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Abbiamo incontrato al Wake Up Europe! Festival di Torino il corrispondente da Roma di Liberation e fondatore di Europanow, che vive in Italia dal Cristina Priarone, direttore della Roma Lazio Film Commission, ci racconta i progetti in via di sviluppo presentati al Festival di Cannes. Una joint venture tra Film Commssion Piemonte e VisitPiemonte, una in-house company della Regione Piemonte che si occupa dello sviluppo del turismo.

E un nuovo fondo sullo sviluppo progetti. Now playing:. All channels.

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All events. Fred channels. Need we say more? Join us. Featured Posts. This trend is further enhanced by the prolonged economic crisis experienced since , which coupled with austerity measures further reduced the support of Italian donors to IAI.

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In this context, the professional profile of IAI researchers has changed significantly because of the need to increase management skills. This is the result of a double trend.

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Furthermore, the PhD has become a requirement for their career also out of their respective universities, and creates further opportunities of cooperation between IAI and Italian academia. IAI has always had prominent university professors among its researchers such as Natalino Ronzitti and Paolo Guerrieri. Today we can observe that Darnis and Pioppi are associate professors while a relevant number of IAI researchers are adjunct professors Bonvicini, Huber, Marrone, Paciello, Pirozzi, Tocci , a further signal of the deepening of relations between IAI and academia.

This is in line with the average internationalization of main European think tanks, and constitutes an added value on top of the long-standing praxis of non-Italian visiting fellows hosted at IAI for a certain period of time. AffarInternazionali has published around 3. They have been authored by a network of hundreds of contributors much broader than IAI research team, which encompasses not only researcher and academics but also journalists, politicians, diplomats and military officials. For sure, the think tank has been institutionalized within the Italian foreign policy community, also through the role it plays at national and international levels.

This aspect is a classic feature of the US system, but it is less obvious within EU member states. As mentioned before, single personalities play key roles at a national or EU level, thus contributing to the influence of a IAI policy oriented approach. It is very difficult to measure the level of endorsement of such input by the political and institutional actors. Some analysis have little influence on the political process, while other might feed significantly the decision-making process. In other words, the shift of activity towards EU projects, pushed by financial constraints, has broadened the European policy-making channels for IAI inputs.

Indeed, since its foundation the Institute has developed a classic portfolio of think tank actions, from conferences to publications, coupled with the aforementioned direct role of single researches within national or EU institutions. The very last evolution in terms of EU projects creates a specific channel to feed IAI production into decision-making, which institutionalizes the link between policy oriented analysis and EU institutions.

Critics do put forward the US example whereby think tanks are structurally interlinked with political parties and administrations. On the one hand, it is an autonomous non-state actor.

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On the other hand, it works in a national context whereby the foreign policy community is relatively small, and public authorities have limited in-house expertise in terms of strategic analysis and scenario making. Initially, the Institute was created by Spinelli bearing somehow in mind the model of NGOs and advocacy groups, which put forward political campaign on certain issues. Europeismo e democrazia. Altiero Spinelli e la sinistra europea , Bologna, Il Mulino, p. Radaelli Claudio M. Ronzitti Natalino ed.

Stone Diane and Denham Andrew ed. Keohane and Joseph S. Nye, Jr. Graglia, Altiero Spinelli …, op.

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Rapporti politici e strutture militari nel Mediterraneo , Milano, Feltrinelli, La politica estera italiana e le armi atomiche , Bologna, Il Mulino, , p. Notes et travaux de recherches. Jean-Pierre Darnis et Alessandro Marrone. Plan Introduction.

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