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Given that it is strong in you and your daughter, I would say this is part of your calling, especially if it interests you. Another place you can go to get connected with other spiritual minded people is to find a metaphysical shop near you. They often hold classes as well! I highly encourage it! Thanks for sharing your experiences with us! Blessings and peace to you and your family.

A young woman, bereft since the death of her twin, tries to forge a new, singular identity

I truly believe in spirit communication. My uncle past and asked me to pour his ashes over my favorite rose bush.

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Which I did the next morning there were huge roses on the bush. All of different colors! That is truly amazing! Spirit is amazing and wondrous and we never know what joys it can bring into our lives until it happens! I am 14 and currently live in a home with my mother mother and smaller brother. Every night if I walk up or down the stairs, I feel something following or chasing me. I run up or down the stairs and get to a room. In my room everything seems normal until I shut off my lights hands the lights of my fish tank.

I feel a presence watching me when when I sleep and sometimes even something pressing on me. Or even something laying next to me. I also hear noises at night like something is moving. Also I seem to have the only light socket in the house that frequently breaks bulbs. One day one even burnt. I hope you can help. Hi Travis! You are at the age when spiritual awareness seems to be at its highest.

Believe me, if there was something bad around you, you would not be in any doubt for things would be very bad. You are a spiritual being after all so use your spiritual power to protect yourself and you will have nothing to fear! Imagine a light inside you your spiritual energy and see it in your mind expanding from your your solar plexus just above your belly button outward until its filling your entire body and shining outward.

This WILL protect you from negative energy! Another thing you can do to help give you peace is to ask your angels to keep you safe! They always are happy to help when we ASK them!! Blessings and loving light to you!! Hi Deborah, I left a message back in August, San Diego hotel, bed shaking, light flickering , and had a kind response from you.

My little guy died several years ago. Similarly, on no particularly special day about a year or two ago, I was putting towels away in the bathroom, and all at once I had an overwhelming feeling that he was next to me standing at a specific spot, as if I could put out my hand and touch him. There was nothing to be seen, but it was almost as if I could believe my feelings more than my eyes—it just felt absolutely certain that he was there. This feeling passed a minute or two later. Take care!

Hello again! Thank you so much for sharing those experiences with us! I love hearing of our departed animals coming back for visits. Actually, though, they are around quite often. Animal spirits are as loyal to us in spirit as they were when alive! In fact, many of them come back to us in the body of another animal. True story. Happened to me! You can absolutely rely on your feelings more so than your eyes when it comes to spirit. Many blessings to you over the holidays! At night time sometimes I can feel something standing over me or when I turn onto my side behind me, sometimes I have sleep paralysis and can feel someone with cold hands I think is a woman.

Touching my head or sitting down on the edge of my bed. I know this is a bit off topic from what you posted but I believe when I was a baby a spirit kind jumped inside me or attached to me. I believe that there were two spirits living the house when I was born and one of them is inside me right now. And the other is still looking for a vessel to attach herself to.

They want to give you the side eye and put you in a mental place. My suggestion would be to visit a known medium, one you KNOW you can trust and see if she can help you. She exists right along with me. If you are as sensitive to spirit as it sounds, it is probably your spirit guide that you feel.

They are always with us…always! A medium could connect the two of you or at least get to the bottom of it! Always ensure to use your protection prayers…whatever works for you and always be sure to fill yourself with light and let the light shine around you. This WILL keep you safe! Sending you loving light and positive energy! And she said no but I remembered my dad has passed away and every morning befor he went to work he used to come in to my room and give me kiss so that probably why I keep seeing something in the corner of my eye at everyday in the morning.

Why would your mother not remember that your father has passed away when you asked her? It is very reassuring to know we have loved ones watching over us! Hi, so I have a question, so I had been hearing these knocks inside my room and i had been the only one hearing them. My dog sleeps with me and didnt seem to notice anything nor my bearded dragon but I did, within a few weeks to that month somebody died after those three knocks, I made it clear not to harm my family and friends and I was ok with the noise and possible warning.

The louder the knocks the closer the person was to me that died. Just recently my dog started to now notice the knocks as well. Things have quieted down since but now she is more aware of the house surroundings and often growls at corners or things in the living room. I reassure her to tell my dog it was ok and to quiet down. I acknowledged its presence yes. Nothing bad happened to me my pets or mum, so I am assuming it acknowledged my wishes. I just want to know how I can help if it wants it.

Or if it is feeding off of my spirit energy since when I went to the optometrist he said my eyesight was totally fine, but to me things are totally blurry from farther than a few feet in front of me… when I astral projected for the first time partly my soul was a dark to light purple with swirling black I am not certain what that meant and was hoping perhaps you could enlighten me upon that fact. Hi there! I have always had this energy following me around. I used to walk home from school alone everyday and I would see shadows move quickly from the corner of my eye.

Then they started touching me. I would get pats on my head like when a parent tucks in a child for the night and one time my foot was hanging off my bed and it was like someone bumped into my foot so hard it moved. I moved out of the house where that happened and now I can feel the energy following me again. Just checking in to see how you are doing?

Empaths have a lot to deal with for there are emotions going on all around them! I constantly feel when I am not alone. Sometimes when I am falling asleep i hear voices or phrases. We all say Hi. I smell things too. We are never alone. Our spirit guides and guardian angels are always with us. It is usually them that you feel. Fact is, we share the same space with other spiritual beings. In spirit there is no time and space. We exist in different levels of awareness. Sometimes, however, your consciousness is aware of BOTH the spirit and the physical world.

You are not being haunted…just sensitive to spirit! When we are just about to fall asleep or just as we are waking up…that is when we are most likely to experience the existence of the spiritual world, a world to which we will enter when physical death occurs. You are not going crazy! It could be that someone in spirit is trying to get your attention. When you smell something…does it remind you of anyone? Usually the sense of smell is used to get a message through that someone is around that loves you. I have felt and experienced all those things … as has my dogs!

Because of this, it often frightens them. You can always protect yourself from spiritual beings by activating an imaginary light within you and expanding it to fill your body and glow around you. You can even expand the light to encompass your room! If you fear sleeping at night, just imagine the light within you your own spiritual energy! This will keep you safe through the night!

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Hello, my Name is Laura ever since I was 4 I have experiences paranormal manifestations I am now 26 and I have these occurrences happen to me everywhere I live even my work places. I have seen things float in mid air, the hands on a clock going crazy fast, I hear voices, experienced sleep paralysis, woke up with scratches on me when I was a teen. This is the only time I was scarred. What could this be whats going on? Sounds to me like you are a very sensitive soul!

Learn all you can about it and always remember to keep things positive. If you get a bad feeling…not just fear, that is a natural feeling to get about something unknown, but if you feel really bad about something…imagine your inner light shining bright and imagine it glowing strong around you. This will always keep you safe. I know it sounds far to easy but no one said that interactions with the spirit world is supposed to be hard!

We make it hard, unless it comes natural to us like it does with you. Research, read, find likeminded people and learn, learn, learn! Footsteps at night and being able to feel the vibration of the steps. Any help or advise would be great…. One thing you can do to help promote positive vibrations…energy…is to bless the new addition!

This is neutralizing any negative energy buzzing around in there! You can do this with any room and to any thing! At night, before falling asleep, just quickly picture yourself glowing from the inside out and tell your light to keep you safe throughout the night! Ask your guardian angels to help you stay safe as well. This should help with your fear. As to your concern that you have something to fear…you do not. Spirits are everywhere, all the time! For whatever reason, though, we become sensitive enough to notice it from time to time.

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What is most likely standing over you at night is your spirit guide. Because of your fear, he is hard at work trying to reassure you that you are ok! Blessings and loving light to you! My brother and I had shared a room we slept in bunk beds however that night we were sleeping together on the bottom bunk.

I thought about running out of the room but I was scared he would try and grab me on my way out. No matter which way I would have left the room there were two doors in the bedroom he was smack dab in the middle so I was within arms reach had I ran out. The last thing I remember was throwing the covers over my head and I quickly fell asleep without screaming or waking my brother.

The next morning my dad had come in to wake us up, he later down with us for a few moments as he was waking us up and I remember asking him if he was in our room that night watching us sleep. He told us that night our uncle had passed away in a car accident. I remember my mom was good friends with our neighbor and she had told her what had happened and the neighbor had claimed that the same night as she was bathing her daughter her daughter was looking into the hall way and started screaming however nothing was there.

The little girl was too young to explain what she had seen but it almost makes me wonder. That was the first and only time I had encountered this spirit. Second experience is short- I had woken up one morning for school got ready and laid back down until my dad was ready to take us to school. I had seen a shadow walk past the door way and I just had a bad feeling about my day. Later that day I was checked out of school early, my grandpa had passed away in his sleep. Third- I had gone to work and I had a sudden nasty feeling about something overcome me.

At first I thought maybe my son was in danger it was just an all out bad feeling. I told me coworker about it and maybe not even 20 minutes later my dad had called my work looking for me. My mom was in an accident she was pronounced dead within the hour of the phone call. Fourth- I had a very real dream shortly after my mother had passed away. Everything about it felt real. I often have sleep paralysis and it is the most horrifying thing ever. Anywho, I have never had a dream setting such as this one. I then saw my mother sitting in a chair- almost like a throne or something. I long for a dream like that again but the hardest part is waking up knowing it was not reality.

Thank you for sharing your experiences! They are all quite amazing, though the circumstances are sad. As for the dream you had with your mother…that truly did happen! Those in spirit can easily communicate with us in our dreams! Have you since had any other dreams with her? I have occasional dreams about my grandparents…I was very close to both of them…and when I dream about visiting them, it is truly a visit and I just LOVE it! I wish it happened more often but I understand they want us to focus on our lives and not theirs.

Hi, I am like you. I have always had psychic abilities but when I was younger, I thought it was a curse and prayed for it to go away. It did but after my NDE it came back but even stronger. I lived with my then husband and two boys at the time. We lived in an old old building. I used to hear heavy footsteps outside our apartment, just pacing up and down the hall, alllllllllll night. It made me so mad because I was losing sleep. One night I got so mad and as kind of a joke not thinking anything would happen I opened the door and in a very frustrated voice, I said, look, you need to stop or come in and shut up!

The worst was one evening I was reading to my boys on our couch which faced the kitchen. There was a big pendant type light that hung over the table. The pendant was a glass sort of saucer shape. It was a very hot night and even though the windows were open there was no air stirring. The worst was that we lived on the top floor. It only had three levels but we all know heat rises.

No central air and only one air conditioner in the bedroom. Anyway, here I am reading to them and the pendant starts to swing back and forth. So I kept reading but out of the corner of my eye, I could see it swinging faster. I tried hard to ignore it but I looked up and as soon as I did, it went from swinging wildly to a complete stop. Suddenly it just shattered, glass everywhere. I never found out who it was and I never asked anyone else in the building or the owners because they would think I was crazy. I think one of the owners already thought that I was, when I told him it just shattered out of nowhere.

My partner and I were thrown off a little and started to take a burst of pictures on our phone. In the first photo you can see a white, faint sillouette and in the second photo, the spirit is facing the camera and you can make out the face. And how do I get the spirit to move on? Since I never did get to reply to this, how did it all turn out? Did you have more experiences later? Sorry about not replying! A few years later when I was 9 we moved to a brand new house and ever since I started seeing things in my room and the studio the room next to mine.

One of the things I remember the most is waking up in the middle of the night and seeing a little girl in a white dress come to my bed, I was scared and just covered myself wi the blanket and stayed awake for the rest of the night. This one time my sister and I were sleeping in my room and heard this super strong noise coming from the studio, as if all the books fell off, it was LOUD, we were both too scared to go look and we waited till morning but everything was in place.

We had peace at the new place, I still saw some things but they were not scary. A year ago we moved to Germany, the house is like 3 years old and the only ones that lived here before us were a couple that was here for just a few months cause the house was too big for them. Hi Lara, I know its been years since you wrote this, are you still having problems? Some people do have spirits that become attached to them.

You must be a very spiritually sensitive person. Children are usually very spiritually aware but yours might have your gift as well. Hope all is going good for all of you! I have had a few of these happen to me and see them as well as afew in my family are sensitive. I never really feel alone and I find it quite comforting if I do really have this man with me. Is this my spirit guide? I really would like to find out some information about him and why he is specifically with me. Is it possible for spirit guides to dissapear or are they with you permenentely? Most likely it is your spirit guide!

They are indeed with you all the time. To contact your spirit guide, get in a quiet place with the least amount of distraction or interruption , pray for divine protection I do this by making it clear I am contacting my spirit guide and imagining light shining around me…as a protective shield. Sit quietly with a pen and paper or use a computer if you are more comfortable with that and ask questions. As you ask each question, wait patiently and quietly for the answers to come to you.

They will just gently flow into your thoughts. Write down whatever comes to mind! Just go with it. The more you do this, the easier it becomes! Very helpful information. I also would like to say that scratching sounds could definitely be a good sign that a spirit is near. I did not realize that until it happened to me.

I thought it was my cat at first and then I wanted my husband to call an exterminator, thinking that there was a possum in the wall. It would take too much time to explain what happened there after. Almost every night, I start smelling faint smells of rosemary and coffee. It is only brief, less than a minute.

One night, a plastic tumbler, empty, rolled very slowly on its bottom edge, never falling over. When it did the full bottom circumference, it stopped. I wake up often, feeling startled. We have terrible phone service as as Internet. The tv sometimes goes off by itself. Any suggestions? It could be that someone is around but they are not bad or evil in any way! She tries to get your attention without causing you too much fear.

When spirit energy is around, it does sometimes interfere with other electric equipment…especially phones and televisions! You were startled awake because you no doubt were in communication with your spirit guide! When we go to sleep, we enter spirit and talk with our spirit guides, our angels and so on. You are not in any danger, I promise you! When these things happen, sit quietly and ask who it is. You might get an answer. It will gently flow into your thoughts. That easy. Most of the time I connect with the energies and become friendly.

Tonight I was working in an old art school building cleaning out an old photo lab and felt a very sharp strong energy staring and watching my every move. At first I thought it was a man, the old owner of the building as it was his old studio. But then my minds eye saw a woman in a gown with a curious and begrudging sense about her. I had no clue who she was and after about a half hour of her just staring in at me through the open door I finally gave in and started talking at her to give her a heads up that I meant no harm.

I had to close the door to continue my work and it was the first time I have ever seen shadowed footsteps along the crack at the bottom of the door, pacing, waiting for me to open up the door again. So I turned on my radio to get some peace. What an interesting story! Your mind must have been quiet enough that it was free to pick up her energy.

Once you noticed her, the more you noticed her…and with her energy being so strong, you ended up seeing and hearing her! I do wonder what she wanted. Maybe sometime you can find out! Tall but I can never exactly make out a face.. Now my house in M. Well uncle Sean is my uncle that died at a party in a different state then mine. We had heard knocking I started to record I said out loud if anyone is here knock twice and we heard very loudly two knocks I freaked out and we both jumped on the dresser.

Hi Bella! I know you are scared but keep in mind this one important thing…you have never been hurt or harmed in any way. I think you are a very sensitive soul and that is why you are experiencing so much! Just learn to control it a little better. First thing to do, though, is protect yourself…so you can feel safe! Your spiritual energy is as strong as it needs to be to keep you safe from everything. When you focus on your own spiritual energy, you are making it even stronger! How I use my spiritual energy is by imagining it as a light.

I think of this light shining bright within me…in the region just below my rib cage the center of our spiritual body! I imagine this light grow bigger, expanding throughout my entire body and shining around me. Then I tell myself that this is a protective light and will keep me safe from all negative entities. Dark energy and negative entities will NOT enter your spiritual light. They cannot, even if they wanted to! So, whenever you feel scared, surround yourself with light and then send a light beam out to the room around you. Dark entities, if they are around, will retreat.

If you are feeling emotion that is not yours, you are probably tapping into spiritual energy of a spirit and feeling their emotion. That is a normal reaction! I used to do the same! Now I have a house full of big windows and no curtains or blinds! They will leave you alone. I promise! You are actually very blessed!

Lucky you. Blessings and loving light to you. Upon reading her story, I can really relate. The feeling of being followed and someone is watching you in a distance or in the house. They know every time I go out and some of them would just appear behind my back like when I was in the supermarket a month ago. All I know is I feel uncomfortable and scared when it happens. This has also caused me to suffer anxiety. These days, what I do is I pray for them and for protection to myself every day.

So, my question is what made you say she is very blessed? I mean with all these things happening to her or to someone who is sensitive to spirits. It is a blessing to detect our angels and spirit guides but often it causes anxiety and fear because we are not SURE that is what we feel. We are indeed surrounded by negative energy, especially in a city, so it is natural to not feel safe.

By focusing on your spiritual power…through the use of your imagination…it is easy to protect yourself. Blessings and peace!! Hello, I am curious to hear what you think about my situation. This has never really happened so frequently before I have felt shits in energy, or as if I am not alone or a cold shill every now and again during different times or places. However, lately constant similar moments have been happening before I go to bed every few nights.

Sometimes I would hear a knock that sounded like it came from my window which makes no sense since there was no storm, wind, etc. I have felt not alone at times and in the same moment a heavy feeling like a blanket settles over me and makes me feel afraid and anxious and my heart starts racing. I honestly feel like a supernatural being is in my presence. It has happened though it never has before. If it is a ghost, why now? Do you think they are trying to communicate with me? Hi Gracie! Just so you know…knocking sounds are very common and often a good sign!

They just want you to know you are not alone and that someone is with you. Being a spiritual being, you can easily detect other spirits when they are around. Since your spirit guides and guardian angels are always with you, it is often them that you feel! The fact is, NONE of us are ever alone!

I used to think back when I was really young that because I was scared it meant they were bad spirits but now I know that is NOT the case! They use your imagination to come through! Now…ALWAYS their messages are uplifting and positive so if you feel anything differently, then you are not talking to your spirit guides and guardian angels. Most likely you are letting your fear control your imagination. Anything that is led by FEAR is not a true communication because fear blocks the actual communication. Thank you for your insight. It has been awhile since I have made this comment, and I feel that you are indeed right and I have learned so much since then.

My fear definitely vanished. I was scared at first because I was a little shocked but I have grown a comfort in the company. I do believe that through my imagination I have spoken to my uncle who passed away a few years back. I have also heard of spiritual beings communicating with numbers, songs, and through dreams.

Do you happen to have experience with them communicating this way? I have a great feeling that this is the truth because these past few months I have been receiving signals like these all the time. The most common of these are to see the numbers I see it all the time, and there was a surreal moment that has to be more than just coincidence.

I was waiting for a ride when I feel an overwhelming chill down by spine, and a big sensation to look at the car leaving in front of me, the license plate had on it, and I felt like I was being told something. Not only a few seconds later my ride arrived. Not only that but Awhile back I had a dream of my uncle and he came to my backyard, got out of his car, and hugged me. I constantly think to myself as if he can hear me all the time, asking him things and wondering, making conversation, and even replying to his messages that may or may not exsist.

All I know is that after finding out this his death was a suicide my mother has hidden the cause from me until then I have thought about him almost everyday. As I grew up I occasionally thought about it, but our bond has grown immensely since then. And I can always get a feeling when he wants to tell me something, or a song is for me. Always remember, Maddie, that you have all the spiritual power you need to keep yourself safe! You have loving angels around you all the time and they will help you every time you ask them for help!

Just ask them to keep you safe…and they will! Also, imagine your spiritual light is strong inside and outside…just picture yourself lit up like a light bulb! That is your spiritual power and it is very strong! It sounds too easy but who said it had to be hard? If you are in your early teens, spiritual energy is strong around you…thus the things you are feeling! Nothing to fear, I promise you. Also, to really get things going in a good direction, send out blessings to whoever is causing the disturbance!

God in action! I promise. Probably not even a ghost either! Often the feeling of being watched is coming from your spirit guide…who is with you always and ready to help when you need it! About 3 years ago I had discovered horror stories called Creepypasta. My favorite was Jeff The Killer. Ever since I discovered them, I had the feeling I was being watched. The first thought that crossed my mind was Jeff. I know I was just being paranoid and dismissed the thoughts from my mind.

One of my best friends named Myah, had a Ouiji board and we decided to try it out. We met a spirit named R and then ended the session. We sat on her bed facing eachother and started talking about the paranormal. She was against the wall while I was on the end of her bed. We were laughing and joking around about ghosts and what would happen if the lights turned out and stuff like that.

All of a sudden, Myah froze up and stared behind me in fear. I stared at her petrified nervously asking her to stop trying to freak me out. She then started to talk in quick, gasping breaths. She told me that there was a boy about years old behind me who had choppy black hair, pale skin, wide, glazed white eyes, and a Cheshire Cat smile. I laughed a little and told her she was describing Jeff the stared at me in confusion and terror and asked who that was. After that, small thing would happen in my house.

Sometimes my door would creak open, feelings of being watched would find its way to my brain, things disappearing. I started researching, wondering if there was a boy who died trying to be Jeff the Killer or if someone was obsessed with him before he died.. All Myah told me was his description and that he was staring directly at me.. Jeff the Killer is real but maybe a boy was so obsessed with him, they actually became Jeff.

Is that even possible!? I got a Ouiji Board for myself and we play it all the time.. Please reply to this as soon as you can.. First of all, I have to tell you that we are highly suggestible beings so your choice of reading material is indeed going to influence you a bit. We all have spirits attached to us. All of us do. Some of us are aware of them, most of us are not. We all have angels with us all the time and we all have spirit guides! I must warn you…playing with an Ouija board is a lot of responsibility. Also, it opens the door to everything! Most of the spirits that come through on the Ouija are just having fun, messing with you and some of it is your own energy playing around!

Always, always pray for only good spirits to come through, ask your angels to only allow good spirits to talk to you and imagine you are surrounded by light while you are on it. Say you are finished, thank the spirits who came to talk with you and then say you are closing the board and ending communication.

Then put the board away! Keep in mind this as welll…the things that are happening, feeling watched, the door creaking open, things coming up missing…those are all harmless things! None of that is harming you. This is your powerful spiritual energy and nothing bad can penetrate it! Sending you blessings and loving light! So, last fall in our cottage away from home my husband woke up after hearing a loud voice. This occurs quite often. How interesting! I once had a ceramic angel fall off the shelf and land several feet across the room…unbroken!

Your mom is obviously quite sensitive to spirit! Lucky her! I see my grandparents often in my sleep. Thanks for sharing your story with us!! About 2 years ago, I had a dream where I agreed to stay in a room that was supposedly haunted while a friend of mine monitored me via camera on the wall. I had a mic and so did he, allowing us easy communication access should anything come up.

While laying down and getting ready for sleep, my friend reported that he thought he had seen something next to me. I smirked, and while looking over to see what it was, it attacked. Once free from whatever it was, I would run out of my room and hide in my bathroom. However, upon visiting my parents after one whole year of not seeing them, I decided to sleep in my old room again only to be met with the same overwhelming feeling. I am a believer in the paranormal, and have always been an open-minded individual.

Just wondering if any other has gone through, or at least knows, what this could be a result of. That must have been quite scary to go through. These nighttime paralysis episodes are quite common actually. It takes our conscious mind, the one that interacts with the real world, a few seconds to figure out what is going on and relax, allowing us to move and talk again. Anxiety can cause dreams like that. The fact you had that experience in that room now might cause you to anticipate experiencing it again…which you have done on several occasions. Try surrounding yourself with light…picturing it clearly in your mind…when tucked into bed and ready for sleep.

Understand that this imaginary light is REAL to the spiritual world. You are labeling this light as your spiritual energy and your intention with it is to keep you safe. We have many spiritual interactions and marvelous spiritual journeys while sleeping…sometimes you remember them as strange dreams when you wake up. When I was growing up in my old house I would always see this movement or thing going around my house and at times something running across the halls upstairs it was a 2 story house.

This led me to be a very paranoid child often telling my mother or father that i was scared and slept with them or a nightlight but i still never felt safe. I had also tried telling my parents or friends but no one has ever believed me so i always kept quiet and suffering in silence. My life felt like a low budget horror film. I would sometimes see a figure watching me from afar but its gone as quick as i see it but none the less thats not what im here to talk about. A year ago I was living in an apartment with my family and i had gotten the biggest room and would often stay in it alone.

First it started out normal, I would see things from the corner of my eye or i would feel this massive energy coming from either the closet or corners. Till there was this one night were completely terrified me. So I was giving my friend on Skype a tour of my room when i saw something moving in the closet, when i looked up nothing was there but the room felt tense. On my phone screen was an outline of a body, it stayed still for a few seconds but something was telling me to run, so i did. I ran right out of my room, out of the kitchen and out of the apartment.

Eventually i did but that was my first mistake. She had told almost everyone and made it seem like i was crazy and then told a therapist. So time skip to a few months forward, I just moved into my new house and everything was going fine till that thing came back. From what i could tell its the same thing thats been following me around since i was a child, it had the same presence and terrible energy. No matter what I always knew when it was there or not. But when I was at school or anywhere not near my house then i would get this wonderful freedom but the nagging feeling of something pulling me back to my house.

I think it has something to do with territory. Its connected to me and my land,.

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So one night around 3 in the morning i was at the brink of falling asleep, once i shut my eyes almost immediately there was loud ragged and panting breath on my face. It sound like an old man that just got back from running a marathon. My first instincts were to keep my eyes shut and turn on any lights near me and thats what i did. Once my flashlight was on i opened my eyes and saw no one there.

This happened a few times afterwards. But last night was the last straw for me. So it was around 2 in the morning when this happened. I was the only on awake in my house because I dont have school today because i dont have any finals so I just stayed up late. When i started feeling paranoid, my senses where heightened and i put my phone down when i hear foot steps coming up the stairs and head in the direction of my room, oh god it was outside my door. It was trying to get into my room, waiting for me to allow it in to do god knows what.

It stopped after a few minutes but i knew it was till standing out there. I felt it observing my every move, seeing what I was going to do. Through out the night i would hear something walking up and down the hallway. My friend convinced me to go look for help about this but i dont know where.

But please if you know anything about this or someone who does please help, i dont know how much more of this i could take. So sorry you are having such a terrible experience! I mean physically you have not been attacked. Some people are more sensitive to spirit than others. You are probably very sensitive!

Why Sleeping Dogs is the most interesting open-city game of recent years

In MOST cases, the entity you sense observing you is your spirit guide. So, to help feel SAFE, you can easily protect yourself. You are a spiritual being in a physical body and you are in charge of your body and what happens to it. So, given that, you need to focus on your spiritual energy and you do this by imagining a light, a strong concentration of light right in your solar plexus area…just above your belly button.

This is like your spiritual center. Just imagine a light twirling around there growing brighter and bigger, filling your body and glowing around you. Negative spirit entities canNOT come into your light…into your personal space. This WILL keep you safe. Whenever you offer blessings you are moving positive spirit energy! You can even expand the light you are imagining around you to fill your room.

Or your entire house! Before going to sleep at night, ask for the angels watching over you to keep you safe while you sleep we all have guardian angels watching over us but they are limited in what they can do unless we ASK for their help! My favorite prayer: While I lay here in deep sleep, I pray the Lord my soul to keep, watch and keep me safe tonight and wake me with the morning light!

Your fear has invited more negative energy, which is why it seems to be getting worse and then our imagination, which can be our best friend when focused right, can also be our enemy when focused on fear. So focus your imagination on making yourself safe and powerful against negative entities and things should calm down.

The ones that do mean harm, they leave you in no doubt and it gets worse and worse. Not just more and more of the same stuff, but more and more of other things, progressively worsening. I send you loving light and energy! I moved to FL and met my husband of 8 yrs 10 yrs ago.

Since my oldest daughter moved in with us 3 yrs ago, she has claimed to see spirits of young women from the Victorian era. When she opened her eyes, there was a young blonde woman standing by the fan at the edge of her bed. She said it looked like she was trying to tell her something, but she was too scared, so she put the blankets over her head. As for me, the ghosts only visit me when she stays the night somewhere. I entered her room at 3am one morning to use her master bathroom like I always do, and when I opened the door to exit her room, there was a blonde haired little boy standing right outside of the door.

Here recently, I was sitting at my computer at 12am, and I heard little pitter patters of feet running. I have a stand behind the couch that my younger ones like to go in and get into stuff. Well it sounded just like one of them had snuck out here to get into something, and when I turned to look, whoever it was ran right for their room. So I got up to look, and there was no one there.

I went into their room, and the girls were all asleep in their beds. So there is always a different spirit in this house. There could be a past life connection to them as well! I know you have to believe that sort of thing to accept that possibility but I wanted to put it out there. Whoever they are, they are not trying to harm you and they are not negative entities out to cause trouble. When your daughter is putting on make-up, for instance, she so focused on that task that her mind is busy dealing with that focus and thus allowing her subconscious mind to take over.

It is our subconscious minds that is most connected to spirit! When you are focused on your writing which I am most curious about…being a writer myself , you are in the same mode…your conscious mind is focused on your task and allowing the subconscious mind free to notice spirit activity. You mentioned the girl seemed to be from the Victorian era.

Sometimes they have a strong connection to objects. It could just be the area we live in idk. My friends in I used to mess around with the Ouija board 13 yrs ago, but I had a horrible exp from that so I refuse to touch it ever again. I have always been able to see spirits for as long as I can remember. Thank you so much for getting back to me! You know why I think she feels better when the doors are closed? Because that is how she closes the door to them! It works for her because that is the purpose she assigned to the hat…to keep the spirits out of her head!

Thanks for writing in!! This site has helped me understand some kf my odd experiences Ive had quite a while. Last night i was already sleeping and i always have a fan on because i sleep better when the room is fresh. So i was already falling asleep until i felt the end of my bed sinl in and i shot up and no one or nothing was there. And usually when i have the house to myself, i always get this feeling that im being watched and check on the windows, doors and every room and there is nothing or no one watching.

Usually i would hear a tap come from the kitchen window or a doorknob twist and i check, still nothing. We get that creepy sense of someone watching us! You have nothing to fear. BUT, just in case and for your peace of mind…ALWAYS be sure to surround yourself with your protective, spiritual light…this being done by mentally seeing yourself with light glowing around you.

Please help… I was asleep with the fan on in my room. I like my rrom to be cool. I had a comforter on top of me but my foot was hanging out. Then i woke up because i felt a light touch of a finger trailing from the bottom of my right foot to the top. I was so startled that i just pulled my foot right back underneath the covers. Why is this spirit trying to contact me. What does it want? Im never afraid, just confused. This are not my first spiritual encounters. Hearing your name being called is very, very common!

Very soon I could hear the bloodcurdling screams and pitiful pleas of my parents, followed by the sight of blood, then silence. I woke up the next morning, and I had blood all over me. My parents are still sleeping and ignoring me. The house started to smell after a while. It was the smell of something rotting and decomposing.

I got back and looked into the mirror. This time, that person is holding a knife to their neck, slowly slitting it then suddenly stabbing themself. Why is there a knife inside of me? I always knew the person in the mirror was evil. They even killed me along with my parents.

I took one last look at the mirror. I see myself lay motionlessy on the ground; heavily bleeding. Then darkness. Additional light seeped through the loosely boarded windows. Ayako pulled out her flashlight. Beyond was a long hall. Rooms or various sizes, with only shreds of doorway curtains, opened off both sides, letting a faint ghostly moonglow leak through. In some of the rooms low tables were scattered about on tatami. The damp, rotting rice straw smelled of mildew.

Each room was really a small alcove—some holding wall scrolls, kakemonos, on which Ayako could glimpse faint traces of calligraphy or brush painting. But the artwork was so blackened and rotted for the most part it was impossible to guess what each had looked like when t was new. The place was silent, except for the sound of their shoes on the squishy matting—and the sound of beetles in the woodwork, relentlessly destroying the place from the inside out. At the end of the hall was a large kitchen area. The raw wood floors were swollen with damp and very uneven. A small door at the back, probably a closet or cupboard, was swollen shut by the dampness, which seemed much worse on that side of the building.

The sound of wood-boring beetles continued to grow in volume. The scene had horrified her then; now just the memory made her skin crawl. She closed the oven door and shrugged. I thought there might be a clue. But she just locked herself inside here and—poof! She was far more interested in testing the narrow, closed door in the back wall. Ayako shrugged. Who knows? The beetles were suddenly silent. The unexpected quiet startled Ayako. Even Sam paused, her eyes raking the walls and ceiling, as if seeking a clue to the silence.

Then, unable to spot anything, she returned her attention to the door, giving it a sharp yank. Give me a hand. They managed to pull the door a little way open. The door resisted a minute more and then popped all the way open, nearly throwing Sam onto her backside. Ayako grabbed the girl, steadying her, but kept her eye on the pitch-black space Sam had revealed. Something moved—pale, slithering—in the dark. Ayako thought of the imagined ghost koi in the shadow-pool outside.

Sam pushed her away, clearly annoyed to have to rely on her for support. But Ayako barely noticed as she shone her flashlight into the closet. She could see the head, shoulders, and arms of a woman who was, impossibly, climbing up out of the solid floor like a swimmer emerging poolside. Her face was framed by black flowing hair; her eyes were red, her mouth twisted into a snarl. She was clad in a white kimono.

When she opened her mouth as if to scream, all that came out was the hideous sound of deathwatch beetles amplified a thousand times. Sam, her back to the closet, was searching for something she had in her backpack and was unaware of the thing that was trying to pull itself up and out of the floor. For the moment, the boards seemed to hold the form back like an insect in glue.

Possibilities crowded into her mind from all she had learned from books, television, her computer, and talking to people like Mrs. Ozaki about such a nightmare visitation. The only thing Ayako was sure of was that she was looking at the ghost of Mrs. And she was one very scary spirit. The ghostly figure had extracted herself up to her midriff. The remains of her white silk kimono clung to the figure like a diseased layer of outer skin. Its long, curved fingernails—claws, really—dug into the wooden floor, gaining purchase, allowing her to haul herself partway into the room while she struggled to free the lower part of her legs.

Sam, never releasing her wrist, just nodded, following as the girl backed away from the writhing figure that chattered and grabbed at them, then dug nails into the floor again, and, lurching forward, left only her ankles buried in the flooring. Hauling Sam after her, Ayako fled down the hall. She had the impression of strange glowing things moving in the tea rooms opening to the right and left off the passage. Her only thought was to reach the doors and escape into the night beyond.

The front doors were closed. Neither of the doors budged. She tugged at one side while Sam gave her full attention to the other. Nothing yielded. Ayako and Sam tore more frantically at the doors. She pulled out the tool—but found there was no longer space enough between the doors to insert the chisel blade. The thin opening between the matching doors seemed to have healed like cut flesh.

It was close, Ayako realized. Chips flew, but the wood resisted her desperate blows as if it were now made of material far harder than natural wood. Sam was banging her fists against the wood. Something in her voice compelled Ayako to turn and look to where she was staring, letting her flashlight beam follow.

Sam was facing the darkened hall. Then she followed her sight up. The ghost—the nightmare version of Mrs. But her head was twisted around so that was regarding them dead-on with her blazing eyes as she scuttled across the sagging panels. Now one arm snaked down toward them. The fingers flexed. The claws glowed in the flashlight beam. She pulled Sam toward the nearest one, where the still-intact rice-paper-covered glass revealed the boards beyond, moonlight gleaming between the warped slats.

Escape was now or never, she knew. She put her arms over her face, started running, and smashed into the window. There was a jolting pain her left shoulder, which took most of the impact, then papered glass and boards exploded out onto the veranda, and Ayako went sprawling on the deck amid debris, getting jabbed with nails and cut with glass fragments. Dazed and groaning, she twisted around to look at the window gap in the wall above him.

A moment later Sam appeared in the space, scrabbling over the jagged remains of the window frame and barricading slats. She quickly worked herself partway over the sill, ignoring the splinter ends that snagged her clothes and dug into her stomach. Ayako, still shell-shocked, struggled uncertainly to her feet, stretching out her shaking arms toward Sam. She felt like she was moving in slow motion when all her nerves were screaming, Haul it! By the ankles! Ayako grabbed her flailing wrists.

Still holding her wrists, Ayako threw herself backward. Sam flew through the ruined window. Hardly pausing, the horror leapt after the kids, who were already fleeing down the stepping-stone path. Near the lifeless cherry tree, Ayako snagged her foot on a displaced stepping stone, stumbled suddenly, and sprawled onto the ground.

She screamed as her chin struck another stone. For a moment she was too stunned to catch her breath or focus her eyes. Her head just kept spinning. She felt the woman-creature spring onto her back, felt her claws dig into her. She saw Sam stop, stare, gasp, pick up a stone, and start forward, ready to do battle with the ghost, though raw terror flooded her eyes.

Then there was a sound, as if someone was playing a flute, from her left, where the dead cherry tree remained. The talons digging into her side loosened mercifully. The music played. She raised her head. Her blurred vision swam from triple, to double, to clear focus. But she was quite sure she believed what she was seeing: an old man, in a shining white robe, playing a bamboo flute. He was seated on the roots of the cherry tree, which appeared to be in full bloom, the masses of blossoms shining pale pink in the moonlight.

But it must be true—clearly Sam was seeing it, too. She let the stone in her hand fall to the ground with a soft tunk. As they both watched, the old man abruptly broke off his playing. He looked very unhappy—angry, even. The spirit woman was frozen in a half-crouch a few feet from Ayako and Sam. Her head jerked from side to side in puzzlement, reminding Ayako of a dog given two conflicting commands. She took a tentative step forward, but stopped when the old man gestured angrily with his flute.

A warm cherry-scented wind began to blow toward the woman from behind Ayako and Sam. Abruptly, with the power of a gale, it picked up the woman, spun her around, and hurtled her through the now-windowless opening back into the darkened interior of the tea house. The old man raised the flute to his lips and resumed his soft playing.

He began to melt like mist into the air; in a moment, his music had faded, too. Nothing stirred in the empty window. And the ghost had to have been his wife. And he was some kind of echo of his one-time love for this place. Maybe those are things that have no place in the next life. But hate and love are such different kinds of energy, I guess they cancel each other out. Then she smiled. Seeing Sam go rigid with tension, she knew she had heard it, too. Together, they turned and looked back at the tea house. To their dismay, they saw a clutching hand, the fingers twisted like a knot of pale worms at the end of a skeletal arm, reach shakily over the windowsill from the darkness inside.

Renewed fear hardened to a lump of ice in the pit of her stomach. A second clutching hand gripped the sill. As if this was a signal, the two spun around and fled, hand-in-hand. Unhesitatingly, Ayako kicked out the rotting gate, no longer caring who or what had heard. The park was unnaturally quiet around them. They ran faster, nearly losing their balance in their haste. To their mutual relief, a few moments later a bus came lumbering along. With nervous glances at the shadowed park, they clambered aboard, flashing their passes at the driver.

They were still laughing when they took their seats. Must be nice to not have any real worries. It was the last day of the school year. Jackie was a fourth grader. The students in her class were to write a letter to themselves and give it to their teacher, who would mail it to them when they graduate from high school.

Jackie finished writing his letter. She got up to turn it in to her teacher. Then, she got an idea. She sat down on her desk and started writing something at the end. Then, Jackie turned the letter in. Then, the bell rang. It was time for P. When the class went outside, the P. E teacher, Mr. Johnson, announced that the class would be playing basketball. Jackie was very happy.

Jackie turned to her right and saw her mom standing there. Then, Jackie was hit in the head with a ball before she passed out. Jackie woke up and found herself in her bedroom, in bed with her laptop in front of her. Jackie was reading emails from a Hangouts chat with her mom. Suddenly, Jackie felt pain on her head as she passed out.

Jackie lied down on the bed. At home, Jackie was on her bed. She turned her laptop on and opened Gmail. She saw that she had a Hangouts message from her mom. Jackie replied to the message. Then, a reply came. As she read this, Jackie felt her heart sink. She messaged her mother again. Jackie felt pain in her head as she collapsed on the floor. Then, she saw a blur, then darkness. She screamed at the sight. She got her phone and called The ambulance came and took Jackie to the hospital.

Three days later, she was pronounced dead. She had died from her head injury. She got her phone to call some relatives and break the bad news to them. She had emails from Jackie that was in a Hangouts chat. She ignored the messages and started calling her relatives. She and her husband had a 7-year old daughter, who they named Jackie, after their late daughter. Jackie went outside to get the mail. It was addressed to Jackie Williams. Jackie opened the envelope.

Inside was a letter that had been written on June 15, Jackie went inside and showed the letter to her mom and dad. Her mom and dad looked at each other. They knew that they had to tell Jackie. And they did. They told Jackie about her dead sister who had died from a head injury the day that she wrote the letter for her year old self. Jackie was surprised. She read the letter to her parents. After reading the letter, Jackie remembered that there was a real time machine in the garage. These words came out of the loudspeaker.

The voice was mysterious and deep. Jamie just sat there in shock and confusion. Jamie heard mysterious laughter coming from outside. This laughter sounded like it was coming from the person who said those words on the loudspeaker. Suddenly, loud banging on the door started. Jamie was scared of what would happen if the guy behind got inside. Jamie heard a gunshot.

Then, the door fell down, and a man with a gray hoodie and a gun came inside the classroom. Jamie felt a pull on his hand as he was pulled from under his desk screaming. Just as the man was about to pull the trigger, Jamie kicked him in his private parts, causing the man to drop his gun and collapse on the floor, screaming in pain and agony. As the man was about to get up, Jamie tackled the man to the ground and fought him off as the teacher called the police.

Within minutes, Jamie heard sirens coming from outside and a group of officers entered the house. When they saw Jamie fighting off the man, the officers grabbed the man and arrested him. The police identified the man as Davis Manchester. Manchester was a serial killer who had been arrested six times in the past 30 years. As Jamie read the headline, his eyes widened up, and he started hyperventilating.

It was an unknown caller. Jamie ignored the call and let it go to voicemail. After a few seconds, Jamie heard the notification sound on his phone. Jamie played the voicemail. Jamie heard the doorbell ring. Jamie got out of his room. It was too late. Jamie saw Manchester look up and point his gun at Jamie.

Jamie tried to run, but the man shot him. Davis heard sirens from outside. He went out the back door and got out of the backyard, but there was a group of officers waiting for him. One of the officers tried to handcuff him, but the serial killer shot himself to avoid being arrested. Residents of the house of the late Jamie Smith say that the house is haunted by the spirits of Jamie, his mom, and Davis Manchester. Manchester would shoot Jamie and his mom, before going to the backyard to shoot himself. The house was destroyed and the government banned construction on the area.

We were really happy to find a big house like that when suddenly things startedhappening. As she was lying down on the floor nobody first noticed anything. The next morning after all our relatives left my dad went to work as usual. Though me and my mom were afraid we told him it was okay as it was morning and if something paranormal would happen we would call him immediately. In the afternoon I went in my room to sleep for some time when suddenly I had chills.

I was going outof my room when something just tried to push me and I fell on my bed. I could see someone holding me down. I shouted when my mom came running and as she openedthe door the activity stopped. I told her what had happened and about the person I just saw. She called my dad and we immediately left the house for some days. After some days we came back thinking nothing would happen now. At night as my sister was doing some work on the computer when it got unplugged.

There was no way the plug could just come out like that. My sister had come from Bangalore and she knew nothing about the ghost. She came to know the house was haunted and shewas not a person who could get scared. You can do whatever you want! She got so frustrated she started cursing the ghost. We came running and she told us what was going on. My dad said we could not stand living here anymore and every day it was getting harmful for us. We left the house and as I stepped out of it I felt like I was free, like I could breathe again.

The encounter with that unknown person trying to kill me would always haunt me. It would still let her go home before her parents returned from their jobs that evening. Not a good choice at all, some nagging little voice kept repeating at the back of her mind. They had to ride partway to the park on the 24 bus, which, two stops past where they got on, was taken over by kids from Frankel High School—shouting, shoving, screaming into cell phones, and generally driving adult riders to the front of the bus.

A couple of the older kids gave them looks; Sam just stared right back. Ayako tried to keep her gaze steady, but she found herself repeatedly turning to look out the window or study the increasingly trash-strewn floor. Sam never wavered, regarding the other kids with a steady, almost adult distaste that deflected all high school challenges. At Center Street, most of the older kids got off to catch crosstown buses. Ayako and Sam rode the last half-dozen blocks to the park in peace. It was nearing the end of a bright spring day—perfect for showing off the tea house in a way that suggested only sadness, but nothing scary.

They stood just outside the waist-high bamboo gate that seemed held together by the no trespassing and danger signs nailed to it. The westering sun left pools of light around the shadows of the dried up koi pond. One of the boys who dared to explore the grounds after dark reported that you could see the bones of the fish that had been left to die when the tea house had been abandoned last time. He said they glowed in the moonlight. Other kids suspected he was lying, but none had the nerve to check it out themselves.

This was probably the start of the story that, at night, when there was a full moon, the empty pond would fill with moonglow, and you could see the unearthly koi, faintly gold and white and silver, swimming in the thick light. Their scales and skin were so transparent that you could see the shadowy, delicate skeletons inside.

Like many such stories, it was layered over in each retelling. Now the ghostly fish were said to have piranha-like jaws—lots of luck to anyone who reached down to touch the undead monstrosities. But today there was nothing frightening about what could be seen of the garden and the cherry tree and the tea house behind its deeply shadowed porches. For this, Ayako was both grateful and disappointed at the same time. You kids. Get away from there, now! Yeah, right. It was only a matter of time, she realized, before they would be exploring the tea house by starlight and moonlight and flashlight.

But, for several days, Sam said nothing more about the place. The hateful Mrs. Sun piled on homework and subjected them to pop quiz after pop quiz—she was apparently panicked by the upcoming new state testing and rapidly approaching end of the school year. Ayako had almost convinced herself Sam had forgotten completely when her cell rang on a Wednesday, while she was at the seventh level of Star Ranger X. The 33 runs owl service all night long. The bus stop at your corner. Will your folks be asleep by then?

The bus goes by your corner at Be there. Her grandfather had given it to her when the family went on their first visit to Yosemite National Park in California. Ayako took it whenever she went on a trip. Sam was already waiting. She gave a sharp nod and then clutched her hand for a moment. Her grip was so tight, Ayako wondered if Sam was having second thoughts.

But she knew better than to voice her suspicion. The driver glanced at the twosome as they showed their passes. For a moment, Ayako was hopeful that he might question the two of them boarding so late and force them to abandon this middle-of-the-night adventure. But the man just shrugged and waved them on as they flashed their monthly passes. Increasingly unhappy, she followed Sam to an empty seat halfway down the aisle. The exchanged only a couple of words during the ride out to the park.

There were a few owl-service passengers: a homeless man, who seemed to be riding just to have a place to escape the chill night air, and two women, chatting wearily, wearing matching uniforms with major hotel logos on the fronts of their dresses. None paid the least attention to Sam and Ayako.

At the park occasional hip-high lights provided half-hearted illumination on the path. The moon—nearly full—was far more helpful. Between the two light sources, they were able to follow the twisting path of stepping stones without much problem—pausing often, always on the alert for a late-duty patrol person or someone of more doubtful purpose prowling the darkened park. The building, which was bathed in moonlight, appeared to Ayako as both daylight harmless and midnight menacing. Her best instincts screamed, Cut and run, but that would only confirm her wuss status to Sam.

At the rickety gate, with its warning signs, she hesitated. Not Sam. She quickly climbed over. She stood on the other side, impatiently waiting for her to follow. Pushing aside her misgivings, Ayako scaled the gate—though she managed to get her left foot momentarily caught between two of the bamboo uprights. She started to panic. Her struggle to free herself nearly suceeded in knocking down a length of fence, until Sam ordered her to stay still while she worked her free. Ayako was sweating in spite of the cool late-night air and breathing so fast she felt lightheaded.

Angry at herself for letting Sam talk her into this crazy adventure—and doubly angry at appearing such a cowardly klutz—Ayako followed. Passing the dry fishpond, a pool of blackness through the moonlight was splashed brightly over the surrounding grass and weeds, the girl was sure she saw pale shapes curling and gliding in the shadows—the ghost koi?

Sam was already starting up the front stairs of the tea house. The closer Ayako came, the more she was aware of a tuc-tuc-tuc sound far louder and more disturbing than the familiar chirp of crickets and the hum of flying insects. Beetles, she assured herself. Deathwatch beetles gutting the walls and window frames and roof of the abandoned place. Her frustration at this whole stupid adventure and the distressingly loud clicking of the beetles—deathwatch beetles—were getting to her.

Quickly she pulled her kaeru charm out of her backpack and tucked it into her jeans pocket. There was an old man in a flat called Mr. One day a strange looking new neighbour moved in next door. Her name was Amy. She suddenly called Mr. Davis into her flat room one night. She locked the door behind her as he came. You seem familiar. A few days later Mr. Davis heard a knock at his door at around am. Davis its me remember me? Davis im surprised you dont remember me. How about i introduce myself.. Davis started panicking.

The next day the mailman came to find Mr. He thought there had been a break in and called the cops. When they came they saw a horrific scene…. The police had suspected he had been the cause of disappearance of his neighbour Amy Smiles. That day they found Mr. Davis lying on his back dead. After they had conducted an autopsy, they confirmed his cause of death. His brain had exploded inside of his head and his eardrum had been completely torn to shreds. But the strangest thing was… Lying next to his cold dead body was the rotting corpse of Amy Smiles. And she had a huge grin on her face…. Ok i have a story P.

S it took me forever to scroll down bruh. Her parents were rich and owned a mansion near Colorado where it was cold. So naturally Katy became accustomed to the cold. One day her parents said that they were going on a honeymoon together, but they were leaving Katy with her grandma. Her grandma lived on an island in the Pacific. There it was very hot. Gradually, Katy started developing Hyperthermia.

A couple days of nerve-racking pain, her parents were called. They said they were on their way but that it would take a few days. A couple days later her parents called again. They said that they were at the airport. It would take them half an hour to get back home. The grandma owned two servants.

One was in the upstairs bedroom taking care of the old lady. While the other was in charge of Katy. She let the girl lie die on her back to pour the cold water on her hair. After a while, the doorbell rang. The servant went down to unlock the door. Meanwhile… Katy was relaxing on the bed when suddenly she felt two small hands grip tightly on her hair.

It kept pulling until her forehead was submerged in the bucket of water. The servant was still looking for the keys. When the servant finally found the keys she unlocked the door. The servant led the parents up to the bedroom but…. It was already too late. When they saw Katy they were horrified. Her head was completely submerged in the water and she was dead. Soon later, the parents discovered that the bucket once belonged to a rich family. The father of the family was away on an important business trip. The mother was giving her 1 or 2 year old daughter a bubble bath in that very same bucket.

Suddenly, she received an urgent telephone call from downstairs. She completely forgot about her daughter and left her all alone. When she finally returned…. To these were added danger signs. Shakes had fallen from the roof; much of the wooden decking was rotten and unsafe; weeds choked the gardens that Mrs. Jirohei had once lovingly tended. Many said it had died of sadness, just like a person. Some late-evening passerby claimed to hear ghostly flute music on the breeze.

One or two said they glimpsed the form of the elderly flutist, sitting on the roots of the tree, in the twilight. Now the city had reclaimed the property, though there were no plans to do anything with it. Still, something drew Ayako again and again to the old building. Other adults she asked were just as reluctant to talk—though one old neighbor woman, who had come from Japan when she was just a girl, told him that she was sure the place was haunted by the spirit of Mrs. If the ghost is a woman, she is the most terrifying of all. Female ghosts are as relentless as the blade of a steel sword.

Most horrible of all was the ghost of Oiwa. She never gave her faithless husband any peace. No matter where the man went, he would see her face in a paper lantern, her form in a folding screen, or her shape in a tangle of ivy vines. She finally drove him to madness and death. But she gradually came to realize that if she was to find out the truth about the tea house—or some part of it, at any rate—she was going to have to find out for herself.

Yet, as much as the mystery drew her, the old stories of shadows, strange shapes, curious lights, and eerie sounds that were repeated mostly by kids kept her from going too close to the tea house. She never attempted to go closer than the tipsy remains of a bamboo fence that was barely visible in the choking mass of rangy rhododendrons marking what was left of the once-charming gardens. Sam and Ayako complemented each other perfectly. Ayako was overly cautious; Sam had a reckless streak. They liked the same Xbox games and scary movies; they disliked their seventh-grade English teacher, Mrs.

Sun; edaname and sashimi; and Helena Harper and Tony Santucci—the class beauty and the class bully. This was shortly after her arrival at Uchida Middle School. Please give me feedback, and thank you! But only the girl found it forlorn and sad. At one time, the building had been the heart of the Japanese-American community there.

Though it had been built to serve the Japanese-American population, it quickly became popular with the rest of the community and then with tourists. The owners, Mr. Jirohei, for years had owned a nursery and bulb farm in eastern Oregon, where they raised Tulips, daffodils, and gladioli. When the running farm became too much, they sold the business and moved to Harrisport, where Mr. Jirohei had been born. There they achieved a special dream of theirs, building and running the tea house in the municipal park, with the blessing of the city government. Willows shaded the creek that flowed behind it.

In front was the cherry tree—now long since dead—that had given the tea house its name. Jirohei had imported the tree from Japan. It had been his pride and joy. He would sit playing his ancient bamboo flute under the lavish blossoms in the spring or enjoy the shade it gave in the summer.

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Ayako, who was also born in Harrisport, knew that the sakura, cherry tree, was an important symbol in Japan. The tree represented good fortune, love, affection, and spring—many positive elements. But it had other ideas associated with it. Their life was often fierce and glorious, but they could be cut down in battle at the height of their accomplishments. He claimed that a fallen samurai was often buried with only a cherry tree as a grave marker. So a cherry tree, in many minds, represented new life growing even in a place of death. But something had happened in the peaceful setting eleven years before—by unfortunate chance, the year Ayako was born.

Jirohei had been killed in a holdup one night as the elderly couple was closing up shop for the day. By the time the police arrived, they found Mrs. She could tell them nothing about the crime which was still unsolved. Then she locked herself in the tea house that had been their shared love for so long. When the police forced their way inside, not a trace of the woman could be found.

An exhaustive search of the park grounds revealed nothing. It was as if Mrs. Jirohei had vanished into thin air, or into the fabric of the tea house. The surviving family posted a reward, and the search continued for months, but nothing more was ever learned. Such things fascinated Ayako, even though she rarely discovered fresh information about events at the tea house.

A cousin of the Jiroheis, who lived in San Fransisco, inherited the tea house and the nearby apartment the old couple owned. He and his wife planned to reopen the tea house after doing some remodeling. The venture was troubled from the start. Word quickly got around that the place was haunted.

It became harder for the new owners to find and keep the new laborers, none of whom would stay after dark. But the work was finally completed. Two days before the opening, the cousin ran a few errands and left his wife alone to finish some work in the new kitchen. When he returned, he found the woman collapsed on the floor. Medics replying to his call pronounced her dead. It was rumored—one of those awful tales kids love to share—that she had a look of such terror on her face that it scared even the doctors.

But there were no takers. People shunned the place even in daylight. It was said it had somehow been cursed by the tragic loss of the original owners. The feeling seemed to be: Let it be swallowed by decay and weeds, taking whatever bad energies lingered with it. The school bell rung, and kids flooded out of the classrooms and into the halls. The teachers were drowned out by the chatter of the students. A little of some gossip, and maybe a bit of chat about the math test that day. The point is, it was loud, too loud.

I pushed past some people in the hall to get to my locker, resulting in a few bad names and insults. I finally got to my locker, and put in the combination. I pulled my books from my backpack out and shoved them into my locker.

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Taking out my lunch box stuffing it in my pack seemed like it was harder than it should be. Slamming the locker shut, I rested my head on the vents of the locker. Banging my head a few times on the locker, then I heard someone behind me. The walk to my house was a dangerous one, with a few teenagers that would throw things at us, sometimes they swore and made rude gestures and even would threaten us. Today was no different. It started as the normal stuff, a few beer cans throw, a rock or two, twigs and sticks, but then it got worse. One of the girls remembered the last time we walked home.

A couple days ago we walked home from school, that day when we passed the group, he came out, he insulted the teens back, made me throw a rock back at them. That day, the mean old teenagers got mad, they threatened to hurt us. The girl whispered to the crowd of teens behind her in a raspy voice. Two of the boys got up and jumped down from the little ledge they were sitting on. They extended their hands toward us and grabbed the back of our school uniforms. We bolted from the spot that the teens had taken over, strait to my house. Only to find the door locked.

I shook the door knob trying to open it. I failed at opening the door, we pounded on the door, hoping my mother was home. The teenagers caught up to us and grabbed me by the back of my shirt. Swinging me to face him, the boy punched my cheek, in an attempt to hurt me. In a matter of self defence tried to punch him back. He grabbed my arm and used it to punch my own face. At that very moment the door swung open, and my mother saw the scene.

Finally free from the terror of the gang of teens, we got on to do our homework. Delilah got out her work and scribbled down some answers, I sighed and grabbed the math folder out of my backpack and pulled a pencil from my desk drawer. A little bit later, I decided to take a break. I pick up my phone and browse through my apps. I open up the message and read the mean comments in the message. Somewhere win the back of my mind, i heard a voice. You can text back you know, be mean too! Just do it! I knew that she could only hear me talking, until he breaks free of my mind and takes over.

She only cares about herself, she wants to look good, but got stuck with you! Get her! Hurt her! Do it! He took over, i felt his power surging through me, as my sanity was pushed to the back of my mind. All I could do was watch myself beat the only friend I had. I saw my own body strutting to Delilah, in a dominant way. She cringed in fear, bracing herself from the lashing blows that followed.

I watched as my arm raised, my hand curling into a claw-like fashion. He forced me to claw and maul my friend to the point of her bleeding. Her cries rang out through the house as my nails dug into her cheeks, in the process of doing so let a warm red liquid run down my hand and onto my arm. He hurt Delilah, and with my own body. It made me cry to see her cry as she did. She was bawling and at the same time spewing out things to snap me out of the fear and madness that was controlling me.

The next thing that she said forced him to the back of my mind as the sanity came rushing back. Even if it means putting myself in danger, I will find a way to help you! The next day I decided enough was enough, and i went to the hospital and had them tell me what was wrong with me.

There was no scientific explanation for what was happening, so i was sent to a lab to be tested and cured. The time I spent in the lab was about a year long, but i did have some company, Delilah visited and so did my family. One day a miracle happened. After the news spread to my family, they took me and Delilah out for ice cream, a big treat for me after all of the dietary food from the lab. When i was licking the cookies and cream from the cone in my hand i dropped it suddenly and started shaking, because somewhere in my head a voice sounded.

Even the thought would send shivers throughout my soul. My mom had wanted me to be more independent, and, so I packed my belongings and moved into a small apartment. In the apartment there were two bathrooms one in my room, and one for the guests. The apartment was quite nice, and the price was affordable, but the only thing strange was my toilet would always flood up red. There was also a huge window inside my bedroom, bathroom, that had a beautiful view.

I did ended up calling the landlord and he checked it out. I asked my boyfriend at the time,John, to move in with me and he agreed. John was always home late, and I frequently had anxiety staying home. Being the scared person I was, I went to the pet shop and got a dog, that I named Pebbles. One day, John was at work, and I was sitting in front of my closet sorting out clothes, with Pebbles near me.