. Thanks to a tip from Rebecca's father Elijah, Lucas and the rest of the BSD arrive to break up the rave, but not in time to save Reed's life. Hanson escapes and is revealed to be working for Proctor, who feeds Hanson to his Rottweiler for selling the tainted drugs. OC Madsen.

In New York, Carrie drops in on Rabbit, who is revealed to be her father. He offers her a deal: return the diamonds she stole from him the night she disappeared and deliver Lucas to him and he will leave her alone forever. Meanwhile, an MMA prizefighter named Mr. Sanchez Cedric Stewart arrives in Banshee for an exhibition fight as part of a deal between Proctor and Benjamin Longshadow Russell Means to build a new casino.

When Sanchez beats and rapes a local cocktail waitress, Lucas uses it as an opportunity to prove to Proctor that he is not for sale and, after a vicious fight with Sanchez, beats the prizefighter nearly to death and ruins Proctor's deal with Longshadow. One of the spectators uploads a video of the incident to YouTube.

Proctor confronts Lucas about his poor decision and suggests that Lucas should start being afraid of him. Lucas goes back to his old ways and gets trapped inside a state museum he is robbing and ends up having to turn to his old crew - Job and Carrie - for help escaping. Using evidence provided by a white supremacist, Arno, Lucas and Emmet are able to arrest Proctor for the murder of Hanson. While transporting him, they are attacked by the Moody Brothers, who want revenge for Lucas Hood killing their brother. A fight ensues, in which Lucas, Emmet, and Proctor defeat the Moody brothers Lucas cuts off one of the leaders ears.

Carrie keeps reminiscing about her time with Lucas; meanwhile he sleeps with Kat Moody. Job moves to Banshee and makes new plans with Lucas. When a member of a motorcycle gang attempts to rape Carrie, Siobhan arrives on scene and kills the man. The motorcycle gang swears vengeance, burning down Siobhan's house and ruining the annual Banshee festival. Proctor helps Lucas locate the gang, but expects something in return. Lucas then beats up the motorcycle gang and has them transported out of Banshee. Meanwhile, an FBI agent comes to Banshee to investigate some missing files.

A former fellow inmate named Wicks recognizes Lucas. This triggers a series of flashbacks to when Lucas was in prison. When in prison, Lucas had to deal with the advances and assaults of Albino, an inmate who worked for Rabbit. One of the assaults nearly killed Lucas. During a confrontation in front of the entire prison, Lucas violently killed the Albino. In the present, Wicks attempts to blackmail Lucas by threatening to reveal his true identity, but is killed by Sugar and Lucas.

In the post credits scene, Lucas receives a voice mail from the son of the real Lucas Hood. Dean White. A drug store robbery turns into a massive hostage situation led by two gunmen, with Carrie's daughter one of the students held at gunpoint. At the same time, Rabbit is on his way to Lucas who has been drugged and handcuffed to a motel bed by Carrie.

Aided by Job, Lucas escapes, goes to the school and kills the gunmen. After the hostage crisis is resolved, Rabbit watches television and recognizes Lucas in a news report. Rabbit sends Olek to Banshee to look for clues about Lucas. Carrie tells Lucas that Deva is his daughter. Olek, an employee of Rabbit arrives and attempts to capture Carrie, only to be captured by Lucas and Carrie in return. Rebecca is forced to leave her Amish home, prompting her uncle Proctor to confront his Amish family.

Benjamin Longshadow dies in a hospital, leaving his son Alex as the tribal chief. Olek manages to break free of his constraints, resulting in a fight with Carrie that lasts for the majority of the episode. Lucas arrives shortly after the fight concludes, with Olek dead and Carrie severely injured. Miguel Sapochnik. Carrie is in ICU. Her husband Gordon runs into Lucas and later confronts her with his doubts. Job and Sugar bury Olek's body. Rabbit prepares a large scale action in Banshee. Trying to secure Max, Carrie is too late and sees him being abducted by Rabbit.

The FBI agent takes charge of the kidnapping investigation. Lucas and Kai Proctor come to an arrangement after a short fight about Lucas' affair with Rebecca. Proctor also confronts Alex and has the construction of the new casino halted as a display of power. Rabbit introduces himself to his new family, much to the horror of Deva. Later Rabbit confronts Lucas and tells him that this will be the last time they see each other. As soon as Rabbit leaves the building, the sounds of guns being readied could be heard and Lucas ducks in desperation.

In the past, Lucas gets close to a counselor evaluating his early release. It is eventually revealed that the counselor worked for Rabbit. In the present, Lucas is saved from Rabbit's gunmen by Proctor and Burton. Lucas exchanges himself to Rabbit for Max. Carrie, Sugar, Job and the three deputies go to Rabbit's outpost to save Lucas and a shootout occurs. Sugar and Brock are wounded. Rabbit tortures Lucas and prepares to kill him when Carrie arrives. After a brief exchange of words, Carrie shoots her father.

Hurt by Carrie's choice of Lucas over her family, Gordon leaves with the children.

An explosion set off by Proctor to send a message to Alex blows up the casino being built and accidentally kills Mayor Dan Kendall who is inside. A small group of hunters come across the remains of the body of the real Lucas Hood. Sanchez and the unnamed protagonist as Lucas Hood. Jonathan Tropper. Following the events of the first season, Carrie tells Lucas that her first priority is getting her family back and that Lucas needs to disappear before his real identity is discovered. Rebecca is conflicted about leaving her previous life after the revelation that the bomb in the hotel killed the mayor but is reassured by Proctor.

Later in the day she watches Proctor having sex with an unknown woman. Job and Sugar break into the morgue to steal the remains of the real Lucas Hood after the shallow grave the body was buried in was discovered. FBI Special Agent Jim Racine arrives in Banshee to conduct a closed federal hearing but it quickly becomes apparent that he is more interested in finding Rabbit.

Consequently he is incredibly lenient putting the Sheriff's Department under federal oversight for two years, putting each deputy on probation and not punishing Lucas at all, as he was acting in the capacity of a civilian. Before leaving town, Racine reveals that Xavier will be removed from the case and tells Carrie she will face criminal charges unless she can provide information about her father's whereabouts.

Job, Carrie and Lucas in a high-speed car chase, rob the armored truck from the casino but only manage to get away with a small portion of the money because a mysterious motorcyclist later revealed to be Nola is able to thwart their plan. George, a member of the Kinaho tribal council, uses this to question Alex's position as chief. Deva is caught shoplifting but escapes any consequences by threatening the security guard with an allegation of sexual assault. Carrie pleads with Gordon to help her with the pending charges but Gordon is resolute.

Lucas later meets Nola in Sugar's bar and has sex with her. In the final scene, Racine questions a priest connected to Rabbit who Racine alleges is hiding Rabbit whilst the priest implies he has knowledge that Racine has serious health issues. David Schickler. The rivalry between Proctor and Alex comes to a head as Alex detonates C4 explosive in one of Proctor's cattle trucks and Nola kidnaps Rebecca.

Proctor in turn calls in Lucas' favor and has Lucas bring Rebecca back to him alive. Lucas single handedly defeats all of Alex's guards before finding out that Nola was the one to kidnap Rebecca following Lucas and Nola having had sex the previous night. After Lucas recovers Rebecca, Proctor and Burton approach Alex while he is making love to his wife in his hot tub, and threaten to kill all of his family members and drown him in their blood if he ever touches Rebecca again. While this is going on, Siobhan's violent ex-husband is back in town and pleads with her to remove a pre-existing restraining order so he can take a nearby job offered by his cousin.

She complies but is soon attacked by him shortly after, leading to her brutally beating him over the head with a bible.

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Meanwhile, after receiving 72 hours to set her affairs in order, Carrie is sentenced to 30 days in prison. After being driven to the prison personally by Lucas who has painful memories from his experiences in prison , Carrie immediately gets into a violent fight with another inmate. Gordon continues to struggle and is seen in the final scene engaging in sexual activity with an unknown woman in the parking lot of the Gentleman's club, Savoy; as this is going on, Lucas stares at the bloody bible that Siobhan used to beat her husband with and grins.

Lucas visits Carrie who reveals that she received no extra time for the fight although Lucas reinforces the message that she should keep her head down. Rebecca's brother Solomon and Lana Cleary, a young girl from the Kinaho tribe talk of running away together. Later that day, Lana is found dead and Solomon is missing, raising tensions between the Kinaho tribe and the Amish.

His brother Chayton Littlestone is the leader of the Redbones gang on the reservation which is interested in maintaining the purity of the tribe. The BSD have no jurisdiction on the reservation but Lucas and his deputies enter it anyway in search of Chayton and Tommy.

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A large brawl ensues with members of the gang resulting in Chayton being detained and transferred as outstanding warrants against him take priority but Tommy is only taken in for questioning briefly as he is a minor. Jason Hood, the son of the real Lucas Hood, reveals himself to Lucas. Jason is happy to stay quiet if Lucas will help him start a new life.

The Redbones enter onto Amish land in the hope of intimidating the Amish but Proctor intervenes. Rebecca is attacked by a hooded assailant on the Amish land. Lucas goes after him and suffers a head wound but not before he shoots his unknown attacker in the leg who still manages to escape. The final scenes of the episode show Lucas having sex with Siobhan, Gordon getting a lap dance from a stripper, and Nola standing over the dead body of Lana swearing revenge.

Banshee Season 2 Finale - Bullets and Tears, review

Carrie's incarceration continues to torment her which escalates when she receives a visit from Rabbit who is confirmed to still be alive. She continues to try to reach out to Gordon and Deva with little success. Meanwhile the Kinaho tribe has a funeral for Lana where Lucas officially meets Nola. Lucas agrees to let Brock talk to the Amish in the hope that the children can shed some light on Solomon's disappearance. Daniel Moses, a friend of Solomon who escaped the Amish life, reveals that a zealous Amish teacher named Jonah was violent towards both himself and Solomon.

Lucas confronts this teacher discovering he has a wound on his leg, identical to that of the unknown attacker from the previous episode. A vicious fight between Jonah and Lucas ensues. It is revealed that Jonah killed Lana and has kidnapped Solomon. Proctor uses torture to find where Jonah is hiding Solomon. Job reluctantly agrees to Lucas' plan to provide Jason with a new identity. Chayton escapes while Siobhan and Emmett are transporting him. The relationship between Proctor and Alex continues to deteriorate resulting in a violent altercation.

A peace is made however following the arrest of Jonah but Nola is unhappy with Alex's choice to reconcile with Proctor and kills Jonah before leaving town. John Romano. Carrie is released from prison and Lucas takes her to a house he had bought for them fifteen years ago before he had been arrested. While they are there, Racine pays the two a visit and tells Lucas that he knows that he isn't the real Lucas Hood and states that he wants to make a deal with him to bring down Rabbit. Before the conversation could go any further, an assassin sent by Rabbit kills Racine via sniper rifle.

The assassin is then killed by Carrie shortly after.

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  8. Lucas and Carrie then return to Banshee, where Lucas has a heart to heart conversation with Sugar. Job goes to New York to cash in the diamonds that Hood went to jail for. An assassin sent by the man who Jason Hood stole from comes to Banshee to capture Jason. Although Hood is seemingly able to bribe the assassin to not harm Jason the assassin captures Jason anyway. Hood ultimately confronts the assassin on a highway, leading to fight which concludes with the assassin's head being decapitated by an oncoming truck.

    Hood and Jason return to Banshee and has Jason hide the bribe money inside his motel bathroom. Later that night, Jason has sex with Rebecca Bowman despite Sugar's advise to avoid her, and a jealous Proctor barges in on them and has Burton kill Jason right in front of Rebecca. As Burton cleans up the room, he has a flashback to a time in the past when he was tortured. Although Burton managed to remove all of the blood stains and evidence of foul play, he doesn't take the money out of the bathroom, and doesn't notice the watch the sheriff had taken from the real Lucas Hood and given to Jason.

    Back in Sugar's bar, a frustrated Job reveals that Mr.

    Banshee Season 2 Finale - Bullets and Tears, review

    Rabbit had played them and crushes the "diamond" with a hammer. Lucas spent fifteen years in prison over a bag of fake diamonds. Loni Peristere. Hood returns to Jason's motel room and finds it empty with the money still in the bathroom and the Jason's father's watch he'd given him. After receiving a tip from Sugar, Hood rushes to Proctor's house and confronts him. During the confrontation Proctor signals that he had Jason killed, and Hood swears that he'll bring Proctor down. Hood also tells Rebecca that if she gets in his way, he won't hesitate to kill her. Hood, Emmett and Brock confront a trio of skinheads who work for Proctor.

    They hurl racist slurs at Emmett to distract him, but are forced to reveal the location of one of Proctor's factories. Hood, Sugar, and Job blow up Proctor's factory, much to Brock's shock and amazement. As this is going on, Max has a life-threatening asthma attack while Gordon is drunk in a strip club Hood was at the strip club too investigating Proctor and ultimately gets into a violent fight with Gordon. Alex Longshadow defeats his rival in an election for tribe leader, due to the help of Proctor.

    Job manages to pinpoint where Rabbit may be hiding. Hood manages to have Proctor arrested for an illegal arsenal of weapons. Rebecca reveals to Proctor that one of his strippers, Juliette, told Hood about a way to find them. The skinheads that Hood and Emmett confronted in the previous episode attack Emmett's wife and she loses their baby.

    A distraught Emmett unlocks the doors to their holding cells and beats the three of them, one of whom he violently injures by breaking his sternum with brass knuckles. Hood tells Emmett he did the right thing, but Emmett resigns from the Banshee police force. Job travels to New York and breaks into Rabbit's brother's church.

    Just before Job can shoot Rabbit, he's captured by Rabbit's brother. Job manages to break free of his restraints and engages Rabbit's men in a shootout before escaping the church and being hit by a car. In Banshee, Proctor is visited by his mother and they have their first heart to heart conversation in years. Burton executes one of the skin heads whom Emmett beat up in the previous episode for betraying Proctor's trust and telling the cops about the meth lab. Burton then attempts to kill Juliette, the stripper that helped Hood arrest Proctor, but Rebecca helps her escape, causing the distrust between Rebecca and Burton to grow.

    Carrie moves back in with Gordon and their children, and Hood and Siobhan grow closer. While they're together Job phones Hood, telling him he's found Rabbit and is at New York Presbyterian hospital with a concussion. Siobhan is frustrated by Hood's behavior but he just says he's sorry and rushes to Carrie's house to tell her about Job and Rabbit. She tells Gordon she has to leave. Gordon, distraught, holds Hood at gunpoint. After managing to rescue Job from assassins sent by Rabbit, Hood and Carrie prepare for an all-out assault against Rabbit and his brother. Flashbacks to the past show how the original jewel theft went down, how the relationship between Lucas and Anastasia began and the events that led Lucas to be arrested and sent to jail as Rabbit arranged for his arrest in order to keep him and Anastasia apart.

    In the present, Carrie and Lucas travel to an arms dealer who provide Lucas with an arsenal of weapons. Confronting Rabbit's brother, Lucas and Carrie are out battled by Rabbit's men, but are saved at the last moment by the arrival of Job and a squad of hit men led by the arms dealer, who gun down Rabbit's men. After a moment of calm, Rabbit's brother bursts out shooting and Lucas kills him by repeatedly shooting him with a pistol.