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H is for Homicide This book represents the point at which Grafton really got into a groove with her character, universe, and plotting. In a story that involves insurance fraud, the murder of someone close to our protagonist, and Kinsey going undercover to crack the case, Grafton finds plenty of opportunities to have a little fun, and she makes hay with all of them, introducing a cast of side characters that are fascinating but believable, all of whom contribute to a strong plot filled with great twists and turns.

Grafton found an ideal balance between quirk and humor on the one hand and a seriously tense mystery on the other. J is for Judgment Hands down, this is one of the best cases Kinsey Millhone ever gets involved with. A wealthy banker disappears in an apparent suicide after his not-exactly-legitimate financial empire begins to collapse. K is for Killer Probably the darkest of the Millhone novels, and one of the best. Kinsey is suffering from insomnia, an affliction that starts off as a minor and somewhat humorous problem but develops into a debilitating weakness as sleep deprivation makes her start to doubt her own memory and perceptions.

The case involves a dead body that lay undiscovered for so long a cause of death cannot be determined. Kinsey quickly figures out the dead woman was an under-the-radar prostitute, opening up a wide list of possible murder scenarios—and a long list of potential killers. I'm considering rereading them.

I think I only got to K or somewhere around there. I thought it got a little ho-hum around N, but seemed to pick up again around R if I remember right. Anyway, they are fun to read and it's impossible not to like the main character. She is so sarcastic. I'm on U right now, which is the last one until she writes V!

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Jan 02, Tricia rated it did not like it Shelves: did-not-finish. I am struggling a bit I must admit A is for Alibi, I just didn't feel any emotion for the characters, B is for Burglar, feeling a little more in tune with Kinsey Struggled with B is for Burglary, gave up Jul 11, K1d2 rated it liked it.

Finished reading this quite a while ago. Just did not realize I never had marked it as finished. Good intro into the series.

Having read some of the later books, I know the author seems to hits her stride and you get a fuller picture of the recurring characters. If you are looking for deep, thought-provoking stuff, this isn't it. But if, like me, you simply want to get into a book series with believable characters and approachable writing and escape from the world for a while, this will do it. Nov 18, Gaynelle rated it it was ok Recommends it for: The casual mystery buff.

I've finished reading A is for Alibi and am nearly finished with B. I've found these books to be too cliche and insulting to women.

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The message I got from Ms. Grafton about the protagonist is that free-thinking women are a little crazy and this results in their being unlovable by men and all of it can be traced to the absence of strong parental figures. Maybe I'm being too cynical but I don't think I'll read the "C" in the series. I enjoyed these stories a bit more than I thought I would. Between these quick little mystery bites, and Michael Connelly 's Harry Bosch books, I may turn out to be a fan of mysteries, after all.

I just like these because Kinsey isn't angsty, and she isn't a bad-ass. She seems, more or less, like women I actually know. Although I actually read the books first, we even bought 2 sets of these books on tape since the first set had a disk missing. We listen as we travel and Don really likes these, too.

Although more serious than the Stephanie Plum books by Janet Evanovich, if you like a good mystery with a strong female character, you will like these as well. Feb 13, Sorento62 rated it it was amazing. I think the first few alphabet Kinsey Millhone mysteries were the best. Gripping, action packed, just fun to read. I remember C is for Corpse being almost cinematic -- I could visualize it as a movie. I've read the whole series up through V at this point. The series as a whole is good, but not great. Months ago bought this book, friend recommended.

Read all three books, not my kind of mystery or thriller. Kinsey as a PI does find who did what and why, but author's long, long description of characters hair, makeup, clothing and furnishings gets boring. Too many unnecessary details makes the book boring. Jan 22, Bexxx rated it really liked it. Since I live here, it's fun to read the descriptions of fictional "Santa Teresa" and recognize them as real areas in SB.

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Of course she's also a fantastic mystery author. Feb 05, Catherine rated it liked it. Very fun, hard to put down, and time consuming. Enjoyed every minute. Looking for to reading the rest of the alphabet.

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I already had read this one, but its been years and I was still a little surprised by the endings - one small benefit of a really bad memory! Jan 15, Deborah Gore rated it really liked it. This series, The Alphabet Murders, is fun and light-hearted. The same main character is carried thru each of the books. I really enjoyed listening to these books in the car--they were easy to follow and remember even if you missed a while getting back to them.

Jul 10, Fay Risner rated it it was amazing. The three stories were good mysteries. Kinsey Millhone is a humorous private investigator that figures out the mystery she is hired to solve. Along the way, she introduced me to many other characters that stick in my head. A good read.

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Jan 11, Megan rated it it was amazing Shelves: mystery. The three best Kinsey novels Sue has written! C is my personal fave, possessing all of the criteria for a great mystery read: a down to earth heroine, solid plot and a "never saw it coming" ending. I couldn't put any of these down the moment I picked them up. View all 5 comments.

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It was entertaining, and that can be a high mark when you need something creative while pushing across miles of concrete slab. Sep 03, Anita rated it really liked it. I have read all the books in this series Sue Grafton has writen so far. And although kinsey finds herself in similar situations in each book, I can't get enough of Kinseys dry, sarcastic, idependence.

There are no discussion topics on this book yet. Readers also enjoyed. About Sue Grafton. Sue Grafton. She immediately sat down and made a list of all of the crime-related words that she knew. Parker for her lack of violence; more significant, however, is the fact that in her revealed plots Grafton questions the received wisdom about gender-specific character traits.

Other than this, most critics agree, she is not overtly feminist. Grafton maynot stretch the genre, but her revealed plots insightfully question gender roles and explore social issues. Ed Weiner, ibid. I,