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He is enthusiastic about being active with his children and converting those experiences into valuable life lessons that he wants to share with others through his book. It goes beyond typical notions about snipers — lethal combatants concealed far from their targets — to show them as experienced, often-decorated combat leaders conducting high-risk missions. A fascinating exploration into the world of elite military operatives. Skip to main content.

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The Washington Post stated in an editorial by John Lehman in What made the Afghan campaign a landmark in the U. Military's history is that it was prosecuted by Special Operations forces from all the services, along with Navy and Air Force tactical power, operations by the Afghan Northern Alliance and the CIA were equally important and fully integrated.

No large Army or Marine force was employed. The valor exhibited by Afghan and American soldiers, fighting to free Afghanistan from a horribly cruel regime, will inspire even the most jaded reader. The stunning victory of the horse soldiers — Special Forces soldiers, C. Small and highly agile paramilitary mobile teams spread out over the countryside to meet with locals and gather information about the Taliban and al-Qa'ida. During that time, one of the teams was approached in a village and asked by a young man for help in retrieving his teenage sister.

He explained that a senior Taliban official had taken her as a wife and had sharply restricted the time she could spend with her family. The team gave the man a small hand-held tracking device to pass along to his sister, with instructions for her to activate it when the Taliban leader returned home. As a result, the team captured the senior Taliban official and rescued the sister.

In September , the CIA planned on "deploying teams of spies, analysts and paramilitary operatives to Afghanistan, part of a broad intelligence 'surge' ordered by President Obama. This will make its station there among the largest in the agency's history. Embassy in Kabul and is led "by a veteran with an extensive background in paramilitary operations". This combination worked well in Iraq and is largely credited with the success of that surge.

The most successful combination in both the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq has been the linking up of SAC and military special forces to fight alongside highly trained indigenous units. One thing all of these options have in common is a requirement for greater CIA participation. According to the current and former intelligence officials, General McChrystal also had his own preferred candidate for the Chief of Station COS job, a good friend and decorated CIA paramilitary officer who is now known to be Greg Vogle.

President Karzai is said to be greatly indebted to this officer and was pleased when the officer was named chief of station again. According to interviews with several senior officials, this officer "was uniformly well-liked and admired. A career paramilitary officer, he came to the CIA after several years in an elite Marine unit". General McChrystal's strategy included the lash up of special operations forces from the U.

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It is considered the "best Afghan fighting force". Nazir's death degraded the Taliban. Military special operations elements assigned to CIA after the withdrawal. Combined they are considered the most effective units in Afghanistan and the lynchpin of the counter insurgency and counter-terrorism effort. The war has been largely turned over to SAC. The two longtime friends were killed fighting side-by-side against the Taliban and buried next to each other at Arlington National Cemetery.

On November 5, , a missile launched from a CIA-controlled Predator drone killed al-Qaeda members traveling in a remote area in Yemen. Five other people, believed to be low-level al-Qaeda members, were also killed to include an American named Kamal Derwish. Defense Secretary Paul Wolfowitz called it "a very successful tactical operation" and said "such strikes are useful not only in killing terrorists but in forcing al-Qaeda to change its tactics".

SAC paramilitary teams entered Iraq before the invasion. Once on the ground they prepared the battle space for the subsequent arrival of U. SAC teams then combined with U. This joint team combined in Operation Viking Hammer to defeat Ansar al-Islam , an Islamist group allied to al-Qaeda, which several battle-hardened fighters from Afghanistan had joined after the fall of the Taliban, in a battle for control over the northeast of Iraq — a battle that turned out being one of the "most intense battles of Special Forces since Vietnam".

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  8. If this battle had not been as successful as it was, there would have been a considerable hostile force in the rear of the U. It resulted in the deaths of a substantial number of militants and the uncovering of a crude laboratory that had traces of poisons and information on chemical weapons at Sargat. In a U. These missions led to the initial assassination attempts against Iraqi President Saddam Hussein and his key generals. Although the initial air strike against Hussein was unsuccessful in killing the dictator, it was successful in effectively ending his ability to command and control his forces.

    Other strikes against key generals were successful and significantly degraded the command's ability to react to and maneuver against the U. Army's 4th Infantry Division for the invasion. Army special forces joint teams, the Kurdish Peshmerga and the d Airborne Brigade were the entire northern force against the Iraqi army during the invasion. Their efforts kept the 13 divisions of the Iraqi Army in place to defend against the Kurds rather allowing them to contest the coalition force coming from the south.

    The operation eventually included around soldiers from the 1st Brigade of the 4th Infantry Division. CIA paramilitary units continued to team up with the JSOC in Iraq and in the combination created a lethal force many credit with having a major impact in the success of " the Surge ". They did this by killing or capturing many of the key al-Qaeda leaders in Iraq. He was honored with an intelligence star for his valor in combat.

    In September with the rise of the Islamic State , the U. SAC Ground Branch was placed in charge of the ground war. Bush authorized SAC's successful killing of eight senior al-Qaeda operatives via targeted air strikes. Some experts assess that the CIA Director — at that time Leon Panetta — has been more aggressive in conducting paramilitary operations in Pakistan than his predecessor. According to the documentary film Drone , by Tonje Schei, since the U. Air Force 17th Reconnaissance Squadron has been working for the CIA as "customer", carrying out at least some of the armed missions in Pakistan.

    This senior U. These attacks have produced the broadest, deepest and most rapid reduction in al-Qaida senior leadership that we've seen in several years. These covert attacks have increased significantly under President Obama, with as many at 50 al-Qaeda militants being killed in the month of May alone. It's believed he was killed sometime in A senior U. For the past eight years, al-Qaeda had depended on Mehsud for protection after Mullah Mohammed Omar fled Afghanistan in late Reports stated that seven to ten militants were killed to include one top al-Qaida leader.

    He was Mustafa al-Jaziri, an Algerian national described as an "important and effective" leader and senior military commander for al-Qaida. The success of these operations are believed to have caused senior Taliban leaders to significantly alter their operations and cancel key planning meetings. The number of strikes in exceeded the total, according to data compiled by the Long War Journal, which tracks strikes in Pakistan. His account of collateral damage was strikingly lower than many unofficial counts: "We believe the number of civilian casualties is just over 20, and those were people who were either at the side of major terrorists or were at facilities used by terrorists.

    On December 6, , a senior al-Qaeda operative, Saleh al-Somali, was killed in a drone strike in Pakistan. He was responsible for their operations outside of the Afghanistan-Pakistan region and formed part of the senior leadership. Al-Somali was engaged in plotting terrorist acts around the world and "given his central role, this probably included plotting attacks against the United States and Europe".

    Neither al-Qaeda nor the U. Mehsud had claimed responsibility in a video he made with the suicide bomber Humam Khalil Abu-Mulal al-Balawi. Baradar was the most significant Taliban figure to be detained since the beginning of the Afghan War more than eight years ago until that date. He ranked second to Mullah Muhammad Omar , the Taliban's founder and was known to be a close associate of Osama bin Laden.

    On February 20, Muhammad Haqqani, son of Jalaluddin Haqqani , was one of four people killed in the drone strike in Pakistan's tribal region in North Waziristan , according to two Pakistani intelligence sources. The operation in the Bilal military cantonment area in the city of Abbottabad resulted in the acquisition of extensive intelligence on the future attack plans of al-Qaeda. The operation was a result of years of intelligence work that included the Inter-Services Intelligence ISI , the CIA, the DSS , and the Delta Force 's apprehension and interrogation of Khalid Sheik Mohammad KSM , [] [] [] the discovery of the real name of the courier disclosed by KSM , the tracking, via signal intelligence, of the courier to the Abbottobad compound by paramilitary operatives and the establishment of a CIA safe house that provided critical advance intelligence for the operation.

    The material discovered in the raid indicated that bin Laden was still in charge of his Al-Qaeda organization and was developing plans and issuing orders at the time of his death. There is considerable controversy over claims that elements of the Pakistani government, particularly the ISI, may have been concealing the presence of Osama bin Laden in Pakistan. The operation utilized all of SAC's components to include political action, covert influence and paramilitary operations.


    The paramilitary component included training anti-Communist guerrillas to fight the Tudeh Party if they seized power in the chaos of Operation Ajax. In November , a group of Islamist students and militants took over the American embassy in support of the Iranian Revolution.

    Embassy in Tehran , Iran on April 24, These operations would be against Quds Force , the commando arm of the Iranian Revolutionary Guard , public and private sector strategic targets, and "high-value targets" in the war on terror. After the Arab Spring movements overthrew the rulers of Tunisia and Egypt, its neighbours to the west and east respectively, Libya had a major revolt beginning in February Air Force pilot who had crashed due to mechanical problems.

    CIA paramilitary teams have been deployed to Syria to report on the uprising, to access the rebel groups, leadership and to potentially train, equip and lead one of those rebel groups against the Bashar al-Assad regime. Senators that the CIA had trained the first man insurgent element and that they had been inserted into Syria. In October , SAC was tasked with supporting moderate Syrian rebels to help engineer a stalemate and political settlement in the Syrian civil war. This program was considered too limited to have the desired outcome.

    This fight crossed borders between Iraq and Syria. However, since September 11, the U. Rather, it involves secretly moving in and out of countries like Pakistan, Iran and Somalia where the American military is not legally allowed to operate. If there are missions in these countries that are denied to U. In , the George W. Bush Administration prepared a list of "terrorist leaders" the CIA is authorized to kill in a targeted killing , if capture is impractical and civilian casualties can be kept to an acceptable number. The list includes key al Qaeda leaders like Osama bin Laden deceased and his chief deputy, Ayman al-Zawahiri , as well as other principal figures from al Qaeda and affiliated groups.

    This list is called the "high value target list". Their efforts have already resulted in 15 Arab militants linked to al Qaeda being captured. Little is known about this U. Panetta cancelled the initiative and reported its existence to Congress and the President. The program consisted of teams of SAC paramilitary officers organized to execute targeted killing operations against al Qaeda operatives around the world in any country. According to many experts, the Obama administration has relied on the CIA and their paramilitary capabilities, even more than they have on U.

    In the Trump administration , SAC has begun deploying small units of paramilitary officers worldwide to track down terrorists and they have been given the primary lead for CT operations in Afghanistan. It uses a harness and a self-inflating balloon that carries an attached lift line.

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    An MCE engages the line with its V-shaped yoke and the individual is reeled on board. The two were subsequently extracted by the Fulton sky hook. The team gathered evidence of advanced research on acoustical systems to detect under-ice U. A practice combat infiltration was conducted in October into the North Vietnamese held "War Zone D", in South Vietnam, the first such drop into a combat zone. In the HALO technique, the parachutist opens his parachute at a low altitude after free-falling for a period of time to avoid detection by the enemy.

    Waugh also led the last combat special reconnaissance parachute insertion into enemy territory occupied by communist North Vietnamese Army NVA troops on June 22, It honors CIA employees who died in the line of duty. A majority of these were paramilitary officers. Third Option Foundation TOF is a national non-profit organization set up to support the families of fallen paramilitary officers. The name refers to the motto of CIA's Special Activities Center: Tertia Optio , the President's third option when military force is inappropriate and diplomacy is inadequate.

    TOF provides comprehensive family resiliency programs, financial support for the families of paramilitary officers killed in action and it works behind the scenes to "quietly help those who quietly serve". From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Main article: CIA Tibetan program. Main article: Bay of Pigs Invasion. The neutrality of this section is disputed. Relevant discussion may be found on the talk page. Please do not remove this message until conditions to do so are met.

    February Learn how and when to remove this template message. See also: Battle of Tora Bora. See also: Death of Osama bin Laden. Play media. Tenet told a gathering of several hundred Agency employees and family members. That is heroism defined. Both officers saved the lives of others, including Afghan soldiers, during the engagement with al-Qa'ida forces.

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