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It just made his throat close up and his heart sink because the bastard had everybody under his control, it wasn't like he didnt know it. It had been 5 long years with manipulation and forced heroism.

Harry wasn't stupid, he was thankful toward the sorting hat as it listened to his request of being sorted in Gryffindor. He was a snake through and through, however being marked as a Savior he already had enough attention on him, pulling out his lordship cards and his Slytherin nature would only draw him unwanted attention. When he reached the magical world by the help of Hagrid and was left all alone in the pet shop, he had heard a small voice almost a wisp, then his emerald eyes had landed on the beautiful black mamba snake.

He listened as the snake whispered all sorts of things and he understood it, it had been a weird revelation. He had taken the snake and talked to him for a long time. Naming him Kartos, he listened intently to what Kartos says. He was the one who provided every single information of the magical world.

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Harry had also taken who seemed to be the only owl calm around Kartos and named her Hedwig. Kartos had explained how Gringotts would provide him all the money he wanted, along with the power. In Gringotts he finds his wealth and his true self after a long process of removal of the charms placed on him by Dumbledore to look like his father when in real his features weren't like that at all. He also successfully removes Dumbledore as the magical guardian, despite the goblins claiming he needed to have a guardian because he was minor it was shortly flicked away by few galleons.

In Hogwarts with his Potter, Peverell and Gryffindor rings on his fingers hidden and his looks back to how it was before so that Dumbledore wont have any suspicion, he survives by hiding his true self. He came across many compulsion charms and love potion charms that were deflected easily by his rings. He had liked Dumbledore at first, a calm man he would like to have as a grandfather however he was called into his office once and the tea, his fucking lemon drops were laced with obedience and other compulsion charms and had even tried to obliviate him.

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But he steeled himself, he knew he didn't need them, he could survive alone just like he has always been. For that he had realized he needed to be more powerful, books from knock turn alley and his vaults for dark defense and attack along with the help of Kartos for the Parsletongue magic. He had taken his residence inside the Chamber of Secret where the wards wouldn't take notice of his magic. Used to the accidental magic in the Dursley's, he didn't need much time to perfect the wandless magic.

He knew almost every spells and in the book and outside by the time he reached his 3rd year. Although he had still expected to live a peaceful life, but call it Potter luck after third year, he was thrown into a life or death situation contest, met a megalomaniac who was dead set on killing him and his godfather was killed. He had grieved about his godfather for a long time but he knew he had to move on.

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He had learned about Voldemort through his diary it had been somewhat a eye opener and similarity had created a small sympathy for the man as he felt he was in the same situation. But Voldemort he seen that day wasn't Tom Riddle, he was a power thirsty man who had lost all his goals. Kartos had heard whispering from the halls or rather from Dumbledore's office and found out how Voldemort or Tom Riddle had actually split his souls and formed hocrux which is why his sanity had slipped away. Through his blurry nightmares and some visions later he had found hocrux's of Tom, the diary which he had just pretended to destroy , the slytherin locket, himself and ravenclaw diadem.

After finding out he had Tom Riddle's soul in him he had freaked out just a little bit, but it was somehow calming to have his presence in him, he never truly felt alone. It was all hidden away safely in his trunk which was laced with complex Parsletongue spells, because Hermione could be such a nosy bitch. He didn't know why he had decided to help the maniac but he felt it was for the best because after all Tom had faced similar things, he was manipulated by the old coot and had a horrible childhood, only difference was they both had different ways to cope with it.

Harry jumps a bit when a light shaking brings him out of his flashbacks.

He looks up to see bright blue eyes looking at him intently. Luna was his one of his true friend. He loved her like her own sister.


After Luna it was Draco Malfoy, he had to fight with the intelligent Slytherin to keep up his front as dark magic hating golden boy, after finding about his traitor friends, he had met him in private and apologized. The blond was a great friend and an honest boy who would never coddle him because he was the "boy who lived" despite his little idolizing. He hears Ron snort in disgust. His emerald eyes shift to Ron. Hermione steps up for her boyfriend by jutting her chin up.

If you don't have any respect for someone I consider my little sister then better not to utter a word. Luna leans down and smiles serenely.

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Harry shakes his head softly. Would you rather come to my mansion? Harry shakes his head. Ignoring it, he lets Luna slide into the seat besides. He notices when she silently casts a silencing spell around them, his eyes shifts to Hermione who looked frantic in the need to know what secret they were going to talk about. Harry pats her head softly to ease her into it, she must have had a vision of some sorts, Luna has never been comfortable to talk about her visions, specially if it included him.

Take Me Away

I saw I don't like this! Come with me! Trust me, this time i will surely fight back. Kartos taught me how to remove the trace on my wand, so i will be fine. You know that. Her normally serene, aloof face twisted in anger. Luna nods. With a flick of hand, Harry removes the silencing charm and looks out of window. Hermione was glaring at him but Ron was busy stuffing his face with candy Harry had bought. Harry smiles at her just like he always does, relaxing her into thinking he hadn't changed.

Sorry about before, i don't like it when Luna is disrespected. A few minutes later the train halts and his stomach clenches in fear and dread. Luna presses a soft kiss on his cheeks before leaving to her cart. Harry walks out of the train muttering a small goodbye to his "friends" before taking the bus to Little Whinging.

Voldemort had had enough of the Dumbledore's minions going around destroying his raid and plans. He was going to capture the Light's perfect little golden boy and make them all suffer by taking their hope away. Arriving at Little whinging he sniffs at the muggle houses in distaste and walks into the house Severus had informed. He feels the ward around the house and snorts dissolving the surprisingly weak ward by whispering a small enchantment to wipe it off. The door opens to reveal a skinny woman, he takes a small sniff and smells blood making him scrunch his nose.

Well that was weird. Are you a ne-" she was near to swooning at the sight of a handsome man. That applied to his death eaters too, however one or two example later they quickly understood. With his wand in his hand and his chin high, he glares at the big whale like muggle, who looked ready to screech. Vernon shakes and points at the shoe cupboard below the stairs. Ta-take him and get out! Voldemort throws a Crucio at the whale when he hears the word freak, and stares at the cupboard, a small feeling of dread on his stomach.

He opens the door to find Harry Potter laying on the bed with blood covered shirt and a beautiful snake hissing and screaming 'let me kill! It was the eight day of the summer holiday and Harry was on his bed gasping for breath as he throws healing charms on himself. The muggles will pay! They are mine Kartos. I just The broken rib cracks back to its place making his back arch like a cat in pain. He had done nothing but work, do his chores silently but Vernon had come home drunk and decided to belt him. As if that wasn't enough, Dudley had kicked him more than once making him cough up blood.

Vernon had sneered and ordered him to clean up him mess and go back to his cupboard. He was still not healed from day before yesterday. His face was bruised, his back still stung from the carving Vernon had done by knife from yesterday, he wanted to cry, wanted to mutilate Vernon for daring to touch him, blow Dudley's brain because he was fucking stupid and torture Petunia for watching it all silently.

But he won't, doing that would only make Dumbledore more suspicious of him. Laying on his so called bed sweaty, whimpering when he couldn't move his limbs. He stiffens up when he feels the shift of magic around the whole house. Somebody is here. Kartos nods his head and hisses when Harry flicks his hand to revert him back to his own size. Harry chuckles softly and pats his head as he guards him. When the door to his cupboard opens he had expected a death eater, when Voldemort himself walks in looking like the older version of Tom Riddle, he doesn't know whether to laugh or be enchanted by his beauty.

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