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And he the Antichrist - click for his many aliases will make a firm covenant with the many the Jews for one week 7 years , but in the middle of the week 3. Comment : Daniel's seventieth week is traditionally referred to by evangelical commentators as "The Tribulation" but it should be noted that is never specifically designated by this title in Scripture.

The Great Tribulation on the other hand is a Scriptural term Mt , Re note , Re note but it refers specifically to the last 3. Nevertheless because this term has been so widely accepted, it will be used as a synonym for the more Scripturally accurate term "Daniel's Seventieth Week". The Seventieth Week of seven years , as noted above is usually called the Tribulation , and will begin when the Antichrist makes a firm covenant with Israel Refer to timeline above; see also more detailed notes.

The consensus among most conservative, evangelical scholars is that the Rapture of the Church immediately precedes the Tribulation and would also serve as a marker of the beginning of this last seven years see timing of Rapture; 1Th ,14,15,16,17,18 [see notes ; 14 ; 15 ; 16 ; 17 ; 18 ]. See Table comparing Rapture vs Second Coming. Although one cannot be absolutely dogmatic, it appears that the firm covenant between the Antichrist and Israel results in his guarantee of protection and provision of religious freedom which will in turn allow Israel to a rebuild their Holy Temple in Jerusalem.

Scripture is unclear as to exactly when this Temple will be rebuilt but it will have to be built at some time in the first 3. Given the fact that at present , the Temple Mount is still under Muslim control as is the Dome of the Rock which is one of the three most holy places in Islam, there will have to be a radical shift in policy to allow the Jews to rebuild their Temple in this same location. The Antichrist's firm covenant will apparently bring about the necessary shift in policy and result in the longed for "Peace" in the Middle East. Clearly, the Antichrist will be viewed with great respect and admiration by the world for accomplishing what no one else had been able to accomplish.

John substantiates that during the first half of the Tribulation the Jewish Temple must be rebuilt recording that There was given me John a measuring rod like a staff; and someone said, "Rise and measure the temple of God , and the altar, and those who worship in it. And leave out the court which is outside the temple , and do not measure it, for it has been given to the nations Gentiles ; and they will tread under foot the holy city Jerusalem for forty-two months the last 3.

Rev ,2 See notes Re ; As background to help understand Daniel , note that a basic understanding of Revelation 11 and 12 is important to comprehend the timing of events in Daniel's Seventieth Week. Therefore take some time and read Rev and as you read observe repeated time phrases that equate with a 3. After you have done you study refer to the chart on time phrases relating to the Tribulation.

In the following section there is a brief outline of the important events in Revelation , but first please take time to read and observe these chapters on your own. Make note of context and interpret literally where possible John's language in Revelation 12 is figurative, but do not forget the basic principle that even figurative passages have a "literal" meaning and are not to be wildly spiritualized or allegorized! Ask and allow your Teacher, the Holy Spirit to lead you into all the truth 1Jn where "anointing" is a reference to the Spirit indwelling every believer, Jn , , Ro note.

In Revelation 11, note that the appearance of God's two witnesses during the first half of the Seven Year Tribulation is followed by their assassination, resurrection and ascension. Revelation And I will grant authority to my two witnesses there are many speculations about their identity but don't let that sidetrack you , and they will prophesy for twelve hundred and sixty days 3.

The 70th week covenant maker: Christ or antichrist?

Then in Revelation - note God brings about another dramatic event which highlights the miraculous resurrection and ascension, John recording that And in that hour there was a great earthquake, and a tenth of the city of Jerusalem fell; and seven thousand people were killed in the earthquake, and the rest were terrified and gave glory to the God of heaven. The point is clear - God is giving an unequivocal sign which parallels Jesus' warning in Mt , 15,16, 17, 18, 19, 20, 21 and which signals the beginning of the last 3.

A Commentary on Revelation

And if those alive on earth at this time recall that the Church has already been delivered from this wrath to come -- 1Th note , 1Th note will continue reading in Revelation 12 and 13, they will come to realize that the events in Jerusalem signal events far more ominous. The midpoint of the 7 year period is associated with a number of other "earth shaking" events:.

Some say there is no evidence this proclamation of the gospel was heeded, but I disagree. Rev note describes an innumerable multitude from all nations, tribes, peoples and tongues standing before the throne and before the Lamb. Then Rev note identifies these souls as those who came out of the Great Tribulation, clear evidence that one of the greatest harvests of souls will occur during the most horrible time on earth!

Amazing Grace! I suppose it is possible that these individuals heard the Gospel from the , Jews who most conservative commentators see as evangelists despite the fact that they are never specifically called "evangelists". The other source of a widespread proclamation of the Gospel could have been the ministry of the two witnesses in Rev ff. So whatever the source, it is clear that multitudes have heard and will believe the Gospel. At this crucial midpoint of Daniel's Seventieth Week, the Antichrist's true "colors" of lawlessness and destructive intentions are clearly unveiled for the entire world to see, giving everyone alive a clear choice to believe either the Truth of the eternal gospel of Jesus Christ Re note or the lie of the Antichrist.

Satan bound yr Re Great White Throne Judgment of unbelievers Re , 12, The Great Tribulation runs its course Re note , and is "cut short" Mt by the Second Coming of Christ 2Th , Re , 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18, 19, 20, see notes beginning at Rev , bringing down the curtain on Daniel's Seventieth Week and inaugurating the year Millennial Kingdom. Rev 20 As an aside, it is worth noting that if one interprets years in a non-literal sense, not only is it difficult to make any sense out of the chronological events Revelation , but it is also difficult to explain the numerous Old Testament descriptions of this glorious period of time when Messiah reigns on earth as King of kings and Lord of lords see description of the earthly Millennium primarily from the OT prophets.

Those who will enter the Millennium in their natural bodies include both Jew and Gentile. The Gentiles who are alive at the end of the Great Tribulation will stand at the judgment of the sheep and goats Mt to determine who enters into the year kingdom. The Jews will be judged in Ezek to determine who will enter into the kingdom.

Only believing Gentiles and Jews will be allowed into the Millennial kingdom. At this point let me encourage you to use this diagram as a guide and a stimulus to examine the Scriptures carefully for yourself to see whether these things are so.

As a believer you have no need for anyone to teach you, for you have the Holy Spirit to guide you into all the truth cp 1Jn I encourage you to read these passages in context eg, read and meditate on the entire chapters in Daniel 2, 7, 9, , Mt , etc , seeking the normal literal plain sense meaning of the verses, making special notation in your Bible of the expressions of time , and comparing Scripture with Scripture.

If you prayerfully seek the truth concerning God's plan for the Ages, you will be amazed at how the obscure pieces of the prophetic "jigsaw" puzzle begin to fall into place and make such plain sense that speculative, non-literal interpretation is quickly recognized as nonsense. Note that the diagram is color coded to aid your overview see Legend. Please use this overview as a guide to encourage you to drink deeply from the prophetic Word of Truth for yourself and postpone reading commentaries until after you have made your own observations and arrived at your own interpretation.

Daniel's Seventieth Week.

Dr. Kent Hovind Q&A - 70th Week of Daniel, Races, Evolution, End Times, Sports, Firmament, etc

Side note 2 : Some commentators argue that regular solar years based on the Jewish calendar are to be preferred over the day years. They also point out that if solar years are used in conjunction with an earlier decree by king Artaxerxes dated BC, then the prophecy still identifies a time in the life of Jesus Christ around 27 AD.

The statement that he was cut off with nothing appropriately emphasizes all that he gave up as his life ended on the cross. Being found in appearance as a man, He humbled Himself by becoming obedient to the point of death, even death on a cross. And its end will come with a flood;. In this final verse, we finally come to the 70th week , which is the primary topic of this article. Sound interpretation calls for us to adopt the most natural understanding, unless the context indicates otherwise. In this case, I believe that the context actually does indicate otherwise, for the following reasons:.

The diagram below illustrates how the prophecy is interpreted, including the implied time gap between the 69th and 70th weeks. To take this point further, it is entirely possible that this prince was not even alive when the city and sanctuary were destroyed! The only thing that is really required by verse 26b is that this prince and these people share a common descent.

We know the answer to this because we know from history that Jerusalem and the second temple were destroyed by the Romans in 70 AD. Since we know that those people and the prince have a common descent, we may conclude that the prince who is to come is also of Roman descent. At first glance, this seems like a natural reading of the text.

However, there are serious problems with this thinking:. However, this again fails to notice the deliberate distinction made between the people and the prince. There are many examples of this, e. We should understand this to mean that he will command the forces under his control to take this action, rather than insist that he will do this action himself.

Titus also does not fit the full prophecy, e. It is not difficult to see that those four kingdoms are 1 Babylon, 2 Persia, 3 Greece, and 4 Rome. But then chapter 7 goes on to prophesy concerning a powerful and wicked king in the end times. Below, we see that this wicked king mentioned in chapter 7 satisfies all of the requirements stated above, in order for him to be the prince who is to come mentioned here in chapter 9. It should be rather plain that the things spoken of in the 70th week of Daniel have not been fulfilled yet.

Indeed, the New Testament does include such prophecy.


For example:. And it was given authority over every tribe, people, language and nation. This makes it obvious that Daniel and Revelation are discussing the exact same period of the end times. Dan b and Dan speak about an event called the abomination of desolation being carried out in the temple by that wicked king in the middle of the 70th week, which starts the persecutions. With these signs he had deluded those who had received the mark of the beast and worshiped its image.

And I saw the souls of those who had been beheaded because of their testimony about Jesus and because of the word of God. They had not worshiped the beast or its image and had not received its mark on their foreheads or their hands. The fact that these prophecies match up so well confirms that they are describing the very same things. Furthermore, our understanding of Revelation helps to confirm our understanding of Daniel.

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Specifically, we see that the wicked ruler described in the 70th week of Daniel must be the wicked ruler of the end times, who we call the Antichrist. As mentioned in Revelation Overview , the 70th week of Daniel matches up very well with the seven-sealed scroll of Rev , and its associated seal events starting in chapter 6.

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Overall, there were four such decrees:. Of course, Jesus was on earth for both of these dates. Some have even carried out this calculation by counting seconds! That is, these commentators may be trying to force the Bible to say a bit more than what can really be solidly supported scripturally. They may feel that if this prophecy can be shown to be super-accurate , then it would be much more convincing.

What are the seventy weeks of Daniel?

The problem is that over-reaching actually makes the prophecy less convincing. These efforts to be super-accurate 1 make the prophecy more difficult to explain, and 2 worse, it invites some credible rebuttals, giving the impression that the whole prophecy is disputable. The prophet Daniel wrote a prophecy that identified a period of time when the Messiah would be on the earth. This prophecy is easily accurate to the nearest seven-year cycle, which is the unit of measurement that Daniel used.

Daniel also foretold that the Messiah would be killed, which is true of Jesus. He also happened to foretell that there would be a decree to rebuild the defenses of Jerusalem, which was fulfilled in BC. He also happened to foretell the destruction of that rebuilt Jerusalem and its second temple, which was fulfilled in 70 AD. This curious expression is a somewhat wordy way of referring to the period of time following the abomination of desolation , which at the middle of the seven-year period that we call the 70th week of Daniel.

Below are some reasons:. Skip to primary content. Skip to secondary content. Prophecy: The First 69 Weeks 25 So you are to know and discern that from the issuing of a decree to restore and rebuild Jerusalem until Messiah the Prince there will be seven weeks and sixty-two weeks; it will be built again, with plaza and moat, even in times of distress.

To summarize, this prophecy foretells three things: There will be first event , which is a decree issued to restore and rebuild Jerusalem , including the plaza and moat even in times of distress. Different translations seem to differ regarding what will be rebuilt e.