Manual Music of the Metrognomes (Short Story)

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Much bigger. Here is the problem. Humble beginnings, right? The Componiumanizeratorus. It makes you wonder where the monkey is supposed to sit. Recording along with the click track can provide you with a reference the click to help you keep your timing steady.

Alan Dean Foster

With much practice, perhaps you will get to Carnegie Hall achieve the same level of timing mastery as Marco Minnemann. Here he is in one of my favorite drumming videos breaking down the timing of various audio samples and playing along with them. Notice how he also stylizes the phrasing to really tighten everything up. Yes, it IS impressive. By then, it is already too late and you are behind the metronome.

I will NOT suggest cranking up the click track to keep up with any drum poundage as that will cause hearing damage. Allow me to digress just a bit on the subject of loudness.

Drumming Tips: Recording With A Click Track

The January issue of Modern Drummer had the following to say about the volume of various drums and cymbals. I can summarize and just tell you that all of the decibel readings were between — dB. How loud is that? The eruption of Krakatoa that was apparently heard some 3, miles away was also allegedly measured to be dB. Say, I wonder if anyone has tracked drums in a volcano? If you will be recording with a click, I highly recommend that you rehearse with a click long before you enter the studio so that you are accustomed to performing with one. If you need to, seek out an instructor.

A good teacher can make a huge difference in working through the stumbling blocks of learning. Drum teacher. Practicing with a metronome can help, but knowing how to practice with the metronome is also important. Something that can help is to subdivide in your head.


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