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I could not get the idea out of my head though and even if I can no longer completely remember the plot of said story, I made a story based on it. For all those who can remember the story, I know it does not completely follow it. If you could please tell me the title of the story I would appreciate it greatly. About the story itself, please bear in mind that I made this in my phone so typographical errors may be common.

Please read and review though. Any comment for improvement on my writing skills are greatly appreciated. As a novelist, Emiya Natsumi is perfectly aware that she has the physical characteristics of an average Background Character. Her brown eyes and straight dark brown hair paired with an average height for her fifteen years of age, she is a perfectly average-looking Japanese High School student.

Attending Vongola High School with its… colorful student body, being an uninteresting onlooker when eccentric antics of the other students are on full swing seems like the safe choice. Besides, said antics are great sources of inspirations for her novels and short stories.

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Since she was one of the handful 'average' students in what seemed to be the class where the most troublesome of students were concentrated, Natsumi was unsurprised at the announcement of a transferee student a month into the school year. Said transferee was a girl because of course it has to be a cute girl named Sawada Setsuna. The new student has fluffly-looking wavy brown hair and amber eyes and looked instantly wary of the colorful portion of her soon-to-be classmates.

And then she beamed a hesitant smile that instantly summoned sparkles and flowers around her. Cue the blushing of more than half of the boys and a handful of girls. Natsumi despaired that she suddenly became a background character for some shoujo manga. She thought she was in a shounen one with all the action and almost constant weirdness. Natsumi was trying to be discrete about it but she knew she was failing a bit. It is kinda noticeable when you're looking back and forth between your teacher and the new transfer student.

Vongola Giotto, substitute Math teacher, the man who is arguably the most handsome male in the campus, and the Vongola heir, could not stop staring at Sawada-san. Natsumi nearly rolled her eyes. There is no way Natsumi is using this as an inspiration for any of her stories.

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Do they even realize how creepy this is? They look so alike the only noticeable difference between them is their coloring with Giotto-sensei's blond hair and blue eyes and the man's obviously more masculine sharp-angled facial bone structure.

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Sasagawa Kyoko, the school female idol, and Kurokawa Hana, her best friend and surly body guard, invited the new student for lunch. Of course they did. Natsumi just gave out an exasperated sigh as she took out her own bento. It was rather colorful today courtesy of the numerous vegetables. It was on discount last weekend. Sinclair Renato, womanizer extraordinaire, was waiting outside their classroom during lunchbreak.

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The tall sempai with black hair and equally dark eyes was rumored to have dated almost every girl in school. He, like the rest of the popular group of sempais, wasn't wearing the school uniform and was instead in a well-tailored black suit, yellow dress shirt and a fedora with a canary yellow band near the brim.

Sawada-san had very pointedly told him that she was already joining Sasagawa-san and Kurokokawa-san for lunch before dragging said girls away. She tried her best to ignore said glare while she continued eating her lunch flower-shaped carrots! Vongola Xanxus is, to put it simply, the blacksheep of the family.

With black hair and red eyes, the tall teen was a very intimidating individual. Sure, he might look a little like his Great Grandfather Ricardo Vongola if you tilted your head and squinted a little but the teen looked nothing like the rest of his family. That's why Natsumi wasn't surprised to find out that said classmate of hers was adopted. Seriously, he looked nothing like his father and the man's wife. Who the heck thought they could pass him up as the couple's son?

Natsumi couldn't stop the shiver that ran up her spine. She made a mental note to avoid that particular classmate of hers for the foreseeable future. It turns out it wasn't needed. Sawada-san was immediately swarmed by well-meaning classmates telling her about the many others unfortunate enough to piss off Vongola-san. Belphegor was rumored to be a prince in exile complete with tiara-like golden crown that matches his wavy golden blond hair and a lack of last name. With a maniacal grin and fondness for knives, Natsumi was quite sure there was more to that story.

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In any case, said exiled prince had latched onto Vongola Xanxus with a vice grip since day one, commenting something about being a 'worthy leader to follow'. In fact, the genius barely teen had specifically tested out of middle school and into their year level just to follow said worthy leader. Belphegor-san had confronted Sawada-san after Xanxus-san walked out, obviously to intimidate the girl with his brandishing of his knives.

The fluffy-haired girl looked wary at first but actually had the guts to not back down and that impressed the exiled prince enough to cut the confrontation short with a chuckle of 'Ushishishi' before returning to his seat like nothing happened. Natsumi was just glad he didn't throw those knives of his. She had lost count how many times one of those had flown too close to her for comfort.

The next day, Gokudera Hayato suddenly started following Sawada-san around like a puppy, calling her 'Princess'. Gokudera-san was a delinquent who she had once caught smoking outside the campus. His silver-white hair was longer than was acceptable for school and he dressed like a punk with piercings, chains and rings, the first few buttons usually open with a clear view of a colored plain shirt underneath.

He was half-Italian and it was no secret that he did not get along with his father at all, being the child of a woman not the man's wife. He was still grumpy as ever that only seemed to smile and be enthusiastically cheerful whenever addressing his 'Princess'. The one-eighty degree turn in attitude was quite bewildering to watch every time it happened, but no less entertaining. For Natsumi, it was like watching a comedy routine you knew was coming but would still give you a degree of amusement anyway.

It was a whole week later when news of Yamamoto Takeshi almost jumping from the roof had circulated the campus. Natsumi had heard of the baseball player's injury but didn't think it was enough of a reason for their classmate to spiral into depression. She watched warily as said teen unknowingly participated in a one-sided argument with Gokudera-san. Finding the injured athlete's smile more genuine than it had been for a while, the female Emiya had dismissed the boy from her concerns and gave her attention back to her English homework that she forgot existed until she overheard an off-hand comment about it.

Hibari Kyoya was one scary sempai.

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He is the Head Prefect of the school's Disciplinary Committee and his method of punishment for those who broke the rules usually sent said rule breaker to the clinic at best, to the ICU at worst. This earned him the nickname of 'Demon Prefect' and the teen was actually proud of said title. Natsumi couldn't help but shake her head, utterly perplexed at the sight of Hibari-sempai escorting Sawada-san home.

She tried her hardest not to stare after them. She needs to stop though. Her house was the same direction and Natsumi was sure Hibari-sempai wouldn't take the staring very well. Cavallone Dino was one clumsy sempai but it only made him more endearing to the female population. Natsumi absentmindedly listened as Sawada-san was forced by pushy classmates to narrate just how said clumsy sempai unwittingly became the amber-eyed girl's knight in shining armor.

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She wondered if she could use a setting-appropriate parallel of that somewhere in her novel? Would it be too recognizable? Maybe change some elements like instead of a fish tank it'll be a barrel of beer? Natsumi could not believe her ears. She somehow got partnered with Sawada-san in a school project.

Although she knew it was because the fluffy-haired brunette was not partnered with one of her two friends, Sawada-san did not have to sound so disappointed by this development.

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Natsumi did not want to get killed by the amber-eyed girl's fan club out of sheer jealousy either. Probably, but it wouldn't hurt to at least be prepared on that angle. Especially with all the glares she could feel at the back of her head. Natsumi just finished a short story about a hopelessly romantic woman whose lovelife finally blossomed at the age of thirty.

She had to get the images of Sawada Setsuna's Fan Club out her head and writing them out into a story was a good way of doing it. At least she got something out of watching males falling all over themselves around the amber-eyed girl. A short story only 40, words long saved and Natsumi finally focused on the small cheesecake she ordered. The quaint patisserie she was currently eating at was near the outskirts of the shopping district. She had frequented this place for almost two years now and had become very good friends with the rather young waitress named I-Pin.

Leaving the required amount and some tip, Natsumi hefted the backpack containing her laptop and with a backward wave to the Chinese waitress, she left the shop with a promise of coming back soon. Sawada-san had agreed to meet with Natsumi on the patisserie she frequented, the fluffy-haired brunette commenting she knew the place. With a shrug, Natsumi left the classroom with the rest of their classmates, not really looking forward to the weekend with the sense of doom she felt creeping into her.

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